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Should I delete Anonymous 224560

I downloaded hinge and i'm very nervous about this. I feel like i'm wasting my time and that the people on there aren't trustworthy. But im also extremely lonely and want to meet new people.
Should I just delete it

Anonymous 224562

More context about your situation please.
Are you in school?
Out of school?
If you're out of school just join an interest group on discord and start chatting with people. You don't need to give any info that you do not want to.

Anonymous 224563

Meeting pipo is fun. I used to have no friends. I don't talk to most of the people I met online anymore but it was fun while it lasted and I learned many things. I think I developed more of a personality bc I was a very sheltered mexican so most of my time was just school and house chores. My parents or a sibling always stalked my meetings (they were worried for me) but it made me feel safe and the people I met were understanding since internet safety and stuff.It's worth a try imo.

Anonymous 224568

I'm in school, but i'm a commuter and not sure how to make friends with people at school. I don' t want to look retarded just going up to them randomly. I just got a new job, first day is tomorrow, but obviously it isn't guaranteed that i'll mesh perfectly with them. I have a few friends but no one i would consider my best friend right now (besides my sister lol) and i have a lot of trouble trusting male friends.
Basically the biggest reason i feel so lonely is because i went through a serious breakup a couple months ago which im still trying to recover from.
My life is actually quite similar right now. 90% of my time is homework, cleaning the house, and running errands. Shit sucks ass but i rather do that stuff than deal with some random dude online who wants to fuck and ghost me.
Do you have good experiences with dating apps?
How were you able to tell he was trustworthy?

Anonymous 224569

Oh yeah lol. I didn't date anyone on the internet. I only made friends but there was one creepy guy I ghosted.

Anonymous 224667


Idk if anyone is even gonna see this, but its op. I think I definitely did fuck up downloading hinge and now I feel really bad for some people I met on there. I just blocked a random dude on there, facebook and snapchat because I'm feeling uncomfortable with the whole thing out of nowhere. I have some other guys who matched with me who I was talking to but now I don't even wanna talk to them either and I left them on delivered for hours. I probably shouldn't have blocked that guy, he literally goes to my college, inb4 he rages and tries to ruin my life somehow

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