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Website by gender.…

Anonymous 228539

What the fuck is this? According to website that tracks search history and site accounts this site and lolcow both have about as many women as fucking 4chan. The self reported 80% woman Pinterest site is roughly 50/50 split. Same with the other so called "internet cesspool but for women" Tumblr that was commonly reported to be majority women, and that was before the porn ban which should have driven even more moids away from that site. Also thown there Deviantart which was also commonly reported as female majority site couple of years ago and Kiwifarms, which is even worse then fucking 4chan.

How does this make any sense? Do you honestly believe it? Do you think the overabundance of moids is result of the programs counting bots as moids, or anybody who has not mentioned their gender on any social site as moids? Does it base the findings around some of your accounts connected to birth certificate? Does it assume moid hobbies like gaming and tech to automatically make you moid in the eyes of that bot? Does it count trannies as women because they put she/her in their bio on every account? Does it count everyone who ever visited the website as user, including people who visited once and raiders spamming scat porn?

You can try it with other sites:

Anonymous 228541

>Do you think the overabundance of moids is result of the programs counting bots as moids
probably this since lolcow is searchable by google

Anonymous 228542

Any female dominant website I search for there seems to be a 50/50 split, 60/40 at most. The distribution for a period tracker is 60/40. Why would that be the case? I find these numbers sketchy.

Anonymous 228544

Probably following as I mentioned:
- Since moids tend to care less about their social media pressence, they often just put memes as their accounts for facebook, twitter and so on, while also lot more young women put pronouns in their bios, so the program automatically assumes that unknown gender = male
- If the above is true, then bot accounts with 0 work put into them would be almost always classified as moids, with the only possible exception being porn catfish bots
- It could classify any visitors to the site as regulars, so guys who heard of some site for women would give it a visit out of curiosity. If this is true, then all the moid traction for this site could just be random 18 year old gamer boys who hear "4chan for ladies" and they get instantly horny and visit this site in hopes of acquiring edgy gf, only to then leave 5 minutes later once they see this site is not full of /r9k/ pickmes

Though the last one would not explain period tracker. Maybe women checking in from theri boyfriend phones. Only very small minority of women actually use it to track their periods, so even just small number of curious moids giving it one time visit could skew the data.

Anonymous 228545


This. I highly doubt fujochan is 65% male

Anonymous 228546

I imagine the analytics try to skew towards a social norm, with places like wizardchan or whatever tagging unknowns as female more often than not, and places like this tagging them as male. IIRC there are also bots that are supposed to guess gender by word choice and sentence structure that tend to categorize lesbian authors as male for whatever reason.

Anonymous 228553


Don't stop scrolling

Anonymous 228556


im pretty sure its because bots categorize certain things as female or male, so its probably pretty innaccurate

Anonymous 228573

you're right. Just tested it and, predictably, 'car' = Male.

Anonymous 228673

my recommended advertisements across multiple platforms think im a boy, it's just bad datamining.

iirc, i think there was a site that proved you couldn't determine someones gender with accuracy based on what they enjoy and how they write.

Anonymous 228674

I'd assume it has a lot of confounding factors, causing lots of women who use CC to not get classified as women by their algorithm. The opposite would be true for the "female" percentage of 4chan users (they have a lot of trannies).

Anonymous 228895


You can check your google ad center (https://myadcenter.google.com/controls) it's set an assumed gender for you can change it there, most people are assumed male if they look up anything computer/gaming related

Anonymous 228905

This isn't legit information.

>Does it assume moid hobbies like gaming and tech to automatically make you moid in the eyes of that bot?


Anonymous 230542

I am more surprised that there are that many women on 4chan than I am that there are that many men here.

Anonymous 230549

Those bots are dumb, they always label me male.

Anonymous 230559

real women ride trains

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