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Anonymous 222359

How many friends do you have IRL?
How often do you hang out?

Anonymous 222360


Anonymous 222366

Zero friends, already used to it.
Hang out with my boyfriend sometimes.

Anonymous 222367

Zero friends, im trying to make friends online. but thats really it

Anonymous 222368

Zero and never too. I have my bf but we're LDR.

Anonymous 222369

I have a few, but we're growing more distant as time passes. thread reminds me I should post in the friendfindert thread here

Anonymous 222370

Adding another 0, nope to the thread

Anonymous 222372

0, but I might be able to reestablish some of the friendships I lost. If I can't oh well. Making friends is hard and its hard to trust people. I have not hanged out with my last friend in 3-4+ years. Right before the pandemic some people in my circle decided they did not like me so I had to leave their stupid fake little Instagram group chat. I deleted social media entirely and was seen as a loser in front of everyone when I graduated high school in covid year. I still think about it some times. I sense some of them may have tried to call me and honestly I want to see some of them again because I knew these kids from childhood and we had all these experiences together. It still hurts thinking about it, but the last place I want to talk about my vulnerabilities is social media. I have some of their discords though so I'm going to try to call them back and see how it goes.

Anonymous 222376

A few i guess, i wouldn't take a bullet for any of them, we just hang out from time to time to get intoxicated, play video games, ride bicycles, play poker, grill or go boat riding together, they are kinda holding me down when i think about it, often i wouldn't mind if they would fuck off forever, we've known each other for many years now so it's unlikely to happen on its own, they probably feel somewhat similarly about me though.

Anonymous 222382

Why do you think they might've called you? Did you have them blocked?

Anonymous 222394

zero never

Anonymous 222395

I have 0 friends. some people are nice and friendly to me at uni, but we never hang out outside of that. The more you get older the chance of making friends decreases so i think I'm just going to die alone. If I had friends we would talk about our feeling and interests, walk around town, discover new places, take pictures and etc. unfortunately I think I will never have that.

Anonymous 222400

Yeah sorry to break it to you anon but life is not some anime. Part of growing up is building endurance to handle loneliness. Only a select few from birthright maanage to sweep through their lives easily finding friends, the rest of us just have to put up with being alone. It's a reality you have to accept

Anonymous 222410

The activities that you named seem awfully boring, no wonder you don't have any friends.

Anonymous 222411

In my experience the worst thing about being alone isn't even being alone, it's how other people make it a 'thing'. If you sit by yourself, people will pity you and look down on you for it. I (a lot of the time) enjoy being alone but I hate how other people react to my solitude, any1 else relate?

Anonymous 222414

I can relate. People assume that you must be miserable and starting for some companions, but they have yet to realize that not everyone is that needy for friendship, and are just fine on their own. Kinda sucks

Anonymous 222420

I deleted social media and apparently I didn't know you can call people on social media. They may have tried to call me on social media right before I deleted it, but I thought it was to the chat. I had such low self-esteem it did not hit me until a year later that they might've actually been trying to call me. I have no idea how to reconcile this.

Anonymous 222423

I haven't left the house in six years. Used to have a lot of friends but once you leave school and lose your mind a little you just don't really meet people anymore.

Used to have some online friends for a while but we kinda drifted apart. I guess the only friend I've really consistently had has been my sister as sad as that sounds, and even she's kinda getting tired of me.

Anonymous 222424

Anonymous 222425

Used to until I learned people only wanted to be friends with me to use me, whether it be for getting something for free or forcing me to do favors for them or else I'm not their real friend
Turns out when you're not being an emotional vending machine nobody fucking likes you!
>Yeah sorry to break it to you anon but life is not some anime.
Don't break my heart like this

Anonymous 222426

One time per year.

Anonymous 222431

All the normies I see daily have friend groups and what not. It's just that they maintained them from higschool or early university years. After that is almost impossible to make new friends.

Anonymous 222490

Zippity zilch. It's easier and safer to have no friends.

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