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Getting pregnant on accident is ONLY disgusting now; masturbation better than sex Anonymous 224130

If they are going to ban abortion and the abortion pill why are we not enjoying all kinds of literotica and yaoi and shoving this in mens faces??
Forced birth is honestly more disgusting and life destroying than rape.

Conservashits and apoliticals are worse than trannies to me now. I mean RW'S literally pretend to be apolitical in their dating profiles. You cant trust anyone apolitical now, but especially not men. What does it tell you about them really ? They're pretty much turning their heads when forced birthers come in and try to defend a mother pointlessly dying, or having a twin die from pregnancy complication. You really can't trust people that disgusting either so what do you do? Sex is so disgusting to me now it defies all words, I have to rant about it, sorry.

Anonymous 224131

Not American but didn't the supreme court just make abortion a state issue instead of federal?

Anonymous 224132


daily reminder

Anonymous 224143

It's all efforts to control and enslaved women. It's bad enough that no public school has any decent sex education and so a lot of people have to get their information from the internet and that includes a lot of misinformation and personal biasis. It's purposely done so to keep women arrogant and in the dark, so they're easier to manipulate and control. Like people thinking plan b is the same as abortion pills.
Men hate the idea of women having sex, theyre supposed to remain pure for him so he can turn her into his own dirty little whore that he can toss aside when he's tired of her or if she got too old or if she cant have children or if she gets sick. A lot of men think that women are men's property and those men control the government.

"It's about the government not being able to tell people what to do." They screech as they give the government exactly all the power to tell people what to do. If it really was up to freedom of choice then abortions would be legal in all states.

I want to go more on a rant about abortions and force birthers/prolifers but Im at work and shouldnt be on the phone. Sorry for any bad grammar.

Anonymous 224204

Yes, and some states have banned it and have even made it illegal to do it across the border if you still live in that state.

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