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Places Like Crystal Cafe Anonymous 221488

I'm relatively new to imageboards and crystal cafe and wanted to know if there are any similar websites made for women. Also, I mostly lurk and this is my first post so hello fellow nonas!

Anonymous 221490


Anonymous 221491


Anonymous 221492

That is not made for women.

Anonymous 221494


It still overlaps with a lot of the topics and talking points of circles like these. I'll be lying if I said I didn't lurk there
The moderation and infighting in there is sooooooo bad though

Anonymous 221495

I've tried going on lolcow but I feel like it's just a huge downgrade from crystal cafe with wayyy too much drama :/

Anonymous 221496

fujochan, but it's down for maintenance

Anonymous 221501


Anonymous 221503

I would also like to know

Anonymous 221504

what if we made private facebook group or something it would be great.

Anonymous 221506

I am going crazy without fujochan, it was like my morning paper. A lot of fun stuff has happened re: fujoshit and I have nobody to talk to about it!

Anonymous 221511

Maybe we should have a fujochan bunker, like the lolcow bunker threads.

Anonymous 221514

Please bring us your slice of fujochan !

Anonymous 221515

Leftypol and similar alt chans are kinda run by schizos ngl I would not trust posting on them
Stick to the tech and media boards rest of the site is "achtually ur wrong according to my super secret sources that I can't link" over the stupidest shit
Same, I wanna post and talk about bad fanfics with anons…I can shitpost on 4chan about it sure but it's not the same, they just don't get it
Are you trying to dox people?

Anonymous 221517

Taken over by p*dos and freaks in the past few years, from what I've seen. A lot of the threads there leave a real uncomfy pit at the bottom of my stomach.

Anonymous 221529

If someone makes a bunker thread, I will join.

Anonymous 221863

choachan if you like kpop

Anonymous 224729

where in lolcow should I be looking for women dominant spaces?

Anonymous 224741


I know we might seem a bit harsh but next time you're lonely or need to bunker feel welcome to come visit and vibe with us whenever sweet miners <3

Anonymous 224745

>dox people
You can always make an alt fb account, I did that to join a bunch of gaming groups for a while.

Anonymous 224746

honestly … 4chan hobby boards.

Anonymous 224750

everywhere? you get banned for being an xy, or announcing it/strongly alluding to it.

Anonymous 224757

be careful who you give information to ITT

that website has the same problems the left has irl, the left havent been women spaces for more than 60 years now, its just mentally ill men.

Anonymous 224765

There arent any

Anonymous 226128

There was PULL but it went down a couple years ago.. I think there are some splinter sites and even a discord though

Anonymous 237684

New Reddit.

Anonymous 237780

Lemmy is ugly like new reddit. It's made for phones.

Anonymous 252623

Ovarit! It’s a female only place with images and text and it’s not a format like here or 4chan or lolcow. There may be an off topic, I can’t remember though. There’s mainly gender critical and radfem and boards for stuff like plants and gardening and whatnot. You have to message ovarit on Twitter in order to get a link to sign up

Anonymous 252636

Please no one post the smaller female sites. It will just cause them to be flooded with males. Only share them with women you know.

Anonymous 252877

>wanted to know if there are any similar websites made for women
I feel like you're asking the wrong question. While some sites have the intended goal of appealing to certain demographics of people, that being the actual result is left entirely in the hands of chance. Especially when the central rule of a site, like this place, is "[X group] is not allowed". All that does is makes the excluded party more interested in the proceedings of such a place and want to get involved (If for no other reason than to satisfy a curiosity). If you actually want a site that designed specifically for women, that actually does lack men (Because this place doesn't), then focus on sites that appeal to interests and subjects only women have.

To put it another way, search for places that are centered around YOUR interests and tastes.

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