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men being overly professional Anonymous 234769

has anyone else encountered this?
dudes at work only speak among themselves, and are very stiff when they talk to me and other women

Anonymous 234773

I'm a student in collegue but all the dudes talk and act like they're still on highschool if that contributes something to the conversation

Anonymous 234776

welcome to the frat bro mentality. the only way to get access to the important workplace conversations among men is to forcefully impose yourself on those guys while maintaining a cool-girl one-of-the-boys image.

Anonymous 234780

That sounds ideal?

Anonymous 234787

in what world is this
>dudes at work only speak among themselves
beneficial to your success? they are going to keep sharing ideas and making connections and getting promoted, and you get… uhh… extra time to spend on the internet?

Anonymous 234791

they won't share their ideas with you, being left alone is better than the alternative

Anonymous 234793

>they won't
i literally work at a tech company. they will.
>being left alone is better than the alternative
what alternative? suffering through some dude bro's lame attempts at pick up? no, it's not. you distance yourself from the rest of the office, you achieve nothing.

Anonymous 234796

Maybe you just have a thick skin nona but i'm not built to deal with their bullshit. I will gladly miss out on whatever benefit I'd get from having to break into their fratenity if it means that I won't die at 50 from a scrote induced cardiac arrest. I can't be a Cool Girl.

Anonymous 234797

>I can't be a Cool Girl.
you'll never know unless you try

Anonymous 234798

That is unprofessional behavior.

Anonymous 234803

OP said they are overly professional, that would mean you can actually still communicate with them when it's work related. If my chances of growing career wise depended on me being a sycophant, I'd be screwed even if they happened to chat with women too.

Anonymous 235857

If HR does somthing unpopular expect men to totally close ranks, they assume every woman is in some way connected to HR.
Often HR won't tell men exactly who filed a complaint, which men find deeply unfair. Again they close ranks.

Anonymous 235891

Clearly they want to minimize the possibility of career ruining incidents. One tasteless joke to a wrong person could be enough.

Anonymous 235910

what is wrong with a man being shy around you and very professional and not pestering you and bothering you?

im not seeing the issue??

Anonymous 235923

If you work in STEM I feel like they are just afraid of you.

Anonymous 235974

That doesn't make sense

Anonymous 236020

That's the top one reason I've stopped pursuing STEM. I can't cope with being surrounded by socially retarded moids who treat me like I'm some exotic animal they're forced to interact with

Anonymous 236049

It's a pretty stupid reason to give up on a career.

Anonymous 236051

she's still a teenager obv

Anonymous 236320

Wrong. I will pry into the lives of my coworkers like it's part of my job. Their childhood trauma is my business and I WILL know it.
Nosy ass bitches have rights, too.

Anonymous 236321

They don't talk to women unless they are interested. Extremely avoiding you is a way of not shitting where they eat.

Anonymous 236617

I've sorta felt this. Dudes in purchasing, QC, and logistics are very uptight and professional. But the men in sales are very relaxed, and not professional enough at times.

It's cause the guys in sales here have their career completely tied to their relationship with their customers, and can't just be replaced at risk of losing the customer; so management doesn't give a fuck if they cause trouble with colleagues. They get away with almost anything if they're making the company money. One salesman here was an actual BPD psychopath who would talk nonsense to everyone, and got arrested cause he tried to kill his dad. Instead of firing him, they just made him work from home at a reduced salary.

Anonymous 236618

I hate sales people they are the main reason a company can turn into a meat grinder

Anonymous 236620

>One salesman here was an actual BPD psychopath who would talk nonsense to everyone, and got arrested cause he tried to kill his dad. Instead of firing him, they just made him work from home at a reduced salary.

Damn I didn't see that episode of the office

Anonymous 237644

FUCK HR. All of this is just sowing mistrust between workers to ensure that they can never trust each other enough to organize. HR reps are the spineless slimes that collude with bosses to fuck over their employee in new and inventive (but always retarded) ways. I once had a moid HR rep who I don't even think was human, the guy looked like a reptile wearing a plastic mansuit.

Anonymous 238493

this is such an incel talking point - I haven't noticed this at all. the only moids who are afraid to talk to women after metoo are predatory and they know it, which is why they're afraid. most men who are sane know women aren't going around calling 'rape' when it doesn't exist so they don't feel afraid of normal conversations

Anonymous 238665


Anonymous 238670

mildly related to this thread, does anyone have any tips on how to deal with moids at work? they scare and intimidate me by existing even when they're nice, i don't know how to talk to them.

Anonymous 239494

Kill yourself

Anonymous 245241

They are overly careful and don't want to get into trouble: Relationships that go wrong, jokes taken the wrong way, false accusations etc. - doesn't mean those fears are warranted, but they exist in the male mind.

Anonymous 245244


If they're american then it's because pence broke their moid brains

Anonymous 245925

You clearly do not have any make opinions in your life. At least not any honest ones. The metoo shit impacted the mentality of most men.

Anonymous 245929

Asriel - It wont b…

A lot of men are guarded around women these days.

Anonymous 245943

I have the opposite problem, how do I stop both attracting and intimidating all the depressed boys at work

Anonymous 245944

Don't even consider their existence and enjoy your life.
The second they start talking to you it's a fucking mind game so pretend theyre not there and float around on cloud 9 taking valuable instruction and playing fair on the team, but pretend they're fucking porch Beatles flying into walls and lanterns like the retards they are. :T

The SECOND you start engaging with them like they're men it's nothing but psychological bullshit and games and ego ego ego. Laugh at them from the second you get to work until the minute you leave. Even when they're pretending to be well adjusted it's a rat trap made in hell.

Anonymous 245967

Why do you want to talk to them?

Anonymous 245994

Where do you work? I never find depressed boys at work, it's all boring happy go lucky normies.

Anonymous 246023

Not even close to some of the things I've seen. Alot of work places have actually gotten worse. Bosses still harass women, undermine them, try to make the look stupid at everything they do. This isn't even half of the story if you work in stem or programming. Probably a freaking moid psyop right here.

Anonymous 246030

>I never find depressed boys at work, it's all boring happy go lucky normies.
I feel you on that one, the work place is so sterile. I work in IT now and there are a lot of quiet and shy nerd boys which I could imagine to be depressed sometimes. The only visibly depressed moid here is good looking but a bit short. I suspect him to read incel forums.

Overall I think men being too professional is a middle and upper class thing. You still see a lot of zoo monkey or tribal machismo behaviour among working class men, see you next construction site.

Anonymous 246031

>while maintaining a cool-girl one-of-the-boys image
but OP wants to be that, it sounds like

Anonymous 246076

You're a hopelessly willfuly ignorant moid or a hopelessly stupid girl

Anonymous 246092

Who the fuck wants to work with shitty people anon? Explain to me why everyones supposed to have sparkling motivation all the time?? Its the exact same with men. And be careful calling it incompetence when they actually just dont give a fuck because they know they'll be undermined anyway. Have their ideas and opinions rejected anyway. You sound like you crawled out of a moids asshole with moid perspectives ? Care to explain? I've never known a woman like that unless it was in a shitty job or one that treated her like garbage.

Nobody uses their gender for anything people want to get by and not be walked all over at their jobs. You sound like you have enough sticks up your ass to be the boss that secretly undermines individuals male or female. Youd screw anybody and call it oops bad luck with that kind of ignorance.

Anonymous 246099


tbh i think that is the only way, its how the Japanese are coping as well. Nothing wrong with it, always found it odd that feminism never encouraged women to be pursuers too, to remove dogshit gender stereotypes you have to overturn them from the ground up.

I wouldn't be worried if i were you nona, these programmers get 0 attention from women and secretly really want a gf, so will always entertain the idea.

Anonymous 246102


kys scrote

Anonymous 246103

This scrote is on fire, my lord

Anonymous 246104

Still butthurt it's not easy to harrass us at work anymore, moid?

Anonymous 246108

and there you are posting a screenshot of your stupid attempts at getting a woman on a date, are you sure you arent the one who isnt desperate for others?

Anonymous 246119

No matter how needy that women is the the moment, it's still better than being with a scrote that sounds like you. Dodging a bullet much ?

Anonymous 246120

Kek crisis averted, thanks for your effort

Anonymous 246203

calling bs on all fronts, a man wrote this

Anonymous 246204

men after reading 1984

Anonymous 246205

Trusting your intuition is a big deal. I picked up on the male hands that typed that as well.

Anonymous 246213

omg no way men are so smart o_o he showed them!

Anonymous 248576

maybe they should just not make tasteless jokes then?
Or better yet, they should all quit and let women have their positions instead.

because they're doing it for the wrong reasons

Anonymous 248577

>got arrested cause he tried to kill his dad
shame he didn't succeed and then get gunned down by the pigs
two fewer moids in the world

Anonymous 248640

This pretty much destroyed the social aspect of my small workplace. We're just 8 women with double the amount of men, half of whom don't speak English, so we all interact fairly often with our only HR manager. An outgoing employee (who had been stealing my lunch and CLOTHES for MONTHS without consequence) decided to be vindictive and brought a complaint against literally the only guy who knows how to fix our cataloguing system when it has its bi-weekly freakout, just before she put in notice. This meant he was put on unpaid leave and HR didn't know she was quitting. Turns out he asked her out twice, months apart, and she told a story about him stalking her when she turned him down, so they fired him and she quit shortly after. Every man there closed ranks and imposed a wall of silence and isolation. In their minds, it was some conspiracy with her and HR to force men out, since the boss hired a woman as a replacement and she turned out to have lied on her CV and looked like an incompetent diversity hire. And since they all think we're best friends with HR, we're all locked out too. Now, because I'm the only woman in my section, I just have to work in silence as everyone else arounds me talks and jokes, because if I try to say anything I just get one-word answers and total silence.

Anonymous 248764

>maybe they should just not make tasteless jokes then?
Moids like to be insensitive assholes. It's their natural habitat.
So either they be bored, or only show each other their asshole s(ide).

Anonymous 248776

That's pretty harsh, have you spoken to the guys about it or do you just not care?
Had a girl in a musical production claim stalking behaviour to a well-liked guy and it cut the backstage side of things in half. Talking to any of the guys after that felt curt, guessing they thought the same thing as in your situation, conspiracy.

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