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MOST favorite animals Anonymous 228179

Post your MOST favorite animals. EPAULETTE SHARKS are GOOD creatures, and AREN'T loved ENOUGH.

Anonymous 228180


Anonymous 228182


deer!!! i always see them in my backyard :3 so it made me grow on them

Anonymous 228184



Anonymous 228188


I guess these freaks:)

Anonymous 228189


Here she is, the mini shrew

Anonymous 228215

photo_2023-03-15 0…


Anonymous 228217


Sharks are so quirky, I love them.

Anonymous 228220


i like spiders

Anonymous 228229


I love birds and bird watching! the tufted titmouse is so cute and they are very common throughout Eastern US :)

Anonymous 228278


Anonymous 228279

Especially the fat fuzzy ones.

Anonymous 228280

I wish I liked bugs fuck it sucks being so bothered by them

Anonymous 228345

This is a cute animal. You've converted me.

Anonymous 228811


Moths are cuter than butterflies

Anonymous 228813

I like butterflies more tbh but I agree. Moths are furry and cute. And there is something ethreal about being attracted to light lije moths are.

Anonymous 228834

silk moth.jpg

Silk moths are definitely my favourite. It kind of makes me sad that they are killed in droves for silk. You could harvest silk without killing the silkworms, but its less efficient.

Anonymous 228841

silk moths have been breed so long for silk production even if you were to harvest silk more humanely they are unable to fly anymore and die a few days after emerging from their cocoon.

Anonymous 228842

Btw, they do harvest silk humanely called "peace silk" but its way more expensive and lower quality (because it can not be unwraveled from one continuous strand once the moth eats its way out), and like I said they are no longer able to fly and die days later anyways.
Waiting on that synthetic spider silk to be widely available.

Anonymous 228843


Baby bush vipers

Anonymous 228844

ćma typu księżycow…

Sad that a lot of moths die quickly. Luna moths for example dont't have a mouth, so they just pretty much starve to death.

Anonymous 228852



Anonymous 229042


Orangutans look like a baby and an elderly person at the same time. They're so cute.

Anonymous 229255


monito del monte. MONITO DEL MONTE!

Anonymous 229265



Anonymous 229272

w sumie.jpg

I like monke, there's something funny about how they look kinda human but not really, but at the same time not in the uncanny valley way.

Anonymous 229286


i have always been obsessed with foxes

Anonymous 250293

Orcas! They are highly intelligent apex predators.
>have developed food palette
>hunting traditions are passed down by generations, each pod has its own unique way of hunting
>some orcas know how to induce paralysis in great white sharks by flipping them over, and then they will only eat the liver of the sharks
>have never been documented to hurt a human in the wild
>have been recorded to adopt social fads. There was a time when there were several reports of orcas donning salmon hats
>only species besides humans to evolve based around nature
>each pod has its own dialect
I also prefer orcas over other dolphin species like bottlenose dolphins because I have never seen records of them gang raping like I have seen with bottlenose dolphins, though I am aware they do have a sadistic side like when they enjoy playing with their prey before eating then.

Anonymous 250355


Frogfish are pretty high tier

Anonymous 250391


Slowworm are my misunderstood friends. People often mistake them for snakes but they're actually limbless lizards.

Anonymous 250395

I hate seeing them decapitated on a path killed by fucktards who mistake them for snakes. We don't even have venemous snakes here. It makes me soo mad

Anonymous 250462

Killing snakes is not okay either.

Anonymous 251073

Arabesque bandana is so cute on shiba inu! I like it when the whites in the eyes show too, it is very human and funny.

Anonymous 251076


Parrots kawaii

Anonymous 251257

Screenshot 2023-09…

Wolves now, apparently.

Anonymous 251532


SAME. I love them. Older pongos too…

Anonymous 251579

How can you like these?.. They look so uncanny, especially the one you posted

Anonymous 251594

That's rude. I'm sure you look uncanny to them too.

Anonymous 251850

Anonymous 252439

>>229042 agreed nona, I love watching the orangutan jungle school series, they're absolutely adorable.

Anonymous 253919


where's my soup

Anonymous 253927

this one looks funny, yellow. what kind of monkey is that?

Anonymous 253928

female nomascus (gibbon)
not a monkey btw

Anonymous 253931

All apes are monkeys though.

>Apes (collectively Hominoidea /hɒmɪˈnɔɪdi.ə/) are a clade of Old World simians native to sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia (though they were more widespread in Africa, most of Asia, and Europe in prehistory), which together with its sister group Cercopithecidae form the catarrhine clade, cladistically making them monkeys.

Anonymous 253964

>which makes them monkeys
did you add that part yourself, nona? because it says apes and cercopithecidae (monkeys) are both simians (not monkeys) at the start of the sentence.

Anonymous 254230


Click beetles
Their eye spots used to scare me

Anonymous 254231


Here's a brown one I thought was pretty cute

Anonymous 254584

green sea turtle.j…

green sea turtles my beloved…

Anonymous 254692

Bats are underrated

Anonymous 254699


Orcas have terrifying skeletons

Anonymous 255249

Screenshot 2023-10…

There's a good chance they're smarter than us, but there's not much you can do when you live in water and have no hands.

Anonymous 255250

I have no mouth and I must scream

Anonymous 255251


Snow leopards are goddess' perfect creatures.

Anonymous 255252

Without the ability to record knowledge, we would never have progressed past the stone age. I think about this a lot.

Anonymous 255256

I doubt it. Some civilizations had almost no written language but still managed to build complex architecture, develop agriculture and even form complex social hierarchies. Keep in mind even with written language the average peasant or villager was still illiterate. They learned valuable skills through first-hand experience. By learning from a skilled mentor or experienced family member.

Anonymous 256836

Mari just has very deep eyes, you know, it's like she's staring right into your soul….

Anonymous 256942



Anonymous 257083

scooter ready.png

Coyotes are my new favourite. You can probably tell I'm not a farmer.

Anonymous 257102


so ugly so ugly so fucking ugly, i love it.

Anonymous 257284


Anonymous 257286


Anonymous 258460

millipedes. i like big and small ones. i know its weird, lots of people think theyre insects but theyre arthropods. they dont crawl fast at all, very slow moving and cute. their legs dont bother me at all. their little antennae wiggle as they move and their roundness just makes me happy. people very often mistake them for centipedes, which DO run around very fast and can be lethally poisonous.

Anonymous 258474


Citheronia Laocoon (Saturniidae). Ironically enough, I have a phobia of insects.

Anonymous 258488


Same, anon! I loooove millipedes. This is coming from someone who used to be scared of even completely harmless, safe and commonplace animals like earthworms. They just made me uncomfy. But millipedes changed all that weird creepy crawly feeling. I mean, have you anons seen how they reach up the upper half of their bodies while gripping tightly onto the ground (or other surface) with their teeny tiny legs with the lower half? They're so majestic and beautiful. And they're perfect decomposers. They're a gift, I just wish I could find them more often without going hunting specifically for them. Pill millipedes look a bit odd, though, just not sure why.

Video not mine but someone from Tumblr.

Anonymous 258489


highland cow :3

Anonymous 258491



Anonymous 258497



Anonymous 258521


Tree shrews r gangsta!

Anonymous 258565


i love snails! i think they're adorable and magical littl creatures. i used to own 2 milk snails but they died :c

Anonymous 258635



ayrt, the pill millipedes are a little weird theyre just like large rolly pollies, but some of them can have interesting colors. but yeah millipedes are some of the oldest creatures on the planet which i also think is cool. thanks for sharing the video

Anonymous 258715


Recently I'm very fascinated with orcas. I find them so beautiful and mysterious. Hopefully one day we can communicate with them. And stop holding them captive like circus monkeys for people's entertainment.

>have never been documented to hurt a human in the wild

It's amazing they haven't grown more hostile or wary towards humans considering they must know en-masse about the horrible things humans have done to them at this point. Someone argued that friendly animals have statistically been less killed by humans so it could be they're just putting up a friendly act. But it appears they often tend to be genuinely friendly towards humans. It makes me even more curious what they know and how they feel about us.

Anonymous 258723


Beavers are smart wittle engineers! They live in families and love their mates and babies for life! They also alter ecosystems with their cute wittle dams!
Oh yesh they do!

Anonymous 258752


manul/pallas's cat! i hate whoever made the scientific name because it means "ugly-eared". leave the critters alone.

i like that they're loners. most cats are, but manuls don't even like other manuls.

Anonymous 260422


Demodex face mite

Anonymous 260440

>they must know en-masse about the horrible things humans have done to them at this point.
What horrible things have people done to wild orcas? Like obviously captive orcas are psychologically tortured, but they'd have no way of knowing about that.

Anonymous 260459


The red panda— very cute.

Anonymous 261811



Anonymous 261832

Cool chart!
Also, supreme taste, nona!

Anonymous 261843


Eurasian magpie

Anonymous 261868


Excellent choice!

Anonymous 261911

трясогузочка 1.jpg


Anonymous 262348


Anonymous 262351


Anonymous 263400

>anon reads "my favourite of favourites"
>how does the 1% change contextually if it's part of the 5%?
>his autist brain shits itself
moids BTFO

Anonymous 263403

images (1) (10).jp…

Anonymous 263404


Anonymous 263421


Anonymous 264701



Anonymous 264702


Anonymous 264703


I couldn't find any good sturgeon pics where the fish wasn't being held by a moid.

Anonymous 266031


Wombat! Their butts are made of thick leather apparently, so tough that they escape predators by just running into a hole and staying there until the attacker loses interest, being unable to do damage.

Anonymous 266039


moids fear the country girl

Anonymous 266040


giant ant eater <3

Anonymous 266447

golden mole.jpg

Moles especially golden moles

Anonymous 268452


Fuzzy caterpillar!

Anonymous 271026


cats are so creatures

Anonymous 271028


I just think they’re so silly

Anonymous 273255



Anonymous 273294

R (4).jpg

Orchid mantises are pretty :)

Anonymous 273427


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