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Lolcow.Farm Hate Thread #3 Anonymous 224053

Anonymous 224054

I made this thread not really to hate but to talk about an issue that i'm having, I wonder if anyone else is as well.
I got banned with no reason given, I appealed, the ban was lifted apperently. The site is still backwards for me even though I can post while it's backwards?? Then when I clear my cookies, I try to post on the site regularly it gives me a message saying "You are not banned but you are getting this message,that means something is fucked up, email the admins etc."
So I did, just like I emailed to be unbanned. Now the site is unusable to me. I even wrote in meta before I was swiftly kicked out and given the, "You aren't banned, but you are getting this message-" thing.
Am I the only one? I emailed but..I'm just waiting now. It's clearly a glitch or maybe I've finally been kicked off for good some reason

Anonymous 224056

I haven't been having anything like that, but which link/what's the url you are using to get to lolcow? I remember there was a redirect issue, especially for Europeans I think? It might be related to that.

Anonymous 224059

I just use the regular Link i'm not in EU, I feel like I was banned mistakenly, because I wasn't given a reason, it was a perma banned. I appealed, shortly after I could post but only on incognito (Under the same IP address mind you) because the site would show up backwards as it does when banned. So I assumed I wasn't really banned or I was mistakenly banned or I was unbanned and it was a glitch. Then today I started getting a page basically telling me I'm not banned and it's some glitch. Everytime I clear my cookies, the site says i'm banned but I can only post now on the reversed site, I cannot post clearing my cookies or in any other way but Farmcow.lol or using a VPN, which I'm not going to do and I haven't used a VPN for Lolcow in a while.

Anonymous 224060

It does sound like you were banned mistakenly somehow, but the message you received is weird. Maybe this is a dumb idea, but have you ever tried to access lolcow through a different browser just to see what happens? It probably wouldn't fix anything, but if lolcow were broken in both google chrome AND opera (for example), maybe you could rule out the issue was with the browser or cookies.

Anonymous 224094

Just use a vpn.

Anonymous 224099

They have a problem with calling everyone a scrote and I think they do it for a power trip (most of the time) not because they genuinely think a poster is a man.
It's like when men call each other woman as an insult, they couldn't be more obvious.

Anonymous 227976

I believe that everyone on lolcow is mentally ill (for obvious reasons), and it's hypocritical of them to say things like "mentally ill people shouldn't be accepted" or "they should be treated badly," as some users do on /ot/. Of course, bad behavior should not be accepted, I’m not talking about that, but hating people simply for having certain diagnoses and existing is wrong. Some posts border on promoting eugenics. What I think happens is that some people believe their mental illness (I'm using the term loosely to include everything from depression to PDs to autism) is the only acceptable one or that they themselves are basically normal, while others are bad, so they try to punch down.

Anonymous 227977

They also seem to hate autistic/weirdo women a lot.

Anonymous 227991

they do that here too

Anonymous 227992

It's the Josh Moon effect.
>"wow, here's endless exposure to very fucked up people at the lowest point in their lives. I'm undoubtedly normal compared to them. That must mean I'm not weird or mentally ill at all"!

Anonymous 228026


I just got a ban and a red text telling me to take a break, even tho my previous post was like 19 hours ago.

Anonymous 228094

Everyone hates the mentally ill, even the mentally ill themselves.
And you coming here to make a post about it instead of taking a break and going outside proves mods right.

Anonymous 228108

>criticizing me for being online
Anon, you're online too

Anonymous 228190

My main problem with lolcow farm is the way the moids just let bone rattlers derail entire threads without removing the posts, but other kinds of derailment is a ban and the posts are thanos snapped off the thread. It's not milk. So why is it that whenever I look back on old threads looking for info I have to actually dig very hard through hundred of posts arguing about "fatties", "skellies", "seething fatty", "die of starvation" posts to fucking find anything?

Anonymous 228262


lolcow in a nutshell

Anonymous 228263

I am totally delighted with the board about Shayna, it's just incredible the dedication of the farmers to their muse, I just wanted to be loved and held in such high regard once in my life

Anonymous 228636

On one hand, yes. On the other hand, is it possible that it's attracting scrotes and they are leaking to the rest of the site? Or maybe any scrote who is there was there before Shay's board was created, so it makes no difference.

Anonymous 229206

>make thread in /off-topic/
>removed for being off-topic

Anonymous 229208

LC isn't like cc where you can make random threads willy-nilly. Is it something that could have gone to Dumbass Shit, or Stupid Questions? Go there. Do you want to argue with people? Unpopular opinions or Things I Hate are good ones for that.
Not sure if it's you but someone made the same thread on cc and lc a few days ago (anons who don't play games, why not?) and that could have easily gone into stupid questions. This is an issue of not lurking and integrating well enough.

Anonymous 229223

>not suggesting the vent thread for arguing

Anonymous 229239

Some anons are so retarded about saging.
>Oh I was contributing to this infight as well but I saged, naturally that makes me less of a sperg than you.

Anonymous 229449


Ugly privilege

Anonymous 229910

Want to post in a thread, pages takes forever to load… at least the website makes up for it by repeating the post several times in a row.

Anonymous 229921

Rofl bitch this doesn't exist

Anonymous 229930

I think that poster was joking. Anons were making ironic posts and I believe this one was too, tho I wouldn't really bet money on it either.

Anonymous 230047

>open /2X/, which I hardly ever do
>all threads in the first page have insults or infights going
>open /2X/, several hours later
>same shit

Anonymous 230051

men literally hate ugly women. This is nonexistent.

Anonymous 230052

as an ugly woman, I have to say I have experienced this. I know it definitely does not extend to all ugly women but some of us definitely do get this treatment.

Anonymous 230063

/2X/ needs to be hidden again, at least when it was hidden there were genuinely thoughtful and interesting discussions that wasn't just mindless infighting. If the price is 1 post every 4 months I'll gladly take it. It's too easy for males and newfags to find now and they shit up the board with bait

Anonymous 230302


Thinking abt how some schizoanon hated me so much they found out my acc on another website KEK. And of course, don't even get me started on the amount of moid or tranny accusations being thrown around if you act out of line.

Anonymous 230309

30-04-23 cap.png

Good news, nona! It has been hidden again! I agree with you about seeing less activity for more quality posts. There have been a lot of complaints to hide it again so I'm definitely glad we're seeing some good changes being made.

Anonymous 230320

>Thinking abt how some schizoanon hated me so much they found out my acc on another website KEK.
How did it happen? Or why did she hate you?

Anonymous 230321

Don't try to trick people into thinking you're the innocent party when you want to get raped by Rance and are into watersports.

Anonymous 230327

…And? Pixels on a screen bro, idk how that warrants finding my ao3 acc out of all things LMAO

Anonymous 230331

Rancefucker from the husbando thread https://lolcow.farm/g/res/314785.html#321846

Anonymous 230332

They only found it cause you make yourself so obvious wherever you go. You could've denied it.

Anonymous 230337

I barely go to lolcow and i just read this part of the thread, but what does her being into a fetish has to do with anything? Whats so bad about it? Farmers are so annoying with their whole pearl clutching where they go after other anons for being cringe or into weird stuff.

Anonymous 230338

She sound based and I think you are jealous

Anonymous 230569


Not a hate post but rather "why am i like this" post.
I've been banned from lolcow for pic related because I forgot to specify that I am, in fact, a woman.
This shit keeps happening, both here on CC, on lolcow, and on other platforms too. Even if I make it obvious I'm a girl, some people still think I'm a guy larping. It doesn't matter what we discuss. I've been accused of being a male while talking about room decor, for fuck's sake.

Anonymous 230570

lmao you seriously do sound like a scrote in that screencap

Anonymous 230573

Maybe don't sound like a fucking scrote next time.

Anonymous 230575

>just bee yourself
>no, not like that

Anonymous 230576

this is u.jpg

Anonymous 230581

There are a bunch of anons into literal nazis, not even good looking ones, why am I supposed to care about this woman into some video game character? I feel like posting some retarded shit about my own husbando from a harem anime in support to her.

Anonymous 230623

sorry but I mean that post kind of does sound like something a not-like-other-men andrew tate type male would post. I don't really blame the farmhand for thinking you were male

Anonymous 230632

i only post here because i can't access lolcow at work

Anonymous 230643

Are you dumb? You literally talked about impregnating women. Only mem can impregnate women.

Anonymous 230649

Anonymous 230650

lol i just noticed that

Anonymous 230651

Wut? You spoke about knocking up a woman…

Anonymous 230680


/snow/ has a tradthot as a mod now, quelle surprise. my redtext was "(tranny)", for calling out rightoids defending horse dewormer takers.

either a tradthot or a self-hating tranny, there's been way too many "is [obviously cis woman] secretly a tranny?" posts around that thread (leftthots)

>mfw it's a permaban

Anonymous 230681

Did you appeal? I have no idea what I'd even write in the appeal tho.

Anonymous 230691

Yeah, I appealed asking something like "a permaban, from all boards, with no specified reason, for telling rightoids to fuck off, with "(tranny)" as red text? seriously? what kind of RW retard did you hire as farmhand?" kek, but from what I remember being an imageboard mod like a decade ago, the same dipshit who banned can dismiss the appeal so other mods won't see it. Same reason why you sometimes have to report the same rule-breaking post over and over before it gets banned, a friendly mod can just dismiss the report before others get to it.

I'd rather not ban evade but that's always on the table I guess. But man, they made some really bad choices there

Anonymous 230694

You can get unbanned even with a permaban. I got perma'd once for literally nothing and eventually could post again, within like 3 days. I don't know why they just slap a permaban label on it if they're going to change their minds.

Anonymous 230844

Tried posting after reading your post and sure enough, it's lifted. It's probably bad choices in mods leading to nonsensical bans that are then caught by someone sane and lifted. I'm kinda salty my mod applications never panned out when insane people keep being let in

Anonymous 231772

Why is lolcow emptier than ever? I remember when /ot/ was very busy and now there won't be posts for hours sometimes. I get why majority of people would leave and move on but I also noticed that the same few people seem to post and some of them seem to know each other. Are they just all a group of friends or is it a discord/mod circlejerk thing? Also since when was avatarfagging allowed? I keep seeing certain husbando posters doing that and this would have 100% gotten you banned in 2016.

Inb4 I get called a schizo but I'm also pretty sure there's a mod or group who are bullying certain anons. I've seen complaints from anons saying they are leaving due to being harassed by random vitriolic posters and I just came back from a very long break recently and am experiencing this for the first time as well. Within the past couple weeks, I feel like my post history has been used against me when I talk about personal things. I've gotten shat on for venting about a situation in my personal life but another anon posted the same exact situation that she's dealing with and she got asspats for it which really bummed me out and confused me. I also get aggressive responses on posts even when I say something positive or lighthearted. I've gotten responses saying pretty specific things about me when I talk about unrelated topics. I find it very suspicious and since lolcow is a ghost town compared to what it was, I can see this becoming easy for mods to take advantage of.

I've been on lolcow for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place. Not sure if mods are misusing their power or if it's because of new young users.

Anonymous 231782

Why is crystal.cafe emptier than ever? I remember when /b/ was very busy and now there won't be posts for hours sometimes. I get why majority of people would leave and move on but I also noticed that the same few people seem to post and some of them seem to know each other. Are they just all a group of friends or is it a discord/mod circlejerk thing? Also since when was avatarfagging allowed? I keep seeing certain husbando posters doing that and this would have 100% gotten you banned in 2016.

Inb4 I get called a schizo but I'm also pretty sure there's a mod or group who are bullying certain anons. I've seen complaints from anons saying they are leaving due to being harassed by random vitriolic posters and I just came back from a very long break recently and am experiencing this for the first time as well. Within the past couple weeks, I feel like my post history has been used against me when I talk about personal things. I've gotten shat on for venting about a situation in my personal life but another anon posted the same exact situation that she's dealing with and she got asspats for it which really bummed me out and confused me. I also get aggressive responses on posts even when I say something positive or lighthearted. I've gotten responses saying pretty specific things about me when I talk about unrelated topics. I find it very suspicious and since lolcow is a ghost town compared to what it was, I can see this becoming easy for mods to take advantage of.

I've been on crystal.cafe for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place. Not sure if mods are misusing their power or if it's because of new young users.

Anonymous 231785

Autism. You forgot to change lolcow btw.

Anonymous 231900

The anti-fujo and anti-shota spergs are seething so hard about the results they're convincing themselves moids are behind it kek.

Anonymous 231912


Why would anyone anti-shota be seething when it's about to be heavily restricted?

Also, if any of you masturbate to prepubescent boys: I recommend looking up a guide on fashioning yourself a noose.

Anonymous 231913

>being harassed by random vitriolic posters
Same thing's happening to me, super fucking weird.

Anonymous 231928

>I've been on crystal.cafe for nearly a decade and it seems like a very different place.

At least troons are universally reviled now. There were way too many holdouts back then. I consider that an improvement.

Anonymous 231929


A shotafag(?) mentions that the strawpoll is vulnerable to VPNs, anti-shota sperg boasts about using VPN to fake results/votes themselves. This is kind of ridiculous, it's just a contest on which autists can fake the most.

Anonymous 231938

>anime is real
Where do you twitter people come from? Go back to crying about chinese cartoons on your crappy website.

Anonymous 231943

The death of the 9chan revival happened because dudes who masturbate to fake child porn started spamming every board with REAL child porn in retaliation for their fake child porn not being allowed across the entire site.

It's almost as if there's an obvious correlation between people who fetishize the idea of a "sexy child" and the behavior of seeking out genuine child porn.

Please reconsider your life choices and/or neck yourself.

Anonymous 231945

>equating the autism of scrotes and moids with women
Lol, so just because moids are bad we should hinder s from posting what they want? It's very obvious to tell when a moid is posting (especially when it comes to anime content), and we shouldn't have to stop posting about particular things in fear that they are going to raid. Being a female-centric board already makes us prime target. Plus, It's mostly lolicon that attracts moids. Someone posting images of shota has a high chance of being a woman. No need to start issues on one of the few places where women can talk about their hobbies and interests without being attacked for it.

Anonymous 231947

Wow, you're in cc too? Give it a break, do something with your life instead of telling other to kill themselves all the time you unhinged schizo, it's embarassing to get this worked up over pixels.

Anonymous 231948

You took the wrong thing away from what I was saying. The raid simply illustrated that these people who love fake child porn also loved real child porn. Yeah, they were clearly moids, only they're capable of that level of sperging.

But I know for a fact that you sick fuckers will act on your child fetish when given the chance. A female babysitter tried to rape my little brother when he was still in grade school and the expression he had on his face haunts me to this day.

I sincerely hope you get all that you deserve.

Anonymous 231950

>But I know for a fact that you sick fuckers will act on your child fetish when given the chance. A female babysitter tried to rape my little brother when he was still in grade school and the expression he had on his face haunts me to this day.

Now I know I'm talking to some autistic zoomer lmao. Go play internet vigilante somewhere else, you aren't protecting any children by sperging out about cartoons. Maybe if you were the type of person to actually do something and not cry about non-issues online the terrible thing that happened to your brother wouldn't have occured. Fujos and fangirls gushing over anime is not some terrorist level threat that you need to constantly fight against.

Anonymous 231953

>Maybe if you were the type of person to actually do something and not cry about non-issues online the terrible thing that happened to your brother wouldn't have occured.
What in God's name is wrong with you?

I will say that I regret losing my temper, seeing someone here of all places defending art porn of little boys was quite the shock.

However, I meant everything I said to you, and the mental gymnastics you go through to convince yourself your "interest" is not a big deal sickens me.

That's enough Internet for me for today.

Anonymous 231954

>Posting disparaging posts
>Playing moralfag while telling people to kill themselves
>Anecdotal blogposting that nobody asked for
>Victim complex
Yep, smells like a zoomer to me. It is way past your bed time. Get some rest and remember to lurk before posting before you oust yourself as a underaged bait / jailbait.

Anonymous 231960


To any LC nonas: If a rule is unforgivably stupid, like demanding someone not discuss fictional media because of unrelated retards sperging over it, don't even sweat it. Don't try to justify yourself to people who foam at the mouth pretending women are rapists over cartoon boys, don't bother infighting, don't take any moid bait. Don't let retards emotionally blackmail you over anything. How is this shit even enforceable? Anons have never spammed shota porn, meaning NSFW was an absolute boogieman of an issue, so what are the jannies even going to do? Wait on every /m/ thread for anons to post "I really like this anime. My favorite character is this one, I think he is very cute", Google the character's age, and then ban you for 400 years? If shota is inherently a porn category, what the fuck is "SFW shota"? Are all images and/or fanart of child characters now supposed to be spoilered? The mods don't even get to moid bait or actual spam quick enough for this to ever work. Waste of fucking time and energy.

Anonymous 231966

Reminder to all pedos itt
>Because lolicon/shotacon depicts a minor engaged in sexually explicit situations, loli/shota violates federal law in the United States. You can be arrested and charged with a crime if you possess lolicon/shotacon in any form
If anyone was to report you, you'd get searched and even if you didn't get a sentence, you'd be put on the list of sex offenders, anyone who Googled your name would see it.

Anonymous 231990

this is 100% false for the US. it would have to be a super realistic drawing or realistic 3D rendering to get in any sort of trouble. anime cartoons with giant bug eyes, zany spiky colorful hair, and no nose (they aren't even anatomically accurate) are not going to get anyone arrested in US. 4chan and a huge chunk of its posters would've been nuked from orbit long ago because they allow nsfw loli and shota on certain boards and the feds constantly monitor that place. the fact you're dedicating countless hours to sperging over anime drawings instead of trying to do something about the freak who does the frequent csem spam raids (the ones with living breathing children and not poorly drawn cartoons) is super concerning.

Anonymous 232017


Pic of me very distressed when shota gets banned.

Anonymous 232025


Anonymous 232029

Nta but this sounds like what men say when they defend lolicon, just with the genders reversed. So which one are you, a 4chan NLOG or a man?

Anonymous 232031

You're an ugly moid, if not literally, spiritually.

Anonymous 232053

Not to mention ugly moids have no self awareness or insecurity over the shit they do in an agonizingly prolonged way that seemingly has no cure.

Anonymous 232066


Even when they can bring you tons of money, ugly men only do it with a burn-the-world-attitude that is honestly more trouble and misery, abuse, than its worth.

You can read a man by spying on his posts, what he reads, what he believes, where his priorities lie. Even moderately wealthy money obsessed men often turn out to be raging RW assholes who seemingly live to build a society that mocks caregiving of the many, mocks human rights. They want the world to be a wasteland and a hate-filled shitshow anon.

Ugly moids take that possibility and magnify it by 10x because they dont take care of themselves. The rare few who don't become like this as they get older are outliers. Half the time you can't trust that they're not hiding their fascist bs anyway.

Anonymous 232072


They hate Kiwi Farms for some reason. At least making the mod so mad they banned me for 1 YEAR feels good.

Anonymous 232074

>for some reason
There are scrotes there.

Anonymous 232079

Yes, and? There are scrotes all over the internet. Mods will start banning people for linking Youtube videos or to reddit? Or maybe even mentioning 4chan will be banned too?

Anonymous 232083

making kiwifarms threads attract demented basement-dwelling kiwiscrotes like the schizophrenic pedophile tranny (the one who regularly spams cp here and on lolcow was originally from kf). they proceed to leak out of the kiwi thread and shit up the rest of the site. however you shouldn't have gotten such a long ban for it, that was definitely overkill.

Anonymous 232124

>trusts wikipedia as a source that he can keep viewing Child porn
Smartest pedo.
Not all of those 4chan posters live in US retard. This shit is allowed in most asian countries for example. I also hate both materials because I hate pedos and both materials encourage pedos like you. If a woman/man is getting horny seeing a child in a cartoon, s/he'll definitely rape one soon enough and s/he should be put on sex offensders list before that happens.
No matter how hard you tranny pedos cry here, you'll no longer be able to post your sick shit to lolcow. Stick to your tranny site and go jerk off to illegal shit here together, stay away from us.
It's a known fact crystal cafe has more male posters based on the polls you guys have held yourselves and seeing you guys defend child porn just makes me think you're one of the male posters.

Anonymous 232143

My problem is even if it's just obviously yaoi not shota mods will delete it. It doesnt matter what you post the mods don't follow the rules themselves. They're very obviously moids or trannies. It has nothing to do with shota. Nobody even posts that shit on here, and it's sure as hell not pornography unless we're having a raid. Get your facts straight anons.

Anonymous 232144


Anonymous 232146

Just don't respect bad policies. Anyone that gets mad at you for ban evading is a lying cockroach, because they do it themselves. Why? Because the mods are on some bullshit. It's been like that since Oldmin, and we all know it. These fuck-ups will happen, just don't stand for it.

Anonymous 232147

you ignored everything in my post just to continue getting worked up over fictional cartoon characters. loli and shota is legal in the US. no child has the weird inaccurate proportions and neon colored hair/eyes that anime drawings have. you completely ignored those facts to throw out accusations that don't even apply to me (I am a natal woman with years long post history on here and lolcow, I have never saved nor posted any loli/shota content because I don't like it, I hate troons and pedos and have tried to get pedophiles I've encountered online arrested irl) so nothing you are accusing me of is even remotely accurate.
sure you can say that loli/shota is gross but it's made without harming actual kids because it is works of fiction.
you have not posted any credible statistics nor studies that show a correlation between liking these degenerate cartoons and being attracted to/harming actual living children. I'd imagine there would be plenty of stats if so many child rapists also like loli/shota so it would be appreciated if you provide those statistics. I will gladly read the sources you post and even change my mind to agree with you if you have clear evidence that shows a correlation of child rapists liking loli/shota.

Anonymous 232170

Ive used a vpn sice the mod situation turned nasty

Anonymous 232182

Kf and lc have a long sibling type of love-hate relationship and it's well known that kiwiscrotes come to lc every time kf is down due to the similarity of the sites. Incidentally, the quality of posts goes way down when that happens because they don't follow the rules so yes, you shouldn't be attracting them to lc and making them feel welcome.

Anonymous 232224

I wish crystal-trannies would stop posting in lolcow. Whenever this tranny infested site is down, lolcow has a bunch of low quality posts and bait obviously posted by crystal trannies who always use vpns and ban evade. Just go back to your tranny 4chan boards, none of us in lolcow will ever see you as one of us.

Anonymous 232226

Have u seen the ddlg tranny kek

Anonymous 232228

are you new to lolcow? seems like it. for a few years now lc has been infested with baiting, infighting, twitterfags and tiktoktards from not having enough moderation. now kiwiscrotes are coming to shit it up because their cesspit site is down.

Anonymous 232263

It's literally just a larping tranny himself who wants to "keep the foids in line".

Anonymous 232314

ew creepy, I hope one day mods can figure out how to permaban him like device ban or mac address ban or something.

Anonymous 232329


>Your Honor, the CP was just pixels on a screen!

Anonymous 232354

kiwitroons are so dumb. the no racebaiting rule has been in place forever, just go to 4chan if saying racial slurs is so important.

Anonymous 232368

I hate how i can't even post in peace without some retard seething about me

Anonymous 232402

Rancefag posted her nudes on lc

Anonymous 232403

rancefag is schizotroon so im very sorry to whatever womans pictures he stole

Anonymous 232448

Lolcow hasn't been enjoyable, so many issues caused by the Christmas disaster, so much bullshit is allowed to fester.
Retarded anons sharing nudes/pretending too, people falling for easy bait. You will see a red text ban in a thread where you've been asking/reporting shit.
The kiwifarms thread is full of moids and simps who cry about their e daddy and brag on his dick.
Constant bait in /ot/. Another thing is anons always respond to the Troon in meta. Literally sit there and have full conversations. It also seems like he goes full retard when the kiwifarms thread is open.
Then the site just seems dead and slow. So many left after Christmas. If you told me at any given time there was only 50 anons and 10 of them were moids making 75% of the posts that get the most responses (bait posts) I'd believe you.
I get really frustrated, I also think it's linked to kiwifarms, whenever it's down suddenly a bunch of extra retarded shit happens.
I hate it. I love lolcow but I hate how it is right now

Anonymous 232469

this happens literally every single time kiwifarm is down, and kiwiturds shit up the site even worse than it already is with their male autism. so many people ask the farmhands to lock the kiwi thread and they never do.
also they're apparently not replying to any farmhand applications so far despite the site being so shit up. it's clear they need more mods and jannies that are up at different hours so why can't they dedicate time to going thorough farmhand apps instead of wasting it on the stupid falsified strawpoll? makes no sense.

Anonymous 232507

I'm honestly disappointed because I applied to be a farmhand since I have a decent amount of free time and modding experience yet they're still not going back to me, or anyone else that applied apparently. It can't be that we're all such terrible fits. I want the newfaggotry to cease already, it's slowly becoming unbearable.

Anonymous 232533


Anonymous 232538

i aspire to reach this level of autism

Anonymous 232593

If you could change 3 things about lolcow what would they be and why?

Anonymous 232767


I'm glad the mods shut it down, but this shit is pure mental illness.
For those not in the know, the Hartley Hooligans were deformed/disabled children who died a couple of years ago. Their mother used to post a lot of photos and videos of them online, and people on LC and KF used to mock them.

Anonymous 232793

I'm seriously getting suspicious of the new admin/s now. they lied about locking the kiwi thread yet left it unlocked, they lied about the poll not having any false votes when it did, they're seemingly ignoring all farmhand applications yet continue to complain about being understaffed, and they claim they'll do a bunch of stuff for the site in the future (hellweek, lcf 2.0, town halls, more communication, etc) yet make no plans for it and are barely around. so far the site hasn't improved at all since shaymin left. something feels off to me but maybe I'm just being overly suspicious/pessimistic

Anonymous 232794

Admins are wagies and they care more about their real life, nothing new.

Anonymous 232901

I fucking hate the lolcow jannies, they have the weirdest fucking hateboner for me for no reason.

Anonymous 232905

Who are you kek

Anonymous 232918

Anonymous 232935

Rancefag is the first good thing to come out of lolcow in years kek, i had a good laugh reading her posts.

Anonymous 232939

Husbando threads are the only worthwhile part of that site. I wish there were an imageboard dedicated to posting about fictional men but not fujoshit.

Anonymous 232943


Love you too

Anonymous 232982

Said troon posted my personal info because he thought the people laughing at him in /meta/ were me, also wrote a thread on me because I blocked him, and spammed a faildox in it to bump it, and I have an enrire chatlog with him threatening me. Don't know where to post it or how to post it, or if I even should post it, but I feel some people would be interested as to why I've become slightly erratic every time I notice certain tells. Can't speak out about it on LCF because it makes the troon agitated at best and prompts some of the more catty users to play America's Favorite Game at worst. Regardless, it's milk, you'd think they'd be happy.

Anonymous 232999

You need help, you post your nudes and think anyone wants to see that?

Anonymous 233044

Take screenshots and post them on imgur
Or if you can export the chatlog post the file on catbox.moe

Anonymous 233045

Rance told me to

Anonymous 233073

Anonymous 233078

You’re the TIF? Never talk to him ever again please. As soon as you’re in his crosshair he is obsessive and creepy. He has no job or life and lives online with tabs of kiwi/ LC/ twitter and discord open etc. Just want him to die already, worthless fail male.

Anonymous 233079

If he did then he does not have your best interest in mind wtf. I know that’s his personality or whatever but it just makes you kind of a cow tbh

Anonymous 233081

Yes, I'm the TIF. I haven't said a word since very early February, and he deceived me at first. I didn't know he was Blaine until a day or two in, and blocked him soon afterwards. He posted my faildox, he posted some actual personal info, and revenge fetish porn (I was covered though) I took when I was drunk off my ass for a completely different person and making dumb decisions, several months earlier. He thought I was the one sperging at him on /meta/, and as stated, I wasn't.

Anonymous 233086

isn't revenge porn illegal? you can call the antioch illinois police (his local pd) and they'll have you email them screenshots of the threats, you should mention he was posting revenge porn too. they have a file on him and have gone to his house before due to his threats so any proof you have of his creepy insane behavior will add to his criminal record.

Anonymous 233087

I was one of the spergs at one point, I stopped engaging with his retardation but I apologize if that lead to any more harassment anon. I agree with >>233086
I wish you well, and hope he stops harassing you

Anonymous 233089


Thank you anon! I appreciate the advice. Will definitely try to do that.
You're fine, it was honestly really amusing how he freaked the fuck out at everyone, I woke up to it and was laughing pretty hysterically after catching up on /meta/. He did far worse things to Elaine and Rachael, I should just be glad all he's done is be paranoid that everyone who doesn't like him is "a cow," that he wrote a shitty thread on me, and that everything in said thread was years old from that point. Including dumb shit I said in 2018 to annoy people. And in this post, he attatched my face, stomach, and a censored photo of my ID (censored by me, no less) and that's the only "milk" he has on me. I'm a bit eccentric, I will admit, but he's a loser and retard and it's pretty sad that a zillenial like me has more sense than he does.
The thread is here, for those curious. I have nothing to hide and find his desperate clawing for milk over the block funny, so no harm done. He also got my troon name and old aliases wrong and set the threadpic as an immobile coom pic: https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1778636.html#1801419
And yet, while I'm still obviously female, I look more like a man than he does a woman. And that likely upsets him.

Anonymous 233092


Only halfway through this but holy fuck. A conversation between 2 retarded faggots
>You jumped into the arms of one of the most feared vampires
>One so bad Josh couldn't handle them being on site

Anonymous 233093

>Jess out there proving trans ppl can be ugly if they bearded hons. (mtf, he loves posting on women sites and thinks like a man and acts like a man but uh…he's just one of the girls he swears, look he has long hair, see? Woman)

Anonymous 233095

Kekk wtf. He always says "Omg I was just being retarded to TROLL YOU GUYZ!!!" Even though he clearly, genuinely believes he's some evil anime villain or satan reincarnate even though he is just another tim who is schizo and spams the site because he thinks that going outside or doing literally anything else that would be healthy for a normal person is stupid for some reason.

Anonymous 233126

I feel it is my responsibility as the TIF in this thread, to inform everyone that this thread was linked in /meta/. You know, where Blaine stalks around everywhere? I don't know if the person above is him, but I'll clear something up.
I used to be very anti radfem, I used to be vile, and I ran a blog on Tumblr dedicated to arguing with them. I admitted to this several months ago, and people change.
Nowadays I don't hate them, I seldom, if ever, go after them. It's likely either Blaine trying to shift attention off himself, or it's a woman who made that post, because she has a vendetta.

Anonymous 233161


Anonymous 233167

Are you the one who originally posted that, or no?
If so, are you ban evading? Also, I never seeked validation from the fucking tranny, read the chat logs. That directly contradicts your dumb fucking claim
And if no, what an idiot. Sorry this infighting started

Anonymous 233168

no, i added this so your post would make sense. scatposting doesnt usually happen at this hour, so maybe they were blaine afterall

Anonymous 233179

>complains about misogyny then proceeds to use misogynistic slur
>tries to get people to read a garbage kiwitard thread about some literally who tif
>making shit up/being borderline illiterate (only one anon itt admitted to purposely engaging with the pedotroon and she apologized for it)
>pretending like tif-chan wants validation from an ugly creepy pedotroon despite her obvious discomfort at his demented obsession with her
>ban evading to keep seetheposting
this definitely sounds like the schizo pedotroon - on the small chance it isn't him than it's just some low iq concern troll.

Anonymous 233513

i thought it was the troon at first but the fanfic thread among other random posts (like a post about a 27 yr old moid hitting the wall) have gone missing. its weird for regular posts to be deleted like that after some time. i dont consider using "bitches" misogynistic, so probably a low iq concern troll. she shouldnt have ban evaded either way

Anonymous 233548


Shame on the mods for banning Rance-chan. Kek

Anonymous 233552

Why should anyone enable some mentally ill zoomer posting her meatflaps?

Anonymous 233553

They only ban her when she husbandofags because avatarfagging and being easily identifiable on purpose is against the rules. They're extra hard on her because she posted her nudes at least twice which is even worse than Pakichan posting her hand. Rancefag is mentally ill and needs to get off the internet for her own sake but also because she acts attention starved wherever she goes.

Anonymous 233562

Avatarfagging on the husbando thread… everyone does that

Anonymous 233564

Tbh I stand with Rancefag. If she doesn't post her nudes again, what's the big deal?

Anonymous 233565

Seconded. (thirded?) I think she's fun when she's not posting her nudes or shotacon shit, honestly I hate very few avatar/personality fags. Only one that comes to mind is Pakichan.

Anonymous 233566

Sorry I deleted the first time, I thought it'd look like I was saying she should be allowed to derail threads or whatever, but yeah.

Anonymous 233570

AYRT. No dumbass, she avatarfags outside of the husbando threads.
Also the reason she was hated at first was because, everytime she would appear in the husbando threads, she would insult the other anons in some way out of the blue. I don't know if you weren't present or just forgot but yeah that's the reason she got haters (I agree that her haters are too fucking obsessed with her though)

Anonymous 233584

I like how you guys act as if these avatar and personality fags aren't constantly self posting.

Anonymous 233614

Rancefag is annoying as fuk and should just sitck to the husbandofagging threads, mods should just ban her if she is attention whoring. But the anons accusing her of being a troon are also annoying, stop fear monggering if you have no proof of anything, tho I suspect they might be moids baiting her into posting nudes again (cause she's a fucking retard who does it), same goes for the ones who were calling her fat.

Anonymous 233619

I don’t know why she gets mad whenever everybody gets mad at her kek. She said Rance told her to isn’t that part of his personality? So why is she mad since he supposedly knows this is how people would react kek.

Anonymous 233655

If Rance the fictional rapist is telling her to post nudes that’s her issue.

Anonymous 233698

I enjoy talking about the infamous personalityfags, it's funny. But I don't wish them real harm.

Anonymous 233981

Personalityfags and all their enablers and a-loggers should be permabanned. This is not social media.

Anonymous 234029

Anonymous 234045

My bad, still they're supposed to be anonymous and personalityfagging only defeats the point. Might as well have everyone sign up with a recognizable handle.

Anonymous 234047

Funny you are saying this about a website whos main purpose is alogging random social media personalities. Its glorified celeb drama but you think of yourselves as edgy because they are more niche than mainstream celebs but you really aren't much different from someone reading tabloid magazines. The only reason lolcow is anonymous is so the horrible things you say aren't traced back to you or an account.

Anonymous 234049

This could just as well apply to crystal cafe or any imageboard ever. Trying to stand out in a supposed anon space is retard behavior.

Anonymous 234082

Has anyone ever been banned on LC without getting red texted? All the times I got banned I got red texted too, so when I see an obvious bait post that doesn't get it, i wonder if the author got banned at all. I know you could get banned without it but it just feels like it's not really the case in practice.

Anonymous 234083

and you dont see identityfaggotry anywhere on cc, do you (unless you count spammers)? If its applicable to "all imageboards" why talk about it in reference to lolcow? Not all boards are equal and just because yours is cancer doesn't mean ours is. Go home.

Anonymous 234086

How often do you get banned

Anonymous 234095

If it happens on crystal cafe or any other imageboard it should be treated the exact same way: permaban them and all those who feed them attention. I don't understand what part of this makes you so upset.

Anonymous 234117


I originally was just pointing out the irony of what you said but now I just want you and all the other lolcow trash to go home, go use discord as your bunker. You aren't welcome.
CC is NOT like lolcow and idk why you insist on applying your statements to CC when what youre describing isn't remotely an issue here, only on your own shitty board.

Anonymous 234321

why is CC so slow? it's like no one is actually here

Anonymous 234333

its cus theres no point in being here when theres 4chan and lolcow. if you look at recent imgs to the site, many of them are reposts from /tttt/, so theres a 40-60% chance youre talking to a tranny

Anonymous 234334

From talking to women who used to use this site 2-4 yrs ago, a lot of the legitimate users got banned for silly reasons and never came back.

Anonymous 234335

it sucks having to wrestle with the mods to get unbanned

Anonymous 234353


I got banned and unbanned many times… I adjusted my brand of humor so I get banned less now but I can never tell what could tick a mod off, a lot of the time I end up deciding not to post a reply out of uncertainty. Like right now, I'm wondering if I should post anything at all or wait until the moid chimpout is over so I don't get banned by mistake.

Anonymous 234462

its a good solution, but not the best.

theres also no point since cc is raiding central. theres, not always, but often, an influx of scrotes/trannies that screenshot users to post on /r9k/.

Anonymous 234466

There is a point, arguably. Like when venting about things that are a likely ban or dogpile from LCF. Venting about TIF dysphoria, for example, is something that has to be done here rather than LCF. Because of the Kiwi spam, more than ever its important to do that here

Anonymous 234521

this, same with things that are considered “schizoposting”. you get banned (and redtexted with some dumb reason like “unhinged”/“autism”) for that on lolcow (even in non-cow boards) but cc mods (from my personal experience) don’t care at all and you can schizopost here freely even if other anons call you deranged.

Anonymous 234573

Also what the fuck is up with the vent thread? Several people in there (I assume males) are fantasizing about a MtF raping me because I said I personally wasn't gender critical. In the fucking vent thread. I stopped replying but I definitely reported everyone for infighting and the rape threat for misogyny

Anonymous 234581


Anonymous 234584

One in vent did, and one in /meta/ was calling me a handmaiden and being vile because I said I don't hate trannies. I should have clarified

Anonymous 234666

With the applications being open it's really not that difficult to contact the mod team and have things you don't like locked or removed. All you have to do is throw the admin a modest donation and they will lock it or remove it for you, that's what I did

Anonymous 234673

What did you get removed?

Anonymous 234676

so it was one person lol

Anonymous 234690

This sounds like bait so if you don't have proof I don't believe you

Anonymous 234713


Is LC really allowing Trannies now? Wtf? I think it's time for me to move on from there if that's the case.

Anonymous 234714

Samefag this isn’t a bait post or anything, but a nona got banned recently for “a-logging” for saying trannies should rope or whatever. I just hope it’s a newfag mod and not trannies being allowed and protected.

Anonymous 234715

It's a newfag mod because other posts like that have been banned for a-logging. Someone told an anon to rope and got banned for it. It isn't a-logging if it isn't against a cow imo. Right?

Anonymous 234724

trannies in general or a specific tranny?

Anonymous 234758

That's why I came here. It seems one of the farmhands is a TIF tranny. Certainly not as bad as a TIM but I will not be frequenting there anymore if that's the case.

Anonymous 234759

Anon, cc was made by LC users don't be a fool. The reason cc doesn't have personalityfags is because it's not as active and to me it seems like the userbase is more transient and doesn't stick around as long. The nature of the imageboard is just a tad different so it doesn't foster the same environment in which personalityfags can spawn. They love attention after all, a slow moving ib is not enough, LC barely meets the threshold.

If you mean the admins saying "ftms" are welcome it's because it's always been like this. The old fakeboi thread was mostly filled with trutrans tifs kek. They're still women even going by radfem ideology so of course they're allowed. I do encourage shitting on them for being extreme nlogs but they have a vagina at the end of the day. Don't be a newfag.

Anonymous 234762

Precisely. I was the TIF that accidentally caused all this, but we've always been around and I feel like a lot of the 2023 newfags are under the impression that only radfems are allowed, which is blatantly false. As long as they're female, they can post. And personality fags are allowed so long as their posts don't announce themselves by name. For example, I can say I politely disagree with gendercrit theory, and that's allowed despite that being my defining trait. But if Pakichan said "As Pakichan herself…" or I announced myself as TIFchan in my own post, that's considered namefagging and banned. I feel like the recent influx of Radblr/RadTWT or Tiktok radfems are trying to shove out any user that isn't exactly like them because they peaked in high school, or are underage and slated to do so, and thus they will mass report to get the newfag mods to be their marionette.

Anonymous 234767

Wasn't the former admin a Tif?? The one who got stress diarrhea from dealing with the site? Some things never change

Anonymous 234778

From one personalityfag to another, you're annoying as fuck and should 41% yourself already. You aren't even a funny personalityfag either.


Anonymous 234779

Since when was shaymin a tif???

Anonymous 234788

The admin before her was a Mexican tif who complained about the "white female" user base on discord and said they gave her stress diarrhea. You must be new

Anonymous 234792

She wasn't a tif though she just didn't like radfems and was a fatty weirdo

Anonymous 234804

anon you replied to, I meant Male trannies. I don't care for Tifs. But a farmhand said that any male is not allowed to use lc, including tims

Anonymous 234805


Anonymous 234811

Im kind of annoyed. I was trying to clear up an misunderstanding and got banned for it, but the people who were being rude towards me/also having the same conversation weren't banned. I hate anons who act like they know exactly who they are talking too, i'm sure the mods could've banned me and been like, "this anon is not that anon" but whatever. It's not an big deal. Some anons can be very aggressive and weird.

Anonymous 234813

anons being schizo and assuming they know who you are is one of THE most annoying things about LC. I still like the site but god thats so annoying, especially when you just type something random and they are like "oh so you're that whore anon with the weird fetish kys" like what the hell kek.

Anonymous 234814

I'm not trying to be annoying, how the fuck am I annoying? Also every time I get told that it just makes me want to live more kek
Oh, definitely. I'm extremely paranoid about people thinking I'm someone else or confusing someone else for me. To an unhealthy extent. I fucking hate being so paranoid about it because the paranoia is insufferable and the only way I know how to quell it is announcing myself so nobody can impersonate me and so I don't get confused for someone else. I'll take the ban, so long as nobody confuses me for another anon or vice versa.

Anonymous 234824

Who the fuck are you?

Anonymous 234833

Anonymous 234862

Kek I got banned despite not breaking any of the rules. The new farmhands should already be demoted they're so fucking bad at this

Anonymous 234945

I almost felt like calling you out because LC has been so full of bait and infighting but then I remembered that I haven't seen any of it getting redtexted, but I have seen an anon getting banned for using emoji when she hadn't used emoji a couple of days ago.

Anonymous 235002

I got banned for saying I wasn't the troon spamming AI shit, because apparently saying you're not someone is breaking global rule 4. Legit feels like a fucking vendetta one of the mods has with all these retarded bans. I wouldn't be shocked if the farmhand responsible for that and the "emoji" ban is a newfag at best, or a minimodding troon at worst.

Anonymous 235253

I usually think anyone antagonizing someone in the vent thread should get a ban, but have you guys seeing the anon attention whoring in it for the last couple of days? It feels like she's trying to force herself into being a personality fag, the one who went to Japan and fucked some scrotey scrote.

Anonymous 235272

I reported her twice for personalityfagging and she was banned kek. just keep reporting the attention whores even if they ban evade

Anonymous 235278

Definitely. I fucking hate the vent threads there, and prefer to vent here by far because of the antagonistic men concern trolling on LCF. But she went into the confession thread, and I think this is very, very obviously the worst personalityfag. I don't think personalityfagging should be banned unless they reveal their real-world identity explicitly, like Pakichan or Japanon. Then again, I'm biased due to my own very noticeable presence. Japanon is not only clinically insane, but she's vile in every way. Even if she doesn't get banned for revealing too much personal information, she should be banned for stalking or attention whoring.

Anonymous 235291

>Then again, I'm biased due to my own very noticeable presence
Which personalityfag are you? Wg, rancefag etc.?

Anonymous 235292

Wg. Unlike her my biggest problem is just being retarded and very childish, and constantly ending up debating because I want to understand their point of view and accidentally infighting and annoying others. Japanon seems like she's an actually malicious, untreated Cluster B and trying to vendetta post with a fake story attatched.

Anonymous 235357

Right, it was actually the confession thread, I guess I mixed them up. Anyway, I'm feeling like a paranoid tinfoilor, because I can't help but think that she's being protected by moderation or at least they are being lenient on her. Farmers are posting a pic of her mediocre one night stand, but it always gets deleted and I have no idea why? And the bans she got must have been super short, unless she's shamelessly evading them.

Anonymous 235367

Yeah, I agree. She's clearly being protected, meanwhile other personalityfags get banned even if they weren't permabanned or didn't announce themselves

Anonymous 235385

I feel like the new admins and farmhands are a bit too newfaggy.
Personalityfags are turbo cringe but if they're cowish they should be ridiculed instead of protected. They chose to post in the first place.

Anonymous 235626

I don't know if I consider myself a personality fag, just someone who speaks on certain topics and not even all the time. I exist in other threads, I contribute to the site. I don't have meltdowns or even post about my special interests everyday. With that said, I feel like everything is considered personality fagging. Anons can say they notice a typing quirk and then suddenly everyone who makes that typing quirk is "blank-chan".
In getting so sick of the "I know who you are" anons on lolcow.
There's also randomly aggressive people, not just in OT but everywhere. I don't think it's outsiders either.

Anonymous 235645

I think that as lolcow is dying, we'll see more personalityfags in the future. Not necessarily on purpose. But because there are fewer people and you start to notice.

Anonymous 235648

this happened to some of the dying 4chan boards I used to frequent - as less people start using the board it becomes easy to recognize posters by things like typing style, hobbies/interests they have, threads they frequent, what times they usually post, image filenames, etc and that causes even more people to leave since it defeats the whole point of anonymity.
it starts to feel more like a discord server than an imageboard and typically ends up with only the shittiest most mentally ill posters staying while everyone else moves on

Anonymous 235718

I very rarely post my husbando in the husbando threads because those seem to have like 7 posters at most and I don't want to become recognizable, even if only in those threads.


Keep seeing a bunch of people get redtexted on OT for things, and even one for not saying in OT, but I honestly don't get it. You don't have to sage in OT (unless the rules changed?) The tranny admins must be too much of retarded newfags to understand the board culture…

Anonymous 235890

The only /ot/ thread that needs saging is Celebricows. But the newfag mods are clearly either trannies or vendettachans on top of newfags.

Anonymous 235896

I don't think the retexts are funny and I've seen the mods tell people to report anons for dumb reasons. Like that thread on that woman with the kids on snow. Is full of people with vendetta constantly whining about jpe igly they find the kids or being racists, while sympathizing with the scrote making it seem like he's stuck with her. It's 100% racist scrote vibes but it remained open. It took a while for the kiwifarms thread to be locked, but bans for stupid shit? Quickly get banned. Also why isn't the site fixed yet??

Anonymous 235897

Qnd not everyone sages in celebricow and gets banned. They should just auto sage it. I'm getting sick of the crybabies on lolcow. The ones who can't hide threads they don't like. In some threads it needs to be dealt with because retards don't just stay there. Celebricow should be autosaged or maybe it is? Idk.
The rule popped out of nowhere and I got banned for it not knowing the new rules.

Anonymous 236078

Ftm chan is so fucking annoying. She turn everything into a conversation about herself and how she posts all day and blends in, but constantly gets called out. I remember the telegram thing and I think she got used to kiwifarms moids/retarded women acting annoyed with her but also going out their way to interact with her or "help", just in case she's the next "actually female Chris chan". One thing about kiwifarmers is that when given the chance a lot of them do contact/try to contact cows who are mentally unstable and chat with them. So many dumb gayops giving attention whores exactly what they want. I also remember her talking shit about lolcow but now she's been using the site because she has nowhere else to go.
It feels like the mods let her go on for hours before doing something.

Anonymous 236080

Mods don't care about anything.
There was another fight in /ot/ somewhat recently (that took over a whole thread) and mods didn't ban or redtext anyone, it went on for hours. The mods do it intentionally.

Anonymous 236085

I haven't checked lolcow in a while and it looks like there's a total newfag summer when it comes to the mods now.

The amount of minimodding of legit posters means there's no real discussion of cows, and mods are encouraging this behavior. Meanwhile troons and spam run rampant. It's too much garbage to sift through.

Anonymous 236086

Have you considered I don't want attention, was not the one spamming racebait & pedo bullshit, and also just wanted to have a legitimate discussion yesterday? I wasn't trying to annoy you or make it about myself, I apologize. Furthermore, that was the first time I brought up trans shit in a few weeks.

Anonymous 236099

I feel like i get banned for actually trying to explain some shit or call something out vs. the person doing it. I do feel like the sassy redtexts are from mods who want to seem cool. Would'nt be surpised if it was the same one. Very few are funny. The site seems over moderated and undermoderated but only in certain places

Anonymous 236108

Absolutely. The mods are also banning for retarded amounts of time over things that don't break forum rules. Its almost like the new farmhands are vendettachans.

Anonymous 236113

They've been begging for new mods for so long. Wouldn't be surprised if cows and vendettachans who want to derail and lock the threads about them became mods.

Hardly anyone is posting anymore and there are so many complaints from legit posters in meta asking why they're getting banned.

Anonymous 236118


Whiteglove post history reveal:

Anonymous 236121

I wasn't going respond to you so ce you love attention and pretend not too, but how do you feel about what's going on lolcow? You really need a break, rather you believe it or not, you don't blend in and you want attention. Every single time you are mentioned you pop up on lolcow to defend yourself.
You let retards from kiwifarms telegram chat you up. Are you lonely?

Anonymous 236126

Of course I'm lonely, my real friends seldom speak to me unless I do first and every day of my life I'm suicidal. I posted there because I felt like, maybe, I can make some friends. Or at least have some time to talk to others. The anonymity made it easier to talk to people, as I am, simply put, extremely paranoid. This paranoia, combined with my inability to tell how far is too far or not far enough, or when I'm crossing a line, et cetera. I can't exactly have a tard wrangler on the internet, so I have to learn, and I'm also completely incapable of learning on my own. You can see how disastrous that can be, yes? It could have been prevented by making personalityfagging mentioned in the rules earlier. However, nobody thought to do that. And who could even blame them? Almost nobody would even think of that. I think it's clear that Cerbmin recognizes me as mentally unwell, or at least not as socially capable as others. I know this ban will help, maybe I will finally sleep at night.
I don't understand why I needed a permanent ban, however, at least outside of a mental health context. It makes zero sense to me, I genuinely don't know what I did, other than misinterpret a rule. 6 months or a few years, that's understandable. I know part of this is because I'm severely stunted mentally. My real post history goes back a number of years, but my IP shifts due to where I am. For example, my posts from when I lived in California are not included in the grand list, and neither are the ones from dynamic IPs, like my home Wi-Fi. Coincidentally, my posts from before I got my new phone aren't there either. I hope I can sleep easier at night

Anonymous 236130

Nta but you also broke the "no selfposting" rule. You talked about yourself in the 3rd person in your /snow/ thread.

Anonymous 236131

Ah, you're right, I forgot I did that. It was a form of self-harm and a way for me to point out when I thought someone was getting information wrong. It seemed like a good way to hurt myself and get schizotroon to leave me alone, and it worked. At a cost.

Anonymous 236150

Just get a VPN (plenty of free ones) and get over it.

Anonymous 236161

After thinking it over for nearly a day, it's probably best if I just don't post again. I just hope I can stick to that.

Anonymous 236172

Just disconnect your WiFi Rita. It will be hard for a few days but it will get easier, you big retard.

Anonymous 236174

My complaint today is people who post Jerma in the attractive men thread.

Anonymous 236175

Of all personality fags to get a special sparkly gif.

Anonymous 236239

why is the site still broke? I don't get it. Shaymin fucked it up but it's still broken. We have three admins. Why is it not fixxed yet? Pictures still low so fucking slow.

Anonymous 236240

They also let Blaine run amuck and let other spammers flood the site for hours without doing anything. The farmhands obviously cannot fix server issues, but they sure as hell ban every user that gets reported indiscriminately. It's such a sad state, I certainly hate Shaymin but at least she never pretended to care.

Anonymous 236267

It's wild to see this tinfoil because I've been thinking the same thing. The site is quite literally dying, this month's analytics posted today on similarweb are worse than last months and I expect this trend to continue. Also more males and teens on the site than last month. Rip lolcow it was a fun run

Anonymous 236268

Have you seen the new shitty banner of sassy red texts? You're not wrong at all

Anonymous 236301


Now the mods have a hateboner for the character himself.

Anonymous 236302

that banner is not new, it's been around since before shaymin iirc. the new admins admitted they aren't able to add any banners because the site is so old and broken

Anonymous 236303

Plus that banner was actually funny, the new redtexts aren't

Anonymous 236306

this is just mean. of all the threads, the husbando thread feels the most like a friendly groupchat. if anons want to post things that remind each other of their favs they should be able to, it's sweet.

Anonymous 236307

images (15).jpg

I fucking hate this faggot so much, i cant even post shit without this fucking retard im every corner, whoever the fuck the new mods are, faggots, all of them.

Anonymous 236322

This is just sad, the site must have been completely been drained of real posters by now.

Anonymous 236324

Maybe she was banned for "baiting" Rancefag. I got a ban too once because I talked to Rancefag, apparently it was "bait".

Anonymous 236727

Farmhands are deleting instead of red texting now, because they weren't briefed properly and are newfags. With this site it makes sense, but LCF was based on not deleting anything except for CP/Spam/Gore. I hated shaymin but part of me misses her.

Anonymous 236988


The farmhands now ban you for reporting posts that aren't moids (they've announced that they'll be doing this in the /meta/ threads). This seems to be more of a warning ban though.

Anonymous 236993

A 2 minute ban, how terrible.

Anonymous 236995

It was actually for 10 minutes, I just screenshotted it late. I didn't complain about it though, the overreporting was my fault.

Anonymous 237013

I'm glad it's a short ban, but it's scary how the farmhands and Cerbmin are destroying the site faster than Shaymin. Shaymin was a slow death that reached a crescendo on Christmas. Cerbmin(s) have been admins for 6 months, I think? And they've been killing the site faster than Shaymin could dream to. A lolcow-watching imageboard is a genius idea, but LCF's administration is unbearable and I will never post there again. I'd rather do anything than use ALS or KF, too, so it's especially disappointing.

Anonymous 237186

still kinda pissed my farmhand application was dismissed as being illegitimate. I'm familiar with the sites rules/culture, can verify that I'm a woman, and simply wanted to help get rid of moid spam since I'm awake at random hours when it usually happens. yet they gladly accepted the applications of incompetent newfags that make tons of inane bans and need lots of handholding. plus the site is still broken doing the double/triple post glitch and loading files at a snails pace. what gives?

Anonymous 237188

she's trying to break the site

Anonymous 237441

I thought I hide Effinas thread, but I guess i didnt. Anyway am I the only one who noticed how the mods tend too allow bullshit to fester in certain threads while overmoderating everytime else and making cringe red text everywhere. That thread is clearly vendetta/racists obsessed over this boring idiot.
Why hasn't it been closed yet? I've seen people whining about it in meta. Just close it.

Anonymous 237453

It happened to me too once and I think it's insane that they give bans for reports. I explained to the mod in the ban appeal box - but why do they assume that the report was malicious, and not that maybe… I genuinely thought it was a man?

Anonymous 237500

Seems that makes two of us then. I also offered to mod during those earlier euro hours because I read LC like my morning paper. Maybe you and I come across as too oldfaggy and that's not what the new admins want? If I recall correctly, the admin taking care of the HR type of duties seemed very young, like 18-19. I honestly might be speaking out of my ass at this point because I'm sure the old farmhands helped in the whole process.

Anonymous 237651

I have seen it, they call this pretty brown girl with some plastic surgery ugly, even said she wants to look like a kpop girl.
Imagine thinking kpop has a natural beauty lmao

Anonymous 237673

It's not even about how she looks or whatever milk, it's scrotes with a vendetta or women woth a vendetta and/or racists. They flock to certain thread where someone like Idubbz or this scrote who are kinda edgy is with a woman they don't like, so they start making him put to be her victim. In this case it's a woman of color. The weird comments on the kids, but of course lolcow let's they go on for weeks even though people ask to cut the cord

Anonymous 237972

It's so funny and a tad bit sad the state of lolcow right now. The site is DEAD. It's crazy the amount of long time threads that have been locked in the past 2 or 3 months and i expect that trend to continue. It seems like only a handful of people post there now and posting in general has been very discouraged by mods for some reason. I notice a few posters complain that they can't even take part in discussion at all anymore even when its saged. I was just reading some old threads from when i started using the site like 7 years ago and WOW Lolcow certainly isn't what it used to be. In a way it feels like allowing the site to deteriorate like this is intentional, especially when you see how the people managing it seem to loathe dealing with it SO much.

Anonymous 238163



Anonymous 238167

pretty sure most lc threads that aren't about an e-celeb are vendetta or start that way as they just wouldn't have enough content otherwise

farmers lap up milk but then quickly distance themselves from those who admit they are the ones that regularly find milk

if you're following a cow thread then you have an issue too

Anonymous 238168

they seem to flip flop between just a gossip site to a site catching people doing bad things.

Anonymous 238169

>it feels like allowing the site to deteriorate intentionally
so lolcow has become cc

Anonymous 238664


Anonymous 238700

i dont post on lc but that sounds retarded as shit, whos idea was this?

Anonymous 238701

Hellweek has been a thing for ages on lc and is a great way at weeding out newfags, many people were begging for it for ages now kek

Anonymous 238835

It doesn't feel any different.

Anonymous 238842

There have been less posters since Hellweek started. Maybe they're afraid of getting bans.
Also it's bad timing. People have been leaving since lc was down that one time and Hellweek rn will run the site into the ground.
A gossip site is not worth the effort.

Anonymous 238844

Honestly cannot wait for the site's death. Forgot it was Hellweek so because I'm already permabanned I impersonated "you whores" kun for a laugh. Should I have done it? No, but I'm female and if they're that bad at telling males from females I may as well have fun

Anonymous 238848

Same tbh. I'll be checking similarweb on the 10th to see how the mods have been killing off the site. It hasn't looked good for months, visits are way down and the % of men keeps creeping up while the % of women using the site keeps tanking and tanking.

Anonymous 238856


I don't think it has anything to do with hellweek, at least the non cow boards are as slow as they have been for a while now, every once in a whine a thread will move a bit faster but in general even /ot/ is almost as slow as CC. The moderation doesn't feel any stricter either in all honesty.

Anonymous 238858

Multiple anons are saying they are posting less because of the insanely strict and inconsistent moderation. Analytics say less people are coming to the site. Mods are posting as users and being snarky and shitty towards the user base (cat sperg saga all over again)

Anonymous 238859

I wouldn't call it strict exactly because it's inconsistent, kek. Maybe I'll be banned for vaguely sounding like a twitter user, maybe I'll get away with racebaiting, 50/50.

Anonymous 238869

>visits are way down and the % of men keeps creeping up while the % of women using the site keeps tanking and tanking
don't be retarded , they can't actually get accurate information on this because it's an anonymous site

Anonymous 238880

tbh I think first and foremost it should be a place to talk about opinions and ideas, not anymore these gossip sites shit.
It will always foster insane weirdos and negativity.

Anonymous 238881

they are planning a new board in the cc thread on lc

Anonymous 238890

You're retarded. Anyone who doesn't use a Google browser will tell you there's a fuck ton of data trackers when you use lolcow

Anonymous 238891

Yeah okay, and cc is on similarweb too, and guess what the % ratio for women to men is the same as on lc. Also inaccurate. They get info from browsing data, and most of this shit is based on assumptions that come from your preferences, ip address, interests etc. They won't have your literal name, sex and physical address. They're just making guesses, and people that are into imageboards are usually male, so it's highly likely that women are getting flagged as males in these data analytics websites.

Anonymous 238892

Cc actually has higher % women and a slightly older user base than lc right now. you're going to tell me the number of users leaving the site every month is a made up number too? Sure jan

Anonymous 238911

>Cc actually has higher % women and a slightly older user base than lc right now.
That is absolutely not true kek
CC gets posted a ton more on male imageboards and gets raided almost daily. It gets a lot more attention due to being dubbed the "femcel imageboard" as opposed to LC where the users are seen as rabid gossipers which turns men off a bit more (still doesn't stop them but statistically they're more common on cc).
I can also guarantee you that cc has a younger userbase, not just if you read the posts on here which are often more juvenile than LC but because it has a smaller oldfag population since LC is just older. CC was started by LC oldfags but most of them are gone. All cc discord servers had a slightly younger demographic compared to the LC discord servers I've joined. LC is battling its own newfag infestation due to being posted on tiktok and twitter and I won't deny that, but the imageboard has a larger variety of users in general depending on the board.
Anyway, both boards are dealing with the same problems at the end of the day, it's silly to froth at the mouth at one of them but not the other. I often vent here about lc myself but I'm not blind to cc's problems either and I love both of these spaces and just want them to get better.

Anonymous 238988

It was in decline for a long time and each change of staff brought new problems. Several admins ago was an era of drama and some oldfags started leaving. Then came an admin who said hi and then disappeared for like two years. More oldfags left, site started getting less LC and more KF. Lax staff. Then came 'oldmin', a 19 year old twitterfag who pretended to be an oldfag and tried to make LC more PULL-ish. She and her bffs were most of the staff. This is when the decline started becoming more noticeable after an initial period of hope. Covid brought in a tsunami of tourists and made all the problems 100x worse. oldmin went to war with Elaine the obsessive wannabe hacker and lost. Elaine's turbo autism and hateboner for LC led her to bring in a host of new trolls and troublemakers. Oldmin threw a tantrum and invented the shaymin character so she could fuck with users and the site as some schizo revenge and because she was sick of being (rightly) blamed for the state of the site. Then another meltdown - the christmas fiasco - which also included a lot of downtime for the site. That last year of bullshit with 'shaymin' and the site getting steadily more broken led to the last great exodus.

Anonymous 238996

I just noticed that you, theoretically, need to sage in ot's art thread.

Anonymous 239062

I barely posted often but in past months I don't post at all. There's inconsistent over-modding of specific threads, almost like the admins or mods have vendettas of their own and they're inserting their own opinions everywhere. Meanwhile where mods really are needed, nothing happens.

Hellweek used to be a time of getting rid of newfags and normalizing poster behavior, but this time the admins and mods are the newfags.

Anonymous 239063

A lot of people (including me) started posting less a couple of years ago when the then admin decided redtext should be random and only used occasionally. That's where the trend of
bait post (seemingly fine)
taking bait #1 (seemingly fine)
taking bait #2 (redtext)
taking bait #3 (seemingly fine)
came from. Anons would take it to meta, admin would insist it was a good system and no-one knew wtf was going on.

Anonymous 239064

Same I barely post but recently I post even less if ever and don't spend as much time on the site these days. Every time I come back recently its o hostile. What's the point of going on there when it's not a fun site to use anymore? I can't imagine how bad it will be when they (the admins/mods/any other shadow figures behind the scene) launch their new version of the site

Anonymous 239076

Lolcow has been very unenjoyable lately, if it's not weird moderation, redtexts right under unredtexted posts breaking rules, racism, porn and misogyny allowed to be kept up for hours, while if someone doesn't sage in celebricow "sage your shit" snarkmaster comes and locks you up in mintues.
There is nothing more annoying then constantly reporting the same anon breaking the rules, only to see redtext for other shit and not that person. That effina thread was full of racebait,samefaggimg and vendetta, yet just lole the kf thread it took a whole for it to finally be locked. I feel that In some cases people target certain threads knowing that if they muck it up, moderation is so shit that people will just want it closed.
I know that the mods have lives it's not a big deal but I really liked lolcow. Now I feel everytime I'm on there there's some weird shit or people .

Anonymous 239080

I thought by now we'd see some activity from the other admins. There's supposed to be 3 but only 1 is posting. I know they were all introduced (by the only admin who posts), but I thought the other admins would introduce themselves. It's a little weird.

Anonymous 239083

They can always say "not all bans are redtexted" but it's hard to believe that the other offending anons were banned as well when the discussion keeps going, LC has gotten pretty slow, so there are only so many posters engaging in an argument at the same time.

Anonymous 239084

The ones I can't get over: redtexting newcomers bringing milk on cows they know for stuff like not sageing. It's a mess.
I have a feeling either there never were 3 or at least 1 has already quit.

Anonymous 239138

What's sad is that the board is barely even active to have this much modding.

Hellweek would often happen during summer because of summerfags but there is nobody even posting anyway. On barely active threads all the latest posts with milk and discussion seem to have a redtext for inconsistent reasons. Meanwhile spam and bait posts by moids or troons stay up. It's totally on purpose.

Anonymous 239187

Yes it's glaringly obvious that a lot of this stuff is internal and intentional and it gives the impression that they want to break the site or chase users off so they have an excuse to close up shop. (The site is sooo broken girlzzz try our new and improved site!!!)I dont believe we have a new admin and shes talked about just giving up multiple times in the past. There's hardly any site activity to justify a hellweek and it comes off as the mods simply not liking the users that use the site. They have personal vendettas against certain users or boards they dont like moderating (and have been caught displaying this behaviour before). And it's weird that they will run amuck shitposting and baiting the users under the cloak of anonymity and then put on their farmhand hat and ban hammer when someone DARES say someonething they dont like about their prized cow. Feels like some weird over reach with a dash of inconsistency. it's even worse when these same jannies go to meta after pissing off the userbase to praise or defend themselves when stirring up some drama across the boards ugh. There's been too many rogue farmhands and too many weird shady handlers of the site for a long long time now, these teens on the mod team are likely huge cows themselves too.

Also on a different note I noticed there was a user who would always shoehorn their homemade Elsie drawings all over the place and desperately wanted to change the spoiler images to their handmade Elsie drawings. Anyway I'm bringing them up because I can't help but think of her and wonder if it is her everything I see that huge ugly NEWFAG Elsie pic that one farmhand seems to LOVE using to redtext people all of a sudden. It's annoying and I hate seeing her drawings everywhere bc it feels like personalityfagging. Also there was another user who would always post pink sparkling word gifs all over shaynas thread and few other threads, most recently I saw her ritard sparkly gif all over the place she's either a different farmhand or the same one trying put her personal touches (personalityfag) all over the place it looks like they helped putting aspects of the shay board together.

Anonymous 239208

I mean, worst I've done is insult myself in third person and have a different opinion, but it's clear the Ritard farmhand and ""cerbmin"" (shaymin) have a vendetta against me. Yes, I shouldn't have been so adamantly pro tranny even if I'm exclusively SSA, but more annoying users go unscathed all the time, so I don't understand why suddenly I'm the bad guy but those farmhands, clear personalityfags, don't get dethroned. De-hammered? You get my point. If anything, LCF did one thing right; made me realize not all gender crits are insane like the Tumblr and Twitter ones

Anonymous 239232

It's an anonymous board. ANONYMOUS. You're obsessed with being a personality and you deserve the bans. No vendetta required. Break the rules, sperg about it, rinse and repeat.
Just go already.

Anonymous 239233

And yet farmhands can personalityfag 24/7? /g/ is essentially the personalityfag board, /xx/ is full of the most insufferable personality fags of them all, and /ot/ is literally a shitpost board. It would be one thing if it was all punished. It should all be punished, but making fugly banners and letting mods do it themselves is utterly retarded. It almost feels like you're allowed to personalityfag, as long as it isn't against the farmhands' personal beliefs and isn't spam reported by people seething that someone disagrees. I don't mind the ban, but I expect the tranny jannies to ban equally, rather than play favorites based on world view.

Anonymous 239253

I think the main cause of a lot of users leaving was the constant cp raids that would stay up for hours. there was a lack of moderation due to shaymin not caring about the site and refusing to add more site staff. the site would frequently go down yet there was never an explanation for what happened. rampant baiting, infighting, newfag infestation, and low quality posts due to lack of proper moderation along with cows not being as interesting/unique as they once were are also causes. a whole bunch of factors working together basically. imageboards as a whole are dying off anyways as more and more people use discord, twitter, tiktok, everyone is conglomerating on big social medias instead of spread out like it was on the old web.

Anonymous 239255

What personalityfags are there on /2X/ ? There's only pakichan and she always gets banned.

Anonymous 239268

The "Dworkin is a fat libfem" anon is the main one that comes to mind first and foremost, and there's a few scattered wackjob opinions that come off as personality fagging. I used to go into /2x/ to insult anons on a different IP then leave.

Anonymous 239421

>The "Dworkin is a fat libfem" anon
is that not THE Pakichan?

Anonymous 239427

yes that's paki-chan

Anonymous 239432

Wait was that confirmed to be Paki or is that a tinfoil? I remember seeing that anon not get banned in the anti/ex radfem thread, which was probably the only bearable thread in /2x/ as a person who has only gotten along with RFs on astronomically rare occasions. Otherwise I just started fights in /2x/ like I would anywhere else, come back later, and survey the results

Anonymous 239438

>several hours of infighting in the art salt thread go unscathed
At least I have something to read.

Anonymous 239489

I've been confused by hellweek, there are hardly any bans. the cow boards have a little more red text than usual but not really. doesn't seem very hellish.

Anonymous 239540

>I don't mind the ban
You complain about it constantly, here and there. And once again, who gives a shit what anyone else is doing. I'm not going to watch some autist blogging and decide that's my cue to start.
You literally said before the ban was a good thing because maybe it would encourage you to move on. And yet here you are. Throw out your router.

Anonymous 239604

First of all, I don't complain about it constantly. It's been a long while since I last mentioned it (sans yesterday), and you sperging out in my Tumblr askbox and repeatedly whining that I dare to be in your presence is not only retarded, but makes you come across as a massive narcissist. Oh boohoo, some ugly bitch on the internet (me) disagrees with you. Grow the fuck up.

Anonymous 240611

We all agree hellweek was a failure, right?

Anonymous 242925

I'm a cc native and i don't get how any of you can stand using lolcow, i've used it in the past and every single thread devolves into infighting and everyone is catty and annoying, that's what you would expect when your board is comprised of people obsessing over other women online that are fat and shaming them while acting like you are a true feminist, peak deranged behaviour. I'm glad that nonas from there made this board but i wish we had a better board that is also removed from Lolcow, people just use this one for their annoying bunkers and it's full of bait and offsite invaders, i hope the pirate board gets made soon.

Anonymous 243219

100%. I just saw that regular posters who have been longtime users of lolcow get banned for "reddit spacing" and there's a whole talk on meta about it because the inconsistent enforcement makes zero sense.

It's pretty clear that the newfag admin and mods want to just kill the board and are looking for every excuse they can.

Anonymous 243412

The mods suck but the userbase is easily one of the shittiest parts of the site. Been there for years, and i still don't fuck with their over-reactive, needlessly aggressive, "mean girl" attitude, they literally get pissed at anything, there's always a retard getting offended and taking posts at face value just to infight over some inane bullshit again, is very stressing and i don't understand their fixation with creating and endorsing such a volatile atmosphere, i don't enjoy posting there like i used to cause i know there's always going to be some bullshit with them.

Most of the time i feel like i'm posting along 70yo grandmas: random moral scolding, hours-long political discussions over tired topics, "don't post this or else you're an X". Fuck it

Anonymous 243456

>people just use this one for their annoying bunkers and it's full of bait and offsite invaders
The spam for the last couple days has been annoying, but I actually don't mind our 3c guests. From what I've seen they're friendly and endearingly quirky, and that says a lot because I passionately dislike their Korean boys. Fujochan is also okay. LC was by far the most obnoxious with its bunker thread a few months ago.

Anonymous 243515

Idk. I only use /m/ because it's more active than our /media/ board. But yeah a lot of LC posters are insufferable on the other boards.

Anonymous 243782

I only use CC for schizoposting now. LC is more strict on that and there's only a tinfoil thread, not an entire /x/ board

Anonymous 243879

Hahaha i can't believe this, do you have pics? There's no way someone actually got banned because of the reddit spacing meme.

Anonymous 243882

Cc /x/ is great, it's very comfy, i like writing my replies there just to see nonas write elaborate replies days later.

Anonymous 244054

CC and snail came from LC but never had overlapping moderation unlike 3C admins who spam multiple boards with their botched idols

Anonymous 244484

The meta hellweek thread had a ton of posts about it. Now posts are constantly cluttered with quotes and are impossible to read because newfag admins conflate formatting to reddit. It's like they want lc to be not only full of shitty posts and spam but impossible to read to boot.

Anonymous 245219

lc over moderation completely killing the site. With that and kf on their last legs, I predict it will be dead in a year, cc too

Anonymous 245220

Cc is fine, i haven't seen random replies get deleted anymore.

Anonymous 245221

the cc admin is mia

Anonymous 245222

lol bc they're deleted. mine get deleted all the time nona

Anonymous 245256

i tried to reply to a post for the first time ever on there and got immediately banned for no reason lmao

Anonymous 245257

LC has always been overmoderated compared to the other imageboards. I remember getting banned for absolutely miniscule shit in like 2016, it just wasn't redtexted as much.
I do think that the redditspacing sperging is going too far, unless somebody splits 5 sentences into 5 paragraphs it's really not an eyesore to read and imageboard users always practiced a similar type of spacing.

Anonymous 245261

The spacing thing is just another thinly veiled attempt to get rid of legit posters. There is hardly any activity but to enforce messy formatting means they don't want humans ever reading the content, either. I have no idea who the admins or mods are today but I'm starting to think they are hoping to bury threads about themselves by changing the board rules and ruining the culture.

Anonymous 245270

I hate the reddit spacing meme so much. For whatever reason trying to use proper punctuation and separating paragraphs is bad, I hate how this "meme" spread from 4chan to everywhere else

Anonymous 245271

Mods enforcing everyone to follow whatever moids are doing on other boards is kind of ironic.

Anonymous 245277

there's something weird going on in the complaints section of lc

multiple troll-ish users swoop in to defend the mods against the smallest criticism

Anonymous 245279

I've been thinking there are cows on the mod team too. No person who actually likes the site would moderate it this way. The amount of locked threads this year alone is crazy and the farmhands are acting like reddit mods themselves which is ironic considering the whole reddit spacing fiasco that's consumed the site for weeks now.
Yes and if anyone speaks up this mod defender start samfagging themselves in meta saying the tinfoil is retarded. The moderation is super weird now. Today there was someone complaining about how the farmhand on /w/ is doing SO AWESOME and it's all the other users who can't post correctly even though it's the same shithole containment board it's always been but now with super strict moderation for some reason? Another person was joking about how LC is only for super strict "milk" archival now no cow discussions allowed kek (and I use the term milk loosely since the farmhands moderate inconsistently and want to cherry pick whats milk/whats not when it comes to only certain cows)

Anonymous 245280

>Another person was joking about how LC is only for super strict "milk" archival now no cow discussions allowed kek
This! The mods seem to think they are running some sort of workhouse and must give public humiliations (red texts) to keep the users in line when they do anything but provide milk following the strict formatting rules.

It's like they've never been on an imageboard before. Half the enjoyment comes from discussions that verge on offtopic or are dumb. Mods are to be neither seen nor heard and only for cleaning up.

Anonymous 245288

I found out reading meta that a bunch of threads had been locked, I haven't been visiting the cow boards and the meta post didn't give a reason so I was confused and surprised.

Anonymous 245290


What the hell is going on with LC rn? There was wojak spam now the site was turned to farm cow.lol

Anonymous 245295

It's a bunch of raiders from the sharty, they come here too sometimes. It's annoying but you get used to it.

Anonymous 245297

we are all autistic that must be why

Anonymous 245298

We are on the same boat then.

Anonymous 245299

as if men aren't any worse? men speak violence and vent against women all the time, and we don't raid your spaces with scat and cp at the very least most of us leave you all alone so you are free to have your own spaces to vent your own problems or issues. why can't we do the same? Brainrot you say yet men do exactly the same and why shouldn't women be allowed to vent their frustrations yet you guys can say whatever you want towards women and moids often act out in violence towards women yet women, despite whatever ridiculous and hateful things they may say in a heat of moment of sadness or anger, never commit acts of violence even close to men do.

Anonymous 245304

you're not wrong

Anonymous 245305

The fake posters quickly assembling out of nowhere defending the mods look nothing like regular lc. Meta is normally a dead board where we complain about spam and not a place to "speak on behalf of" or defend the mods against other posters. Completely suspect.

The sheer amount of threads being locked and over-modded is suspect. I was wondering why certain threads are no longer as active but it's because the regulars were likely banned or discouraged from saying or sharing anything lest they get banned again. Nothing was wrong with /w/ because the point was containment and a lot of the original cow threads there are what led to moments like spergchan.

Anonymous 245306


Anonymous 245307

Anonymous 245311

and this is totally because women ARE WORSE than men and not because they genuinely suffer at their hands and arent just throwing porn addiction fueled tantrums

Anonymous 245312

were users actually complaining about /w/ that much before the mods began to nitpick it to death?

Anonymous 245315


No. It's always been a containment board nobody cared about. It was never a super serious board despite the way they (the mod team) are treating it suddenly this year. It was always meant to contain some of the autism on the site… And for some reason it's modded harder than /snow/ now. Also what's with all the "nitpicking" complaints and "not milk" complaints ever since the "new" mod team reared their ugly heads? It's like , if you're talking about any cow other than shayna some mod cough I mean some anon is in meta screeching about it, accusing all the users on the board of nitpicking as if it's not a place to discuss lolcows. And it always seems like the same person if im just going off their typing style, this is also a huge mod defender on meta. Hmm . Someone here said mods should not be seen or heard and should only be there to clean stuff up and I absolutely agree. The current mods are personality fags and huge cows themselves. It doesn't seem safe to even use the site with so many unhinged obnoxious cows moderating the site. They are thirsty for blood, and I'm mot just talking about the insane bans but their incessant need to reveal users personal info for no reason lately. The cat incident was insane. And also I'm surprised out of all the personality fags on the site lately Rita was the one who got outed and a sparkly pink text gif. They truly have vendetta against certain users which contributes to the inconsistent moderation. And apparently the janitors are obsessed with doxxing people from what I hear behind the scenes and think they are undoxxable themselves. Absolutely insane cluster b behavior

Anonymous 245321

None of the admins are newfags

Anonymous 245322

>And it always seems like the same person if im just going off their typing style, this is also a huge mod defender on meta.
I've seen this as well. They type like they are older or ESL. They don't make English mistakes but phrasing is wrong for lolcow.
>Someone here said mods should not be seen or heard and should only be there to clean stuff up and I absolutely agree. The current mods are personality fags and huge cows themselves.
Being an imageboard mod has always been something to keep to yourself. mods=f*gs. It's a thankless job only done by regulars annoyed by spam etc. It's not a way to dictate board culture.
>It doesn't seem safe to even use the site with so many unhinged obnoxious cows moderating the site. They are thirsty for blood, and I'm mot just talking about the insane bans but their incessant need to reveal users personal info for no reason lately.
Completely agree. I deleted all my saved lc threads a few days ago as I've had a few suspicious replies, as well as not enjoying the site anymore. I'm pretty sure one of the mods hates me.
>The cat incident was insane.
What was that?

Anonymous 245323

Why do they act like it then? What about the mods?

Anonymous 245325

/W/ has always been undermoderated, you sound like you're losing your shit over not getting away with nitpicking edits and posting fanart anymore

Anonymous 245326

nice for you to join us, /meta/ mod defender

Anonymous 245327

I'm just going to say that the number of times that anons insisted that there was new mods compared to the times they're complaining about farmhands who have likely been around longer than them is high

Anonymous 245328

How do you know this?

Anonymous 245329

You can make several inferences but I'm not going to say any more than that. Some other anons in the previous bunker threads recognized at least one of the other admins from another server too if you don't want to take my word for it.

Anonymous 245330


>They type like they are older or ESL. They don't make English mistakes but phrasing is wrong for lolcow.
>You can make several inferences but I'm not going to say any more than that. Some other anons in the previous bunker threads recognized at least one of the other admins from another server too if you don't want to take my word for it.

Anonymous 245332

Something about a mod going ape shit anonymously in an /ot/ thread about cats and ended up revealimg info on a user they were fighting with itt for no reason. Absolutely unhinged and retarded behavior from the mods that claim we should trust them kek

Anonymous 245333

Yikes. The whole site is a doxxing time bomb waiting to happen.

Anonymous 245334

Great, now mods are coming here and defending themselves with the same attitude and posting style.

Anonymous 245339

I've heard of this but have not witnessed it. Does anyone know what thread or if there caps anywhere?

Anonymous 245341

Rita had a thread before she started to personalityfag & also posted in her thread. The mods treated her like any other cow who self-posts so.

Anonymous 245342

absolutely agreed on just about all of it, but the Rita shit, as overblown as it was by the personalityfag newfag retard mods, was kinda warranted albeit not to that extreme Cluster B level. it was clearly a form of self harm, but the solution is obviously not making a sparkly gif and going after her and posting a thread constantly spammed by kiwi scrotes, and especially when the op was banned for being the schizotroon

Anonymous 245343

The newfaggotry in this thread is astounding. Was this the first time you witnessed a user outing?

Anonymous 245344

yeah it was because i almost exclusively lurk /w/ and maybe /snow/. do they usually get sparkly gifs?

Anonymous 245345

Nta but there's this post outing https://lolcow.farm/kiki that is kinda infamous. I arrived on the site waay later. But I found it by lurking.

Anonymous 245346

Am I the only one who feels like they get banned the moment I do any fucking thing on that damn site, but there's certain threads were racebait/rule breaking goes on for fucking hours and finally the mods come? It's clear that scrotes are coming to the site and they know that the mods don't shut down racebait fast enough. So they'll have full conversations/racebait/infighting for hours. Then everyone goes, "Just shut the thread down!! Just shut the thread down!" and bam another thread is gone.
Yet when threads with little to no milk, have constant racebait/rule breaking (Kiwifarms thread, Thread about that lady who is married to that guy who is sam hyde related) you have to beg for weeks for those to get shut down.
Also,there's so many fangirls/boys on lolcow now.
Moderation is so weird. There's one thread thats 24/7 racebait/bait in general. Always first page of snow, would'nt mods be like, "Let me make sure someone is watching this thread"
I know they do it for free. Maybe I'm asking for too much, but it's annoying. Racebait is everywhere on the site. Don't know if it's kiwimoids obessed with race, so they come here, or kiwi farms female users, or 4chan or what.
It's just weird. So much bait.

Anonymous 245348

Did Taylor R ever comment on that?

Anonymous 245349


Almost all the outed cows got a little signature graphic, yes. Dasha got the caricature of her in front of the Mina stalking board, Vicky Shingles got the Myspace era graphic design is my passion lens flare banner, and so on. Creepshow Art has the big sparkling THIS IS NOT OKAY gif. TIFchan didn't get singled out, she didn't even get her thread OP updated with giant red headline text the way Dasha, Emzotic and Creepshow did.


Anonymous 245350

I cowtipped her about it back in the day and she responded very nicely saying she knew Kiki was doing this sort of thing and felt relieved that she got outed and wanted nothing else to do with it

Anonymous 245351

>kf on their last legs
JCM is a stubborn man. As soon as he finds a willing host he'll return to the clearnet.

Anonymous 245352

true, but he's also shown signs in recent years of getting tired and he got burned bad by the chris chan thing

Anonymous 245353

He's been burnt countless times. Dude's not gonna move on, KF is all he ever had and wasted all potential of a normal life for.

Anonymous 245360

Yes newfags ITT crying about mods exposing cows in the year 2023

Anonymous 245361

I'm not a mod and believe it or there's multiple anons ITT replying to you

Anonymous 245366

That's exactly what everyone is noticing. The banning of standard posters while letting trash posts kill the site had a considerable uptick. Meanwhile mods are everywhere sockpuppeting support of their decisions.

Anonymous 245380

>Moderation is so weird
cp and scat stays up for days but as soon as an oversensitive mod takes everything as a personal attack against them entire posts and threads start to go missing

Anonymous 245381


Anonymous 245385

I've seen plenty of users get outed and Rita is a huge retard however my point was, there's been so much personality fagging from many other users who troll the site everyday and none of them get exposed like she did. Pakichan rancefag even the anorectal moid hasn't been revealed. Rita is a fucking retard but they clearly have a vendetta against her when other users are just as problematic if not worse. Nothing they do is consistent and everything is fueled by vendetta and personal bias.

Anonymous 245388

"huge" is an understatement but i agree. she's probably the ugliest exposed retard and the most mentally deficient one by a landslide. she doesn't seem malicious, just mentally delayed and overly open to the point of constant tmi. yet the mods treat her like creepshow

Anonymous 245390

Not me and I don't post there but you tried.

Anonymous 245392

>posts in lolcow complaint thread
>"I don't post there"
wew the iq just dropped another 10 points

Anonymous 245396

This is the lc hate thread but I understand if you're on the spectrum

Anonymous 245398

>doesn't post on lc
>posts in lc hate thread

Anonymous 245399

I left long ago like other miners but people like you are exactly why people lose interest when every anon is antagonistic

Anonymous 245402

Exactly. They treated her like creepshow or kiki when at worst she's just a little spergy and annoying but generally 100% harmless. Meanwhile the anorectal moid is allowed to keep his anonymity among other current problematic posters. I

Anonymous 245403

guess you're more the cc type then…or was that 3c?

Anonymous 245408

Anorectal violence poster does it here and across multiple boards and nobody knows why, don't you think they would put these people if they could ? I have a feeling Rita is still posting here and is angry she was outted since she doesn't consider herself a cow.

Anonymous 245409

Yes Rita was just here on cc posting the other day and everyone kind of told her to unplug her router and go outside kek. You can think she's retarded and also think the mods were harsh on her/seemed to have a vendetta against her it's not black and white. You're missing the point but I don't expect anything less from someone who's trying to defend the lc mod team. There's lots of users who are not happy with them , some have quietly left the site entirely, and if the not so quiet users ever try to talk about it there's always one or two people who show up to shut down the discussion. This is the lc hate thread. Go back to /meta/ and suck the farmhands dick if that's what you like doing but this is the wrong thread for that I think

Anonymous 245415

the funny part about rita is that she isn't even mean she's just too mentally young to handle mature websites like LCF and KF, but she needs to grow up a little and enjoy the outdoors. she seems lonely.

Anonymous 245422

Someone once said on lc that he has been doing it across boards for several years (decades even?), the reason behind it is probably just mentally ill porn addict, he must be legit schizo.

Anonymous 245426

>I have a feeling Rita is still posting here

Anonymous 245427

not everyone you dislike is rita, go back to pining after the newfag mods.

Anonymous 245428

Unplug your router.

Anonymous 245429

Kek I don't know why anyone would try so hard to defend her when her kiwiposts make her come off as a rapist scrote
It's not really vendetta when you openly self post and blog across multiple off topic threads but sure anon

Anonymous 245430

ah, you're a kiwifag. that explains everything about you and your angry sperging. i know some women use kiwi but if you're the /pol/ scrote who shat up her thread with schizophrenic rants that makes much more sense

Anonymous 245431

Not a kiwifag but keep reaching. It isn't like nearly every farmer doesn't know she posted on there as CoolIce.

Anonymous 245433

You're not even trying. Sorry you're scared to post on the other board because you got outed. Whine more about "vendetta newfag personalityfag mods" lmao

Anonymous 245435

once again, not rita. keep coping that not everyone likes your stupid vendetta bullshit. also funny you never denied being a moid.

Anonymous 245436

Reading this thread makes me really glad I don't browse lolcow

Anonymous 245438

Are you implying you think the anorectal violence poster is a legit farmer with post history worth outing? Please. What are you even talking about. Do you want user outings of soyjak spammers?

Anonymous 245440

how does she come off as a rapist scrote? is she just a degenerate pervert, violent in general, or has she actually threatened rape?

Anonymous 245441

I wouldn't know since I don't use kf. I heard some farmhands were caught using it though

Anonymous 245442

Obligatory "Unplug your router, Rita". This is bad faith arguing in circles. Rita wasn't that bad, I know because I refuse to read her insane scrotey KF posts because I don't go there, nevermind that they were documented in her lolcow thread, la la la I do not see it, anorectal violence poster who??

Anonymous 245445

the anorectal retard has been doing it for iirc at least 5 years across many different imageboards and yes he is definitely a porn addict/butthole fetishist. he has admitted to being a woman-hating neet in some of his posts before. there is nothing interesting about his post history to reveal, he is just some low iq incel scrote rotting away in his moms basement posting copypasted spam and butthole porn pics on dying imageboards.

Anonymous 245451

She threatened to rape radfems on tumblr. Count-incel is her username.

Anonymous 245452

I'm really disgusted about how farmers shit on mothers, especially in the tradthot thread. It's revolting how they lump motherhood with tardthot derangement. There is a difference between having kids, loving them and raising them and promoting a misogynistic lifestyle that stripes away women of their rights, and make them prone to even more abuse (aswell as their kids).
The way they refer to kids as "cum pets" is just gross and… porny? They also shit on women simply for being straight, in the same vein as troons shit on women for being "TERFs". They even call them "sex traitors", literally reusing nazi lingo… Sometimes I feel like TiFs and deranged """"radfem"""" mother hating schizos are 2 sides of the same coin. They just need an excuse to hate on other women because how hurt and self-hating they are. Thinking back about it, I used to be a bit like them, thinking that motherhood was misogyny at some point. I think sometimes "radfem" adjacent beliefs can take us back to actual misogyny, hating women by considering them "pickmes" because of their reproductive organs. There is nothing wrong with not wanting to endure pregnancy yourself, and not wanting kids, but shitting on mothers for being mothers is NEVER the soultion.
In the end, I just hope they can heal from their traumas and stop hating other women for trying to live their lives. It's just sad.

Anonymous 245462

Isn't one of them (the liaison or whatever) like 19? I remember her giving turbo newfag vibes in the discord that was made during shaymins mental breakdown. Honestly I was surprised she was made admin, although she did seem nice, but again, young.
I know sentinel is older and based, and I forgot about the third one.

Anonymous 245464

Let it go.
Shaymin was just oldmin with a silly hat and they're both about the same age. So it's not surprising she got the role.

Anonymous 245478

You are replying to at least two different anons retard. Why do anons insist on playing this guessing game when they're not mods I will never understand..
Shaymin wasn't around long and it's weird that anons here are still pushing rumors that came from the trannyspammer. Some anons here still insist Cerbmin isn't real either and it's obvious what you're doing because nobody has ever mentioned anything age related about either of the 3 new admins

Anonymous 245485

Taylor and her husband could be involved with the mod changes around her thread. Her thread has gotten strange over time, specifically the minimodding and now actual modding on it that never quite aligns with the rest of the board culture. It's like they want to turn her thread into a thread of her ESL fans and not a cow discussion.

Anonymous 245488

There was an anon on here a while ago who was saying that cows were paying mods behind the scene to lock their threads when farmhand applications were open and they were encouraging users to email them. Not sure how true this is though. Personally I think the farmhand team is just a bunch of teeny bopper cows themselves who don't want any cow gossip other than shayna posted on the site. I don't believe the admin has changed (do you really think /shay/ wasn't shaymins idea?) I think maybe a few moderators changed but they are all young cows who want attention & to be seen/ heard instead of moderating quietly..desperate for recognition and an ounce of authority….and the only thing that's changed is they are more active and open with their snarkiness towards the userbase. They have ran so many female users off the site and leave the remaining few to suffer with male infestation across the site.

Anonymous 245491

Blaine picked up the rumours after they had started and ran with them, not the other way round. Sorry you can't put on your mod cap here.
The cows paying thing was Ritard malding that she gets bans for breaking the rules and trying to conspiracyfag. It came up before when the donate button got introduced but everyone just lol'd and ignored it.

Anonymous 245492

Never said any of that, the fuck are you on lmao? I wasn't a conspiracyfag, ever.

Anonymous 245494

Then why would you think one of the new admins is 19? I haven't seen that mentioned anywhere else so it's suspicious. I get she seemed like a newfag in the server but there's no mention of her age anywhere else.

Anonymous 245495

Blaine ran with those rumors because of Elaine Miller. The only thing that changed during December was an old discord mod from the LC server who decided to run with it and threaten to dox former admins. Let's not pretend the same rumors aren't peddled by the same group of vendettachans.

Anonymous 245496

I wasn't in the server, I was not the one who said she was 19, either. I personally don't care about how young or old the farmhands or admins are.

Anonymous 245497

My bad I was replying to another anon up thread but I don't recall anyone saying that about anyone but the old admins.

Anonymous 245500


I'm the one who made that post and I was in the discord server. I don't want to come across as the tinfoiling tranny trying to stir shit because I do remember people coming for this admin due to her name being a death grips album reference and her profile pic was also of some blushing loli until she changed it to princess mononoke. She's alright but she just struck me as someone new so I don't agree with this anons statement >>245321 that none of the admins are newfags, that's all.
The server is deleted so it's not like any of us can prove if she stated her age anywhere anyway, it's why I was asking for confirmation because all of the details from that time are murky.

Anonymous 245501

there is so much "milk" between the users kek

Anonymous 245502

Because she was doxxed.

Anonymous 245503

I hate lolcow because it isn’t sad enough.

Anonymous 245516

I remember a time when lc started pushing and asking for donations a ton and claiming it costs too much to run. Wouldn't be surprised if cows took advantage of that desperation to ensure their threads were overly moderated to the point of nothing even slightly negative about the cow ever being allowed like Taylor's.

Anonymous 245533

Thats what I think as well.

Anonymous 245534

the head jani here is the new lolcow admin and she doesn’t delete any cp here because she’s too busy fucking rabbits and modding lolcow into the toilet

Anonymous 245535

i should mention that she dedicated all that effort to one person and she thinks that’s not pathetic and obsessive. lady is married too

Anonymous 245537


the blackpillers make that damn thread unreadable. A lot of them don't realize how crazy they sound to the rest of thew users. I understand that there's still pressure for women to have children and the rhetoric trad women/trad faggots push is outrageous but this is not the way to go about it.

Anonymous 245542

I feel like a few threads like that are most of the cause of the hostile vibe on LC now. They become echo chambers for the most extreme anons to go schizo and it spreads.

Anonymous 245543

I thought that was bait to get Elaine to pay up after oldmin realised she done fucked up baiting that super schizo.
If cows did pay up, it would be strange to give away the admin position when it finally started paying off.

Anonymous 245554

lolcow is full of bitter fat fuck millennial women forever seething over everyone’s bmi and begging for attention for months on end. Then they clutch pearls over “language” so they can pretend they aren’t the same flavor of no life stalkers as kiwimoids.

cerbmin are gay

Anonymous 245556

it’d be flattering if not so extremely mentally ill lmao keep wasting your time tho x

Anonymous 245558

She's been around for a few years in the other servers which are now also deleted, so I don't think it would make sense for her to be a newfag.

Anonymous 245559

I'm getting really sick of all the hostility on lc and I suspect the site is crawling with seething kiwiscrotes ever since kiwifarms got taken off the clearweb. if you say anything even slightly critical about that fat faggot null/josh his whiteknights show up no matter the thread, it's suspicious and I don't think it's regular lc users defending bad behavior from some racist terminally online moid. plus there's all the racebaiting comments, schizos acting like they can recognize who made every post, and so many inane posts or even anons trying to be pleasant gets met with extreme hostility. I think most of the decent posters left after the shaymin fuckup and the schizo pedophile tranny raiding constantly so all that's there now are angry weirdos from other sites who come there thinking you need to be a poorly socialized argumentative edgelord to fit in on imageboards (despite the fact that acting like that all the time only ruins online communities).
sorry for a long rant it's just lc was one of the few sites I enjoyed going on since the old web died so it's sad to see how sorry a state it's in. I'm not expecting a hugbox obviously but for even simple posts about someone's favorite food or video game or whatever to get such needlessly aggressive replies makes me feel like I'm using 4chan or any other toxic cesspit filled with low iq tardrage males

Anonymous 245560


Anonymous 245564

Ayrt, that's fine then. I've also been in a few lc discord servers I just don't remember her that well. Ignore the weird shitstirrers.

Anonymous 245576


Remember these are the people who bully randos on lolcow

Anonymous 245588

She was literally on kiwifarms hoping the site got shut down, then she got chased off there and came to Lolcow,the mods weren't harsh, every community she's in she personality fags and she's so obessed with herself and talking about herself. She is a attention whore. From the kiwifarms telegram where she interacted with those retards, to the actual Kiwi Farms and now Lolcow. All they did was expose her posts, she was a cow on the site anyway. She was told to stop multiple times by people and probably the mods but she didn't

Anonymous 245594

How convenient. Anon 1: trust me bro. Anon 2: OK, totally.
You just replied to her lol. Literally the only person who tries to defend her even in a roundabout way is her.

Anonymous 245597

Ntaryt but she was verified in the previous server if you were there. It's also weird to fixate on this one person when there's two other admins and at least one other that anons mentioned recognizing.

Anonymous 245602


Lolcow dot farm?

Anonymous 245609

Why does that site feel like theres maximum 10 people on there now and they all know each other? Paying 200 a month for a public level 2 discord server

Anonymous 245611

Why do I insist on using sarcasm on LC?

Anonymous 245652

I know there is a discord lc server but I never joined it. I feel like a schizo cause the board gives off a vibe of same 10 people posting there and at the discord sever at the same time and it's a super secret mean girl chat that I'm not a part of. Literally gangstalking vibes.

Anonymous 245655

Do you even know what gangstalking is? Nvm you used the word "schizo", explains it all.

Anonymous 245671

I'm in the discord(s) and there's no gayops, just a few active posters and rancefag. Only one of them really makes her posts clear to others in the discord, the rest are chill

Anonymous 245705

tHiS iS aN iMaGeBoArD

Anonymous 245718

You must now be redtexted since that meme is not official imageboard culture™

Anonymous 245720

But seriously, what discord are you guys talking about? An unofficial LC server? How did you get there? I don't actually care that much, because I wouldn't join such a thing, but considering some tinfoils going on itt, it's a bit hard to just take whatever is being said at face value.
On other news, I got a ban for giving attention to a distasteful person, yet I feel no remorse because the thread was already in a shit state kek.

Anonymous 245722

Some discord with rancefag, japanon (bib) and some other retards who probably managed to get on staff based on how shit and insufferable the site and its moderation has become

Anonymous 245726

Olivia ):

Anonymous 245728

The mods are doing such a good job. I love mods. Fuck me mods, fuck me hard.

Anonymous 245730

Anonymous 245748

I heard that cerbmin is Japanon or at least that Japanon is one of the farmhands, is there any legitimacy to that claim?

Anonymous 245774

It was a bunker discord during shaymin's meltdown.

Anonymous 245776

I'm thinking of cows who would have donated before that happened. Like around the time PULL died and everyone from there migrated to lc.

Anonymous 245791

who is japanon?

Anonymous 245793

Imagine coming to the lc hate thread to simp for the mods. Totally not weird or suspicious at all

Anonymous 245796

So you don't think that was sarcasm?

Anonymous 245822

Imagine being this crippled by autism.

Anonymous 245831

not with all the legitimate mod simping coming from one person itt the last couple days, no.

>>245822 well im no lc moderator thats for sure kek snarky for no reason this is why lc is overwhelmingly full of moids and not women anymore.

Anyway on another note the mods are still being lit up in meta because they suck ass so hard. Apparently they are banning people for bringing their concerns to meta. Not surprising with their behavior lately

Anonymous 245833

It's weird to "fixate" on the one Admin that we know exists? The other two might as well not even be real, no introduction and no sign of them doing any work other than trying to take down other female ibs and making hate threads for them here. I feel bad for Fujochan, they don't even seem to realize all of their site issues are related to the new LC staff

Anonymous 245836

I posted it, was sarcasm. I thought I had gone over the top but guess not.

I was making fun of all the fake posts by mods praising the mod team on lc, which has now crossed over to here. Speaking of which, this thread is full of lc mods trying to plant fake info about their identities. If there's no screencap, assume anything anyone says is fake.

Anonymous 245843

That's the weird staff WK trying to pretend they're several anons. Anyway, I'm still confused why they bothered to announce 3 admins. They could have just pretended it was one and no one would know the difference. Wouldn't be any questions about the other two.

Anonymous 245846

You make it very obvious who you are when you peddle specific tinfoils kek

Anonymous 245848

Yeah I am the Fujochan admin, obviously

Anonymous 245891

It would make a lot more sense to tinfoil about all three of them if anons already tinfoil about one unless someone has a vendetta against death grips which in that case fuck you

Anonymous 245896

I always enjoy the hubris and idiocy of whoever runs that site. They think their behavior isn’t obvious and they think everyone who notices it is one of their “enemies”. Both the fujochan and choachan threads are full of of them trying to spread dumb rumors that one look at those sites would disprove. Same with the Crystal cafe thread on lolcow. It’s really embarrassing and desperate and it just proves to everyone uninvolved that lolcow is the issue, yet they seem blissfully unaware of that. I suppose it’s supposed to be revenge for this thread (including the spam on here), the thing is though that their psychosis makes them unaware of how many people have actually started to dislike them and they can’t pinpoint an exact enemy.

Please get a hobby lolcow admins

Anonymous 245897

I see people that weren't red texted in 3 days were red texted one week after kek

Anonymous 245904

The current mods are the real cow of the site. Can’t wait until their doxx gets posted publicly and they run away and hide so someone else who isn’t a newfag can take over.

Anonymous 245937

It's sad to see. I miss the days of lc when threads were fun and cows were to be talked about, versus now where they're the ones admining and moderating. Old lc was the right amount of activity flow, not too much and not too little. There was a board culture that wasn't forcing people into conforming into low value shit like spacing and it wasn't filled with moids and troons. All the best banners and funny threads are from those days, RIP.

Anonymous 245940

>Same with the Crystal cafe thread on lolcow
What do you mean?

Anonymous 245941

The cow moderators can't stay out of any threads that discusses them. They can't stop themselves from defending their behaviour on lc ,cc , and any other corner of the internet that puts a spotlight on their cowish tendencies. The anon who said it feels like the farmgands are a group of teenage cows that spilled over from a discord retard chamber is right. I'm looking forward to their dox too, especially since the admin thinks she's undoxxable but brags about doxxing others. Did you see the farmhand REEEEing about the oldfags who still use the site? They are literally teenage cows having a meltdown. That prefrontal cortex isn't even developed in the lc mod team yet.

Anonymous 245961

Can you guys post caps about this stuff? People were posting on /meta/ but it just sounded schizo, I’m curious where these tinfoils and rumors are coming from

Anonymous 245962

Afaik there isn’t an official discord anymore, the one Shaymin made got deleted but before that users made their own off shoot discords, I’m in some but haven’t been active so I’m not sure about the rancefag /japanon stuff. I should go check to see if it’s happening in the ones I’m in lol

Anonymous 245963

Samefag, rancefag is in one of the off-shoot /unoffical discords I’m in. I’m not sure who Japanon is though.

Anonymous 245971

+1 for caps. What farmhand reeing? In /meta/ I presume?

Anonymous 245977

from my understanding it's some British girl who flew all the way to Japan to meet some ugly weeb American and was so disappointed by the moid she made a huge deal out of it on lolcow /ot/ to the point of personalityfagging. others claim to know her and allege that she's also a huge cow in other ways but no one provides any milk other than vague references to some discord drama. apparently some other person is now stalking her and she's also allegedly a janny? idk it's all so vague it feels more like an inside joke

Anonymous 245978

I think the bib farmhand accusations are the work of elaine again, she took an interest in lc recently again. Assume that anything without screencaps is just gayops and shitposting. The new admins are pretty smart because they're not engaging with it, unlike shaymin.

Anonymous 245981

The reason they aren't posting caps is obvious
The CC thread has been around for years so you are saying this has been going on for ages
I've never heard about buboe or bib but it sounds like discord drama nobody cares about, I do know rancefag is in some offshoot servers like other anons mentioned

Anonymous 245985

Honestly the only two personalityfags I legitimately hate are Elaine and Blaine, obviously I hate Blaine more than Elaine but my social circle has had more than a few run ins with those two, and if Elaine is the series of anons I think she is, the fact she's using me as a scapegoat is both kinda sweet and extremely unnerving knowing her history. I don't want to be her lesbian love interest after seeing her history of stalking multiple people.

Anonymous 245990

lol you're cute.

Anonymous 245992

I saw a good point in meta, racebait in paticular is allowed to stay up so long in threads that it's VERY common to happen in. Yet, when people counter shit thats been going on for hours, they get banned and/or a redtext ban. The person just comes back anyway and rinse and repeat.
The site seems terrible, more so then before hell week. Every day the same thread in snow is bumped with race baiting/woman hate/trolling. Retards in Shayna's thread falling for moids trolling the same exact way, retards pretending to care about a fucking disney movie whining about the race of the actors. In the same thread where you can't even have civil conversations about shit, or call Ice Spice unattractive without someone calling you racist, and you may catch a ban if you expand your opinion, retards can go on for days about race and all kinds of shit.

Anonymous 245995

Some of you might hate me for this but if I see some infighting or bait and it just stays up for hours, I sometimes engage with it out of boredom kek. For example, I first just ignored the Japanon thing, but then started commenting on it even tho I thought her personality fagging was annoying, but by then it had been like three days of that shit just going on.

Anonymous 245996

>she's using me as a scapegoat
Who is “me”? You’re one of the cow admins?

Anonymous 245997

>I think the bib farmhand accusations are the work of elaine again
>Assume that anything without screencaps is just gayops and shitposting

Anonymous 246000

could as well be Rita

Anonymous 246024

>the admin thinks she's undoxxable but brags about doxxing others
What are you talking about?

Anonymous 246025

Right- who is we? Funny how all of a sudden this person comes in trying to deflect from how terrible the lc mods have been. "its gayops from Elaine!!!" Or…now hear me out.. multiple people could just simply not like the way the site is being moderated? Crazy concept, I know right kek. Luckily this isn't lc or they'd be banned for trying to get spoonfed kek. anyway I went to check Elaine's Twitter for shits and giggles and she hasn't been sperging about lc at all she's focused on some onion farmers right now. I wonder who they will try to frame as their boogeyman next instead of taking some accountability for being a shitty mod team

Anonymous 246034

Pretty sure one of the new admins is ope from lolcow org/onionfarms. He bragged about infiltrating the lolcow mod team and collecting info on oldmin while pretending to be her friend. He’s obsessed with spamming nikocados asshole and constantly begs people online to make him an imageboard. He’s entirely fucking nuts and even the moid sites banned him. Unfortunate if staff is being tricked or previous staff was tricked into handing it over to him.

Anonymous 246035

Forgot to say I will post screenshots of his bragging about being a farmhand on LCF and his friends calling him a tranny janny at some point tomorrow. I want to wait in case these posts get deleted

Anonymous 246038


yes because just because a scrote said so means it must be true, sound logic
she still talks about lc and kiwi on a weekly basis wdym

Anonymous 246040

Ding ding ding! We have a winner! Yes, Elaine was trying to use me as a scapegoat saying that if Bib is a farmhand or admin it means I must be "banned out of spite." No, Elaine, I was banned for being retarded and annoying.

Anonymous 246041

Samefag, sorry to add, but I was not the person who initially said that it was Elaine. I just think whether it's Elaine, Japanon, or someone else, it could all explain things I have seen. Sorry for the confusion!

Anonymous 246042

It’s not JUST that. There’s many other things that point to it being him. I don’t know who’s aligned with who in this retard war though so it’s hard to get the information across immediately, especially because he has been trying to play the girl boards against each other with moderate success.

Anonymous 246045

Who are you?

Anonymous 246046

>There’s many other things that point to it being him
Such as?

Anonymous 246047

Shut up Elaine

Anonymous 246048


This was as recent as May, she's still obsessed with hunting down former/current lc staff to find dirt on the admins or whomever she has beef with. She's constantly up to some bullshit regarding her exposing the admins, and lurking around her thread on onionfarms can give you an idea.
Incidentally, a lot of the lcf hate on onionfarms and from elaines fanclub is eerily similar to some of the posts on here and in lc's /meta/ but I'm probably turning schizo from all of this cancer. It all feels like turbo autistic gayops at this point.

Anonymous 246049


>anyway I went to check Elaine's Twitter for shits and giggles and she hasn't been sperging about lc at all she's focused on some onion farmers right now
This is from a month ago. According to elaine, this is the previous LC admin. She's still obsessed kek

Anonymous 246054

That's a month ago. We are talking about right now, since someone is trying to tinfoil this has been all Elaine "doing gayops" the past few days. Seems like she's not even focused on lc at the moment.

Anonymous 246056

these whistleblowers or whatever need to post proof and shit already omg

Anonymous 246057

whoever you are stop personality fagging unless you have milk and screencaps

Anonymous 246058

I literally just said I am not the anon making claims. I never stated that any of them are the new mods. I merely said it would explain why I'm (Rita) suddenly being WK'd. I do not know if any of what >>245985 said is true, nor am I the same anon like you just accused me of being. I'll go back into the shadows now that I've said my piece.

Anonymous 246060

she is still accusing onionfags of being farmers or admins as of yesterday

Anonymous 246067

I'm old, what does WK'd mean?

Anonymous 246068


Anonymous 246069

Why are you still interacting with either Blaine or Elaine and why would your social circles be entangled with them? You need to log off Rita.

Anonymous 246071

I don't interact with either of them, but it turned out both of them stalked and harassed people I know and became their personal cows, sort of similar to how Blaine is my personal horrorcow. If you're referring to Elaine WKing me, I have never interacted with her for any reason. Someone brought me up on both here and LCF's meta board, and it came off as WKing. Straight from the cow's mouth; I kinda understand the logic but please don't try to claim I'm innocent of everything, that's all I ask. It gets uncomfortable.

Anonymous 246073

It's Rita, see the post she replied to

Anonymous 246074

why does cc even acknowledge lolcow in the first place? i thought we hated their content.

Anonymous 246075

this site was created by someone from lolcow and originally was exclusively advertised there.

Anonymous 246077

It's the same (anon) that was all over the bunker threads here when LC was on the rocks. Same talking points, same insistence that ackshually staff are fine and so on.
lol yes but that was because of a tantrum about where LC was at. It was meant to be an alternative but never managed to define itself. The farm allowed the advertising because they were happy to be rid of anons who were complaining.

Anonymous 246081


>same insistence that ackshually staff are fine and so on.
Where am I saying the staff are fine? A good portion of posts in this thread critiquing LC are me, I'm just keeping things real. If you're going to claim wild accusations then provide proof. Like the admin doxxing people? The only "proof" is this screenshot from a discord unrelated to LC, from 2021 at that, where people are claiming oldmin "threatened" to doxx users but nothing ever came of it. It seems like elaine and her group found out about this two years later and ran with it. Where are the doxxes? Give us some screenshots that prove bib is related to the staff?
I'm all for staff drama, but when people come into the thread speaking about random bullshit so matter of factly, I just want receipts. Pray tell, what are we supposed to do with all the random hearsay? Just believe you?

Source for the picture is https://archive.is/to7PO#26109
8 hours later, and I'm still the only one in this thread posting receipts. Get your shit together, alleged lc users.

Anonymous 246082

Anonymous 246083

"keeping it real" on a dead board for a handful of users. Just trust me bro, everything is elaine = fine. Anything else = reeeeeceipts.
But cool, an image from 2021. That'll definitely quell the tinfoils. If you hadn't been so fixated on trying to fight back against the conspiracies, they would have died out. But you keep making posts like this that are sure to keep stoking it. What do you think you're achieving here, anon?

Anonymous 246084

Nobody claimed you’re innocent of anything Rita and you’re just being a fat attention whore again inserting yourself because you got mentioned in passing. Fuck off.

Anonymous 246086

>trying to fight back against the conspiracies
You must have misunderstood me, I'm not fighting back I just want proof and I think that's totally sane and fair. You're trying to make me feel crazy for wanting to know the details, I don't understand why kek
>What do you think you're achieving here, anon?
Ideally? I want the shitty staff exposed and taken care of if they're truly covering for their friends. Most importantly though, I like drama with receipts. But the claims in this thread are never backed up like >>245748 this anon never got an answer. >>245833 This post claims that the two admins aren't even real, so on and so forth. Give me something

Anonymous 246088

It’s a lot of behind the scenes drama that the people involved in don’t even understand and every side has their own schizophrenic theories. It will never be fully explained to outsiders on cc

Anonymous 246095

you could stop calling people cows and just call people people, but I guess its not as dehumanizing as cows

Anonymous 246131

I love how the closest thing to proof that admins threatened to doxx people is kiwis commenting that apparently she threatened to doxx people in between their racist sperging. Never mind that this isn't even the current admin anymore. I'm not criticizing you in particular, anon, because you at least attached some reference, but everyone else is just schizo until proven otherwise and I don't care if I get called a white knight. I'll start writing my own bullshit theories and posting here like they're just common knowledge.

Anonymous 246159

its ironic how this thread and the previous bunkers were/are full of either willingly obtuse anons or cows trying to start up more psyops but it's low effort at best
ntaryt but thanks for pointing this out, and if I remember correctly the accusations of any admin doxing anyone or being undoxable have been said before on other websites and by a certain someone I will rather not name

Anonymous 254754


So once again, it's another day of lolcow's users and mods dogpiling and bullying female posters off of threads for "racebait" instead of using that same anger and unrelenting crow-styled bullying for all the obvious scrotes who actually use racebait.
>woman explains the bad experiences she had and why she doesn't trust her own race's men anymore
>she gets dogpiled
>she gets banned for "infighting" even though everyone else bullied her
>she gets banned for "racebait" even though it wasn't
>scrote posts a bunch of bs about how XYZ women will never be attractive, discover love, or find happiness because of what one study from OKCupid said
>days and he hasn't been clocked
lolcow users and its mods are unironically fucking stupid.

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