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Anonymous 223973

How do we get "SARP" to catch on?

Anonymous 223976

It doesn't matter what name, term, or acronym you come up with, it will still be stigmatized when it does catch on.

Anonymous 223977

why should we care about incels?

Anonymous 223979

Why do you need an official term for what is basically an incel (or I assume femcel in your case)? Does that define your identity?

Anonymous 223980

Yeah I guess it is in male nature to go on shooting sprees no matter what.
I think it would be funny if we could get a group of incels to separate and call themselves "SARPs". Or better yet, "SIMPs"- Sexually Inexperienced Male Persons.
I am not a femcel or incel

Anonymous 223987

Incels cottoned onto the irrelevance of label stigma versus sexual stigma years ago, when their sites started claiming credit for every natural or manmade disaster that occurred. Most famous being the false claim of credit for the Germanwings crash.

Anonymous 224000

Absolute Beginners…

The Germans use "Absolute Beginners" from the David Bowie song.
Pic is translated from a German Wikipedia article.

Anonymous 224014

I like the acronym SARP but would never say that shit or "incel" in a public space. Cringe.
The faggots on r9k often say women "can't be incels." Idk about that. I've never had sex myself and have a hard time dating. I just say I'm socially awkward and an introvert since most normies can relate to that and even identify themselves as being socially awkward, when usually they're not.

Anonymous 224034

The interest of the self-labeled incel in adopting the label is explicitly and specifically integration into a social group that cannot be appropriated by any force of social gentrification. There are a lot, and I mean a crazy huge percentage, of self-described incels who have regular sex and girlfriends. North of 40%.

And one of the reasons the term caught on amongst moids in the first place is that it sounds like a hard divergence and a category apart rather than some blurry dreamy and unrestrictive status that one might casually drift into and out of. Earlier categorization terms such as "Love Shy" and "romantically detached" and even "forever alone" were all abandoned in turn in favor of the hardening label because it sounds like scar tissue for the soul. Even though "incel" was coined by and for lesbians, it seemed to affirm a conflictive and thus masculine energy. "Socially Isolated" and "Socially Awkward" are softboi aiden terms, not hard butch lesbian terms that men will willfully appropriate like "incel."

Maybe Lindsay k. Souvannarath (femcel, not incel) was right about the gentrification of "nerd" doing real social damage that we're barely beginning to comprehend. Probably still wrong about the shooting thing though.

Anonymous 224091

This shit is retarded.

Anonymous 224306

Another term I see being used recently for women who are unable to find a man to commit to a long-term relationship with them aside from femcel is SINK (single income, no kids.) But if you are looking for a label for this kind of person that has no negative social connotations I don't think that will be possible; any label that gets applied to this type of person is going to eventually have a negative social connotation even if it didn't start that way, like for example the euphemism of calling mentally impaired people "special."

Anonymous 224340

yeah, isn't this what's called the euphemism treadmill?

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