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need opinions. Anonymous 233574

Hey Nonas I need some advice. So a little while ago I started chatting with a moid from 4chan, not typically something I do but at the time I wanted to continue the conversation off of the board. He had the beginnings typical misogynistic views, but after talking with me for a couple weeks I sort of saved him from sliding down the redpill slope (admittedly I gave a little bit of a savior complex).
He eventually told me that he was 17 years old. I was 22 at the time, which did concern me a little bit but I never intended to have anything beyond an online friendship. We continued talking for a few months and started to become good friends as I convinced him away from redpill garbage and discussed all sorts of things. As time went on I discovered a sweet personality underneath his moid vaneer.
We met up in my city a little after his 18th birthday (we live roughly 2 and a half hours apart by drive) and had a little informal date. In real life he turned out to be rather cute looks-wise and had the same sweet, almost puppydogish personality as online. We had a couple more meetups after that which brings us up to now. He is going to be going to college studying physics in my city, and the campus is 20 minutes away from my apartment. He wants to take our relationship further and actually start dating.
This is a thought that's been lingering in the back of my mind, but given our age gap and ages when we met, am I sorta in the wrong here ethically? I know legally I'm fine, but it could sort of look like I "groomed" him, not that the term is very accurate because I never manipulated him or made him or even suggested doing anything that would make him uncomfortable like moids do to girls. I like him and he's heads and shoulders above most other moids at this point, but the situation does feel a bit iffy and I'm thinking about ending it before our relationship gets more serious. Do any other nonas have experience dating younger guys and how did it turn out?

Anonymous 233575


Ethically you're fine. Some people might feel some type of way about it but if anyone ask, you met him when he was 18. Thats ur new story

Anonymous 233576

You're fine

Anonymous 233578

nope, totally normal. enjoy your new relationship.

Anonymous 233580

You're totally good (and he is too!) Enjoy everything love gives

Anonymous 233583

Definitely the exact and literal meaning/definition of grooming, but it's fine

Anonymous 233586

ikr she groomed him into being a sane individual, what a pedo

Anonymous 233587


Maybe, but did she need to start dating him to do that?

Anonymous 233588

You are growing as well as he is. You admit to having had a saviour complex, that shows that you have self-awareness and likely may grow out of it, if you have not done so already. You are both in a period of change and growth, I would say 'go for it'.

It would be different if you had met him before he was 18, or if he had stated his age straight when you guys met. You did not see him as a romantic option until you guys met up irl, so it doesn't sound like you were 'targeting' him in any way.

Good luck, nona. He sounds adorable.

Anonymous 233589

Feels like you're taking advantage of a misguided virgin. Also the way you describe him it's like you're spearheading the relationship. While he's just following your lead like a lost puppy.

Anonymous 233590


Anonymous 233592

the context would be different if it was a scrote since he'd be sexually (predatorily) interested in the 17 yr old from the start, but OP is a woman and states she saw him only as an online friend until they met. assuming OP is truthful, that detail changes things. are you sure you can call it grooming?

Anonymous 233593

there is nothing wrong with it, you had no malicious intent and he is a man.

Anonymous 233596

>4 year age difference
>"Did I groom him?"
OP I mean this sincerely, but are you developmentally disabled in some way, even just a little bit of autism? No one cares except extremely prudish terminally online moids and troons.

>"Oh no officer, sorry I didn't mean to have sex with that 18 year old jailbait."

Anonymous 233597

17 and 22*

Anonymous 233598

he turned 18.

Anonymous 233599

it's a small age gap and he's not a minor anymore so it's all normal.
a moid would not even think twice about this.

Anonymous 233606

>From 4chan
You think he changed his beliefs because of you? You're naive, i recommend dropping this freaky moid altogether. Don't date moids

Anonymous 233608

You're good nona, hope it works out for you <3

Anonymous 233636


fr like she's not an idiot for dating an 18 yr old shes an idiot for dating a guy she met on 4chan that she KNOWS is a misogynist. that isn't something moids ever fully grow out of but i'm sure she'll figure it out eventually…

Anonymous 233637

>I can fix him!
But, I mean, maybe she did. He was only 17 and probably wasn't exposed to the misogyny for that long.

Anonymous 233675

Yeah, only for about 17 years.

Anonymous 233681

Hey, we were all giant retards at 18 and grew out of shit. OP, keep trying with this guy if you want to, relationships take work from either side and it really never stops taking effort.
What really kills a relationship is having different core values and goals in life. If you don't see yourselves together in however many years, or one of you doesn't want to settle at all, that's it. You won't grow together and as such you'll make each other unhappy.

Anonymous 233683

I don't think you can groom a 17 year old after less than a year of talking. Don't be paranoid, enjoy your relationship

Anonymous 235135

I had a similar experience with a moid of same age and similar circumstances. We broke up but are still friends. I think you're fine. Ignore twitter.

Anonymous 235141

dont let the door hit you on the way out

Anonymous 235143

>I fixed him
No, you didn't. That kid is lying and wants to take advantage of your naivete. Don't fall for it, keep your mind sharp and just wait until his mask drops if you intend to stay on that road.

Anonymous 235144

Even before you knew he was 17 your intentions with him were innocent, you're fine

Anonymous 235159

He's 18 now, silly

Anonymous 235306

Now imagine that photo taken but it's those wretched, pale blue lights they use. Would totally ruin it.

Anonymous 237908

Can't believe so many of you fell for this obviously fake scrote fantasy.
>I'm a girl and 4chan guy is actually so cute and cool why didn't i date him sooner!

Anonymous 237971

Why are you even worrying?

Anonymous 237986

I don't really see a problem here. Call me a devil, but I think it's kinda cute for a slightly older partner, no matter what gender, to help a younger person, provide them with mentorship and then offer to date them later as long as no scummy psychological tricks are used. I think it's a wholesome way for a couple to meet.

Anonymous 237994

idk, for some of us it's actually true nona. i've been dating one for several years and he's cute as all hell

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