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Anonymous 232291

Would you ever get the door or pay for dinner?

Anonymous 232307

i hold doors open for no one. not even myself

Anonymous 232323


Anonymous 232325

Not really a girl who uses doors.

Anonymous 232327

why do duplicate threads keep being made

Anonymous 232345

No, but I'll go halfsies on dinner

Anonymous 232350

I've never needed to get a door in my life. Every house I've lived in has had heaps of them already installed.

Anonymous 232356

If he's really sweet and obviously not evil and has proved it time and time again. I'd do a lot more than that.

Anonymous 232360

I hold the door if I'm the first one there, I always pay for my own dinner and that's it.

Anonymous 232438

I don’t need to pay for dinner. The opportunity to have dinner with me is not free. My time is worth more than any shitty moid’s and he better give me a reason to spend it on him.

Anonymous 232439

im not ugly

Anonymous 232466

Sure, why not.

Anonymous 232484

Sometimes I'll hold the door but I always say "women first" to him so it makes up for that, sometimes they demand to hold the door instead after that kek. Never pay for his food unless you're in a committed relationship. I've paid my fiance's meal maybe once or twice.

Anonymous 232487

Yes because I'm not poor or an escort.

Anonymous 232522

Why would I do that

Anonymous 232524

I'm never fucking paying ever again. Only for his birthday or something like that. I did occasionally in my last relationship because I felt bad making him pay every time but never again. Those days are over. It's his role in the relationship and if he can't do that then bye.

Anonymous 233481

For female friends, yes, every time the opportunity arises. For men, never, because they see it as an invitation to sex since that is their only motive for any prosocial act

Anonymous 233486

I just go dutch and split the bill. I never want to expectation of sex at the end of a date and keeps a guy guessing if I'm into him or not since yeah a lot of times guys presume if you're letting them pay that you are interested in having sex with them.

In a long term relationship, we just have a joint account but he will still treat me some times from his personal funds. I make my own money and am better off that my partner, which is how it should be. NEVER depend on a moid.

Anonymous 233502

>guys presume if you're letting them pay that you are interested in having sex
sounds like getting them to pay is a good screen for scrotes

Anonymous 233517

saionji is drownin…

The person who gives the invite should pay. I frequently pay for friend's stuff because I'd find it weird if I was the one asking to hang out and then they'd have to pay for it. They're already doing me a favor by heeding my request.

Anonymous 233571

I'll get the door about half of the time, and pay for dinner on special occasions, most of the times will split the bill, and the rest of the times I'll have him pay. It's not a big fucking deal and I speak from experience but maybe that's because I've only had normal boyfriends without retarded ideas about gender roles.

Anonymous 233572

this is a good rule

Anonymous 233603

This form of role reversal what if hypothetical storytime is boring.

Actually interesting role reversal questions:

Would you commit a serious violent crime against a stranger for personal gain if you were the strongest person you personally knew, and law enforcement in your area wasn't ever able to solve similar robberies/assaults in the past?
>Not even against that rich prick who assaulted your friend and really deserves to have his Porsche window smashed in?

Male college athletes on the official college athletics teams are estimated to commit an overwhelming proportion of college rape and sexual assaults (e.g. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/12/12/ncaa-athletes-more-likely-disciplined-sex-assault/4379153002/ and other studies across history). This cannot be just down to a difference in strength or in alcohol consumption since athletes don't drink any more than usual, all males are mindlessly horny including nonathletes, and all men are overwhelmingly stronger than women; athletics teams and culture must be suspected. What could be changed about women's athletics teams to convince female athletes to commit more sexual assaults?

Men lose far more money in the stock market than women, and far, far more in cryptocurrency and other forms of speculation. Retail investors losing money is an important part of the process of modern capitalism so that capital can be properly concentrated and coordinated by investment firms and Fortune 500 companies. But single women are an increasingly important investment demographic. How do we politically convince single women that it is a good idea for them personally to lose all of their money and turn to alcohol so that large capital concerns can keep the economy floating?

Male con artist entrepreneurs always spawn waves of imitators, and not just 'legal' flim flam men like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and so forth. Men genuinely look up to and imitate Charles Ponzi. But there have as of yet been no Elizabeth Holmes copycats. How do we frame Theranos as an inspirational and aspirational story for young women to show them that they too may have what it takes to reach significant heights in business, the way men even now draw inspiration from NFTs or from FTX?

Anonymous 233604

> Male college athletes on the official college athletics teams are estimated to commit an overwhelming proportion of college rape and sexual assaults (e.g. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/12/12/ncaa-athletes-more-likely-disciplined-sex-assault/4379153002/ and other studies across history). This cannot be just down to a difference in strength or in alcohol consumption since athletes don't drink any more than usual, all males are mindlessly horny including nonathletes, and all men are overwhelmingly stronger than women; athletics teams and culture must be suspected.
I could immediately tell you why the Chad athletes get "overwhelmingly" disciplined for "rape and sexual assault", and not the creepy STEM nerds full of third worlder who have never interacted with an unveiled woman in the open, or the "male feminist" humanities guys.

Just a little hint, it's not "athlete culture" what causes this.

Anonymous 233607

It's not steroids, since individual sports such as weightlifting don't have any disproportionate issue with rape. It's also not genetic fitness or good looks, because male swimming and running, the best looking and fittest men, also have no issue with rape. It's not just a question of the issue of sportsmans versus schlubs since there are different proportions amongst sports. Tennis has significantly less rape than lacrosse. The worst offenders being football, soccer, baseball, rugby, wrestling, and lacrosse. Wrestling means it's not a matter of team sports versus individual sports. Soccer means it's not a matter of men drawn to violent forms of contact, pushing into and smashing down others. Coach Sandusky of Sandusky Stadium fame was involved with the rape and sexual exploitation of underage boys, and the male response was largely to shrug and say "yeah there's a bathhouse gay culture undercurrent in football, shame it had to go this way." And that culture means nothing?

Anonymous 233609

Are you seriously defending the rapists now

Anonymous 233610


I'm not talking about steroids, and if we look at the data here, it's basically Football outstripping everything else combined. So hmm what would make Football players so incredibly rapey apparently? What could it be? Hmm?

Anonymous 233611

I guess it must be because football has way more white men involved than basketball. If those basketballers just demographically replaced all the footballers everything would be better.

Anonymous 233612

No, miss racist, that's not it.

Anonymous 233616

My ESL brain thought that by footbal you guys meant soccer and I was like "Oh they (soccer players) commit the most rapes? Yeah, adds up".

Anonymous 233617


Just for reference, and to back up why it's not "white men", Football is the most popular NCAA sport, but it is immediately followed by Ice Hockey which doesn't even have 1, and Ice Hockey would be the whitest sport I can think of.

Yeah no, this is specifically the USA. I'm not a burger but there is a thing that I do know about American Football in universities.

Anonymous 233620

So ask yourself this, what is the key difference between Ice Hockey and American Football, on american campuses? Or more specifically, what is the difference between an Ice Hockey Player and a American Football Player, on the american campus?

Anonymous 233621

The ice hockey player is a Canadian student on a student visa, usually studying a serious field rather than trying to get into the professional leagues (which would have led him to a Canadian university instead).

Anonymous 233622

I don't know if that part of the demographic makes up a serious percentage of the Ice Hockey players.

But what makes the Footballer stand out?

Anonymous 233623

He stands to become a multimillionaire with relative ease considering the close ties between the NFL draft and college football and is not particularly serious about getting a degree related career.

Anonymous 233624

I'm asking google about this.
> Today, the NFL draft is a televised and ticketed event that sees at least 224 players enter the league each year
> The percentage of college players that makes the NFL is incredibly low. In fact, just 1.6 percent of college players will become a professional in the NFL. So the other 98.4 percent of players in college right now will not have their dream realized

Anonymous 233625

This is about the player's character, not about objective reality.

>But that statistic often fails to register with many of the thousands of young people across the nation who enter a university, singularly focused on the rare chance that they will join the ranks of professional athletes. I know this because I worked as a volunteer with Division I football players for the summers of 2015 to 2017 to help develop their leadership skills and build unity among team members. In that capacity, I learned directly from the football players that most of them were focused on going pro and that going to college was just a means to that end.

>My impressions are consistent with a 2015 NCAA survey – the latest available – that shows 64% of Division I football players believe it is “somewhat likely” that they will become a professional.

Anonymous 233626

Football players are stupid, Hockey players are stupid on ice.

hockey players are usually midwestern or canadian, also hockey players usually dont have as overbloated of an ego from american football culture

at least hockey doesnt have a position specifically for fat people, i hate linemen/obese moids

Anonymous 233628

> This is about the player's character, not about objective reality.
Yes, I agree, but that subjective reality does not only exist in the hopes and dreams of one thick scrote good at tackling other scrotes.

What makes Footballers special?
For comparison, (I googled this) the college basketballers that make it to the NBA are around 2%

Anonymous 233629

I'm reasonably sure that basketballers (and soccer boys) tend to come from poorer and humbler backgrounds than footballers, since HS football moms have to buy or rent their boy's equipment and the sport is more stereotypically suburban middle class barbecue and played on a dedicated field rather than urban/favella and practiced publicly in street games like those sports.
Also football's associated with American national holidays like thanksgiving so there's a football ideology that builds them up like they were part of American identity, like moviestars, seems far moreso than with baseball or basketball even though those are also American ball.

Anonymous 233632

hockey is waaaay more expensive than football, its just because the NFL exists

Anonymous 233634

how does the NFL cause sexual assault, and if bars stopped playing NFL games on their tvs would the rate of drunken sexual misconduct fall in the general population?

Anonymous 233635


Anonymous 233638


You're on the right track. I'm going to solve the question why it's football "causing" all those sexual misconduct cases, and not hockey or whatever.

It's the prestige. College athletes are the most prestigious males on a campus, and of those males, the football players are the most prestigious, the highest status ones.

You might not like it >>233626 and cope with "Hockey players are better looking even though they tend to miss a bunch of teeth" but that's how it is on american campuses. Football players are the highest status men on campus.

Now back to the original question: Why would the highest status men on campuses have the highest incidence of rape/sexual assault, and not, idk, muslim transfer students, or scrotes who major in gender studies or performance art?

Anonymous 233639


Constantly giving themselves traumatic head injuries?

Anonymous 233640


Funny, looking it up, here's the data:

Anonymous 233641

>Now back to the original question: Why would the highest status men on campuses have the highest incidence of rape/sexual assault, and not, idk, muslim transfer students, or scrotes who major in gender studies or performance art?

this! its a moid ego correlated issue, hence why i blame the nfl for making men feel entitled to sex/abuse due to their standing as a potential national fucking loser member
also not all campuses are football schools. dork
>cope with "Hockey players are better looking even though they tend to miss a bunch of teeth"
where is this coming from lmao

Anonymous 233642

> hence why i blame the nfl
But the college hockey players literally have zero sexual misconduct cases!

Anonymous 233643

Never mind I forgot NHL is hockey, NFL is football. Not a burger.

Anonymous 233645

im not defending rapists who play hockey im hating on football players, dork

its okay :3 <3

Anonymous 233646


> where is this coming from lmao
When I think of a hockey player I think of this (Hockey players tend to get pucks or sticks in the face, or just punch each other a lot)


Anonymous 233674

Can someone explain the art majors being 0%?

Anonymous 233676

yea but 10/14 of those guys are still ridiculously attractive even with missing teeth. maybe its just me

Anonymous 233682

I still don't understand how that's fair, what if you're both broke?
What's the problem of 2 people ordering what they can afford for themselves and paying for their own meal?

Anonymous 233685


Anonymous 233753

Art majors = too stupid to major in anything else
Stupidity = inability to realize the value of waiting for marriage
Therefore artsy moids = sluts

Anonymous 233835

> artsy moids = sluts
1000% truth

Anonymous 235231

Baseball has more white men than any sport on earth and it's the 2nd lowest

Anonymous 235232


Anonymous 235244

I’m so sick of all the dumb art moid sluts I keep matching with. How do I find a cute STEM virgin?

Anonymous 235245

STEM virgins are usually creepy autistic incels who only want to use you for sex.

Anonymous 235259


Anonymous 235262

I use dating apps, and I find plenty of them on there. The thing is that they usually have crappy pictures, since they don't post much to social media and they tend not to go to many social gatherings where people take photos. I give a chance to moids with awkward selfies on their dating profile and for the most part I find a lot of shy virgins. But keep in mind that the ones who are online all the time are usually misogynistic porn addicts, so you have to screen them out carefully.

Anonymous 235263

forgot to mention, they almost always look better in person, because they have no idea how to take a proper photo

Anonymous 235913

imagine being braindead enough to think that a himbo is worse than a STEM porn addicted moid.

Anonymous 235916

Imagine thinking rapey art moids are 'himbos'

Anonymous 235918

Idk, it's the darkies.

Also Wellesley is a women's college. They can't even get laid in a lesbo paradise.

Anonymous 235926

imagine thinking that stem guys are not as rapey (or worse) than dumb art moids. i study a stem field and have some news to you.

Anonymous 235931

I'll hold the door for people if they're behind me on instinct, if walking as a pair I tend to reach first. A date would be no different. But I have a hard rule that the one who asks should be the one to pay, and it's rare to find a man worth accepting, let alone asking out. Don't humour the men not worth dating long term for that one date, but if you're going to do it at the very least do it for a unique/fancy/good free meal

Anonymous 235939

I'm well aware. Over a quarter of female field researchers report having experienced sexual assault, and as awful as that is I am still almost certain art moids are worse because they have a larger pool of potentional victims.

Anonymous 235946


I'm really undateable as it is (ugly + fat + mental illness) so if a moid i like agrees to a date i'll gladly pay if it ups my chances for a second date

Anonymous 235970

>accuses others of being male
>uses misogynistic slur

Anonymous 235971

Do you retards really can't read the context and must focus on one currently unimportant thing? She's right, paying for a moid is stupid and those things can really happen.

Anonymous 235976

Can you read context? A girl with low self esteem talking about her misguided ideas on dating doesn't warrant that level of hostility and aggression. The response is disproportionate, and only males call women "dumb fat bitches", it includes a dehumanizing slur and berates her for not fitting beauty standards aimed at the male gaze. No matter the context women actually opposed to misogyny would never say things like that completely unwarranted, and it sounds more like a larping male who is just mad at a fat girl for existing. So please fuck off.

Anonymous 235978

>only males call women "dumb fat bitches"
this is actually sad because it makes it clear that you don't have many girl friends in your life kek i will not sugarcoat the truth besides her being an ugly whale she is also stupid to think that paying for the date will make a man like her more kek since she is already repulsive the guy will feel that she is desperate (which is true) and will run from her .
>not fitting beauty standards aimed at the male gaze
nahh you still can not fit the male gaze and still not be a dumb bitch. you are probably just coping because you felt personally offended by my comment since you must also be horizontally extended (fattie)

Anonymous 235996

Your friends call you a dumb fat bitch?

Anonymous 235998

no because im not. but all this "wamen dont say bad things about each other" is so delusional. if you had irl girl friends you would know that.

Anonymous 236001

I didnt say women never say bad things, I am saying women who are opposed to misogyny don't get unnecessarily angry at the existence of fat women and use misogynist slurs. If your friends treat you that way maybe you should reevaluate your "friendships" and I can see why you have so much pent up aggression if this shit is normalized for you.

Anonymous 238108

>the value of waiting for marriage
Which is? (Besides for religious reasons).

Anonymous 238117


The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Anonymous 238121

This video also applies to moids

Anonymous 238128

No. I like it when men do things for me

Anonymous 238129

You’re better than that, nona. You’re still more desirable than a man with the same traits. Work on your self esteem. Also, as has been said before, paying for the meal would not up your chances with a moid

Anonymous 238408

So the reason you would spend time with him would be food, as opposed to, say, him?

Anonymous 238410

why tf is two partners so much worse than 5

Anonymous 238472

Yes because my boyfriend is poor

Anonymous 238475


Hold this W nona

Anonymous 238730

I held the door for my boyfriend as he carried furniture upstairs to his apartment.
And when he was busy putting our bed, desk and table together, I went out and got him a coffee and an Ice tea, which I paid for.

Anonymous 238741

then did you fuck him in his pussy missionary style?

Anonymous 238871

toripolliisi i kneel

Anonymous 246233

No and no.

Anonymous 246255

Door - I do it all the time so I don't really think about it.
Dinner - I'll offer to pay but if he does it first I won't butt in. It would be rude to refuse something like that. If he mentions that we should split it I'll be very iffy about more dates.

Anonymous 246262

he better have put out for you after that

Anonymous 246360



I would like to know why you dislike splitting. Personally, I wouldn't mind doing that if the moid is good enough, and the meal is above like 20 dollars

Anonymous 246364

Door sometimes
Meal: I have just paid for the whole thing because of embarrassment. I don't want to feel obligated to sex or whatever.

Anonymous 246366

I don't mind splitting but like it's idea of it coming right out the gate. Idk it feels super cheap and stingy.

Anonymous 246368


oh yeah for sure, if it comes up during payment then yeah, but mostly if its like 15-20 dollars or more each. If you or your partner fret over splitting a 10 dollar bill wtf are you doing with ur life

Anonymous 246394

Wrong thread

Anonymous 246398

Door: Whoever gets there first, unless it's one of those huge heavy doors that I have to press my bodyweight against to move. Don't make me do that. It's embarassing.

Dinner: I'm willing to split anything over 60 USD for the both of us with no hard feelings at all, happy to show that feminism pays both ways. But if I pull my card out and he just sits there and smiles he's getting ripped on mercilessly. "What happened there champ? are you a child? Should we head to Toys R Us after this and I'll get you a power ranger or a dinosaur? Whos my big boy? hmm? Want me to ask the waiter for some crayons so you have something to do on the way home?"

Anonymous 246522

yes, you should get him a power rangers toy and ask the waiter for some crayons

Anonymous 247506

>tfw when just graduated with an anthropology major and i've still never had a bf

Anonymous 247628

Should've majored in mathematics. Then you wouldn't feel so bad.

Anonymous 248569

for other women, yes
I make a point to never hold the door for moids
in fact sometimes if I see a moid coming close behind me I will make eye contact as I let the door go so they have to get it themselves
one time I did this with a heavy-ish door and the moid dived to try and catch the door and got his fingers slammed
oops lol >:)


Anonymous 248574


>Majors in literal men's studies
>still a femcel
>I Have no sides and I must KEK

Anonymous 248675

larp, but it was a nice fantasy though

Anonymous 248874

not a larp

Anonymous 248877

don't you guys feel it's a bit pathetic to obsess over this?
just split the bill and avoid drama

Anonymous 248887

I almost paid for the drinks we had with my fwb because he forgot cash and the place didn't accept cards
He insisted on paying me back though even when I said he doesn't have to
He might have a bit more money than me but he's my buddy and I would have no problem with that

Anonymous 248891

A man paying for the date shows he is invested and high value.

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