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Anonymous 231398

Hear me out. I know he has his flaws. My family are huge fans of Princess Diana and I do feel terrible for her…

However, I also like Charles III because he is one of the few men who isn’t a superficial ephebophile. He wasn’t just about age or who is more beautiful and fertile. Macron is another rare man who cared more about love rather than youth or beauty.

Camilla also makes me see that women are worth more than youth or beauty. Confidence is ultimately attractive.

Anonymous 231399

Unlike the average Joes we meet on the streets who lust after teenagers and Russian mail order escorts, Charles could actually have any woman with his money. I’m sure a 20 year old Russian would marry him, but he went for love.

Anonymous 231402

this dude crying

Anonymous 231404

I am pretty sure that after reaching such age, those superficial things stop mattering and it's all about the bond you had with someone.
Just my 2 cents

Anonymous 231405

For normal people, yeah

Anonymous 231406

he did it for love but he was happy to marry Diana and be late to their wedding cause he was fucking someone else. The things he did for love were fucked, he's a typical selfish royal who didn't care about who he was screwing over. It wasn't his fault Camilla didn't wait but he should have waited until her divorce and not gotten married in the meantime to just cheat and ruin Diana's life only to end up where he could have been years earlier if they hadn't been stupid

Anonymous 231413

Are you fucking stupid? He is literally one of Epstein's best clients. Sure he married "the love of his life" camilla, still he enjoys kids. He is filth, as much as the rest of his friends and family

Anonymous 231414

Wtf monarchist propaganda on CC

Anonymous 231418

The schizos are right about the monarchy and all of them are exactly like Andrew.

Anonymous 231421

Nona, they're billionaires who were raised in castles with silver spoons. God knows what they do behind their backs.
He can't. The royal family has extremely strict expectations of people who marry in.

Anonymous 231423

i think you are thinking of his bro andrew. he has never liked young girls.

Anonymous 231429

The bar is on the floor kek

Anonymous 231434

after all that drama with that ginger prince, aren't you able to tell how much the british royal family cares about their image?

Anonymous 231437

OP…..macron is notoriously gay

Anonymous 231440

Kek, I bet you didn't even know of Epstein until the twitards found out who he was lmaokek. Charles had no involvement with Epstein you dunce.

Anonymous 231447

Sure he has no involvement with Epstein! Let's make him a saint then!!! Damn you guys are slow

Anonymous 231452

not sure if i believe that, I think he is hot tbh. i would marry him. he isn’t as tall as i like, but damn good looking.

Anonymous 231454

They worship Satan, who cares

Anonymous 231465

Why are his eyes so close together?

Anonymous 231467

Virgin Windsor vs …

Anonymous 231468

shit ): i hate my british genotype. im an incest baby

Anonymous 231478

Mustaches don't help the habsburg jaw.

Anonymous 231481

Charles was disrespectful to Diana, and for that I wish she killed him rather than the other way around. Do not defend him.

Anonymous 231486


both mogged by asian monarchs

Anonymous 231487

This. Case closed.

Anonymous 231507

china has fallen.p…

China has fallen…
Millions must die.

Anonymous 231517

i don’t think. charles iii is much more religious compared to even conservative democratically elected politicians.

Anonymous 231518

that’s just a conspiracy that he killed her.

i will say that she would still be alive if he had been with her and never divorced her instead of hanging out in paris with dody.

Anonymous 231525

>those lips

Anonymous 231552

Hate what he did to Diana, but that nasty phone conversation makes him strangely endearing.

Anonymous 231587


Meh. Ameri-hag here. Not really the biggest monarchy Stan to begin with but I don’t like what he did to Diana. Though tbf that marriage was doomed to begin with. He was always in love with Camilla idk why he ever married Diana if he felt that way for Camilla.

I think he gets a lot of hate bc of Diana which I mean….I think he was forced to marry her? Like he always wanted Camilla. Ah well.
And after him and Camilla got together…we’ll I mean they’re still together. They should have been from the beginning.

I do like Charles’s organic farm. I think that’s pretty neat. Anything other than that is just speculation. We can hope he’s a good dude but we the public will never know who that dude or his family is really like. It’s actually worse than politicians who at least were raised without a 24/7 entourage preventing the general public to know who these people are in real life. If that makes sense.

Also I kinda like when the Royals do anything fancy so I can see their bling bling. I think it’s cool looking. I’ve always liked the different styles of the royals jewels. Especially crowns and tiaras etc.

Anonymous 231591

Kek and how do you know that? Do you have actual evidence? Or are you just schizo posting?

Anonymous 231596


If you can do that to "the king", he is your bitch and tou can do everything you want.
Stop trolling, fed

Anonymous 231599

why are you talking about traditions and systems you don't know anything about? the monarchy hasn't had power for 350 years and there are traditions since then reminding them of it.

Anonymous 231604

You really don't want to listen, ig live your life in a ball of glass and follow everything your government and corporations tell you

Anonymous 231607


Bwahah I’m a fed? Yeah now I know this schizo posting. Thanks for the laugh. Go back to your Q conspiracy boards.

Anonymous 231608

Enjoy eating your bugs dear!!

Anonymous 231610


Girl. You legit prove my point by telling me to eat bugs. Is that what the elite want us to do? Just completely ignore the fact that 80% of the world's nations, particularly in tropical areas, eat insects.

Go back to 8kun’s Q board with that shit.

Anonymous 231611

Sure!!! Enjoy your bugs :)
Btw research about chitin and how it is an anti nutrient instead of "people eat bugs". Yeah people do a lot of awful things when they are poor or there's no other choices

Anonymous 231612


Kek I knew you’d bring up chitin. Y’all just follow a script.

And no, people do eat bugs in some parts of the world bc they like it. Surprise.

What a terminally First World Western take. Have you ever been outside of the West? The US, Canada, or Europe? I’m guessing not.

I’m sorry you have the need to feel special; that only you and other really smart people are the only ones smart enough to believe these conspiracy theories.

While we’re at it, tell me your thoughts on vaccines, GMOs, and chem trails. Or oh, how about the hollow earth or reptilians? Fluoride and my pineal gland? Was the moon landing fake?

Anonymous 231617

go to a mental asylum you mentally ill fuck

Anonymous 231618


Anonymous 231639

Where the fuck do you think the beef you eat comes from?

Anonymous 231660


I just remembered that rotschilds are also nobility.

Anonymous 231661

I think its mostly about the elite giving speeches on how you should use public transport and switch to electric cars to save the enviroment while they take private jet flights. And its the same with eating the bugs. Its not really about how eating the bugs is bad for you or something but rather about how they want you to change your lifestyle so they can can keep theirs.

Anonymous 231662

We all know the rothschilds are filthy jews and they rule over us all

Anonymous 231757

i hope he storms parliament, dismantles it, and orders the death of prince andrew. king charles hates prince andrew. but mi6 wont let him do that.

Anonymous 231793

Its weird hearing people talk about the royal family and their dramas when I know nothing about them

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