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Anonymous 221780

>TFW crystal NEET

Anonymous 221781

I'm the "I hate other girls" except I also hate men and don't seek their approval.

Anonymous 221783

So a misanthrope?
Same lol

Anonymous 221784

I guess I’m the weirdo bc I don’t think she really hates other girls I think she’s just quirked up

Anonymous 221791

I think I'm most like the gamer for the obscure games and staying up part, but I don't hate other girls, though I've always had trouble making friends with them. I don't think I'm not like other girls either, ever since I started using CC I met other users with similar taste in games too

Anonymous 221792

I wonder how people come up with these categories and examples sometimes.

I'm the first two sentences of all the ones in top row.
>Doesnt like to party
>likes to stay home, sleep and eat pizza
>Likes horror movies, reading and memes
>Doesnt take selfies
>Only plays obscure games
>Thinks staying up till 3am is a personality trait
>(Mostly) listens to rock/heavy metal/punk
>Has piercings & tattoos

Anonymous 221793

There are no lesbian ones so can't relate

Anonymous 221794

Anonymous 221835

Im the basic one i guess

Anonymous 221844

>the conservative
>"let intellect attract men"
This is 100% inaccurate tradsluts think you should be a silent bangmaid who just cooks, cleans, fucks, and shits out babies.

Anonymous 221845

nice girl and basic girl combo maybe part egirl

Anonymous 221846

the basic one

Anonymous 221849

The based one.

Anonymous 221853


Weirdo, except I am very bad with horror movies. I go full schizo if I watch them.

Anonymous 221875

The weirdo except for the last part

Anonymous 221881


this was fun lol. I got the basic one or the weirdo. I like pumpkin spice okay, it's pretty decent. Harley/joker is a cursed couple and idolizing is idolizing fictional abuse.

Anonymous 221882

I'm the only true "not like other girls" because i don't fit in any of these categories.

Anonymous 221965


red : traits i currently have
yellow : traits i had recently
green : traits i used to have

Anonymous 221969

Why are you quoting me

Anonymous 221973

I dont see myself represented in any of these stupid fucking caricatures. Talk about being as cheap and basic as you can conceivably get.

Anonymous 221989

I am all of them except the Conservative and The Nice Girl. Replace those with The Terf and The Ball of Pure Hatred.

Anonymous 221995

why are you on a girl website if you don't get along with girls…?

Anonymous 221996

"the weirdo" fits me pretty closely, i love reading and horror movies kekkkk oh well

Anonymous 222447

I'm the nice girl. Thanks to social media propelling whoredom as an ideology, 80% of modern women are trashy and classless. I can proudly say that I'm better than them all

Anonymous 222478

Solid mix between basic and alternative. Also am a lesbian so I don't hate other girls nor do I seek male validation.

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