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quest Anonymous 222104

nonas, go grab a Switch cartridge and lick the black plastic, report back with your findings. full restaurant level review of the flavor, please.

(don't spoil this for others if you already know what happens. also it's not dangerous, these things are meant to be safe if a literal toddler swallows one)

Anonymous 222120

Anonymous 222164

It tastes like coins, big deal

Anonymous 222165

Tastes like nothing.

Anonymous 222189

psychopath thread

Anonymous 222338

I'm terrible with electronics. What is supposed to happen? Is this a troll?

Anonymous 222339

I was going to do it until you said for others not to spoil what happens. What the fuck happens?!

Anonymous 222341

tastes like plastic. OP what are you getting at here

Anonymous 222344

The early cartridges used to be covered in a powered that made them taste bad to deterrent kids from eating or putting them in their mouth.

Anonymous 222346

i dreamt of tasting it and it tasted like plastic, does that count?

Anonymous 222347

I'm a poorfag and don't have a switch can i just lick the floor instead?

Anonymous 222465

>early cartridges
Oh no did they stop making them spicy?

Anonymous 222477

Idk, I haven't bought a new game for a long time.

Anonymous 222479

Is this real? They were spicy to keep kids from eating them?

Anonymous 222481

Bitter so bitter and gross

Anonymous 222538

I hadn't done this in a while.
it's really disgusting

Anonymous 226254

it tastes like evaporated soap

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