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hi Anonymous 224124

hi hello this is my first time posting i dont know if its okay to make stupud threads here

how are you guys doing? let's talk and post your pets

Anonymous 224125


masha says hi

Anonymous 224127



Anonymous 224177


orange cats are the best. for some reason the friendliest cats I've met have all been orange. I don't want to post my cat but he's a tuxedo with a stripe down his nose

Anonymous 224187

you are right, whats your cats name? masha isnt all orange, shes got a white heart of fluff on her belly

Anonymous 224188

interesting plant

Anonymous 224195


Her name is Winnie

Anonymous 224196


like winnie the pooh?

Anonymous 224197


I also love orange cats, this is a stray i take care of. His name is marmalade and i took this picture when i brought him into my house during a bad winter storm, he was a bit scared but i wouldve felt terrible if something happened to him. I think this picture is funny cause he’d hide if he saw me so its funny to see him oblivious here

Anonymous 224198

Yes, sometimes I sing Winnie the Pooh to her. Sometimes I call her Winifred.

Anonymous 224200

haha thats silly, hes a little guy… does marmalad trust u now?

Anonymous 224210


His name's Rafa. It's an odd name (his foster chose it), I never found out the story behind his name but I'm pretty sure he was named after a tennis player. I thought of renaming him when I got him but I couldn't think of a better name and by that time the name Rafa stuck in my mind.

Anonymous 224212

Rafa is short for Rafael / Raphael its not odd.

Anonymous 224215

cute blep

Anonymous 224225

Anonymous 224239

Unfortunately I am deathly allergic to cats. But hello all the same

Anonymous 224253


Maybe, but it's an odd name where I come from. I don't know anybody named Rafael.
Thank anon, I didn't even think to look up the name. I feel a bit dumb now lol. I hope he will live up to his namesake!
He just jumped onto the couch beside me and he's loafing there staring at the wall.

Anonymous 224258


Least we have these dopey babies to keep us sane:)

Anonymous 224262

Sadly not, hes terribly skittish, he doesnt let me pet him even when hes eating. Hes wont hide if hes outside but he’ll stay at least 3ft away though

Anonymous 224515

cats with scarfs are so cute

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