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Anonymous 224146

Do you ever wonder what it's like to be a microscopic organism? like what are they thinking all day?

Anonymous 224149

So which micro-organism would you want to be? The butt? The tampon, the worm, the cluster, the string, the pill with tentacles? I personally like the spoon.

Anonymous 224151

Helicobater pylori

Anonymous 224261

The butt seems chill.

Anonymous 224281

i reckon i'm salmonella

Anonymous 224305

The microscopic organisms are thinking, "wiggle wiggle wiggle! wiggle wiggle wiggle!"

Anonymous 224308

all the time anon, I also constantly go in a state where I observe everything from an clueless outsiders perspective, like an alien.

Anonymous 224392

lmfao style?

Anonymous 225612

They're literally not thinking anything lol, I guess that's why it's so desirable to be one. Awareness and consciousness is a curse

Anonymous 225614

Thoughts require more cells than the amount in any microscopic organism.

Anonymous 225653

I dont think they are really "alive". Or if they have consciousness, they have no thoughts, the only semblence of thoughts are "food" when they eat and "scared" when they are fleeing. Maybe also one where they are hibernating or searching for certain chemical, but thats it, there is no nervous system or any actual signaling system that has that many parts happening. It is usually just chemicals directly responsible for many commands. I personally think this is also true for also majority of multicellular organisms including plants, most dumb primitive organisms if they have consciousness just feel nothing and every once in a while feel some thing happening that requires reaction. Maybe when it is pursuing something or feeling something unimportant it could feel like floating on water or standing on windy mountains

Anonymous 225664


It would be cool to be an "extremophile" bacteria or archaea and live in one of these environments

Anonymous 225684


Did you know they can get fat (sort of, it’s not fat but carbon storing polymer)? Now you do!

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