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Anonymous 226675

My bf was adding random girls on Snapchat at a party. And he was saying it was all normal socialising but I just think that’s interesting because he got super pissed off that I have male friends (that I barely see or talk to) that I knew before I met him. And he was asking me to not go to parties, trying to tell me what to wear, and I feel like if I added random guys on Snapchat at a party he would lose his mind.

Basically I freaked out and started crying at the party (I was super drunk) and basically just embarrassed both of us so I feel pretty bad but i feel like my reaction is justified ?

Anonymous 226676

Do people really use Snapchat as like, a thing? And I feel like out of any social media it's the most intimate one because you have to send pictures to communicate, right? I don't know I've never used Snapchat because I'm not a BABBBBYYYYY

Anonymous 226677


I guess so LMFAO

Anonymous 226678

Anyway from what I know about Snapchat and giving someone your Snapchat it's basically an open invitation for flirting so you had a right to be upset imo.

Anonymous 226679

Break up. Now.

Anonymous 226684

^over Snapchat

Anonymous 226685

Your boyfriend is being a hypocritical douche and you need to confront him about it. Tell him everything you just told us, and explain to him that it's unfair and that you would like it if he stopped.

Anonymous 226686

You're being paranoid and it really shows how insecure you are imo.(male who can't find love)

Anonymous 226687

Not the OP, but this take is retarded to me. Why is her boyfriend allowed to have female friends, yet the OP isn't allowed to have male friends she knew before her boyfriend? Why is OP the one that's paranoid when it's her boyfriend that tries to stop her from going to parties?

Anonymous 226696

I always find this situation silly
It shows that both parties can see why having their significant other can feel insecure about them having friends (due to the idea of them being more than that or being taken away from you) this idea shows insecurity or just general fear of losing each other and the best bet would be to just talk about how him doing that made you feel sad/that he was trying to get back at you for something petty. I don’t know just talk about it with him.
[He doesn’t like it when I do ____, I don’t like it when he does ____. But instead of talking about what it means we’ll just blame each other]

Anonymous 226697

He is cheating on you, dump him.

Anonymous 226698

I'd say both of you have issues to work though but he's probably cheating or entertaining the idea so your overreaction is justified to me.

Anonymous 226775

just leave don't try to work things out hes just going to keep making u miserable.

if u decide to stay then lol gl but u better not fucking shit up the board w more posts about him upsetting u again.

Anonymous 226781

How do you know he just doesn't do this all the time when he goes to parties ? How is it women on this board aren't catching on to how much better it is to be single ? Guys are not fucking worth it.

Lmao everytime I get on this board or get updates from some woman on social media all I hear is nightmare stories it's like … how are we still doing this and why are we surprised

Anonymous 226782

I would have gone up and asked for her info too since he was my be, but I can be catty. Dick move on his part, he is insecure looking for other female attention. Doesnt sound like a keeper.

Anonymous 226788

lol, btfo

Anonymous 226789

that kind of hypocrisy is definitely suspicious. i'd recommend pointing it out to him and reconsidering your relationship based off of how he responds.

Anonymous 226794

he's projecting, it's why he gets mad at you for having male friends. he thinks you'll do what he himself thinks of doing

Anonymous 226797


Why are you still dating him?

Anonymous 226805

break up

Anonymous 226810

>not allowed to have male friends.
Yeah, that's a red flag. I once dated a moid who saw my male friends as competition even though I legitimately never felt any attraction to any of them in my life. They were just the morons who grew up on the same block as me. Meanwhile, the stuck up women he went to college with were 60% of his shitty social circle.

Anonymous 226817

That is such a classic red flag, I bet if anon complied and cut all ties with her male friends, soon he'd start complaining about her female friends and that she should stop seeing them as well.

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