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Extreme paranoia Anonymous 224668

Literally help, I blocked someone on everything who I just met on a dating app because I don't want to talk to anyone on there anymore, and now I'm scared he will try to ruin my life somehow. He goes to my school and literally only knows my first and last name and we had each other on facebook briefly. We didn't meet in person and only started talking yesterday.
How fucked am I, will/can he do anything? And yes im the same poster who posted about hinge.

Anonymous 224669

I'm in college btw.

Anonymous 224670

nobody can ruin somebody elses life on the internet

Anonymous 224672

Is this sarcasm lmao. I mean its not like he has any nudes of me or anything, just knows some info about me and possibly saw who I have on facebook so if hes like a crazy angry person/narcissist if he wanted to make up a terrible lie and spread it or some shit he could.

Anonymous 224673

What do you know about him? Is he like an angry incel? Also I didn't see the hinge post.

Anonymous 224675

I don't think you really have anything to worry about unless he's actually deranged, worst case scenario you crash onto each other at school and he asks if something happened to which you can just say you felt uncomfortable out of nowhere and blocked everyone, then you both walk your own ways as he thinks "Huh, what a weird girl" and that's the end of it.
You've made two threads about this already, just chill out.

Anonymous 224680


I don't really know if he's an easily angered type, so I was worried he could have been. I honestly was just having some kind of panic attack or something because now that I think of it he seems like he wouldn't get irrationally angry
Bruh this is such a backhanded way of trying to comfort me, you literally called me weird like twice in one post lmao. Oh well I guess thats just one of the drawbacks of having severe generalized anxiety and panic attacks

Anonymous 224684

You need to calm down

Anonymous 224705


Unless he has actively threatened you, you are fine nona. Moids are sick in the head but not all of them make the effort, this is one prob won’t. If u take adderall cut down on it

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