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Older women? Anonymous 229976

Any older women, like 35+ here?

Is pic related accurate? Is it just low value scrotes who cannot get women their own age. Or is it all men? Do you feel that men your age would date younger women if they could?

Anonymous 229977

Did this really need its own thread and couldn't you just continue the discussion in the thread this is originally from

Anonymous 229992


I am talking about regular men, the ones who get married to regular women.

Anonymous 229999

Well, as moids are petty and like women they can manipulate it makes sense. Well, women shouldn't base their lives on pleasing scrotes. It's good for a girl looking to get a dowry from an old man.

Anonymous 230034

The only difference between regular men and celebrity men is in the resources available. What politicians and celebrities go for tells you the revealed preferences of all men.

Anonymous 230036

dunno, i suspect many women fucking lied. at one point (new year, too much wine) most of my female relatives confessed they "love their husbands, but men look best in their early 20s".

Anonymous 230037

>i need the internet to inform me on what the average relationship is like
Perhaps leave the house?

Anonymous 230039

men are fucking creepy, 50 still has his wrinkly eyes on 22.

Anonymous 230042

The only thing that a girl with that age could see in a mummy like this is money and these pricks still complain "oh waman are so petty only want our money" or course retard why the f would a young gal want a hag like you have some dignity

Anonymous 230043

>Well, as moids are petty and like women they can manipulate it makes sense.

No, it is about physical attraction. Not about manipulation. I hear a lot about men going for younger women because that women their own age don't want them. This is not it.

Anonymous 230044


Only men with no money complain about gold diggers. Men who have money love to spoil women.

Anonymous 230045

Tbf there is a difference between gold digging (having a relationship exclusively with someone because they are rich) and just spoiling your SO. This is true though, the amount of paranoia men have about muh gold digging isn't justified by the amount of actual golddiggers there are. And yes my boyfriend loves to spoil me, he doesn't even have very much money but he likes buying me things and making me happy and being the "provider".

Anonymous 230053

I’m 35 and married. My husband is my age and says 20 year olds (men and women) are basically children and are annoying lol.

Anonymous 230058

There are several factors that lead to men dating women their age despite evidence that says they find women younger more attractive:
1. Because like you said, they are immature. They are largely incompatable as life partners, but this does not mean he does not find 20 somethings more physically attractive.
2. His conscious morals override his unconscious desires; he may secretly like 20 somethings but because he knows such a relationship is inappropriate he sticks to women his own age.
3. Men who meet their partners young, grow and bond with their partners and so obviously even when they are in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, they will love their wives and choose them over the 20 somethings they would otherwise find mor3 attractive.

Anonymous 230099

if a moid is targetting young women, id consider him a "low value scrote". he probably has predator (pedo) psychology.. so, if you marry him, he'll touch your children, or eyefuck your daughters as they grow into teens. dating younger is a symptom of a predatory mind, which puts my children in danger, so no amount of money or fame could make me consider him "high value".

also, if hes your scrote idea of "high value" such as being a billionaire, celebrity, theres a high chance he has whore tendencies and sleeps around.

overall, retarded post. kys moid

Anonymous 230103

you do realize young women have cellulite too?

Anonymous 230115

are you retarded? im 20, scrotenigger. even young women like me can see the degeneracy that goes through the minds of men who target younger women. if you cant see it, youre an ignorant fool. or even better, the same coping predator scrotes i describe.

why do you think conservatives get associated with pedophilia the most? lowering the age of consent, taking away abortion rights so teenagers can get pregnant. its simply because the purity they push for on women and pedophilia go hand in hand. age of consent laws are the only reason they dont chase after younger girls.

even the most libfemmy women know this instinctively. saying "copium" is your own cope against coming to terms with the degenerate truth of those belonging to your gender.

Anonymous 230128

How would I know I really don't want to get married. The idea of marriage makes me violently ill and I'm in my 30s yeah. This will never change.

Anonymous 230144

>Do you feel that men your age would date younger women if they could?
I'm 21, so I think that at this stage, it might get side eyes, but scrotes can get away with dating younger like 17 unforch. I always get discouraged because I'm focusing on building my career first and haven't dated at all, but I hear dating in your 30s is hard/men want younger women/etc. It makes me sad ig. Looking at online dating profiles, I see dudes 30+ looking for women my current age, but I'm just not ready for that yet, and I'm worried nobody will be there for me once I am. Honestly, I'd prefer to be alone then.


I think it's great that you're focused on your career at the moment. A healthy and fulfilling personal life is really important, but so is being able to find your feet in your career and feel good in what you're working towards.

Anonymous 230151

Thank you, Nona. I appreciate your encouragement.

Anonymous 230187

I have seen many beautiful women in their 40's. I Can't say the same for moids.

Anonymous 230254

Uh oh

Anonymous 230267

Much more fun than dealing with old scrotes, so yeah. Duh.

Young men are everything. In your old age forget about marriage though. Make money for yourself and be single. Love is temporary wealth and happiness are what really give you the means to ennoy life.

Anonymous 230315

I mean, it's not a competition. Benefitting moids is only bad when it's at your expense. If you can find a relationship that benefits you both, that's a good thing.

Anonymous 230324

preferring much younger sex/relationship partners is always a sign of mental illness. usually it's BPD, but it's also often narcissism or psychopathy.

Anonymous 230333

>muh husband isn't like the others
lmao is like when my friends tell me their bfs promised them that they will stop watching porn

Anonymous 230334

They're rare, but there are men who are not coomers with a youth fetish nona. NTA

Anonymous 230335

But men are going to try to weaponize dating young against women anyway. What's the point of protecting their egos letting them think we won't and cant and that they gdt special privelege for being male ??? Its profoundly gross Nona. Simply deciding that is living a better existence, period.

Anonymous 230397

Outlier here to say I like younger men so this chart isn't accurate for me, but the trend is accurate in that scrotes are picky chooser pedos and women usually like a male that is around her age, give or take.

Anonymous 249209


It’s all men. They’ll sleep with your niece, the nanny the baby sitter you name it.
They only go for older when the young ones they want don’t want them. So they get mad and settle.
Fine do what you want but real problem is when they go to Thailand and chase literal children

Anonymous 249217

Marriage is a scam and men over the age of 40 just end up becoming an overbearing sex pest and overbearing and demanding at home. I dont want to get married period.

If youre a woman. And you want or be married after 35 you're out of your damn mind. It's nothing but slavery and being chained to someone. For a woman happiness comes in the form of blissful solitude.

Anonymous 249218

This exactly.

Anonymous 249233

so do men

Anonymous 249235

I've been thinking more and more about this because I'm mostly a loner. I don't mind ending up single anymore. The problem is I want a kid. But I guess I can go to artificial route now that I think on it.

Anonymous 249250

Just creepy scrotes do. It's true people naturally find those in their 20s most attractive look-wise and women are the same, lets be honest plenty of women prefer the appearance of a young man not an old wrinkly man, but only creepy scrotes act on that urge. Also don't listen to scrotes who say women cannot find love after their fertile years, this is a lie. I know divorced moms and widows in their 50s to 60s who have found men in their 50s to 60s to date them and they make very lovely couples. Most good men prefer to date around their age group, imo a high value is just a genuinely good and virtuous man who does his best to be a decent person and has positive relationships with others.

Anonymous 249251

You can also adopt, there's lots of kids out there who would love a nice home.

Anonymous 249254

This is true. Women don't find older men "attractive" unless he has money. Male beauty peaks around 18-24. Thing is, most young beautiful men know this and will not commit to you. Still, you will rarely see the average 50 yearold big Ed looking ass with a beautiful young woman

Anonymous 249488

I am 37, I come on here from time to time because I miss gender critical and pinkpill on Reddit.

This is my sentiment exactly.

I really don't know where I'm supposed to post ever since reddit became unbearable and have been looking for a community for ages. I just don't exactly feel like I belong here either. Most anons here are in their 20s… So I guess I have to have conversations with 20 year olds. In truth I'm tired as fuck of Reddit. Can we have a 30+ thread on cc?

Anonymous 266556

Its about sexual desire which relationships are based on and in older couples it stops so its shitty for the woman because he desires younger women more if he chooses to still engage in lust

Anonymous 266657

dataclysm age jpg.…

>>229976 cont'd if anyone is interested.

The paper is OKCupid founder Christian Rudder's Dataclysm, drawing from the same dataset that gave us the incel favorite "women rate 80% of men on dating apps as below average" that they post everywhere, conveniently leaving out the bit that shows that women mainly match and message ugly to average men and don't even respond to himbo sluts out of their league whereas nearly all of men's attention falls upon the prettiest of women.

I think that the infamous age chart in the OP pic mirrors that. Some of these can be shocking out of context.

Anonymous 268455

The only thing not accurate about it is if they included ages 14-16 that's what most men would prefer

Anonymous 268456

I'm nearly 30 and I still find myself attracted to younger men rather than men my age or older. Older men have never been very appealing to me.

Anonymous 268461

I don't know why so many women felt compelled to lie about men being physically attractive to them personally.

Whenever women on this site or on lolcow start a thread for sharing pictures of physically attractive men the posts that get the most enthusiastic responses typically show pictures of Bjorn Andressen when he was significantly below the age of consent, featured in a movie about being below the age of consent, or pictured in a still photography book examining men below the age of consent which used the word "Boy" in its title.

Anonymous 268468

The thing with female attraction is that it's often discarded and suppressed for the sake of having access to status, security and resources… The reason women lie is that it's so much easier to socially shame women than men and social ostracism is much more devastating for women than it is for men. So it's rare for women to ever admit to their actual preference even on the web. because even online, women prefer to build some kind of persona and a reputation rather than just dump their thoughts with no attachments. Right now I find myself worrying about how deep we can delve into this topic without getting banned

Anonymous 268471

As a woman, I do NOT find teens/boys attractive.

What point are you trying to make?? That women are all secretly pedophiles? LOL no, that's moids you're thinking of.

Anonymous 268476

>I do NOT find teens/boys attractive.
>What point are you trying to make??
Firstly, that you almost certainly also do not find Norwood-2 through 7 attractive. Being unattracted to youth does not in any way mean being actively attracted to ugliness and it should be unnecessary to exaggerate on this subject. No woman should claim to be physically attracted primarily to men over the age of oh let's say 28.
Secondly, that a staggering number of adult women are positively attracted to boyband-aged males, right up until the number of years those men have been alive is disclosed at which point it becomes a flurry of denials which are accepted out of politeness rather than belief. If no lies were told on this subject, even if we assume that bjornposters are exclusively early-adult women, then the age of attraction for every woman on the chart would average out to being lower than their own age. Even for the early 20s.

Anonymous 268477

I am NOT attracted to Bjorn/underage boys. I am primarily attracted to guys a few years my senior or a similar age as myself.
I think the people who post him are a very loud minority who primarily congregates on IBs. I also think a lot of them appreciate him as being aesthetically beautiful and dont really want to have sex with him

Anonymous 268479

>appreciate him as being aesthetically beautiful and dont really want to have sex with him
It's this, I have never seen women talk about him in a thirsty sexual manner

Anonymous 268511

The only times I see women use specifically thirsty sexual language on this or other sites are when their subjects are either above or beneath criticism, with the latter more common than the former. You are infinitely more likely to encounter a woman-authored thirstpost about Steve Buscemi circa 2000 than about Orlando Bloom circa same. We both know who inspired more thirst in real life though.

Anonymous 268513

Cope that most grown women don't wanna fuck teen boys. You're either a moid or some pedofag projecting on other women.

Anonymous 268520

Oh please. You and I both know how refusal to ban shota affected South Korean radfem spaces and why it was banned here. You know exactly what this site would become if they became known as spaces where women could shotapost and why even fujochan realized that they were shielded by a temporary and frail obscurity against a deep tide that their seawalls could not withstand were it to ever roll in.

Anonymous 268523


Anonymous 268525

say more you gotta redpill me on this femanon

Anonymous 268550

>radfem sites
>other niche female imageboards
>representative of most women

Anonymous 268551

Yes. GenCri is the truth that all women know that few dare speak. Male violence is the truth that all women know that few dare speak. Male depravity is the truth that all women know that few dare speak. Anime/otome male superiority over fleshlings is a truth that all women know that few dare speak. There is a very clear pattern to be seen regarding the relationship between these supposedly extreme fringe groups and normal women, and the fact that places for unspeakable truths are forced to either render shota unspeakable or find themselves destroyed by it constitutes an unspeakable truth as harsh as any other.

I could also point to western animation fandoms from tumblr, but I should not need to dredge up old drama from another site / social cluster that also had to forcibly ban shotaposting.

Anonymous 268553

lol majority of women irl don't even know what tf 'Shotacon' means or what a shota is. Only chronic weebs or fujos know

Anonymous 268554

Anonymous 268556

Shota/Loli is disgusting and you sound like a pedophile trying to rationalize your paraphilia and gaslight people into thinking it's normal

Anonymous 268563

i'm confused are trying to say that shota shouldn't be taboo and there's nothing wrong with it? god i hate when people speak like this

Anonymous 268565

I am saying that shota is such a strict and such a universally enforced taboo that no woman will respond honestly to an age of attraction survey even if her true age of attraction is just one single year her junior. So we end up with insane results that claim that women who are 30 will say they are attracted to 30 year old men even though just fucking look at the difference in skin quality or eyes between 25 year old men and 30 and tell me that you genuinely believe that, holy shit.

Anonymous 268566

i don't think women feel ashamed about being attracted to younger men tbh like you see women in their 30s thirsting over 20s men but maybe it isn't seen as acceptable compared to men? also isn't shota literally pedophilia? that shit should stay taboo just like loli

Anonymous 268568

I think that you are wrong about the personal impact of socially extreme taboo enforcement. Women's sexuality has always been more subject to taboo than men's and there is a reason you feel more comfortable injecting a comparison to loli into the discussion than in instead referring to, say, Twilight Moms who were fixated on Team Jacob or any other eruptions of age-inappropriate boy idolatry among women in our society. None of those moms abused anyone. Ever. But they make everyone more uncomfortable and are more distressing to discuss than men who actually abuse and harm women. Because the weight of the taboo is infinitely greater.

Taboos should not have the power to overwrite our ability to gauge reality, such as any real attractiveness of men. It does not matter if they have a right to exist and a right to be enforced. The extremes to which women are policed on this subject in particular lead to so much misery in terms of placing a feeling of obligation on women to be actively sexual with men who are socially acceptable but in no way sexually arousing. There are right and proper limits to the taboo of young men, but those limits are in no danger of being violated. By anyone, including notorious bad actors. Julia Vickerman, self-labeled hetero ephebophile, never once behaved improperly with a young man, she married an ugly older man and took out her libidinal rage by sexually bullying socially vulnerable younger women.

Anonymous 268570

i agree that women's sexualities have always been subjected to taboo and were heavily policed. i do think it's unfair since men get away with expressing their sexualities more freely. but i don't think taboo enforcement in of itself is a bad thing and it's what keeps society cohesive. yes obviously men tend to actually cause harm and male pedos are way more common. i just don't think using extreme taboo is a good defense to shotacon which if i'm not mistaken, is the depiction of young adolescent boys in an erotic way. i'm not one to moralfag tho and i thing there's a moral gray area with this loli and shota thing because it's not depicting real children technically. but yeah without taboos so much more degenerate shit would've been normalized ages ago and i think certain things being shunned is good for society.

Anonymous 268575

QRD please, this sounds hilarious. Did the pro vs anti shotacons destroy south korean radfem communities? I’m no shotacon but I love suicide boy.

Anonymous 268577

>Did the pro vs anti shotacons destroy south korean radfem communities?
It was a very odd case of behavioral escalation involving splinter groups from WOMAD. As a little bit of background, part of the trolling ethos of Megalia was based on the ideological lens of the novel "Egalia's Daughters," which was one of those heavy-handed "gender roles are reversed in every single way and so behave exactly the same and have the same problems as the opposite sex in real life" social commentary stories. So doing word-replacement on men's horrible sexual comments was seen in Megalia as a legitimate mode of fighting misogyny in Korea. So you'd have women in Megalia who were essentially copy-pasting men's sexually predatory comments regarding young women with some word swaps to refer to boys. Which formed a nucleus of acceptability.

WOMAD splintered off from Megalia because Megalia decided to eliminate homophobic commentary and positions from their site, which at some points veered towards trans-acceptance, or focus on fighting men's battles for them, on a site ostensibly intended to represent the extreme front of women's liberation. This meant that groups in WOMAD's orbit were sometimes genuine but were also more prone to attract women who just wanted to keep calling people faggots and behave more ghoulishly. Ghoulish women in the West are for some insane reason or another pretty likely to wind up in various male orbits, CuteDeadGuys is for gayboys, but that's only the case by accident. Male gore has the potential to be a political statement but let's be honest nobody was celebratorily posting male suicide images or adult unanaesthetized circumcision/castration/phallic damage videos just to own the scrotes. Some places that were intended to represent the bleeding edge of the fight for women's rights became the edgequeen internet trolls who more or less wanted to keep being edgy and calling dudes faggots more than they wanted women's rights, and were being attacked for this from behind by more liberal feminists who thought of themselves as the ones staying on target despite socially compromising by offering support for gender-non-conforming men. Which further alienated some of those edgequeen feminist groups from the women of the mainstream whom they were nominally fighting for.

Anyways the story ends in Australia.
>Child-abuse incident in Australia
>On November 19, 2017, a member wrote a post on the WOMAD forum claiming that she had raped an Australian boy.[6][20][21] She uploaded photos and videos allegedly portraying her raping the boy.[18] WOMAD members showed support for the writer, leaving comments saying that they would pay to watch the videos of the sexual assault. News of the post quickly spread online and a petition was started on Cheong Wa Dae’s bulletin board requesting that the person responsible be caught.[22] On November 20, 2017, a 27-year-old Korean woman identified as "Areum Lee" was arrested by the Australian Federal Police in Darwin, Northern Territory in relation to the incident. The suspect is charged with producing child abuse materials.[23][24][16] AFP announced that she will remain in custody until a court hearing scheduled for mid-January 2018.[25] According to interviews with the victim's parents, it is suspected that her identification and credentials are fake and that she could have broken immigration and labor laws.[26] WOMAD members actively defended her, claimed that Areum Lee was innocent and conducted an online fundraiser for her lawyer appointment. In addition, they sent a petition to the Australian police to "release Areum Lee" and protested the victim's parents. Many were shocked by this incident.[27][28][29]
As faras I am aware this arrest marks the end of shota edgequeen escalation in Korean feminism and the end of the use of pedophilic copypasta as feminist activism.

Anonymous 268584

I'll add that the case nearly ended the sociopolitical leverage of feminism in Korea. Megalia's financial support for ex-President Park was bad enough for the mainstream given her necromancy/embezzlement scandal. Becoming accessories to an international CSAM/rape case that crossed the language barrier made WOMAD a national disgrace so unpalatable to Korean women that misogyny escalated with minimal opposition for a half decade. WOMAD is now pulling itself back together having replaced trolling, gore, etc. with positions that could be best described as femcelmaxxing. Aggressive celibacy may seem as doomed to failure as political lesbianism. But it is unlikely to result in Korean women having to explain to Australian women tourists that no in point of fact it is not common for k girls to go on sex tourism romps overseas in search of children to film.

Anonymous 268606

They're literally not. Biologically and factually. See tifs after taking testosterone.

Anonymous 268608

This is Alicia Jay, a minor celebrity mostly known from the reality television show "My Giant Life." She is sometimes referred to by the title of "the world's tallest virgin." This is not due to absence of dating or asexuality.
She's 40 years old and has for 20 of those years been receiving cunnilingus from the men who date her, but not reciprocating nor offering dicksucking, nor offering vaginal or anal penetration since neither her dignity nor her religiosity would accept that.

Have you tried being tall? Because I think you would like being tall.

Anonymous 268612

Anonymous 268656

>Female and male sexuality are exactly the same
i don't think so tbh men tend to be way more depraved sexually but maybe i'm dumb and don't notice women being the same
>emale position in this dynamic is degrading, submissive, servile and piglike(sucking d) so women are more likely to suppress it cause it's objectively obscene and vulgar.
yeah but at the same time a lot of women chose to do that for their man bc they love him so i don't think it's degrading unless he doesn't also do the same for you
>That's why women suppress this shit. Nobody in existence should be subjected go such a degradation and being a bj giving whore yet those are the authentic human heterosexual desires
that's just being heterosexual and you can avoid doing all of that by never dating men. a lot of women do actually enjoy sex and aren't just doing it to please their moids. i agree tho it sucks being str8 sometimes

Anonymous 268798

Blackpilled again

Anonymous 268799

>look up Egalia's Daughters
>Even though Petronius sometimes fantasizes about a quiet and peaceful life with a strong woman to take care of him, he continues his tough fight for a better future for men.
The author has a lot of unresolved issues

Anonymous 268805

Don't tell me you actually believe the anon you're responding too is a femoid…

Anonymous 268817

oh that's just blackpill chan and despite some anons thinking it's a man i'm convinced she's just a deeply unwell woman who sadly got caught up in all of this. she also got ran out from lolcow and reddit from doing this apparently and ban evades on cc

Anonymous 268819


On the topic of shota, I occasionally roleplay straight shota content with adult men online. Everyone involved is chronically online, me included. I enjoy it and if I ever had to explain it, I would compare it to ageplay in the bedroom rather than actual pedophilia. I am aware that I'm not actually ERPing with a minor, and that's not what I want anyhow. Grown men are aware of what makes shotacon hot, revel in the ability to pretend for a time that they aren't total porn-addicted, mentally ruined used goods adults. The shotas don't even act like modern day little boys, and I actually don't like children IRL.

That all said, I am in my late 20s and the guys I RP with are 20-25, so once again, breaking the stigma of older women and younger men hooking up. There is hope, nonas.

Anonymous 268867


Anonymous 271278

It makes perfect sense why men are more attracted to 20 than any other age

Anonymous 271292

Yes I'm a woman retard get a brain

Anonymous 271315

He's ugly

Anonymous 271367

where do you even go to find this shit?

Anonymous 271396

If I speak I will be called a Joykilla

Anonymous 271404

>is pic related accurate?
No, the number for men is far too high.
Total XY genocide.

Anonymous 271410

But if I tell you to stop sucking cock then suddenly you all want men to exist to satisfy your shameful perversion

Anonymous 271412

Damn lol, internet overdose


What I am getting from this post is that the poster really, really, really badly wants to suck a dick, like super badly, and hates herself for this desire.

Anonymous 271414

Yeah sure subhuman abusive cunt then y'all bitches say you aren't abusers

Anonymous 271415

Rape wishing dick sucking cunt

Anonymous 271416

You're cracking me up
There's so many, much worse kinks, than wanting dick in your mouth, stop feeling ashamed for it. Find yourself a nice boy who will let you do it and get it out of your system!

Anonymous 271432

Shut up subhuman sexual harraser why do you think its okay to sexually harras someone with abusive violent degrading shit used to terrorize women. You're a horrible person

Anonymous 271435

> violent degrading shit used to terrorize women
You mean… sucking dick?

Anonymous 271437

>anon posts about being happily married
>cocksucker-chan starts screaming about blowjobs using violent and degrading language

I love you cocksucker-chan, you're doing amazing sweetie.

Anonymous 271438

Yes you fucking retard its literally sadomasochism and violent and women have to pretend to not have teeth and suffocate while doing piglike movements like a beasts to please men and its used to terrorize women by harrasing them or calling them useless blah blah blah do I need to confront you with a picture of this or what go Google "dumb bitch sucking dick" for proof

Anonymous 271440

Low iq response I didnt call myself a feminist

Anonymous 271442

>oink oink oink I hate women who fuck

Anonymous 271443

Finally, you drop the charade and admit you just hate women.

Anonymous 271445

If they identify with being dick blowing pigs then!

Anonymous 271449

Still waiting to hear your take on lesbianism cocksucker-chan

I'm starting to think she wants to cosplay a pig while sucking cock, tbh

Anonymous 271451

Stop sexually harassing me. + low iq question. Stop being obtuse about my point.

Anonymous 271452


But pigs don't suck dick, nona.
Why are you so mean to piggies?

Anonymous 271455

I think she wants to be called names while she is sucking cock

Anonymous 271460

You're literally sexually harrasing me and bullying. Or it's called taunting

Anonymous 271461

I'm just teasing you, oral-fixation-chan

Anonymous 271615

This test is bullshit, because they forgot to remove the age of the people at the picture.

How would someone be able to judge someone age from a picture with this precision?
Because unless you ask someone, you can only judge his age by his look

Anonymous 271622

>How would someone be able to judge someone age from a picture with this precision?
You cant tell how old somebody is based on their picture?
>This test is bullshit, because they forgot to remove the age of the people at the picture.
So they had the ages listed on the picture and all the men still picked 20 year old women? That only proves the point more.

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