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How do you deal with hunger? Anonymous 226835

No money, only get $281 in EBT/SNAP each month, living conditions don't allow for me to be able to cook/store food, can only afford to eat just under $10 dollars of chips/crackers/PB&J/soda per day depending on what's in-stock, affordable, and whether or not the EBT/SNAP benefits kick in on time. Can't get a job, can't make money online, everyone is broke, tired of having to count calories and see what's not expired when I go to the store.

Anonymous 226836

lots of junk food and lots of water to compensate

Anonymous 226837

There's alot of struggle meals you can make if you are facing serious food poverty. Some I grew up having in my household were:

Gypsy banitsa: Just toast with olive oil and red pepper on it.

Microwaved hot dogs: Grocery store hot dog buns + hot dogs. Microwave for several seconds.

Toast with red pepper on it, a hard-boiled egg, and green onions.

Princessi: Bread with ground meat (or salami) and a slice of cheese on top. Bake for several minutes, enough to melt the cheese.

I think most of it just involved bread.

Anonymous 226838

I’m so sorry… this must be horrible. Why dont you invest in some pasta and rice? Canned foods are good as well. Canned Beans and mushrooms are a good source of protein. Some baloney with bread and mayo and lettuce. Yogurt. I don’t struggle with this issue so i don’t know if this is all affordable where you are.

Anonymous 226839

This might help you out, hope things get better for you

Anonymous 226840

what is going on with your living conditions? do you live wth a relative? are they a hoarder or something and that makes it hard to store the food properly or cook?

Anonymous 226841

Is there a food bank in your area? Can you get in touch with a social worker? They might be able to find a way to get you free food, or money for more food.

Anonymous 226905

>living conditions don't allow for me to be able to cook/store food
Do you have access to a power outlet and the option of buying an electric kettle? If you do, you can place the noodles into a container, pour boiling water over them and put a lid or plate on top. Leave it for 8 minutes and it will cook
Make sure you do it in a timely manner, letting the heat escape can under cook it
One of those roughly cube shaped Rubbermaid containers is perfect for typical square shaped ramen, it comes with a lid and if you have an appetite you can cook two packs at a time
It's very cheap calorie wise, but it has no fibre. You can toss a handful of spinach or something in it to correct that

I suppose if you have an outlet a toaster might be an option too. Butter keeps pretty well, though bagels aren't as shelf stable as ramen

Anonymous 226908

My advice is to just fast (aka don't eat) and save the money. Then try to find a job.

Anonymous 226940

Learn to Keto to never be hungry again

Anonymous 227512

try satiating foods, granolas, nuts, string cheese, high fiber food (lots of fresh produce). Seek a way to find another source of income!

Anonymous 227516

>How do you deal with hunger?
You eat. Hope this helps.

Anonymous 227535

I dont think you understood op's problem.

Anonymous 227613

Dried beans in the instant pot, dry rice in the rice cooker. Both don't require a stove. What's your kitchen situation?

Anonymous 227786

Cup noodles aren't really cheap but you can make them without boiling water if you don't have a kitchen. Just use the hottest water you can and wait until the noodles are soft.

Anonymous 227827

>can only afford to eat just under $10 dollars of chips/crackers/PB&J/soda per day depending on what's in-stock

hey that's how much i spend on food a day and i have a job that i don't hate.


lawd jesus help this poor child make less stupid choices.

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