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Getting pregnant on accident is ONLY disgusting now; masturbation better than sex Anonymous 224130

If they are going to ban abortion and the abortion pill why are we not enjoying all kinds of literotica and yaoi and shoving this in mens faces??
Forced birth is honestly more disgusting and life destroying than rape.

Conservashits and apoliticals are worse than trannies to me now. I mean RW'S literally pretend to be apolitical in their dating profiles. You cant trust anyone apolitical now, but especially not men. What does it tell you about them really ? They're pretty much turning their heads when forced birthers come in and try to defend a mother pointlessly dying, or having a twin die from pregnancy complication. You really can't trust people that disgusting either so what do you do? Sex is so disgusting to me now it defies all words, I have to rant about it, sorry.

Anonymous 224131

Not American but didn't the supreme court just make abortion a state issue instead of federal?

Anonymous 224132


daily reminder

Anonymous 224143

It's all efforts to control and enslaved women. It's bad enough that no public school has any decent sex education and so a lot of people have to get their information from the internet and that includes a lot of misinformation and personal biasis. It's purposely done so to keep women arrogant and in the dark, so they're easier to manipulate and control. Like people thinking plan b is the same as abortion pills.
Men hate the idea of women having sex, theyre supposed to remain pure for him so he can turn her into his own dirty little whore that he can toss aside when he's tired of her or if she got too old or if she cant have children or if she gets sick. A lot of men think that women are men's property and those men control the government.

"It's about the government not being able to tell people what to do." They screech as they give the government exactly all the power to tell people what to do. If it really was up to freedom of choice then abortions would be legal in all states.

I want to go more on a rant about abortions and force birthers/prolifers but Im at work and shouldnt be on the phone. Sorry for any bad grammar.

Anonymous 224204

Yes, and some states have banned it and have even made it illegal to do it across the border if you still live in that state.

Anonymous 250147

I am against abortion if the fetus is female and pro abortion if the fetus is male. It just makes sense.

Anonymous 250148

Anonymous 250201

That's rich scrote, pretending like men usually know how to or even care about giving women orgasms. Sounds really patronizing and deluded for someone who really ought to know that. Most women have better sex on their own and dodge a lot of bullets saying fuck sex with men.

Anonymous 250202

Could you try a little harder to hide your desperation moid

Anonymous 250203

It's a fetus and women have been desperately seeking ways to end their pregnancies since the beginning of time. Throughout most of time it meant your survival. Even now, a lot of people even wouldn't get sentimental over it.

Anonymous 250215

>why are we not enjoying all kinds of literotica and yaoi and shoving this in mens faces??
thats kinda deranged, not just bc porn is gross moid shit but bc it isnt actually women vs men, but it's women vs rightwingers. Most women having sex are in a relationship with a man they trust and love so why would they sacrifice the health and happiness of their relationship, in an attempt to punish someone who isnt really responsible? Or at least, someone they don't view responsible.
baby killing really is baby killing
I am for abortion bc I believe in bodily autonomy and bc rightwingers are fucking nuts about it (investigating miscarriages as murder etc), but id never abort my child. Pretending it isnt alive is a massive cope. Some extreme pro choicers, especially here take it way to far and consistently say cruel and nasty things about babies (ot just fetuses) just to debumanize them and make them feel better about killing them.
I think women who feel this way don't think too hard about what they are doing, or abort very early on. Which is fine, they dont need to feel bad, but it is a life and if they contemplated that fact theyd feel bad.

Anonymous 250227

I agree, but am pro-life because of it. I think termination of any life is wrong. My exception of course being if it puts the Mother in physical harm.

I understand the stress though, i once had a scare where I thought I was pregnant and was in a position where I didn't want a child. I also fear the actual process of giving birth and the pain that comes with it. I spent hours that month lying awake abd thinking about how awful that pregnancy would be, how much I wasn't ready to have a kid, and how disappointed my mother would be in me if I put it up for adoption. I was sleep deprived the entire time and ended up falling asleep at at work twice by accident.

I had my period and felt so relieved. I would have gone through with it, I had decided before the period that I was irresponsible and I wouldn't end a life due to my own choices, but the experience gave me empathy for people who decide to terminate even if I still consider it objectionable.

Anonymous 250230

Moids are pathetic. The only way to ensure their useless genes get passed on is to ban abortion in several states. If every woman could choose, almost no pregnancy would come to full term. Moids suddenly become useless or violent when their wife/gf gets pregnant. They can't handle the stress and responsibility of raising a child. Imagine getting forcibly impregnated by some disgusting ugly perverted filth and the forced to give birth to their abomination. It's very real fear of mine

Anonymous 250232

how can you be for abortion but believe an ungrown fetus has the same value as a fullgrown baby?

Anonymous 250233

Not them but I also would never abort a child if I had one but believe other women should have the decision to choose to abort or not because I don't think I should impose my own moral and ethical values onto them especially if they are in a difficult situation that could be bad for the mother or child. The situation isn't black and white therefore I can see valid reasonings as to why some may get an abortion. Banning abortion also doesn't mean women will stop aborting, women will still continue to abort children in dangerous ways.

Anonymous 250259


Is the concept of life really what we should base our understanding of ethics on?
A fetus isn't a person. Neither is a baby or toddler. They are biological automata without identity, without hopes or desires, without self-awareness. They are no more conscious than a dog or a pig, possibly even less so. Why should their lives take priority over the wellbeing of an actually conscious being, in this case the unwilling mother? Because they have the potential to be conscious, and the interests of a hypothetical conscious being matters more than those of an actually-existing one?

Anonymous 250260

this argument is so terrible it seems like a a psyop

Anonymous 250263

It really is, holy cow. Toddlers and babies aren't conscious? This must be a troll. Either that or nona needs to be around a friend with kids.

Anonymous 250432

>libfem shill blames evey bad thing that happens on people who don't vote to scapegoat libturd failures
many such cases.

Anonymous 250480

Don't respond to trolls

Anonymous 250855

The whole practice of abortion is very.. disgusting. I'd rather give the kid up for adoption than have a stranger dig it out of my womb.

Anonymous 250908


good for you but just because you personally think its gross doesnt mean you can deny other women their choice to or judge women who have abortions for it.
The whole practice of child birth is very…disgusting to me. An abortion you can safely get rid of a baby under anaesthesia, in a couple hours, relatively painlessly and safely. With childbirth you get to piss, shit, have your vagina tear, for 10+ hours while multiple people watch you. Not to mention the 9 months of pregnancy, absolutely wrecking your body, where abortion has a swift recovery. Doctors might end up digging the baby out of you anyway if its breach or has some complication, but instead of an abortion its too large to suction out through your cervix and instead they have to do an incredibly invasive C section and cut through your uterus, which takes weeks to recover from and is much more risky.
But no, abortion is sooo gross bc muh religious brainwashing or something.

Anonymous 250935

no one cares retard

Anonymous 250938

this thread smells like ball sack kek this place gets posted way too much on 4chan


it's literally objectively a clump of cells. western sentimentality over pregnancy is a christian aberration

Anonymous 250942

And I hate that when a woman holds an opinion that isn't perceived as being feminist she's called a man. Women hold different opinions on social issues and it has nothing to do with whatever the fuck "Christian aberration" is.

Anonymous 250970

maybe I'm just old, but "on accident" really bugs me.

Anonymous 250977

You and I are also a clump of cells, just larger.
A better argument would be to suggest that said life isn't sentient/conscious enough to garner to same rights towards life like fully formed people. Kind of like how there's an obvious life difference between a worm and a person.

Anonymous 250981

You realize birth control fails right??

Anonymous 250983

For most of human history abortion meant survival for a woman and her offspring, and usually it was dangerous. We're blessed its not dangerous anymore. Women who were desperate for one, were doing it to survive. That is still the case. Its even more telling when you realize inequality is worse than it was at the turn of the century, and worse than it was before the french revolution. The price of living is just astronomical and bringing a baby to this earth is just a nightmare in a lot of circumstances, for people who weren't prepared for kids. Then there are a lot of people who just simply don't want kids these days, which is honestly better for everyone. Kids raised by people who don't want them just cause a lot of hell on this earth.

Anonymous 250986

NTA and I am pro choice but i feel like when pro choicers take the 1% unprobable scenerios (still horrible, but unprobable) and use those as their primary argument, it makes pro choicers look ridiculous.
Obviously bad things do happen but the 1% of cases that are rape, CSA, failed protection, mother in danger aren't enough to justify legalizing it for everybody and often times there are legal exceptions in place for these people.

Anonymous 250993

Ew absolutely they are. If you don't want to have a baby thats your choice. End of discussion. Teens get pregnant ALL the time because they're young and dumb, doesn't mean they shouldn't be entitled to them. Having a child when you're young ruins your whole life. And in any case who cares since its really not your offspring/ nightmare anyway. Who the hell are you to say young women shouldn't have access to abortions?

Anonymous 250996

Also rape and CSA are really common, what strange fantasy world do you live in? 1 out of 5 women are raped. That is not a 1% figure, that is a huge fucking figure. Could you sound anymore shady and dishonest and biased really? Lumping all of those causes into 1% ? Leave the cult already.

Anonymous 251035

Try rereading my post because I literally never said this.
I know rape and CSA are commom I am saying pregnancies resulting from these incidents are less common, and women who were pregnant resulting from rape make up only 1-2% of people who get abortions.

Anonymous 252759

This is just evil thinking. Seriously seek help if you unironically think like this.

Anonymous 252795

I meant the phrase "on accident"
it's "by accident"

Anonymous 252829

masturbation is better than sex only if you don't have anyone else to have sex with, which, assuming you are an heterosexual woman, is quite understandable

Anonymous 253396

Ew no. Do you know how shitty men are at sex? Most of the time its completely pointless. They never care about the woman's experience during sex.

Anonymous 253423

If abortion was illegal where I live I would NEVER have sex with a moid (unless he got a vasectomy I guess).

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