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Have you ever had these things? Anonymous 224575

No idea what they are. Don’t know if it constitutes as food, medication, a flammable, drywall or even pure poison. Whatever this concoction of human innovation, greed and gluttony is amazing. A single bite you will lose a month, an entire bar will equal a year. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide. For me, it’s always a yes.

Anonymous 224576

I’ve had the choccy one. There ok.

Anonymous 224584


I used to eat those all the time, something about the crispy/soggy doughy stuff on the outside and cold sour/sweet stuff on the inside is a good combo. pic related is my number one though, i can eat like 5 of them in a row.

Anonymous 224589

Loved these and the chocolate ones as a kid. I also liked choco tacos.

Anonymous 225360

My mom would always buy these. We both love them. I also love the almond ones. Those are more creamy, but these are just so good

Anonymous 225361

real shit. picrel and all its variants are amazing.

Anonymous 228540

these are like the ice cream equivalent to those soft sugar cookies from walmart. a guilty pleasure sweet

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