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Anonymous 22138

I've heard the term "soyboy", but what about "soygirl"? What are they?

Anonymous 22140

From what I'm gathering it's just ugly women who also believe in feminism and general lefty politics.
So I guess if you're not genetically gifted in terms of facial structure and you don't want to be a stay-at-home brood mare you're a beta female. Seems about right. I'll take the label.
Don't worry alpha males, we're just fucking with soy boys (or other women). You already have pretty trad stacies, no need to pick on us.

Anonymous 22147


Isn't the whole point of the soy boy meme that the epithet describes men who are feminine, as if they had been feminized by contact with xenoestrogens such as those found in some soy products? So why would it make sense to describe women who do not conform to idealized standards of femininity 'soy girls'?

Anonymous 22152

Because this is all a dumb big meme

Anonymous 22158

Soygirl would be completely redundant. The whole idea behind soyboys is that eating soy causes more estrogen production which makes more feminine. Women already do that.

The counterpart would have to be like, women who eat too much red meat and start over producing testosterone or something.

Anonymous 22160

The phyto-estrogens in soy are mostly in the oil, all cheap vegetable oil is 60%+ soya oil. Almost all dressings, mayo, snacks, fast foods etc are cooked in or made with soy oil.

Soy bean oil has been shown to have as much estrogen in it as 5 birth control pills comparatively, I wish I had the journal article on hand.

Soy protein isolates aren't bad at all; it had no effect on Rhesus monkeys who were fed nothing but soy protein.

If you want to avoid environmental hormone induced cancers cut soy from your diet; except soy protein isolate.

Anonymous 22189

Soyboy meme isnt about guys being feminized, its about guys being masculine rejects both physically and ideologically. They have weak bodies and minds because they follow the herd mentality of modern sjw movement and only consumes vegan foods that deprive them of important nutrients.

Calling someone a soyboy means that he is completely weak and useless.

Anonymous 22191

Actually it means they disagree politically and it's as much of a non-word as "cuck" or whatever other dumb meme insults /pol/fags are throwing about these days.

Anonymous 22252


I think a "soygirl" would be like a radfem/sjw type.
Do you believe you are better, anon?

Anonymous 22258


omfg I didn't realize at first that she's -trying- to cosplay as Winry. smh

Anonymous 22260

>Do you believe you are better, anon?
In certain respects and by no means uniquely, yes.

Anonymous 22356

for one it could be people who try to come up with dumb unoriginal things like 'soygirl'

Anonymous 25295

It's like a hyper liberal butch feminazi. The problem with soyboys is they're male but act in very feminine ways, a butch is the vice versa for females.

Both tend to hold annoying or extreme political views which they shove in everyone's faces.

Anonymous 25297

It's been discussed how this "opposite of the male version" definition is nonsensical.

Of course your secondary point reveals how these are strawman shortcuts used for anyone who disagrees politically.

Anonymous 25299

Well soyboy is a buzzword anyway so what’s so nonsensical about that?

I’m not liberal, conservative, or on any part of the political spectrum.

I simply believe that butch women and soyboys have about the same position on the social ladder and are regarded in much of the same ways by the same people.

Anonymous 25309

>I’m not liberal, conservative, or on any part of the political spectrum.
>Nothing I say actually matters.

Anonymous 134181

Femboy memes are about men being feminized.
Soyboys fail at both masculinity and femininity.

Anonymous 134189

damn that's a hot pussy

Anonymous 136428

its clickbait, soygirls dont exist, even hypermasculine women arent held to a comparable standard as feminine men

Anonymous 136431

Ignoring the fact that the meme is cringe to begin with, soygirl doesn't make any sense. Soyboys are called soyboys because of their "soy" consumption, an attack on their masculinity because soy contains high levels of estrogen. So "soygirl" is just…a feminine girl? See it doesn't make sense.
I guess the inversion could be a butch or a dyke, but calling them "soygirls" doesn't really fit…because they are more masculine. Even then its not really the same. Just let soyboys be soyboys, no need for a female counterpart because one would no make sense.
Soygirl sounds like retarded zoomers trying to take over the soyboy meme and add more meaning to it, when its unnecessary.
"beta" "low value (on the alleged sexual heirchy" and "gender non conforming"=/= "soy"

Anonymous 136453

soyboys arent femenine they are actually bald and beardy because of the higher testosterone, they are just ugly and socially retarded.

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