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Bread with chocolate sprinklez Anonymous 231553

I have a new favorite bread I wanted to share it with cc

Anonymous 231554


Laughable nutritional value. Behold, the superior breakfast bread.

Anonymous 231577

Fuck I need some brioche rn

Anonymous 231584


This is the way.

Also, Smørrebrød in general is the shit.

Anonymous 231676

peanut butter toast is objectively the best toast (it's cheap, it's delicious, it's ethical, it's easy)

Anonymous 231702

adding honey to peanut butter toast is <3

Anonymous 231704

The placement of those sprinkles is driving me insane how did they do that

Anonymous 231713

Nutella + peanut butter on toast is the absolute god tier of toast, too bad it's the devils food and like a million calories. After that, the best is peanut butter + banana.

Anonymous 231767

Yes but bread with butter and chocolate sprinkles

Anonymous 231776

I had never heard of honey and pb until webkinz, which let me feed my pet pig a peanut butter honey sandwich. It blew my mind. It's better with (real) maple syrup though.

It's basically a reese cup as toast
OP what's sticking the sprinkles to the bread?

Anonymous 231777

>>231704 adderall

Anonymous 231799

real maple syrup
i add salt to that…

Anonymous 231819

Omg I can just eat Nutella and pb together out the jar straight.
Everything is better with real maple syrup. Idk how people can eat the fake stuff

Anonymous 231845

As a kid I ate this on the weekends, loved it
Ok this looks amazing

Anonymous 231946

Those look so good, I’m almost in tears.

Anonymous 231992


these things are soooo good, I had a dutch best friend as a kid and whenever I'd go to her house her mom would always give us toast with butter and sprinkles

Anonymous 231995


I like strawberry jam and cream cheese on bread

Anonymous 232007

Enjoy your diabeetus

Anonymous 232008

Blarg I'm ded

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