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Anonymous 23107

How racist is your family? Would they treat you differently if you met a romantic partner of a different race or religion? Would they disown you?

My dad often goes on racist tirades about blacks, Hispanics, etc. in private but his best friend is a Jew so idk really how he would react. I think my mom and sister would just be happy I found someone.

Anonymous 23108

I'm too distant to them for them to care.

My mom initially discouraged me from dating someone with middle eastern culture but I didn't care at that point already

Anonymous 23109

I come from a latino fam and some are pretty racists. Most are just casually racist like most older people. Like they’ll make jokes about Asian accents or call all Asians “Chinos” which means Chinese in spanish. But most of it isn’t done with malicious intent. In regards to dating, my parents don’t really care about the race of my potential bf. Although my parents seem to be less keen on me dating a black guy.

Anonymous 23110

It’s complicated. My parents are not racist, at all. But they have always been very clear my siblings and I can only marry Catholics. The end.
They have non-Catholic friends, and honestly like our non-Catholic friends, but marriage? They would have to convert.

Anonymous 23112

Tbh, you would be better off choosing one in the first place.

Anonymous 23113

both super racists and go for long rants about it on the regular.
dad would disown me if my romantic partner followed any religion at all.

Anonymous 23114

I don’t understand- do you mean I’d be better if with a Catholic?

Anonymous 23115

Screen Shot 2018-0…

i don't think my parents would care, but my extended family on my mom's side has definitely complained about 'Mexicans moving into our towns taking our jobs' etc. and are pro-Trump.
Kind of makes me sick when they talk about 'running them out of town on a rail'. I don't know if they're just using that as an expression or what. They do all come from a small town in Alabama and I have no idea why they're complaining after pic related.
but my current bf is Hispanic (although he has a white-collar job) and I would never want to take him to a family reunion because i don't trust my uncles not to be assholes.

Anonymous 23116

Not that anon but I’d say so. You’d be much more compatible with someone who’s from the same religion as you (unless you’re just Catholic in name only). Also it’s easier to raise children when you share the same values and beliefs. Basically it doesn’t matter what race/nationality they are, it matters what their beliefs are. Most of the times, marrying someone from a different religion just doesn’t work. Either that or one of them end up leaving their own religion and converting to their partner’s religion.

Anonymous 23118

Oh, I thought so. Thank you.
I am very Catholic so it isn’t an issue with me, I was just trying to fully answer.
I do want to marry, I just worry because my oldest brother is struggling to find a girl right now.

Anonymous 23119

Like he’s struggling to find a Catholic girl or he’s found one but she isn’t Catholic?

Anonymous 23134

He’s struggling to find a Catholic girl

Anonymous 23135

>tfw mixed race but white mom still stereotypes ethnic men

I wouldn't even say she's racist. She just has something bad to say about most races of men in regards to romantic relationships.

The thing is men of all races are generally shit to women, so she isn't wrong just…why stop at brown and black guys. If anything I'd be even more wary dating a white guy in case he goes full /pol/tard.

It's kind of whatever though. I'm sure if I brought a brown guy home (probable since I prefer darker men) and he was a sweetheart she'd be fine. She just fears for me.

Anonymous 23159


My family isn't very PC since they're from the Balkans, but they're actually not racist, misogynistic or homophobic at all. Ironically some of my friends think the country they grew up in and I was born in is this gay, black-hating shithole even though they grew up in Yugoslavia which was the place for African and Middle Eastern exchange students in the 70s and 80s and most of my aunts were economists, dentists etc with pretty hefty paycheques.
They'd still have an aneurysm if I married a Muslim but that's because I'm Jewish and until recently I lived in an area where we weren't treated very kindly by Muslim immigrants. I've personally mostly hung out with Moroccans since my uni is full of them but I understand where they're coming from and their fears are unfortunately very real even though I've personally not had any problems.

Anonymous 23163

Mum probably wouldn't care, but my dad is racist as shit towards Arabs, all Muslims and blacks. I'd probably get disowned for dating one. He's cool with everyone else as far as I know, but I bet if we were American he'd go in on Mexicans too because he's just like that.

It doesn't really matter to me, the chances of me meeting a guy I want to date so badly I'd risk my relationship with my dad are low. Even if he's racist, he's still worth 1000x what any potential romantic partner might be.

Anonymous 23166

my mom is jokingly racist. she's always cracking insults over whites, latinas, japs, anyone not chinese desu
like she's a teacher and she apparently split up two kids in her class because they weren't speaking english? that shit shouldn't fly in the states

Anonymous 23168

My family is disowning me because I'm dating someone from a different religion.

Anonymous 23169

Unlikely but is anyone here a JW or an ex-JW? They stop talking with their family members if they leave their cult and don't marry people who don't share the same faith.

Anonymous 23172

Why would his hatred for blacks and Hispanics carry over to Jews?

Anonymous 23183

Prejudice against black and Hispanic people often overlaps with antisemitism, especially in USA

Anonymous 23184

They would need some time to get used to me dating someone with a different race as it's not common in the city I live in here in Germany. I don't think they would be intentionally racist though.

There are mostly atheists in my family. I doubt they would mind if my boyfriend was religious unless he would be very strict about his religion and would force me to do things.

I never had a boyfriend who wasn't german though so I can't be sure how they would react.

Anonymous 23186

What religion are you? And what religion is he?

Anonymous 23192

Joke's on you, I'm the racist in my family.

Anonymous 23207

Not JW but I dated one. It was a nightmare.

Anonymous 23212

Can you explain why? It's really hard for them to grow up like that, it's a cult.

Anonymous 23223

My family hates middle Easterns and while they're not outwardly racist I know they would be against it if I went for someone different, even if they were the same skin tone like those really light skinned Arabs or Mediterranean guys.

It's hard because I do like their family values, forget about religion for a minute but they are very family based and I think it's sweet, I don't like the whole sending your parents into a care home mentality and I wouldn't like my kids to do that to me, at least they look after their parents but oh well.

Anonymous 23224

im mixed irish and indian. the rules have always been; no blacks, no muslims. anything else is fine.


Anonymous 23228

>im mixed irish and indian
>the rules have always been; no blacks, no muslims.

Really makes me think. Who's the Irish parent and who's the Indian parent?

I'm not surprised tbh. I had an Indian roommate once who often said some pretty disparaging things about black people.

Anonymous 23234

begome gadolig.jpg

Anonymous 23235

Basically this. My fiance is Catholic, and one of the reasons I'm so excited is because everyone in his family is so tight-knit. I feel comfy when I'm around his family, like I belong there.

Anonymous 23236

What are you?

Anonymous 23238

I'm irreligious, converted to Catholicism for his sake.

Anonymous 23256

…I wish we were Catholic, sometimes. Our neighbors are Catholic and they are So. Close. and not creepy close, Hallmark movie close.
My mom hates them a ton, but when they invite me to dinner I always go!

Anonymous 23258

Just mention some time at dinner that you somehow wonder about whether being Catholic would be nice - I guarantee they will literally set heaven and earth in motion to assist and show you <3

Anonymous 23259

Edit: And don't dare to think it would be a burden to them - It would be amongst their highest honor and joy and to would make them so happy, all they do would find a brand new purpose condensing in you.

Not even kidding. Literally. (That's what it does to people, take heed)

Anonymous 23269

I will! My mother might throw a fit, but that’s ok

Anonymous 23270

what is it with catholics on this board and this slightly creepy conversion propaganda

becoming a catholic won't change your own family, though. if anything it might just become a point of contention between you and your folks.
why does your mom hate them, anyways?

Anonymous 23283

My father forbade racemixing, even though I'm a mutt. We haven't talked in 12 years.

Anonymous 23285

I'm not trying to convert anyone, I'm just saying I like how comfy my bf's family is.

Anonymous 23286

>My father forbade racemixing, even though I'm a mutt.

I… what? Your dad told you not to racemix but you are mixed race? How does that work

Anonymous 23287

he means he wants her to correct the bloodline

Anonymous 23288

No idea tbh. He ended up being pretty racist towards my mum, who divorced his dumb ass. I figure his even more racist family kept giving him shit over the years until he internalised it.

Anonymous 23289

Wow, I'm sorry. That sounds pretty awful. I guess that's always a risk in interracial marriages (i.e., that messed up perspectives on race held by one of the partners may end up harming the children).

Anonymous 23290

If I am Catholic I can make my own Catholic family, I guess.
My mother hates them for being pro-life. A lot.

Anonymous 23294

tbh i agree with your mom.
there are sometimes reason to abort a child and it doesn't have anything to do with wanting to commit murder.
the people who judge others because they don't have the resources to give birth to or to raise a child in a way that's appropriate are assholes imho. like do they really care about the kid or are they just being sanctimonious? maybe to them the $3,500 fee for a hospital delivery is nothing, but to someone else it's a difference between life and death that they can't afford.

Anonymous 23296

I don't think they're racist, at least not openly. We have some relatives who are of a different race and they've never talked badly about them.

> Would they disown you?


Anonymous 23306

I don't know how hard it was for him, he seemed to be very into it even though he himself wasn't very aware.
They are very strict in their convictions and having a partner that isn't part of it is an offense worhty of punishment. That usually means breaking ties with your family and your community, so it's a very serious decison. We were very young so his family was always trying to change me, hoping I'd eventually convert. They were always friendly with me, but it was set in stone from the beginning that there would be no future. That was difficult to see for two dumb teen loners.
He wasn't allowed to do many things, but by far the most shocking for me was being made to sign some document that forbade doctors from giving him a blood transfusion in case of an emergency. His parents would only allow him to travel with that in his backpack. I was always terrified of something happening. Last time we talked he was still a loner, he can only date women from his religion but he also doesn't want to date them. Complicated stuff.

I took refuge in a song from Taizé - Ubi caritas et Amor, Deus ibi est. "Where charity and love are true, God is there". I repeated it in my head as a mantra at the time and in one instance shared it with him. Gave us hope that there was something universal. But it was not that simple.

Anonymous 23309

they're all a bunch of crazies but it's interesting. I know of a JW family in my town through my family members and the father got a blood transfusion so he wouldn't die and the family keeps it secret from the church. Their adopted son is no longer JW (or at least doesn't show up to any of their bs?) has been married to non-JW people like 3 times now, and they still see him and love him and whatnot which I think isn't supposed to happen. because my family was familiar enough with theirs there were JW doorknockers sent to my house at least once a week trying to convert us basically and my hippie mom is too dim to realize what they're doing and that they don't "just want to talk" so I had to tell them in so many words to fuck off and they finally did.

Anonymous 23311

Obviously refusing transfusions categorically is retarded but is it really any more absurd than considering all forms of contraception verboten, like Catholics do?

Anonymous 23312

yes, it is more absurd

Anonymous 23318

Yeah. Same opening as the hour-long rant my mother goes on every time she sees their pro-life license plate. You don’t have to keep going, I’ve heard the exact same thing from her and her friends since I was little.

Anonymous 23321

>be anon's mom
>try to raise my child with a sense of empathy for others and respect for a woman's autonomy over her body
>asshole religious neighbors keep inviting her over for dinner and making a big show of how picture-perfect their existences are
>kid is now thinking of converting because she thinks being catholic will turn her life into a hallmark-channel movie

where the fuck did i go wrong

Anonymous 23371

Yup. Same rant about ‘autonomy’. Told you you could save it. I’ve heard it.
I also see my mom and her friends with the same rant talk about ‘empathy’ and ‘solidarity’ and ‘sisterhood’.
When my mom was bedridden who brought her home cooked meals every day, her old sorority sisters? Nope. Her friends from work? Hell, no. My catholic neighbor whom she sneers at? Yeah.
That’s what appeals to me - my mom talks about empathy and helping others, my neighbor and her friends do things to help others.
Here’s your next bit, per mom; ‘pro-lifers only care until they’re born, then they can starve.’
The only time my mother talks about poor kids is when she’s ranting about my neighbors or telling me who to vote for, otherwise she ignores them.
My neighbors do everything from food to food banks to habitat for humanity to missions to South America where they build schools and dig wells in poor rural villages.
Once more - I get the cheap lectures at home

Anonymous 23372

No one should be born.

Anonymous 23379

>my non-religious mom doesn't do these things therefore no non-religious people do them
if you want to be a nice person and contribute to society you don't have to join a church to do so. just go out and volunteer instead of buying into their whole good vs. evil indoctrination, ffs.

Anonymous 23383

>my mom talks about empathy and helping others, my neighbor and her friends do things to help others.

>be me

>go to Catholic private school for three years
>kids all from upper-class families
>bullying is rampant
>no one gives a shit
>drug use is rampant
>no one gives a shit
>priest tells us during one of his sermons at mass that the Girl Scouts of America is run by lesbians/brainwashing young girls into becoming lesbians
>kid breaks open a bottle in his hand to try to attack someone before morning assembly one day (luckily bottle just shatters in his palm and he gets sent to the ER)
>one of my Catholic friends comes out to her parents as being bisexual, is kicked out of her family's house and has to live with a relative for the rest of the year
>after I graduate, one of the sports coaches in our diocese gets caught fucking a student

look, it sounds like we've had radically different experiences, because from what i've learned being amongst these people, the social niceties like 'oh i heard you were sick, i brought you a casserole' are a thin veneer over a flaming pile of garbage. volunteering is great and all but plenty of those kids volunteered at charities and then went back to school and spent their days making fun of others and pushing them down the stairs. your neighbors might be nice people, but catholicism =/= infallible quality of character. so focus on that instead of being like 'hmm religion seems like it'll make everything better'.

Anonymous 23406

I agree, you don't need a religion to tell you you should be nice, you can do that on your own. Besides I live in a catholic country and only a very small minority of people are like in >>23371 - it's not about religion, it's about personality and upbringing.

Anonymous 23424

I didn’t extrapolate outside of my mother and her friends,. Why did you?

Thanks for sharing, but I’m not trying to play War of the Personal Anecdotes. I was responding to someone accusing me of lacking empathy because my mother is a rude, judgmental person and my neighbor isn’t. But thanks for chiming in and telling me I’m too stupid to realize people you’ve never met but I’ve known personally for 10+ years must be terrible because they’re Catholic. Inside the ‘how racist is your family?’ thread, yet.

Anonymous 23433

nobody is saything that anyone 'must be terrible because they're catholic', they're saying that your decision to convert to catholicism because you associate it with being a good person is a false equivalent. religion isn't what makes you a good person.
you can go ahead and join whatever church you want, but if you're converting solely because you admire their lifestyle, realize that it has nothing to do with their faith. they're just nice people. you'll find those in all walks of life.

Anonymous 23441

>”nobody is saything that anyone 'must be terrible because they're catholic'…”
And yet
“…from what i've learned being amongst these people, the social niceties like 'oh i heard you were sick, i brought you a casserole' are a thin veneer over a flaming pile of garbage.”

Anonymous 23444


>'my neighbors are good people because they volunteer and make casseroles, therefore I should become a Catholic like them'
>'yo volunteering and making casseroles doesn't mean someone can't be a dick when they're not doing those things, i've met lots of people like that at the Catholic school I went to'
>'so you're saying all catholics are terrible people? are you calling me stupid? are you some kind of bigot?'

this is what you sound like.

Anonymous 23445

I mean, Catholics preach that sexuality should be reserved for procreation. In this context, BC is forbidden to discourage immoral behaviour, not because it is inherently evil.
The consequences of both rules are also not comparable. And in the end, you can avoid having sex, but you can't avoid a medical emergency with massive blood loss.

Anonymous 23446

>I mean, Catholics preach that sexuality should be reserved for procreation.

Right, which is awful. Even Islam has a more liberal view of human sexuality than this.

Anonymous 23447

What's with cc and the hate for catholics? You love to shit on lolcow for being "mean", but are absolute cunts if a christian dares to state her believe. You do realize that the majority of catholics aren't some crazed, no-sex, flat earth fundamentalists like they are in America, but actually really nice peple who run homeless shelters, have no problem with guy marriage and so on?

Anonymous 23448

Yup, so liberal that they even allow men to do it with little children just for their own pleasure…

Anonymous 23449

Whereas in Catholicism such behavior is the prerogative of only the clergy

Anonymous 23450

I hope you are not being serious. There is absolutely nothing positive for women about Islam's view of sexuality. Being turned into a replaceable commodity for some dude is not better than being abstinent. Being sold as a wife and raped as a young kid is not better than holding your urges until you're a responsible and commited adult. They have "temporary marriage" contracts in Iran that allow for halal prostitution. Where are the Catholic women in burqas? They are asked to be chaste but not to abandon their humanity.

I'm not even very religious but Islam's and the modern world's view of sexuality is an insult to intimacy.

Anonymous 23454

There are several domains where Islam is clearly more lenient. For instance, in Islamic law, reversible modes of contraception, and also abortion, are permissible under certain circumstances (however legality of the former, e.g. use of male condoms, is contingent on the wife's permission).

Anonymous 23464

Catholic-affiliated charity amounts to 17 percent of the funds spent by nonprofits on social services.

Protestant and secular charities count for over 80%. Doesn't that mean, by your own logic, that protestants and non-religious people are better people overall? those guys have no problem with gay marriage, sexual relationships, and the idea that the earth is round, either.

Anonymous 23465

Catholics are the ones who have no issues with the round Earth, anon. That's a Protestant idea in current year, more specifically a niche American one. And where do those stats apply? Are they American? European? Being anti gay-marriage is not a Catholic thing either, it's a Christian thing.

Bit irrelevant considering everything else. Divorce is allowed in Islam. That already changes everything, in the sense that you wouldn't want a bunch of fatherless kids running around.

Anonymous 23479

Yep, American. Which has the 4th largest population of Catholics in the world, beating out even Italy. If you can find the statistics on what percentage of charities in the top three Catholic countries are run by the Catholic church, go ahead and post it here.

Also re: 'it's not a Catholic thing, it's a Christian thing'


And sure, you can argue that the Flat Earth Society is a representation of Protestantism, because they quote the Bible as being evidence for their beliefs + are not Catholic, but you also have to realize that their members only numbered something like 3,500 worldwide at their peak (in 2017, that number had dwindled to about 500). If small percentage of (questionably) Protestant people is what you feel justifies your views on Protestantism, is it fine for me to judge the Catholic Church based on the over 4,000 Catholic priests who are on record as being accused of child abuse?

Anonymous 23480

My mom is pretty against racism. She's half Puerto Rican so when she grew up in Puerto Rico, she was bullied for looking white. But when she came to the US for university and work she was discriminated against for looking Hispanic and being a woman, since she works in a field dominated by men.
On my Dad's side (he is white), he dislikes Indians because there have been a lot of them coming to the city he lives, he thinks they are bad drivers, rude, arrogant, and incompetent in the field he works in.
I don't think they would care that much about what race my romantic partner was if I had one, they would probably prefer I get with someone who looks like and comes from a similar background as me though. I think that is natural.

Anonymous 23482

To me it seems like there are actually a lot of Catholics here, other than myself it seems like there are at least two other frequent posters here? If you post in a public square people will jump on you for anything but debate is always an opportunity to talk about your beliefs, it can be fun sometimes because you can't get stoned like first century martyrs lol.

>Catholics preach that sexuality should be reserved for procreation
Catholics can have sex just for fun without deliberately trying for a baby every time so long as they're not doing anything to deliberately frustrate the procteative end of having sex. Like there are many times when women are naturally less fertile like when breastfeeding and around your period, it's not a sin to have sex during those times just because it's fun to get it on.

Anonymous 23485

I am not anonette with the neighbors, but you’re replying to me.
Someone wrote a loooong post about hiw mean and cruel Catholics were to her and then said ‘those people’ and flat said anonette neighbors are NOT nice because they’re Catholic.
Keep up

Anonymous 23486

Completely false; artificial BC is barred for being evil and sex is for unitive, joyful union, too.

Anonymous 23490

>flat said anonette neighbors are NOT nice because they're Catholic

>your neighbors might be nice people, but catholicism =/= infallible quality of character.
yes, clearly those two statements are the exact same thing.
all this started out because anon-with-the-neighbors made >>23256 and >>23290 extrapolating that if they joined a religion, they could 'make their own Catholic family', presumably because they dislike their own (non-Catholic) family situation and imagine that it would improve with the addition of religion. When it is pointed out that converting or being born into a Catholic family in no way guarantees that you will grow up to be a decent member of society, they (and you, apparently) seem to have interpreted it as a personal attack.

Anonymous 23558

>Anonette asks to not be lectured because her mother lectures her all the time
>gets a lecture
>in a shocking twist the lecturer is unclear in her scolding tone
>in another shock anonette doesn’t like being lectured
It’s a damn puzzle why anyone would disagree with the lecturer

Anonymous 23570

it's a damn puzzle why anyone would extrapolate 'all catholics are bad & i feel attacked' from someone saying 'just because someone is catholic doesn't mean they're good' which is literally exactly what was said in the post you quoted. there's nothing unclear about that.

Anonymous 23574

I never said I feel attacked; I said you were bigoted, rude, and implied I was stupid.
Here is a direct quote,
"…from what i've learned being amongst these people [either catholics in general, which is the rant before, or the family I know and you don't, like I mentioned], the social niceties like 'oh i heard you were sick, i brought you a casserole' are a thin veneer over a flaming pile of garbage.
I never said,
"Ooooh, poor me! You're attacking me!"
I said,
"But thanks for chiming in and telling me I’m too stupid to realize people you’ve never met but I’ve known personally for 10+ years must be terrible because they’re Catholic…."
See that?
I am talking about the people I know and that you don't. I bet you also wrote this,
Where someone stated I lack empathy because someone I know is pro-life?
Once more - with feeling: if I wanted to hear a lecture from a judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous hypocrite who insults me for what other people think, I'd call my mother.

Anonymous 23585

Feeling like you are being insulted (specifically, being called stupid) because your experience with one Catholic family is very different from my experience with over 250 Catholic children & their respective home situations + their teachers sounds like you're taking this way too personally. I even tried to clarify:
>look, it sounds like we've had radically different experiences
which does not invalidate your experience, it just means that mine has been very different and you should take your own with a grain of salt. Once you actually get involved with the Catholic community outside of one family that you know, you might be disappointed.
Re: Abortions:
the Catholic view on abortion is overwhelmingly negative and they have consistently condemned it. The reason why it's suggested that you lack empathy is not because someone you know is pro-life, but because you yourself spoke about converting to that religion, and are willing to call your own mother 'a judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous hypocrite' for being pro-choice.
Isn't one of the ten commandments 'Honor thy father and mother'? How do you come to terms with that, while you're dissing your own mom on an anonymous imageboard?

Anonymous 23586

>my experience with over 250 Catholic children & their respective home situations + their teachers
What do you do? Are you a social worker or something? Just curious.

Anonymous 23588

No, those were my peers. We saw each other 5 days a week sans holidays for three years, I got invited to their birthday parties, I remained friends with them on Facebook. I remember following one girl who seemed like she had the perfect life when I knew her (pretty, ballerina, highly-paid parents, lived in a mansion, won an award in the national science fair for engineering better pointe shoes) only to check out her social media a couple of years later and realize that she not only had a prescripton for ADHD meds that entire time, she also had an Pinterest board dedicated to ED recovery. And that was one of the kids who was keeping it together at school and not an out-and-out bully or drug addict. The point being that even though people's lives look superficially perfect, you never know what's actually going on behind closed doors.

Anonymous 23623

Boy, you sure are the smartest and bestest, aren’t ya’?
I call my mother 'a judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous hypocrite' because she judges others based not on personal interactions, but on their race, religion, or income.
(Like you)
And she claims to be caring and compassionate but isn’t.
You also seem to think that I only know 1 Catholic family and assume I am making life decisions because of casseroles - no, I know lots more, trust me. You are just assuming you know what I know (see above re: narrow-mindedness) rather than ask, ‘you know any other Catholics?’.
As for “dissing” my mother, read what this thread is about - it is about bigoted parents, like my mother.
And like you.

Anonymous 23624

Anonette, based on your response to someone saying they don’t want lectures….
I do not want you to give me €5. Please oh please, don’t give me €5!

Anonymous 23627


>I call my mother 'a judgmental, close-minded, self-righteous hypocrite' because she judges others based not on personal interactions, but on their race, religion, or income.
(Like you)

literally everything i've been saying is based on personal interactions/anecdote.

and the reason why people might assume that you only know one family is that you've only mentioned/defended interacting with one family instead of the Catholic community on a larger scale. you've never even said whether you've been to church, just: 'i know this family who's Catholic, their lives seem so perfect, they invite me over for dinner sometimes, I hate my mom and I'm thinking of converting'. so yeah, based on the information provided, your understanding of Catholicism and your reasons for converting sound incredibly flimsy. Maybe expound upon that next time instead of getting fussy about 'you sound just like my mom! reee i hate my mom!!'

i've been fairly fucking civil this whole conversation, and you're the one who's stooped to personal attacks and taken everything above in the most insulting way it could possibly be interpreted. you sure are a shining example of christian values, huh? yep, definitely changing my mind about those catholics now.
you're actually a great example of the point i was trying to make: catholicism isn't a bastion for the morally virtuous. if someone's a shitty person, they'll be shitty regardless of what religion they associate themselves with.
but hey, prove me wrong. i'm sure being lectured by a priest every sunday on the value of humility, loving and forgiving your enemies, honoring your family, and turning the other cheek will really improve your personality. or it might just make you more self-righteous than you already are (which seems impossible.)

Anonymous 23635

the difference between a lecture and a conversation is that the audience doesn't get to respond to a lecture. you've had plenty of chances to defend your stance in this situation, you just choose to complain about being lectured instead of actually formulating a coherent response.

Anonymous 23921

Not in my experience.

I'm fine with latins and blacks, but fuck the jews and arabs.

Anonymous 23922

You chose a poor father.

Whole intact families involved in a community have a better life. What part of that don't you like?

Anonymous 23923

anon hasn't mentioned anything about her father so idk what you're talking about

>whole intact families involved in a community have a better life

by that logic, living with the Branch Davidians at the Mount Carmel Center should have been great, right? Whole intact family - check, community living - check. What's not to like?

Anonymous 25124

those values come their religion
don't really care about >muh family values tbqh, i would never convert to islam just so i can have my kids still running around when i'm old to do my bidding

Anonymous 25159

My parents would disown me if I dated a black man. Muslims/Arabs are also probably out of the question, but everyone else is alright with them.

Anonymous 25161

>mfw somebody is this angry because my family talks shit about hispanics while i date one

it's a vent thread, not a virtue signalling thread.
>because racism would have gotten you lots of attention that you crave

we're on an anonymous image board. this isn't any form of social media. what is the point of doing or saying anything 'for attention'?

Anonymous 25164

Not her and I am not part of the argument/don't necessarily agree with her but people do a lot of shit to get attention on imageboards, even as anon lol

Anonymous 25165

99% chance this is a man posting here

Anonymous 25167

My mom is a massive racist. She wants my boyfriend to be white and white only (I'm not even white and I'm from a latino country). But more than racist, she is classist as shit. In fact, she is more racist than a lot of rich people I've met…

Dad is more chill about him.

Anonymous 25187


A lot of minorities see breaking into white society as a way to break the cycle they find themselves in. Right or wrong, "only date white if you can" isn't bad advice from a purely practical standpoint, especially for women of color who have to overcome the barriers associated with sex AND race.

Anonymous 25189

your dad is based and redpilled.
Don't racemix unless you are genetic scum.

Anonymous 25190

based and redpilled

Anonymous 25194

where do you live?

Anonymous 25195

Anti-/pol/ and also catholics. This place redpilled me hard.

Anonymous 25197

My dad really doesn't want me getting involved with Chinese and to a lesser extent Koreans. They wouldn't disown me they just worry there might be inlaw tension.
Dad has suggested that I should avoid blacks because of a "potential to be harmed".

Anonymous 25206


Anonymous 25207

what kind of muslims live there? where i'm from they wouldn't be liked

Anonymous 25209


Anonymous 25217

There are a few Catholic frequent posters here myself included, this place doesn't really have enough people yet to have a unified board culture.

Anonymous 25218

My family wouldn't allow me to be with anyone who wasn't a muslim or from our particular country, I don't plan on ever getting married though.

Anonymous 25219

Lmao, even in the fucking liberal paradise of America we are hated bahaha. That's rich, honestly Americans wonder why so many muslim kids get radicalized its cause this constant feeling of exclusion that is pushed onto them, fucking disgusting.

Anonymous 25220

did you even read the chain of comments lol

Anonymous 25224

They exclude themselves. The Muslims I see here, mostly on my college campus, all cluster together. They won't speak English and they won't interact with non-Muslims. They're all super fucking entitled and rude too.

From LAC, attending college in OC.

Anonymous 25225

didn't you say that everyone else but your family was alright with them?

Anonymous 25226

>Muslims/Arabs are also probably out of the question, but everyone else is alright with them.
No, I meant my parents are alright with everyone else. Sorry I worded it strangely lol.

Anonymous 25229

Cool. Ive only been to la verne in terms of LAC. Used to live in OC, in IE now. If you ever get a chance go to vegan pizza in garden grove, its delicious as fuck, even if you arent vegan. Tryna think of other places that are good there

Anonymous 25230

Whoops meant >>25226

Anonymous 25232

They would be fine overall, but they would make a lot of jokes about it.

Anonymous 25276

Not vegan, but I appreciate good pizza. Thanks for the rec.

Anonymous 25283


Can confirm. My mom isn't very proud about her black heritage (she got afro-latino family from her mother-side). I honestly don't care? I just want my bf to love me. I'm not with him because he is white-passing, I'm with since he is sweet and loving.

Anonymous 25291

That’s amazingly passive-aggressive bullshittery right there.

Anonymous 25302

>i don't like being lectured
>but boy do i love organized religion

hypocrisy at its finest

Anonymous 26528

That was my first post here
Try again

Anonymous 26871

My family isn't that racist, at least I think. I come from a Hispanic family and we have black and white family members.
My dad and mom once went on a tangent about the n-word and the difference between using "-a" and "-er". It might've been seen as offensive, but looking back it was them educating themselves.
My mom used to make fun of Asian people a lot, she shortly stopped after her Korean boss at work informed her the word "oriental" wasn't an umbrella term for Asians lul.
Other than that, they're not afraid of anybody of any race. They just hate people who get on their nerves.

What's weird is my aunts/uncles on my dad's side of the family have mixed black kids and my mom's side of the family has mixed white kids. I'm the only offspring in the family who has two Hispanic parents.
My parents haven't given me any restrictions on who to date, except saying the metaphor "don't marry anybody like your dad".

Anonymous 26892

it makes me feel guilty because I think it's funny how that one woman is half a head shorter than everyone else even while standing on a step. She is so tiny, cute~

Anonymous 26895

I'm shaking in my white nationalist office chair and ready to vomit my aryan blue eyes breakfast all over my nordic shirt

Anonymous 26901


His stare creeps me out

Anonymous 26904

surprised that dude has a white dad tbh

Anonymous 26905

Why? He looks like a Kazakh which is pretty standard for that mix

Anonymous 27199

im arab so.. my parents have strong hatred for jews and blacks. my dad doesnt like jews for political reasons. my mum doesnt like dark skin in general and is glad i didnt end up looking like my cousins who have black fathers. but because >>25218 im only limited to muslim men only, so relationships are not that much of a problem for me.

Anonymous 27660

>having black family members
your family is so americanized

Anonymous 27661

is your dad black or why exactly was your mom worried that you would turn out like them?

also sad at you being limited to that pool of candidates

Anonymous 27671


my dads skin-tone is confusing.. slightly.he has tan lines (permanent) >pic related
so his natural skin tone is not dark at-all, but i do have a younger sister who has an afro and dark olive skin.
my mum is very light and ended up looking like her more. and because me being the lightest in the family, my mother would spoil me more than my other siblings and i remember her always telling me how im lucky for being light and so on and so fourth and how our cousins are very unfortunate and it will be difficult for marriage in the future if they are also limited to muslim arab guys.

Anonymous 27683

i find extremely light eyes, like enough to see the iris, pretty creepy too. "muh light eyes master race" is a bit of a meme, like it matters at all if the person is already ugly.

Anonymous 27707

They don't outwardly disapprove but they do seem uncomfortable.

I think they're mostly just happy/relieved to see that I'm actually interacting with other people.

Anonymous 27714

Black family members are a good thing.

Anonymous 30996

replying to old post, but yes sexuality is taught to be meant for procreation but also as a way to bond with someone in marriage. i remember being taught this in my catholic middle school, according to the textbook we had. yes, sex was still taught as something in marriage only, but it wasn't taught to be something just to make kids with, but also a loving experience with the person you love.

Anonymous 33735

Do you live in France?

Anonymous 33741

Sort of. Not violently racist or anything. Racist like how white people are who aren't trying to be woke.
If I dated someone of a different race, they'd just be happy I had someone, but they would be weird if I got married to him and had kids. First question my dad always asks whenever I mention a guy is if he's black lmao.

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