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how to make money online? Anonymous 234816

i am running short of the few money i had, and I am needing some sort of income to pay college, gym subscription, phone lines, and grocery shopping.
i got 25 years in this earth and i never had a job, what can i do?

Anonymous 234818

Drop college, learn a trade.

Anonymous 234819

Trades don't pay shit here

Anonymous 234820

Draw furries on twitter, idk much about programming but as far as i know people either love it or hate it. maybe that's also an option if it's your thing.
Maybe try becoming a vtuber (lol) if you don't care about simps 24/7 bothering you.

Anonymous 234827

If you kind of know how to draw you can take commissions, particularly furries pay really well. Also fanfics, you don't have to be super good but if you're open to writing anything then degenerates will pay a lot.
Maybe programming? if you know html then you can get gigs and make websites for people.

Anonymous 234830

Unfortunately, trades are as much as a scam as college. You’ll be putting in hours of backbreaking labor and will be making peanuts in exchange. The amount of effort that trade jobs require from you is really not worth the minimal reward.

Anonymous 234831

I am studying programming and have been applying to multiple companies for about a year and a half.
Needless to say, even if each time I get closer to be hired, I didn't get into anything.
Some other websites allow you to work as a freelancer, but I'm way too insecure to work on the proposed projects. I have built applications with .Net framework and SQL Server, but I never hosted anything on a website besides my portfolio on GitHub.

Anonymous 234834

Working any job for your uni will help. That's how I ended up paying for school without debt. They go easy on you if you get a job with them since you're a student. In my experience, the hours were really flexible, too. You only have to do that until you graduate and can find a real job. Look into your school's hiring database for open positions. They will usually have their own site or network for jobs. Maybe your career center can even hook you up and point you in the right direction.

Anonymous 234838

Nona, if you can't get hired atm then you need to start getting the confidence for doing some freelancing, maybe start with low prices and small jobs and progressively go up if it makes you feel better.
Even after you get a job it's a good way to make money on the side, I can't recommend this enough.

Anonymous 234850

Night shift at a gas station.

Anonymous 234861

i use to complete online surveys. it pays pennies in comparison to the time you spend on it though

Anonymous 234864

i got an online job doing search engine evaluation pretty easily, you just need to pass an exam and they will hire you. pays minimum wage but i dont have to talk to anyone + work from home

Anonymous 234873

Forget about online stuff. Can you drive? Get into deliveries. In the longer term look at getting a truck licence.

Anonymous 234953

Where I live doing work online might be more profitable due to the devaluation of the local currency next to the US dollar.
I decided to start doing fiverr gigs, hopefully something comes out of this.

Anonymous 234968

How do you have all of that without ever having a job?

Anonymous 234969

Meant to tag you.

Anonymous 234970

I live with my dad, and I had some savings from a lawsuit.
But months passed and now I'm penniless, and asking him for money makes me uneasy.

Anonymous 235273

Find a husband. Money isn’t made easily online

Anonymous 235282

codependency sucks

Anonymous 235313

catfish simps

Anonymous 238319

learn how to build funnels on using clickfunnels

Anonymous 238530

Do an online computer science degree, then get a remote job online

Anonymous 238531

Flip cheap goods on Amazon.

Anonymous 238534

I've never tested it out but i heard that feetfinder can give you money, it's an app where you take pics of your feet to footfags that buy them and you don't need to show them your face, or maybe i just fell into an elaborate shill kek, but it sounds like it works.

Anonymous 238549

I heard my co-workers talking about that app. How one of them supposedly has a friend and that's how she paid for text books. I thought it was a meme but normies are talking about it now.
I think it's a scam.

Also don't do onlyfans because it's a mlm now. The money doesn't come from your content but how many people you can get to sign up using your link. Shit sounds like more work then work.

Anonymous 238551

Then you can sell the nigerian prince your feet pics

Anonymous 238565

Where and how do you sell the pictures?

Anonymous 238653


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