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I hate everyting Anonymous 223146

I just had a massive period leak (even though I was wearing some really large pads, I just have been sitting for a long time) and I'm pretty sure everyone saw it while I was leaving the class, kinda caught some boys laughing while I was closing the door and now I'm crying at the bus stop. What do I do the next time I see them? (I can get away with violence but only to some degree)

Anonymous 223149

I've bled on a chair in public too nona, what I did is that i mentally acted like it never happened and hoped for the best

Anonymous 223152

Its fine. Just go on with your life, its just a period leak. If anyone has an issue with it just tell them to grow up.

Anonymous 223164

not everyone is comfortable with the idea of inserting something into themselves

Anonymous 223202

Become what you want to be. Even if you don't totally believe it, you know periods are just regular stuff, leaks too. If they laugh about that, just laugh at them, like you would laugh at a kid making fun of you for being a girl, or having long hair or whatever.
It's childish, you know it, point it to them : "what ? you never heard of periods?"
The better answer to being shamed is to tend a mirror.

Anonymous 223219

For a lot of women the concept of inserting stuff inside them is traumatising enough. I don't exactly know the whys and hows. I've used tampons so I'm okay with it. But I've talked to many friends about this and they are legitimately scared of inserting tampons or putting a finger inside themselves. I assume it is painful for some, and that for others it's the constant reminder that having something inside you makes you inpure or something. We all know how insanely the concept of virginity is pushed onto us, that I've heard women tell me they're worried that putting a finger of a tampon in will make them lose their purity. Purity culture is toxic af. I also think the idea of Toxic Shock Syndrome is scary enough to some women that they prefer using other methods than tampons (which is frankly understandable since I personally only use tampons if I have to go swim).

Anonymous 223243

I don't find it traumatizing but I don't feel comfortable wearing it. Some women say they just put it in and forget it's there, but I feel it all day and it causes some pain later, it feels sore for a day or two. Maybe I've just inserted it wrong when I tried it, but yeah, not a nice experience for me.

Anonymous 223244

You must have inserted it only partially. I used to get sore but then I tried to put a tampon all the way in, despite my teenage fear of 'oh God what if it stays inside'… and yep, you just forget it's there.

Anonymous 223248

Personally, as a pad user, it's because I'm fucking nuts.
I have moderate to severe (depending on multiple factors) health anxiety and would absolutely spend the whole time believing that I'd die of toxic shock. It doesn't matter how unlikely this is, no one can tell me otherwise. The mental distress isn't worth working around in this situation, especially since discomfort is already heightened. Cups also present the threat of prolapse so pads are it.
My pad system is nearly leakproof despite my flow so it works out.

Anyway, to OP: you said it was men laughing, so disregard them. Literally worthless opinions since it's guaranteed they know nothing about periods. Just move on as if it's a natural accident, because it is.

Anonymous 223249

Your menstruation is a natural act of your biology, and it just so happens that your pad malfunctioned. Males will hurt themselves by sitting on their own balls, never wash their hands, and smell like the gunky shit that's stuck between their hairy ass cheeks. Males are the truly disgusting ones, and they will always be inferior to you. The retards who laughed at you were likely doing it to distract themselves from the fact that they'll have male-pattern baldness as soon as they hit 30. Don't feel bad.

Anonymous 223260


>Cups also present the threat of prolapse
wait… really??

Anonymous 224341


please tell me your secrets regarding being leakproof, even though i stack 2 large pads on top of eachother on my heaviest day (2nd day) it always seems to leak through. i guess it cause it squishes eachother down? idk

Anonymous 224401

nothing can convince me to wear tampons kek

Anonymous 224435

You can always do some kegels to keep the muscles of the pelvic floor tight to prevent prolapse.

Anonymous 226154

It’s okay, i think every girl has had a period leakage in their lifetime. To those who laughed at you, fuckem

Anonymous 226157

Late, but I wear a the biggest long overnight with wings then place a small (quality brand) panty liner in the middle. I find the liner soaks up the majority of the blood. At night I make sure to sleep on my side and add an extra safeguard of a small bit of toilet paper over the liner.
Wearing some sort of compression (tights, short leggings, probably even boxer briefs) over underwear also helps keep everything in place for the first few days.
Hope this helps! I'd give it a 90% leakproof rating. Had one freak accident last fall but I wasn't doing everything in my plan.

Anonymous 226164

There are panties made for menstruation. Lots of them are made in Japan

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