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Moving from Ireland to San Francisco Anonymous 224600

My first time in America, any advice? tips? fun things to do?

Anonymous 224601

4chan airlines?????????

Anonymous 224602

The great AerLingus, an Irish speciality

Anonymous 224604

I've heard this too, bit I figured there are so many people in SF that normal people will drown out that crowd? What county if you don't mind me asking?

We love American tourists here ngl, some people joke about them but American tourists are so optimistic and happy and its a breathe of fresh air for us

Anonymous 224613

Great advice, I will check out that area thanks.

I'll be going from having a car in Ireland since I was a teenager to not having a car in SF, but I think it might not be a problem because of good public transport

Anonymous 224615

Chips are crisps
Cookies are chips
Sneakers are trainers

Anonymous 224617

There's literally more crackheaded homeless schizos in SF than anywhere else in America
Please get out of Cali

Anonymous 224642

its a tranny land OP is likely a tranny there is no way he isnt doing this on propouse

Anonymous 224962

You're insane to move to San Francisco. Why?? Its expensive and full of homeless people on account of that. Just don't say we didn't warn you.

Anonymous 224963

You're not incorrect they do, but it's got a bigger drug problem/ homeless drug zombie problem than when I was there. You will be blown away.

Anonymous 224964

Cali is great if you know where to go but Oregon is better.

Anonymous 225355

Why are you leaving Ireland? Asking because im considering moving there

Anonymous 225365


Move to Arizona Phoenix is better in everyway and rent is much lower. California is for touristing when you wanna go to the beach, otherwise let them fuck themselves and die to aids.

Anonymous 225520

Move to Orange County there are terfies here. SF is icky.
Also why leave Ireland ?? Ireland is so pretty (except for ugly moid immigrants from nasty countries)

Anonymous 225552

I disagree, rent has been sky high here for ages. Immigration from both cali and mexico is inflating our population and new homes aren't being built fast enough to keep up. The summer heat would also probably be unbearable for an Irish person and we don't have cool things like beaches lol

Anonymous 225556


I used to live there

Anonymous 225586

Ireland sucks now if you have any ambition and want to get ahead and own your own house.

Tax is sky high here and its on everything. If you start earning real money expect to lose half plus of the paycheck on tax.

Its good if you're not too ambitious. My understanding is in the states you earn more than double the salary you do in Ireland and pay less tax on that.

I appreciate everyone trying to warn me, but I still want to try it. I think its important to try new scary things in life even if we end up not liking them

Anonymous 225589

Do you have an immigrant visa? I'm not far from you and I've thought of doing the same thing, but if you don't already have family in the US it seems like you basically need an employer to sponsor you and jump through a bunch of legal hoops before you can actually work there.

Anonymous 225590

Yeah I got one but it wasn't easy lol
You're right they don't make it easy
If you are from Ireland you can also get a grad visa after you finish college and that lets you work in the states for 12 months with two 1 month grace periods on either side, so basically 14 months

Anonymous 225596

So can you already work there permanently, or do you have a grad visa? The grad visa sounds like a great opportunity, especially if there's a way that you can then find permanent employment there and stay beyond 14 months.

I can't speak for Ireland but salaries in the UK are shocking. If you're working in software development then as a fresh graduate you'd basically be guaranteed to be making double your UK salary in the US. I think you could easily be making 4 times what a UK graduate outside of London would be making within your first year. Living costs will obviously be higher in San Francisco but it's almost certainly worth it given how high the potential salary is.

I'm guessing you're still quite young, so the money you earn now has the highest potential exposure to compound interest. In other words this is the most important money you'll ever earn. If you're not entrepreneurial, not studying law, and not studying medicine, then this is probably your best opportunity to ever become rich.

Anonymous 229022

thanks nona, i'll use this if I ever move there for work

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