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Sites that don’t require talking to other people? Anonymous 232531

I am tired of rage-bait and seeing content I don’t want to see. For this reason, I stopped using Twitter, Instagram (because of the reels) and I’m thinking of leaving TikTok. Since then, my mental wellness has gone up significantly.

Basically, I’m looking for sites that don’t require the user to talk to anyone/see someone’s opinion to have an enjoyable user experience. I want crystal.cafe (anonymous) to be the only place I share my thoughts online. Right now, I can only think of Pinterest and Tumblr. Can you guys recommend more?

Anonymous 232534

They tried to replace Twitter e with mastodon. Now it seems Bluesky has replaced mastodon.

Anonymous 232535


Anonymous 232539

Imgur? Youtube?

Anonymous 232540

any free streaming pirating sites?

Anonymous 232545

In terms of slightly less cancerous social media, I honestly don't think Reddit is as bad as people say it is. Your user experience on Reddit heavily depends on your own conscious actions (ie. what subreddits you choose to engage with), and not on some magical Twitter-style algorithm. It is your job to stay away from the rotten places, just as it used to be in the early days of the Internet. Keep your distance from political or default subreddits and stick to smaller communities based on specific interests/topics or languages other than English. Subreddits are echo chambers, for better or worse, it is up to you and only you to make it worth your time.

If you are just looking to share your thoughts with nobody in particular, I recommend starting a blog or a website. There are many free services for both of those, Neocities probably being the most popular one these days (keep in mind that Neocities has some social features like commenting/following and requires rudimentary HTML/CSS knowledge). You can also look into getting a Wordpress blog if creating your own website sounds like too much effort.

Anonymous 232546

fmovies.to (very convenient if you need/want subtitles)

Anonymous 232547

Just learn to torrent

Anonymous 232553

I'd disagree, Letterboxd is notorious for having opinionated troons be to top reviews on almost any tv show or film. It has a great UI, definitely better than IMDB, but you're better off being entirely detached from the community.


Scroll down to the torrent section and you'll be greeted with a fuck ton of different piracy sites to use. Like >>232547 said, it's always better to torrent high quality releases, so consider getting a USB Harddrive to put all your kinos on while they're still cheap.

Anonymous 232556

neither of these went anywhere. I wanted to make a social media account for posting my artwork and realised there's nowhere good:
- facebook bans accounts that are alts or aren't your irl name (can't keep it a secret from parents)
- tiktok is terrible for high resolution still images for obvious reasons
- instagram massively prioritises Reels even from people you don't follow, over the regular image posts of people you do follow
- twitter makes people who pay $8 a month have their posts come before everyone else's, every time you gain 10 followers you know that that would've been 100 followers if you'd paid up
- mastodon has maybe like 300k people, nothing compared to twitter
I don't like any reddits other than the one for my small country, it's fully of people who love to shittalk the country, the politicians, etc. it's great, it's nothing like reddit usually is. Plus 95% of the time reddits that aren't super reddity are just because they're a right wing enclave, but it's not homophobic or anything either.
I agree with what you're saying about blogs, I made a neocities page for my pictures in the end, but tbh there's not much traffic. I feel weird browsing other people's sites knowing they'd probably never give mine a chance unless I acted all fake and I "networked".
wtf? I've never heard that about letterboxd. In fact nearly every other woman I've met irl from soc has had a letterboxd, though I don't as I watch maybe 10 movies a year. In high school it was just a stereotype that the low IQ wannabe filmmakers were always talking about the site all the time. Here's a good list I saw though: https://letterboxd.com/katejeffrie/list/femcel-films/

Anonymous 232560

>>232556 is not op (so there’s not confusion)

OP here, I’ve never heard of that but I’ll look into it.
I agree, Reddit is enjoyable when I just stick to my little subreddits. It’s when I google a certain sentence + “Reddit” when I run into subreddits I don’t normally browse.

For those sharing: I‘m not really looking to interact with others or share information publicly. I used to keep a private twitter with 0 followers but the algorithm is so cancerous that I left. An example of a site I’m looking for can be Craigslist’s missed connections: a place I can go to observe others but don’t have to comment. I like places I can exist online without leaving too much to trace back to me.

Some activities I do online: listen to podcasts, curated playlists (than shuffling), watch specific YouTubers (I never leave comments).

Anonymous 232562

Be careful about torrenting if you live in a country like Germany, it can get expensive if you don't know what you are doing. At the very least look into VPN services.

Anonymous 232634

if you dont want to see other's opinions/content you dont like what is the point of being online?

Anonymous 232691

Leave TikTok now, that shit rots your brain.
As for websites Tumblr can be good, depends a lot how you use it, like if you start following politicals blogs then yeah. You'd have to only follow specific accounts, half of my feed are literally just cool photos and animals.
Also, unironically wikipedia or wiki fandoms in general.

Anonymous 232706

I dont have a reel issue with insta

Anonymous 232956

ideally youd want a site with an up to date stream of content, without people interaction, right? thats hard though, i cant think of anything aside from the ones that have already been recommended that dont have cancer.

i guess you could consider finding journalist/bloggers on topics you like by searching by a variation of specific terms and word omittance. my recommenedations are these:

theres zlibrary
9anime.to, aniplay.me for anime
bflix.gg for movie streaming

i use fediverse instances for finding gems sometimes. it still has people interaction but not as much due to seclusion. you can find fedis you like using instance.social. if youre interested, try avoid larger fedis and aim for obscure ones, since they will have a wider range of neutral content and arent blocked by most instances. or simply go for the ones that share your interests.

you could maybe find an indepedndent news outlet site, but i dont think youll have much luck in this sea of shills.

do you like cooking?

yandex.ru could be useful to reverse image search content, so you can bounce off each search and find more interesting sites.

i dont have anything else for you aside from this random shit:


Anonymous 232964

(it's about mental health)
i don't use the site but i'm subscribed to the newsletter. it's pretty good.

Anonymous 250626

acx reader

Anonymous 251009

Tiktok will absolutely feed you rage bait, tumblr is pretty neutral & fun

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