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How can I make someone ghost me? Anonymous 223276

Hello /b/, I have been using an online platform in which I made some friends from all over the world. lately, this platform has become a bucket full of crabs and I have decided to start cutting all the ties and relationships I have with people in the platform, I went cold on them and they have decided by their own will to just stop talking to me or even hate me a little (which is the outcome I would like to have). but there is one girl from Pakistan which likes hanging out a lot with me, which kinda keeps me coming back to this place.

How can I make this girl stop talking to me by her own will without infuriating her so bad that she would start spreading personal information about me? ?

Anonymous 223277

"Hello friend, for the sake of my own mental health I am going to try to reduce my dependence on online communities, but the habit of coming here is extremely hard to break. I do like you but I feel like I am letting my life slip from my grasp. If you see me here again, it will mean my willpower is not doing very well. It is probably better for me if you ignore me or are polite but not too friendly. It has become too easy to let internet friendships take priority over real life. Please be understanding, you have been very sweet and I need to stop relying on that to fill the lacks in my normal life."

Anonymous 223278

already tried the mature approach and didn't work, seems like the only way is just shutting down everything and forgetting this thing exists

Anonymous 223281

'k, then:
all online platforms have some configuration of ports and IP addresses. You have an internet connection which likely relies on a modem/router combination. Set your port forwarding and hosts file to block access to this platform. You can also configure site blocks on a PiHole configuration which will have the advantage of also blocking all ads accessed via your internet connection, which will motivate you to maintain connection via said PiHole, but which has the disadvantage of being easier to circumvent. You can also set your hosts file on your local hardware, which is far easier to circumvent. Try to push it from your mind once you've got your blocks set up.

Anonymous 223285

What kind of personal info did you share with her? There are ways to medicate these things depending on the info. You have to be VERY careful about trusting people especially online. I would delete your account and ghost everyone on it. Join a new platform and start a new.

Anonymous 223305

Tinfoil theory: op's friend is pakichan

Anonymous 223418

Just say to the paki girl that you want your space a bit because you are introverted its better to do it sooner than later otherwise they will be annoying saying: "hi, hello" every day I know those type of people.

Anonymous 224152

I am going on a 30 day digital minimalism challenge, love you all

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