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Pet names Anonymous 222597

What cute names do your family friends or partner call you?

Anonymous 222599

retard, usually

Anonymous 222600

My mom used to called me fatty, but im not fat anymore so she just call me by name

Anonymous 222611

fucking autist
that one depending on how angry they are

Anonymous 222615

What a lovely thread

Anonymous 222618


Anonymous 222621

None, but oh can a human dream
Most names they call me are not cute at all and I don’t like them

Anonymous 222625

I don't live in an English speaking country so I'm trying to find the closest thing in English
My ex used to call me "sunshine"
Older friends call me "kiddo" and them doing this makes it cute and endearing rather than offensive

Anonymous 222626

photo_2023-03-03 2…


Anonymous 222629


I bet you all had lovely childhoods

Anonymous 222683

cricket. no idea why, but it was pretty cute.

Anonymous 222701

cricket is so cute….

mine is pookie

Anonymous 222937


Anonymous 222943

I mostly get called cute abbreviations of my name

Anonymous 222966


Anonymous 222970


Anonymous 222973

My friends call me Pockets cause I always got my hands in my pockets.

Anonymous 222989

that's adorable

Anonymous 222994


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