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1a fennel.JPG

Has anyone here eaten fennel? Anonymous 234536

I see it all the time at the store. Yet I have not met a single person who has eaten it. What's it even used for?

Anonymous 234539

I cut it to pieces and eat it raw, the inside layers taste better than the ones outside.

Anonymous 234546

Bake them with carrots and potatoes, when you make a roast turkey or chicken. Butter, garlic, oregano, pepper and chicken boullion sauce.

Anonymous 234550

Licorice/anise like aromatic vegetable, great raw or cooked. Use the bulb and roast or thinly shave with mandoline or slice thin for salads and slaws. Think celery for the stalks.

Anonymous 234555

Agreeing with other anons on this. Raw or baked. Fennel is so fucking good.

Anonymous 234603

we have wild fennel that grows on the hills in Northern California. You can peel the skin off the sides of dried stalks and chew on it like gum. The seeds at the top have a strong liquorice-like flavor that can add flavour

Anonymous 234604

My family grills them for BBQs alongside the meat. Love them !

Anonymous 234608

Holy fuck ive been wondering about this plant and how people it! Thanks nonas.

Anonymous 234609

fits really beautifully into a light stock or broth I always pair her w leek

Anonymous 235513

it's really delicious. It's a little bit sweet which I think is nice, and it's texture is sort of like onions??

Anonymous 235533

the best vegetable to use in salads. cut the bulb into paper thin slices and add to salads or use the fronds as an herb or garnish.

Anonymous 235639

I only ever used the seeds on cakes and had the tea, I never see the leafy being sold where I live.

Anonymous 235899

This is a tasty recipe with fennel if you decide to try it. I'm not a huge fan of the Rosemary here so I make a garlic tahini dressing instead usually

Anonymous 236077

Cut the bulb up real thin along with some even thinner red onion. Feta cheese, some canned peas or white beans, olive oil, lemon juice, champagne vinegar, salt and pepper. You now have the salad most light fish wants.

Anonymous 236156

I like to slice the bulb thinly and fry it in olive oil with a bit of pepper until browned. And then put it on sandwiches. (Good on a meatball sub!) I would eat it more but my grocery store rarely carries it.

Anonymous 236157

I haven't eaten it but I also see it at the store and people do buy it and say it tastes like licorice

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