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Lolcow.Farm Hate Thread #3 Anonymous 224053

Anonymous 224054

I made this thread not really to hate but to talk about an issue that i'm having, I wonder if anyone else is as well.
I got banned with no reason given, I appealed, the ban was lifted apperently. The site is still backwards for me even though I can post while it's backwards?? Then when I clear my cookies, I try to post on the site regularly it gives me a message saying "You are not banned but you are getting this message,that means something is fucked up, email the admins etc."
So I did, just like I emailed to be unbanned. Now the site is unusable to me. I even wrote in meta before I was swiftly kicked out and given the, "You aren't banned, but you are getting this message-" thing.
Am I the only one? I emailed but..I'm just waiting now. It's clearly a glitch or maybe I've finally been kicked off for good some reason

Anonymous 224056

I haven't been having anything like that, but which link/what's the url you are using to get to lolcow? I remember there was a redirect issue, especially for Europeans I think? It might be related to that.

Anonymous 224059

I just use the regular Link i'm not in EU, I feel like I was banned mistakenly, because I wasn't given a reason, it was a perma banned. I appealed, shortly after I could post but only on incognito (Under the same IP address mind you) because the site would show up backwards as it does when banned. So I assumed I wasn't really banned or I was mistakenly banned or I was unbanned and it was a glitch. Then today I started getting a page basically telling me I'm not banned and it's some glitch. Everytime I clear my cookies, the site says i'm banned but I can only post now on the reversed site, I cannot post clearing my cookies or in any other way but Farmcow.lol or using a VPN, which I'm not going to do and I haven't used a VPN for Lolcow in a while.

Anonymous 224060

It does sound like you were banned mistakenly somehow, but the message you received is weird. Maybe this is a dumb idea, but have you ever tried to access lolcow through a different browser just to see what happens? It probably wouldn't fix anything, but if lolcow were broken in both google chrome AND opera (for example), maybe you could rule out the issue was with the browser or cookies.

Anonymous 224094

Just use a vpn.

Anonymous 224099

They have a problem with calling everyone a scrote and I think they do it for a power trip (most of the time) not because they genuinely think a poster is a man.
It's like when men call each other woman as an insult, they couldn't be more obvious.

Anonymous 227976

I believe that everyone on lolcow is mentally ill (for obvious reasons), and it's hypocritical of them to say things like "mentally ill people shouldn't be accepted" or "they should be treated badly," as some users do on /ot/. Of course, bad behavior should not be accepted, I’m not talking about that, but hating people simply for having certain diagnoses and existing is wrong. Some posts border on promoting eugenics. What I think happens is that some people believe their mental illness (I'm using the term loosely to include everything from depression to PDs to autism) is the only acceptable one or that they themselves are basically normal, while others are bad, so they try to punch down.

Anonymous 227977

They also seem to hate autistic/weirdo women a lot.

Anonymous 227991

they do that here too

Anonymous 227992

It's the Josh Moon effect.
>"wow, here's endless exposure to very fucked up people at the lowest point in their lives. I'm undoubtedly normal compared to them. That must mean I'm not weird or mentally ill at all"!

Anonymous 228026


I just got a ban and a red text telling me to take a break, even tho my previous post was like 19 hours ago.

Anonymous 228094

Everyone hates the mentally ill, even the mentally ill themselves.
And you coming here to make a post about it instead of taking a break and going outside proves mods right.

Anonymous 228108

>criticizing me for being online
Anon, you're online too

Anonymous 228190

My main problem with lolcow farm is the way the moids just let bone rattlers derail entire threads without removing the posts, but other kinds of derailment is a ban and the posts are thanos snapped off the thread. It's not milk. So why is it that whenever I look back on old threads looking for info I have to actually dig very hard through hundred of posts arguing about "fatties", "skellies", "seething fatty", "die of starvation" posts to fucking find anything?

Anonymous 228262


lolcow in a nutshell

Anonymous 228263

I am totally delighted with the board about Shayna, it's just incredible the dedication of the farmers to their muse, I just wanted to be loved and held in such high regard once in my life

Anonymous 228636

On one hand, yes. On the other hand, is it possible that it's attracting scrotes and they are leaking to the rest of the site? Or maybe any scrote who is there was there before Shay's board was created, so it makes no difference.

Anonymous 229206

>make thread in /off-topic/
>removed for being off-topic

Anonymous 229208

LC isn't like cc where you can make random threads willy-nilly. Is it something that could have gone to Dumbass Shit, or Stupid Questions? Go there. Do you want to argue with people? Unpopular opinions or Things I Hate are good ones for that.
Not sure if it's you but someone made the same thread on cc and lc a few days ago (anons who don't play games, why not?) and that could have easily gone into stupid questions. This is an issue of not lurking and integrating well enough.

Anonymous 229223

>not suggesting the vent thread for arguing

Anonymous 229239

Some anons are so retarded about saging.
>Oh I was contributing to this infight as well but I saged, naturally that makes me less of a sperg than you.

Anonymous 229449


Ugly privilege

Anonymous 229910

Want to post in a thread, pages takes forever to load… at least the website makes up for it by repeating the post several times in a row.

Anonymous 229921

Rofl bitch this doesn't exist

Anonymous 229930

I think that poster was joking. Anons were making ironic posts and I believe this one was too, tho I wouldn't really bet money on it either.

Anonymous 230047

>open /2X/, which I hardly ever do
>all threads in the first page have insults or infights going
>open /2X/, several hours later
>same shit

Anonymous 230051

men literally hate ugly women. This is nonexistent.

Anonymous 230052

as an ugly woman, I have to say I have experienced this. I know it definitely does not extend to all ugly women but some of us definitely do get this treatment.

Anonymous 230063

/2X/ needs to be hidden again, at least when it was hidden there were genuinely thoughtful and interesting discussions that wasn't just mindless infighting. If the price is 1 post every 4 months I'll gladly take it. It's too easy for males and newfags to find now and they shit up the board with bait

Anonymous 230302


Thinking abt how some schizoanon hated me so much they found out my acc on another website KEK. And of course, don't even get me started on the amount of moid or tranny accusations being thrown around if you act out of line.

Anonymous 230309

30-04-23 cap.png

Good news, nona! It has been hidden again! I agree with you about seeing less activity for more quality posts. There have been a lot of complaints to hide it again so I'm definitely glad we're seeing some good changes being made.

Anonymous 230320

>Thinking abt how some schizoanon hated me so much they found out my acc on another website KEK.
How did it happen? Or why did she hate you?

Anonymous 230321

Don't try to trick people into thinking you're the innocent party when you want to get raped by Rance and are into watersports.

Anonymous 230327

…And? Pixels on a screen bro, idk how that warrants finding my ao3 acc out of all things LMAO

Anonymous 230331

Rancefucker from the husbando thread https://lolcow.farm/g/res/314785.html#321846

Anonymous 230332

They only found it cause you make yourself so obvious wherever you go. You could've denied it.

Anonymous 230337

I barely go to lolcow and i just read this part of the thread, but what does her being into a fetish has to do with anything? Whats so bad about it? Farmers are so annoying with their whole pearl clutching where they go after other anons for being cringe or into weird stuff.

Anonymous 230338

She sound based and I think you are jealous

Anonymous 230339

I truly am

Anonymous 230569


Not a hate post but rather "why am i like this" post.
I've been banned from lolcow for pic related because I forgot to specify that I am, in fact, a woman.
This shit keeps happening, both here on CC, on lolcow, and on other platforms too. Even if I make it obvious I'm a girl, some people still think I'm a guy larping. It doesn't matter what we discuss. I've been accused of being a male while talking about room decor, for fuck's sake.

Anonymous 230570

lmao you seriously do sound like a scrote in that screencap

Anonymous 230573

Maybe don't sound like a fucking scrote next time.

Anonymous 230575

>just bee yourself
>no, not like that

Anonymous 230576

this is u.jpg

Anonymous 230581

There are a bunch of anons into literal nazis, not even good looking ones, why am I supposed to care about this woman into some video game character? I feel like posting some retarded shit about my own husbando from a harem anime in support to her.

Anonymous 230623

sorry but I mean that post kind of does sound like something a not-like-other-men andrew tate type male would post. I don't really blame the farmhand for thinking you were male

Anonymous 230632

i only post here because i can't access lolcow at work

Anonymous 230643

Are you dumb? You literally talked about impregnating women. Only mem can impregnate women.

Anonymous 230649

Anonymous 230650

lol i just noticed that

Anonymous 230651

Wut? You spoke about knocking up a woman…

Anonymous 230680


/snow/ has a tradthot as a mod now, quelle surprise. my redtext was "(tranny)", for calling out rightoids defending horse dewormer takers.

either a tradthot or a self-hating tranny, there's been way too many "is [obviously cis woman] secretly a tranny?" posts around that thread (leftthots)

>mfw it's a permaban

Anonymous 230681

Did you appeal? I have no idea what I'd even write in the appeal tho.

Anonymous 230691

Yeah, I appealed asking something like "a permaban, from all boards, with no specified reason, for telling rightoids to fuck off, with "(tranny)" as red text? seriously? what kind of RW retard did you hire as farmhand?" kek, but from what I remember being an imageboard mod like a decade ago, the same dipshit who banned can dismiss the appeal so other mods won't see it. Same reason why you sometimes have to report the same rule-breaking post over and over before it gets banned, a friendly mod can just dismiss the report before others get to it.

I'd rather not ban evade but that's always on the table I guess. But man, they made some really bad choices there

Anonymous 230694

You can get unbanned even with a permaban. I got perma'd once for literally nothing and eventually could post again, within like 3 days. I don't know why they just slap a permaban label on it if they're going to change their minds.

Anonymous 230844

Tried posting after reading your post and sure enough, it's lifted. It's probably bad choices in mods leading to nonsensical bans that are then caught by someone sane and lifted. I'm kinda salty my mod applications never panned out when insane people keep being let in

Anonymous 231772

Why is lolcow emptier than ever? I remember when /ot/ was very busy and now there won't be posts for hours sometimes. I get why majority of people would leave and move on but I also noticed that the same few people seem to post and some of them seem to know each other. Are they just all a group of friends or is it a discord/mod circlejerk thing? Also since when was avatarfagging allowed? I keep seeing certain husbando posters doing that and this would have 100% gotten you banned in 2016.

Inb4 I get called a schizo but I'm also pretty sure there's a mod or group who are bullying certain anons. I've seen complaints from anons saying they are leaving due to being harassed by random vitriolic posters and I just came back from a very long break recently and am experiencing this for the first time as well. Within the past couple weeks, I feel like my post history has been used against me when I talk about personal things. I've gotten shat on for venting about a situation in my personal life but another anon posted the same exact situation that she's dealing with and she got asspats for it which really bummed me out and confused me. I also get aggressive responses on posts even when I say something positive or lighthearted. I've gotten responses saying pretty specific things about me when I talk about unrelated topics. I find it very suspicious and since lolcow is a ghost town compared to what it was, I can see this becoming easy for mods to take advantage of.

I've been on lolcow for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place. Not sure if mods are misusing their power or if it's because of new young users.

Anonymous 231782

Why is crystal.cafe emptier than ever? I remember when /b/ was very busy and now there won't be posts for hours sometimes. I get why majority of people would leave and move on but I also noticed that the same few people seem to post and some of them seem to know each other. Are they just all a group of friends or is it a discord/mod circlejerk thing? Also since when was avatarfagging allowed? I keep seeing certain husbando posters doing that and this would have 100% gotten you banned in 2016.

Inb4 I get called a schizo but I'm also pretty sure there's a mod or group who are bullying certain anons. I've seen complaints from anons saying they are leaving due to being harassed by random vitriolic posters and I just came back from a very long break recently and am experiencing this for the first time as well. Within the past couple weeks, I feel like my post history has been used against me when I talk about personal things. I've gotten shat on for venting about a situation in my personal life but another anon posted the same exact situation that she's dealing with and she got asspats for it which really bummed me out and confused me. I also get aggressive responses on posts even when I say something positive or lighthearted. I've gotten responses saying pretty specific things about me when I talk about unrelated topics. I find it very suspicious and since lolcow is a ghost town compared to what it was, I can see this becoming easy for mods to take advantage of.

I've been on crystal.cafe for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place. Not sure if mods are misusing their power or if it's because of new young users.

Anonymous 231785

Autism. You forgot to change lolcow btw.

Anonymous 231897

Mods decide to ban shota, but make it look like (((democratic))) process:

Anonymous 231900

The anti-fujo and anti-shota spergs are seething so hard about the results they're convincing themselves moids are behind it kek.

Anonymous 231912


Why would anyone anti-shota be seething when it's about to be heavily restricted?

Also, if any of you masturbate to prepubescent boys: I recommend looking up a guide on fashioning yourself a noose.

Anonymous 231913

>being harassed by random vitriolic posters
Same thing's happening to me, super fucking weird.

Anonymous 231928

>I've been on crystal.cafe for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place.

At least troons are universally reviled now. There were way too many holdouts back then. I consider that an improvement.

Anonymous 231929


A shotafag(?) mentions that the strawpoll is vulnerable to VPNs, anti-shota sperg boasts about using VPN to fake results/votes themselves. This is kind of ridiculous, it's just a contest on which autists can fake the most.

Anonymous 231938

>anime is real
Where do you twitter people come from? Go back to crying about chinese cartoons on your crappy website.

Anonymous 231943

The death of the 9chan revival happened because dudes who masturbate to fake child porn started spamming every board with REAL child porn in retaliation for their fake child porn not being allowed across the entire site.

It's almost as if there's an obvious correlation between people who fetishize the idea of a "sexy child" and the behavior of seeking out genuine child porn.

Please reconsider your life choices and/or neck yourself.

Anonymous 231945

>equating the autism of scrotes and moids with women
Lol, so just because moids are bad we should hinder s from posting what they want? It's very obvious to tell when a moid is posting (especially when it comes to anime content), and we shouldn't have to stop posting about particular things in fear that they are going to raid. Being a female-centric board already makes us prime target. Plus, It's mostly lolicon that attracts moids. Someone posting images of shota has a high chance of being a woman. No need to start issues on one of the few places where women can talk about their hobbies and interests without being attacked for it.

Anonymous 231947

Wow, you're in cc too? Give it a break, do something with your life instead of telling other to kill themselves all the time you unhinged schizo, it's embarassing to get this worked up over pixels.

Anonymous 231948

You took the wrong thing away from what I was saying. The raid simply illustrated that these people who love fake child porn also loved real child porn. Yeah, they were clearly moids, only they're capable of that level of sperging.

But I know for a fact that you sick fuckers will act on your child fetish when given the chance. A female babysitter tried to rape my little brother when he was still in grade school and the expression he had on his face haunts me to this day.

I sincerely hope you get all that you deserve.

Anonymous 231950

>But I know for a fact that you sick fuckers will act on your child fetish when given the chance. A female babysitter tried to rape my little brother when he was still in grade school and the expression he had on his face haunts me to this day.

Now I know I'm talking to some autistic zoomer lmao. Go play internet vigilante somewhere else, you aren't protecting any children by sperging out about cartoons. Maybe if you were the type of person to actually do something and not cry about non-issues online the terrible thing that happened to your brother wouldn't have occured. Fujos and fangirls gushing over anime is not some terrorist level threat that you need to constantly fight against.

Anonymous 231953

>Maybe if you were the type of person to actually do something and not cry about non-issues online the terrible thing that happened to your brother wouldn't have occured.
What in God's name is wrong with you?

I will say that I regret losing my temper, seeing someone here of all places defending art porn of little boys was quite the shock.

However, I meant everything I said to you, and the mental gymnastics you go through to convince yourself your "interest" is not a big deal sickens me.

That's enough Internet for me for today.

Anonymous 231954

>Posting disparaging posts
>Playing moralfag while telling people to kill themselves
>Anecdotal blogposting that nobody asked for
>Victim complex
Yep, smells like a zoomer to me. It is way past your bed time. Get some rest and remember to lurk before posting before you oust yourself as a underaged bait / jailbait.

Anonymous 231960


To any LC nonas: If a rule is unforgivably stupid, like demanding someone not discuss fictional media because of unrelated retards sperging over it, don't even sweat it. Don't try to justify yourself to people who foam at the mouth pretending women are rapists over cartoon boys, don't bother infighting, don't take any moid bait. Don't let retards emotionally blackmail you over anything. How is this shit even enforceable? Anons have never spammed shota porn, meaning NSFW was an absolute boogieman of an issue, so what are the jannies even going to do? Wait on every /m/ thread for anons to post "I really like this anime. My favorite character is this one, I think he is very cute", Google the character's age, and then ban you for 400 years? If shota is inherently a porn category, what the fuck is "SFW shota"? Are all images and/or fanart of child characters now supposed to be spoilered? The mods don't even get to moid bait or actual spam quick enough for this to ever work. Waste of fucking time and energy.

Anonymous 231966

Reminder to all pedos itt
>Because lolicon/shotacon depicts a minor engaged in sexually explicit situations, loli/shota violates federal law in the United States. You can be arrested and charged with a crime if you possess lolicon/shotacon in any form
If anyone was to report you, you'd get searched and even if you didn't get a sentence, you'd be put on the list of sex offenders, anyone who Googled your name would see it.

Anonymous 231979

>Everything I Don't Like is A Moidpost
is a rampant disease on lolcow. They especially accuse you of being a male when you post/discuss anything anime-related.

Anonymous 231980

The admin doesn't care. She wants the poll to be faked.

Anonymous 231982

>Are all images and/or fanart of child characters now supposed to be spoilered?
Apparently so. Or if you post something like 'what a cute boy, I wanna cuddle' accompanied with SFW shota pic, they will ban you?

I think the admin just hates Hunter x Hunter and its fanbase.

Anonymous 231986

Fake news. It's actually more complicated:
>Due to the fact that obscenity is determined by a sitting judge or jury in reference to local standards and definitions on a state-by-state, case-by-case basis, the legality of drawn or fictitious pornography depicting minors is left in a 'gray area', much like other forms of alternative pornography. Some states pay less mind to the contents of such materials and determine obscenity based on time and place an offense may occur, while others may have strict, well-defined standards for what a community may be allowed to find appropriate. Others only may have vague laws or definitions which are only used to allow the government to prosecute recidivist offenders on both a federal and state level.[146]

>Laws governing non-child pornography are guided by the Miller standard, a three-prong test used by courts to dictate obscenity according to the "average person's" point of view of the standards of the community as well as state law. The parts follow: "appeals to prurient interests", "depicts or describes, in a patently offensive way, sexual conduct" as described by law, and "taken as a whole, lack serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value." Materials that fall within all three prongs may be declared obscene in a court of law.[123][124]

>By the statute's own terms, the law does not make all fictional child pornography illegal, only that found to be obscene or lacking in serious value. The mere possession of said images is not a violation of the law unless it can be proven that they were transmitted through a common carrier, such as the mail or the Internet, transported across state lines, or of an amount that showed intent to distribute.[125] There is also an affirmative defense made for possession of no more than two images with "reasonable steps to destroy" the images or reporting and turning over the images to law enforcement.[126]


Anonymous 231990

this is 100% false for the US. it would have to be a super realistic drawing or realistic 3D rendering to get in any sort of trouble. anime cartoons with giant bug eyes, zany spiky colorful hair, and no nose (they aren't even anatomically accurate) are not going to get anyone arrested in US. 4chan and a huge chunk of its posters would've been nuked from orbit long ago because they allow nsfw loli and shota on certain boards and the feds constantly monitor that place. the fact you're dedicating countless hours to sperging over anime drawings instead of trying to do something about the freak who does the frequent csem spam raids (the ones with living breathing children and not poorly drawn cartoons) is super concerning.

Anonymous 231991



Plus a number of companies that deal with ero stuff (FAKKU, JAST etc.) would have been labelled illegal and dissolved. JAST released Saya no Uta - a visual novel in which you the protag has graphic sex with an eldritch abomination taking the shape of a little girl - and that game is on Steam.

Anonymous 232017


Pic of me very distressed when shota gets banned.

Anonymous 232025


Anonymous 232029

Nta but this sounds like what men say when they defend lolicon, just with the genders reversed. So which one are you, a 4chan NLOG or a man?

Anonymous 232031

You're an ugly moid, if not literally, spiritually.

Anonymous 232053

Not to mention ugly moids have no self awareness or insecurity over the shit they do in an agonizingly prolonged way that seemingly has no cure.

Anonymous 232066


Even when they can bring you tons of money, ugly men only do it with a burn-the-world-attitude that is honestly more trouble and misery, abuse, than its worth.

You can read a man by spying on his posts, what he reads, what he believes, where his priorities lie. Even moderately wealthy money obsessed men often turn out to be raging RW assholes who seemingly live to build a society that mocks caregiving of the many, mocks human rights. They want the world to be a wasteland and a hate-filled shitshow anon.

Ugly moids take that possibility and magnify it by 10x because they dont take care of themselves. The rare few who don't become like this as they get older are outliers. Half the time you can't trust that they're not hiding their fascist bs anyway.

Anonymous 232072


They hate Kiwi Farms for some reason. At least making the mod so mad they banned me for 1 YEAR feels good.

Anonymous 232074

>for some reason
There are scrotes there.

Anonymous 232079

Yes, and? There are scrotes all over the internet. Mods will start banning people for linking Youtube videos or to reddit? Or maybe even mentioning 4chan will be banned too?

Anonymous 232083

making kiwifarms threads attract demented basement-dwelling kiwiscrotes like the schizophrenic pedophile tranny (the one who regularly spams cp here and on lolcow was originally from kf). they proceed to leak out of the kiwi thread and shit up the rest of the site. however you shouldn't have gotten such a long ban for it, that was definitely overkill.

Anonymous 232124

>trusts wikipedia as a source that he can keep viewing Child porn
Smartest pedo.
Not all of those 4chan posters live in US retard. This shit is allowed in most asian countries for example. I also hate both materials because I hate pedos and both materials encourage pedos like you. If a woman/man is getting horny seeing a child in a cartoon, s/he'll definitely rape one soon enough and s/he should be put on sex offensders list before that happens.
No matter how hard you tranny pedos cry here, you'll no longer be able to post your sick shit to lolcow. Stick to your tranny site and go jerk off to illegal shit here together, stay away from us.
It's a known fact crystal cafe has more male posters based on the polls you guys have held yourselves and seeing you guys defend child porn just makes me think you're one of the male posters.

Anonymous 232140

>If a woman/man is getting horny seeing a child in a cartoon, s/he'll definitely rape one soon enough and s/he should be put on sex offensders list before that happens.
Maybe you'd have a case with men, but definitely not with women. There are so many female shotacon artists and fans in Japan - where are all the child rape cases committed by women you're proclaiming? Speaking out of your ass is not a sound argument as is having 0 data to back up your claim.

You don't even know what the debate is about on lolcow (what is shotacon, how can the age of a drawn character be determined, what needs to be spoilered, are certain artstyles of adult or teen characters considered shotacon by default, what motivates the sudden need to change the rules when there is no problem of moid shota spam at all etc.), yet you sum it up with a retard line like 'child porn bad'.

>It's a known fact crystal cafe has more male posters based on the polls

Next time I'll vote that I'm 'male' on all polls just to troll you.

Anonymous 232143

My problem is even if it's just obviously yaoi not shota mods will delete it. It doesnt matter what you post the mods don't follow the rules themselves. They're very obviously moids or trannies. It has nothing to do with shota. Nobody even posts that shit on here, and it's sure as hell not pornography unless we're having a raid. Get your facts straight anons.

Anonymous 232144


Anonymous 232146

Just don't respect bad policies. Anyone that gets mad at you for ban evading is a lying cockroach, because they do it themselves. Why? Because the mods are on some bullshit. It's been like that since Oldmin, and we all know it. These fuck-ups will happen, just don't stand for it.

Anonymous 232147

you ignored everything in my post just to continue getting worked up over fictional cartoon characters. loli and shota is legal in the US. no child has the weird inaccurate proportions and neon colored hair/eyes that anime drawings have. you completely ignored those facts to throw out accusations that don't even apply to me (I am a natal woman with years long post history on here and lolcow, I have never saved nor posted any loli/shota content because I don't like it, I hate troons and pedos and have tried to get pedophiles I've encountered online arrested irl) so nothing you are accusing me of is even remotely accurate.
sure you can say that loli/shota is gross but it's made without harming actual kids because it is works of fiction.
you have not posted any credible statistics nor studies that show a correlation between liking these degenerate cartoons and being attracted to/harming actual living children. I'd imagine there would be plenty of stats if so many child rapists also like loli/shota so it would be appreciated if you provide those statistics. I will gladly read the sources you post and even change my mind to agree with you if you have clear evidence that shows a correlation of child rapists liking loli/shota.

Anonymous 232169

I wonder whether lolcow vets their jannies in any way? Any tranny or incel could apply for jannydom, faking a social media profile, and do much damage just to 'fuck with the TERFs/dirty fujo/weebs/etc.'.

I ban-eave on lolcow all the time, because they ban you for shit that is not even against the rules (they simply make up reasons to ban people). In that regard, lolcow is much worse than 4chan - you know, the site where some jannies are actual trannies.

Yeah. I get the feeling that many people on lolcow hate 'weebshit' and would gladly use any reason to rid the site of 'degenerate Japanese cartoon drawings'.

Anonymous 232170

Ive used a vpn sice the mod situation turned nasty

Anonymous 232182

Kf and lc have a long sibling type of love-hate relationship and it's well known that kiwiscrotes come to lc every time kf is down due to the similarity of the sites. Incidentally, the quality of posts goes way down when that happens because they don't follow the rules so yes, you shouldn't be attracting them to lc and making them feel welcome.

Anonymous 232224

I wish crystal-trannies would stop posting in lolcow. Whenever this tranny infested site is down, lolcow has a bunch of low quality posts and bait obviously posted by crystal trannies who always use vpns and ban evade. Just go back to your tranny 4chan boards, none of us in lolcow will ever see you as one of us.

Anonymous 232226

Have u seen the ddlg tranny kek

Anonymous 232228

are you new to lolcow? seems like it. for a few years now lc has been infested with baiting, infighting, twitterfags and tiktoktards from not having enough moderation. now kiwiscrotes are coming to shit it up because their cesspit site is down.

Anonymous 232263

It's literally just a larping tranny himself who wants to "keep the foids in line".

Anonymous 232314

ew creepy, I hope one day mods can figure out how to permaban him like device ban or mac address ban or something.

Anonymous 232329


>Your Honor, the CP was just pixels on a screen!

Anonymous 232352


Anonymous 232354

kiwitroons are so dumb. the no racebaiting rule has been in place forever, just go to 4chan if saying racial slurs is so important.

Anonymous 232368

I hate how i can't even post in peace without some retard seething about me

Anonymous 232402

Rancefag posted her nudes on lc

Anonymous 232403

rancefag is schizotroon so im very sorry to whatever womans pictures he stole

Anonymous 232448

Lolcow hasn't been enjoyable, so many issues caused by the Christmas disaster, so much bullshit is allowed to fester.
Retarded anons sharing nudes/pretending too, people falling for easy bait. You will see a red text ban in a thread where you've been asking/reporting shit.
The kiwifarms thread is full of moids and simps who cry about their e daddy and brag on his dick.
Constant bait in /ot/. Another thing is anons always respond to the Troon in meta. Literally sit there and have full conversations. It also seems like he goes full retard when the kiwifarms thread is open.
Then the site just seems dead and slow. So many left after Christmas. If you told me at any given time there was only 50 anons and 10 of them were moids making 75% of the posts that get the most responses (bait posts) I'd believe you.
I get really frustrated, I also think it's linked to kiwifarms, whenever it's down suddenly a bunch of extra retarded shit happens.
I hate it. I love lolcow but I hate how it is right now

Anonymous 232469

this happens literally every single time kiwifarm is down, and kiwiturds shit up the site even worse than it already is with their male autism. so many people ask the farmhands to lock the kiwi thread and they never do.
also they're apparently not replying to any farmhand applications so far despite the site being so shit up. it's clear they need more mods and jannies that are up at different hours so why can't they dedicate time to going thorough farmhand apps instead of wasting it on the stupid falsified strawpoll? makes no sense.

Anonymous 232507

I'm honestly disappointed because I applied to be a farmhand since I have a decent amount of free time and modding experience yet they're still not going back to me, or anyone else that applied apparently. It can't be that we're all such terrible fits. I want the newfaggotry to cease already, it's slowly becoming unbearable.

Anonymous 232533


Anonymous 232538

i aspire to reach this level of autism

Anonymous 232593

If you could change 3 things about lolcow what would they be and why?

Anonymous 232617

1. Admin
2. mods
3. rules

Reason: they all suck.

Anonymous 232767


I'm glad the mods shut it down, but this shit is pure mental illness.
For those not in the know, the Hartley Hooligans were deformed/disabled children who died a couple of years ago. Their mother used to post a lot of photos and videos of them online, and people on LC and KF used to mock them.

Anonymous 232793

I'm seriously getting suspicious of the new admin/s now. they lied about locking the kiwi thread yet left it unlocked, they lied about the poll not having any false votes when it did, they're seemingly ignoring all farmhand applications yet continue to complain about being understaffed, and they claim they'll do a bunch of stuff for the site in the future (hellweek, lcf 2.0, town halls, more communication, etc) yet make no plans for it and are barely around. so far the site hasn't improved at all since shaymin left. something feels off to me but maybe I'm just being overly suspicious/pessimistic

Anonymous 232794

Admins are wagies and they care more about their real life, nothing new.

Anonymous 232807

You mean this thread
Why should it be locked? The main detractors stopped their spam. The Graf/Undu lore should be spread far and wide to warn people against poa.st.

Anonymous 232901

I fucking hate the lolcow jannies, they have the weirdest fucking hateboner for me for no reason.

Anonymous 232905

Who are you kek

Anonymous 232918

Anonymous 232924


Anonymous 232935

Rancefag is the first good thing to come out of lolcow in years kek, i had a good laugh reading her posts.

Anonymous 232939

Husbando threads are the only worthwhile part of that site. I wish there were an imageboard dedicated to posting about fictional men but not fujoshit.

Anonymous 232943


Love you too

Anonymous 232982

Said troon posted my personal info because he thought the people laughing at him in /meta/ were me, also wrote a thread on me because I blocked him, and spammed a faildox in it to bump it, and I have an enrire chatlog with him threatening me. Don't know where to post it or how to post it, or if I even should post it, but I feel some people would be interested as to why I've become slightly erratic every time I notice certain tells. Can't speak out about it on LCF because it makes the troon agitated at best and prompts some of the more catty users to play America's Favorite Game at worst. Regardless, it's milk, you'd think they'd be happy.

Anonymous 232999

You need help, you post your nudes and think anyone wants to see that?

Anonymous 233044

Take screenshots and post them on imgur
Or if you can export the chatlog post the file on catbox.moe

Anonymous 233045

Rance told me to

Anonymous 233073

Anonymous 233078

You’re the TIF? Never talk to him ever again please. As soon as you’re in his crosshair he is obsessive and creepy. He has no job or life and lives online with tabs of kiwi/ LC/ twitter and discord open etc. Just want him to die already, worthless fail male.

Anonymous 233079

If he did then he does not have your best interest in mind wtf. I know that’s his personality or whatever but it just makes you kind of a cow tbh

Anonymous 233081

Yes, I'm the TIF. I haven't said a word since very early February, and he deceived me at first. I didn't know he was Blaine until a day or two in, and blocked him soon afterwards. He posted my faildox, he posted some actual personal info, and revenge fetish porn (I was covered though) I took when I was drunk off my ass for a completely different person and making dumb decisions, several months earlier. He thought I was the one sperging at him on /meta/, and as stated, I wasn't.

Anonymous 233086

isn't revenge porn illegal? you can call the antioch illinois police (his local pd) and they'll have you email them screenshots of the threats, you should mention he was posting revenge porn too. they have a file on him and have gone to his house before due to his threats so any proof you have of his creepy insane behavior will add to his criminal record.

Anonymous 233087

I was one of the spergs at one point, I stopped engaging with his retardation but I apologize if that lead to any more harassment anon. I agree with >>233086
I wish you well, and hope he stops harassing you

Anonymous 233089


Thank you anon! I appreciate the advice. Will definitely try to do that.
You're fine, it was honestly really amusing how he freaked the fuck out at everyone, I woke up to it and was laughing pretty hysterically after catching up on /meta/. He did far worse things to Elaine and Rachael, I should just be glad all he's done is be paranoid that everyone who doesn't like him is "a cow," that he wrote a shitty thread on me, and that everything in said thread was years old from that point. Including dumb shit I said in 2018 to annoy people. And in this post, he attatched my face, stomach, and a censored photo of my ID (censored by me, no less) and that's the only "milk" he has on me. I'm a bit eccentric, I will admit, but he's a loser and retard and it's pretty sad that a zillenial like me has more sense than he does.
The thread is here, for those curious. I have nothing to hide and find his desperate clawing for milk over the block funny, so no harm done. He also got my troon name and old aliases wrong and set the threadpic as an immobile coom pic: https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1778636.html#1801419
And yet, while I'm still obviously female, I look more like a man than he does a woman. And that likely upsets him.

Anonymous 233092


Only halfway through this but holy fuck. A conversation between 2 retarded faggots
>You jumped into the arms of one of the most feared vampires
>One so bad Josh couldn't handle them being on site

Anonymous 233093

>Jess out there proving trans ppl can be ugly if they bearded hons. (mtf, he loves posting on women sites and thinks like a man and acts like a man but uh…he's just one of the girls he swears, look he has long hair, see? Woman)

Anonymous 233095

Kekk wtf. He always says "Omg I was just being retarded to TROLL YOU GUYZ!!!" Even though he clearly, genuinely believes he's some evil anime villain or satan reincarnate even though he is just another tim who is schizo and spams the site because he thinks that going outside or doing literally anything else that would be healthy for a normal person is stupid for some reason.

Anonymous 233126

I feel it is my responsibility as the TIF in this thread, to inform everyone that this thread was linked in /meta/. You know, where Blaine stalks around everywhere? I don't know if the person above is him, but I'll clear something up.
I used to be very anti radfem, I used to be vile, and I ran a blog on Tumblr dedicated to arguing with them. I admitted to this several months ago, and people change.
Nowadays I don't hate them, I seldom, if ever, go after them. It's likely either Blaine trying to shift attention off himself, or it's a woman who made that post, because she has a vendetta.

Anonymous 233161


Anonymous 233167

Are you the one who originally posted that, or no?
If so, are you ban evading? Also, I never seeked validation from the fucking tranny, read the chat logs. That directly contradicts your dumb fucking claim
And if no, what an idiot. Sorry this infighting started

Anonymous 233168

no, i added this so your post would make sense. scatposting doesnt usually happen at this hour, so maybe they were blaine afterall

Anonymous 233179

>complains about misogyny then proceeds to use misogynistic slur
>tries to get people to read a garbage kiwitard thread about some literally who tif
>making shit up/being borderline illiterate (only one anon itt admitted to purposely engaging with the pedotroon and she apologized for it)
>pretending like tif-chan wants validation from an ugly creepy pedotroon despite her obvious discomfort at his demented obsession with her
>ban evading to keep seetheposting
this definitely sounds like the schizo pedotroon - on the small chance it isn't him than it's just some low iq concern troll.

Anonymous 233513

i thought it was the troon at first but the fanfic thread among other random posts (like a post about a 27 yr old moid hitting the wall) have gone missing. its weird for regular posts to be deleted like that after some time. i dont consider using "bitches" misogynistic, so probably a low iq concern troll. she shouldnt have ban evaded either way

Anonymous 233548


Shame on the mods for banning Rance-chan. Kek

Anonymous 233552

Why should anyone enable some mentally ill zoomer posting her meatflaps?

Anonymous 233553

They only ban her when she husbandofags because avatarfagging and being easily identifiable on purpose is against the rules. They're extra hard on her because she posted her nudes at least twice which is even worse than Pakichan posting her hand. Rancefag is mentally ill and needs to get off the internet for her own sake but also because she acts attention starved wherever she goes.

Anonymous 233562

Avatarfagging on the husbando thread… everyone does that

Anonymous 233564

Tbh I stand with Rancefag. If she doesn't post her nudes again, what's the big deal?

Anonymous 233565

Seconded. (thirded?) I think she's fun when she's not posting her nudes or shotacon shit, honestly I hate very few avatar/personality fags. Only one that comes to mind is Pakichan.

Anonymous 233566

Sorry I deleted the first time, I thought it'd look like I was saying she should be allowed to derail threads or whatever, but yeah.

Anonymous 233570

AYRT. No dumbass, she avatarfags outside of the husbando threads.
Also the reason she was hated at first was because, everytime she would appear in the husbando threads, she would insult the other anons in some way out of the blue. I don't know if you weren't present or just forgot but yeah that's the reason she got haters (I agree that her haters are too fucking obsessed with her though)

Anonymous 233584

I like how you guys act as if these avatar and personality fags aren't constantly self posting.

Anonymous 233614

Rancefag is annoying as fuk and should just sitck to the husbandofagging threads, mods should just ban her if she is attention whoring. But the anons accusing her of being a troon are also annoying, stop fear monggering if you have no proof of anything, tho I suspect they might be moids baiting her into posting nudes again (cause she's a fucking retard who does it), same goes for the ones who were calling her fat.

Anonymous 233619

I don’t know why she gets mad whenever everybody gets mad at her kek. She said Rance told her to isn’t that part of his personality? So why is she mad since he supposedly knows this is how people would react kek.

Anonymous 233655

If Rance the fictional rapist is telling her to post nudes that’s her issue.

Anonymous 233698

I enjoy talking about the infamous personalityfags, it's funny. But I don't wish them real harm.

Anonymous 233981

Personalityfags and all their enablers and a-loggers should be permabanned. This is not social media.

Anonymous 234029

Anonymous 234045

My bad, still they're supposed to be anonymous and personalityfagging only defeats the point. Might as well have everyone sign up with a recognizable handle.

Anonymous 234047

Funny you are saying this about a website whos main purpose is alogging random social media personalities. Its glorified celeb drama but you think of yourselves as edgy because they are more niche than mainstream celebs but you really aren't much different from someone reading tabloid magazines. The only reason lolcow is anonymous is so the horrible things you say aren't traced back to you or an account.

Anonymous 234049

This could just as well apply to crystal cafe or any imageboard ever. Trying to stand out in a supposed anon space is retard behavior.

Anonymous 234082

Has anyone ever been banned on LC without getting red texted? All the times I got banned I got red texted too, so when I see an obvious bait post that doesn't get it, i wonder if the author got banned at all. I know you could get banned without it but it just feels like it's not really the case in practice.

Anonymous 234083

and you dont see identityfaggotry anywhere on cc, do you (unless you count spammers)? If its applicable to "all imageboards" why talk about it in reference to lolcow? Not all boards are equal and just because yours is cancer doesn't mean ours is. Go home.

Anonymous 234086

How often do you get banned

Anonymous 234095

If it happens on crystal cafe or any other imageboard it should be treated the exact same way: permaban them and all those who feed them attention. I don't understand what part of this makes you so upset.

Anonymous 234117


I originally was just pointing out the irony of what you said but now I just want you and all the other lolcow trash to go home, go use discord as your bunker. You aren't welcome.
CC is NOT like lolcow and idk why you insist on applying your statements to CC when what youre describing isn't remotely an issue here, only on your own shitty board.

Anonymous 234321

why is CC so slow? it's like no one is actually here

Anonymous 234333

its cus theres no point in being here when theres 4chan and lolcow. if you look at recent imgs to the site, many of them are reposts from /tttt/, so theres a 40-60% chance youre talking to a tranny

Anonymous 234334

From talking to women who used to use this site 2-4 yrs ago, a lot of the legitimate users got banned for silly reasons and never came back.

Anonymous 234335

it sucks having to wrestle with the mods to get unbanned

Anonymous 234353


I got banned and unbanned many times… I adjusted my brand of humor so I get banned less now but I can never tell what could tick a mod off, a lot of the time I end up deciding not to post a reply out of uncertainty. Like right now, I'm wondering if I should post anything at all or wait until the moid chimpout is over so I don't get banned by mistake.

Anonymous 234427

Use VPNs.

Anonymous 234462

its a good solution, but not the best.

theres also no point since cc is raiding central. theres, not always, but often, an influx of scrotes/trannies that screenshot users to post on /r9k/.

Anonymous 234466

There is a point, arguably. Like when venting about things that are a likely ban or dogpile from LCF. Venting about TIF dysphoria, for example, is something that has to be done here rather than LCF. Because of the Kiwi spam, more than ever its important to do that here

Anonymous 234521

this, same with things that are considered “schizoposting”. you get banned (and redtexted with some dumb reason like “unhinged”/“autism”) for that on lolcow (even in non-cow boards) but cc mods (from my personal experience) don’t care at all and you can schizopost here freely even if other anons call you deranged.

Anonymous 234573

Also what the fuck is up with the vent thread? Several people in there (I assume males) are fantasizing about a MtF raping me because I said I personally wasn't gender critical. In the fucking vent thread. I stopped replying but I definitely reported everyone for infighting and the rape threat for misogyny

Anonymous 234581


Anonymous 234584

One in vent did, and one in /meta/ was calling me a handmaiden and being vile because I said I don't hate trannies. I should have clarified

Anonymous 234666

With the applications being open it's really not that difficult to contact the mod team and have things you don't like locked or removed. All you have to do is throw the admin a modest donation and they will lock it or remove it for you, that's what I did

Anonymous 234673

What did you get removed?

Anonymous 234676

so it was one person lol

Anonymous 234677


Anonymous 234690

This sounds like bait so if you don't have proof I don't believe you

Anonymous 234713


Is LC really allowing Trannies now? Wtf? I think it's time for me to move on from there if that's the case.

Anonymous 234714

Samefag this isn’t a bait post or anything, but a nona got banned recently for “a-logging” for saying trannies should rope or whatever. I just hope it’s a newfag mod and not trannies being allowed and protected.

Anonymous 234715

It's a newfag mod because other posts like that have been banned for a-logging. Someone told an anon to rope and got banned for it. It isn't a-logging if it isn't against a cow imo. Right?

Anonymous 234724

trannies in general or a specific tranny?

Anonymous 234758

That's why I came here. It seems one of the farmhands is a TIF tranny. Certainly not as bad as a TIM but I will not be frequenting there anymore if that's the case.

Anonymous 234759

Anon, cc was made by LC users don't be a fool. The reason cc doesn't have personalityfags is because it's not as active and to me it seems like the userbase is more transient and doesn't stick around as long. The nature of the imageboard is just a tad different so it doesn't foster the same environment in which personalityfags can spawn. They love attention after all, a slow moving ib is not enough, LC barely meets the threshold.

If you mean the admins saying "ftms" are welcome it's because it's always been like this. The old fakeboi thread was mostly filled with trutrans tifs kek. They're still women even going by radfem ideology so of course they're allowed. I do encourage shitting on them for being extreme nlogs but they have a vagina at the end of the day. Don't be a newfag.

Anonymous 234762

Precisely. I was the TIF that accidentally caused all this, but we've always been around and I feel like a lot of the 2023 newfags are under the impression that only radfems are allowed, which is blatantly false. As long as they're female, they can post. And personality fags are allowed so long as their posts don't announce themselves by name. For example, I can say I politely disagree with gendercrit theory, and that's allowed despite that being my defining trait. But if Pakichan said "As Pakichan herself…" or I announced myself as TIFchan in my own post, that's considered namefagging and banned. I feel like the recent influx of Radblr/RadTWT or Tiktok radfems are trying to shove out any user that isn't exactly like them because they peaked in high school, or are underage and slated to do so, and thus they will mass report to get the newfag mods to be their marionette.

Anonymous 234767

Wasn't the former admin a Tif?? The one who got stress diarrhea from dealing with the site? Some things never change

Anonymous 234778

From one personalityfag to another, you're annoying as fuck and should 41% yourself already. You aren't even a funny personalityfag either.


Anonymous 234779

Since when was shaymin a tif???

Anonymous 234788

The admin before her was a Mexican tif who complained about the "white female" user base on discord and said they gave her stress diarrhea. You must be new

Anonymous 234792

She wasn't a tif though she just didn't like radfems and was a fatty weirdo

Anonymous 234804

anon you replied to, I meant Male trannies. I don't care for Tifs. But a farmhand said that any male is not allowed to use lc, including tims

Anonymous 234805


Anonymous 234811

Im kind of annoyed. I was trying to clear up an misunderstanding and got banned for it, but the people who were being rude towards me/also having the same conversation weren't banned. I hate anons who act like they know exactly who they are talking too, i'm sure the mods could've banned me and been like, "this anon is not that anon" but whatever. It's not an big deal. Some anons can be very aggressive and weird.

Anonymous 234813

anons being schizo and assuming they know who you are is one of THE most annoying things about LC. I still like the site but god thats so annoying, especially when you just type something random and they are like "oh so you're that whore anon with the weird fetish kys" like what the hell kek.

Anonymous 234814

I'm not trying to be annoying, how the fuck am I annoying? Also every time I get told that it just makes me want to live more kek
Oh, definitely. I'm extremely paranoid about people thinking I'm someone else or confusing someone else for me. To an unhealthy extent. I fucking hate being so paranoid about it because the paranoia is insufferable and the only way I know how to quell it is announcing myself so nobody can impersonate me and so I don't get confused for someone else. I'll take the ban, so long as nobody confuses me for another anon or vice versa.

Anonymous 234824

Who the fuck are you?

Anonymous 234833

Anonymous 234862

Kek I got banned despite not breaking any of the rules. The new farmhands should already be demoted they're so fucking bad at this

Anonymous 234945

I almost felt like calling you out because LC has been so full of bait and infighting but then I remembered that I haven't seen any of it getting redtexted, but I have seen an anon getting banned for using emoji when she hadn't used emoji a couple of days ago.

Anonymous 235002

I got banned for saying I wasn't the troon spamming AI shit, because apparently saying you're not someone is breaking global rule 4. Legit feels like a fucking vendetta one of the mods has with all these retarded bans. I wouldn't be shocked if the farmhand responsible for that and the "emoji" ban is a newfag at best, or a minimodding troon at worst.

Anonymous 235253

I usually think anyone antagonizing someone in the vent thread should get a ban, but have you guys seeing the anon attention whoring in it for the last couple of days? It feels like she's trying to force herself into being a personality fag, the one who went to Japan and fucked some scrotey scrote.

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