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What was your favorite Webkinz? Anonymous 222845

Mine was the Black Stallion Friesian! ( Valentino, I miss you. :'( )
I had a very complex plot and lore for all of my Webkinz, but my horse herd including the classic Horse, Unicorn, Clydesdale, Ribbon Unicorn, and Pegasus were my favorites.

I was one of those nerds who wrote fanfiction on WebkinzInsider and had over 100 Webkinz.

Anonymous 222847


Webkinz!! Hey my favorite was the signature fox! I still own the plush, but I'm pretty sure my account has been terminated (i tried to find it again and contacted support, they said all accounts up to a certain date were deleted) Goodbye my beloved fox…. thankfully i still own his beautiful plush

Anonymous 222849


What was your fox's name?? That is such a cute pet, I don't think they had that one when I was playing.

The Signature ones were SO fancy.
Aaaaand, yep they did delete all accounts, used to they would delete your account if you didn't add a new Webkinz once a year. I didn't have enough money to add one to both of my accounts one year, and poof- it honestly messed me up for so long- what a fucked up business practice.

They did do a thing several years ago that if you emailed them your old username they would reinstate your account (so I guess they weren't really deleted) but I didn't hear about it until way later.

Anonymous 222850

I named my webkinz the same name as me so I won't share it here
>They did do a thing several years ago that if you emailed them your old username they would reinstate your account (so I guess they weren't really deleted) but I didn't hear about it until way later.
Lies! When I contacted support to get my account back, I gave them both my username/password/webkinz code and they did nothing. They just said my account was deleted. It made me so mad that they'd just do that.

Anonymous 222899


Panda webkinz because it was my favorite animal as a kid. I also had the Webkinz irl clothes and only put them on my panda.

Anonymous 222902


Loved my elephant

Anonymous 222904


I had a leopard print dino. Such a fruity lil guy.

Anonymous 222936

These are all so cute! do you still own them?

Anonymous 222960


I'm so happy to see people talking about Webkinz again.
I always loved the Whimsy Dragon, it was (and still is, I think) my favorite Webkinz. When I was younger, if I ever saw a user playing with the Whimsy Dragon avatar, I'd always try to befriend them just so I could be near a Whimsy Dragon.
I was so excited when I finally got my hands on one so many years ago now.
I still have my Webkinz account, since I logged in only just before the Great Purge of accounts in ~2020.

Anonymous 222963

Also wanted to add that her name was/is Fiona!

Anonymous 222964

I didn't know that one existed. There are hints of blue in the fur, it reminds me of cotton candy. S tier webkinz design.

Anonymous 222965


Yeah, it wasn't a very common Webkinz in my experience, but I thought it was one of the prettiest. It also reminded the little me of cotton candy.

Anonymous 222968


My other favourite Webkinz was the Pegasus, but it had retired before I even began playing the game

Anonymous 222969

I remember first getting into Webkinz, there was some tutorial or NPC that was like "Now, let's buy something at the antique store" and my dad overheard it and gave me a lecture on why I shouldn't buy stuff online lmao
I had a dog and a fat white duck, dunno what the fuck happened to them
Handsome fella

Anonymous 224658

join the webkinz discord…there are a lot of gendies but also lots of cool normal quirky women

Anonymous 225285


i had a few different accounts between 2008-2016ish, but my favorite webkinz that i actually owned was probably the pinto. arte and the curio shop were the best.

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