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LOBSTER CAFE SURVEY hellocrystalcafe 235100


This is a thread for the members of the unofficial CC discord server.

If this is against the rules, I ask the mods to at least let this thread sit for one/two days unless the discussion goes south, but I'm hoping I'm allowed to do it here. I don't want to do some google survey because I don't want the members to just reply to questions, I want everyone to be able to discuss the server anonymously.

There will be no tags, no mails, no names posted here, no personal information whatsoever.

I thought it'd be nice for all of you to be able to speak your mind. Here's a few exemples:

I would like to know how you feel in the discord, what were you hoping to find there and if you did, if you feel comfortable speaking in the discord, etc. I know that some members have anxiety and some just prefer to lurk and not talk much, which is fine too.

What changes would you like to see? Some events? More VCs?

Do you have complaints? You can also say something about me (owner) and the moderation (but never disrespect the other mods please)

Did you make friendships?

How do you feel about the level of freedom of speech in the discord?

Attention please:

If you have any beef with other members (although I'd be surprised considering how peaceful the discord has been), please do not post about it here and contact me or a mod. If you have complaints about the general vibe of the discord, you can talk about it, but never talk about one specific member here.

Overall, this is for you to speak about:

Everything that goes by your mind, positive or negative, with respect.

(If you're outside the discord, I don't mind you asking questions and participating in the discussion or making suggestions but please don't monopolize the discussion or create trouble or pretend to be in the discord)


Anonymous 235102

I’ve been looking for something like this for a while, how does one join the server?

Anonymous 235103


I'm part of the server but I haven't been on in almost a month because I'm taking a break from discord and social media in general. I'm also recovering from injury. I'm the one that likes making anime gifs. Everyone has been SO NICE on that server. Nobody ever says negative shit and they're always encouraging with good ass advice that motivates me to try harder at life. There's no real negative things I would say. It's such a different vibe from other pisscords that inevitably get shat up by scrotes with porn gore and other nasty shit.

Anonymous 235105

It's nice :)

Anonymous 235107

Nice anon. I was in there for a bit, but I think I got removed for inactivity. Seeing this thread was kind of a surprise lol

hellocrystalcafe 235108

are you still in the server? If you want to be active again DM me (owner) I can give you back your role like I did for others in the same situation :)

Anonymous 235109

I'm on the server but got restricted for inactivity because I was never brave enough to actually participate

happy happy happy ;-; 235111

I'm an active member and I LOVE the server… Its so cozy and comfy

I'd love to have more VC nights as I love meeting new people and hearing about your lives.

I think its really cool the sheer amount of girls from completely different places in the world, I feel like I learn something new every day and have heard about some awesome places I'd now like to travel to.

My feelings are that we shouldn't change anything about the invitation process to the server - requiring confirmation of identity through VC helps me feel safe in the server without fear of moid intrusion.

I haven't felt like I can speak my mind on discord much without fear of being put down for my gender, sexualised, bombarded with shock porn or anything like I have with pretty much every server. CC is so refreshing with genuine girls wanting to make friends and help eachother out, its a community fr and i'm all here for it.

Anonymous 235112

I’m not really too active on it, but I get all the tags for events. I’d like more movie nights !!

Anonymous 235123

I lurk but I have no idea how to talk and I've been in the server so long its weird I've never talked before so I'm kind of afraid to :(

Anonymous 235132


I agree with everything said here! I've only been a part of the server for a couple months but everyone is always so kind and responsive to anything I say in there!! And I love hearing about the girlys' lives and where they live and the things they share. It's truly one of my favorite internet hangouts ever.

Don't be scared nona. :) You can start by making friendly comments on music or memes maybe? Or encouragement in the "share happiness"/"vent" channels? I am sure someone will always appreciate comments like that.

Anonymous 235148

sorry for calling you a moid, can I also be added to the server ples

Anonymous 235149

I reached out a while ago to join the server and never got the invite link, felt bad and didn't want to hound the nice nona that contacted me. ; ; i thought the server wasn't taking people for a while, could i get an invite (again?)

Anonymous 235150

Really nice server. As much as I love CC, theres a few nonas on here that will attack, be aggressive, insulting and not very supportive. As much as I appreciate radical feminism, I feel like the aim of it gets a little lost sometimes and we accidentally attack other women, which is no better than moids. I've had this happen to me on CC a few times. So I was hesitant to join any Discord server at first - but I've been in here for more than 1.5 year now, and its such a nice, supportive safe space. We are all super encouraging and supportive of each other. I hardly see any arguments, we appreciate differing of opinions. So I guess my one thing would be:- before you ask to join, please consider whether or not you are suitable for this sort of space.

Anonymous 235154

i have nothing to add to this thread but i drew the op image and seeing it whenever i open cc makes me really happy lol

Anonymous 235160

I love the image

Anonymous 235162

i'm another lurker and it seems very friendly! i'm just never online when people are talking and feel too awkward to start a new conversation haha

Anonymous 235187

It is legendary artwork in the Discord too nona, thank you. <3

Anonymous 235203

I thought it was closed down and impossible to get into. I've dipped out of cc a lot lately since posts have been getting deleted without explanation from the mods.


>getting deleted without explanation
it does look like the old thread for this discord has been deleted. miners were talking about the post deletions on lolcow.

if you want to join email me (name feld) and ill give you the owners email where you can ask her for an invite. if the owner is ok with this? my email is a burner.

(if its fine reply to this to confirm you sent).

hellocrystalcafe 235246


well if its a burner thats okay but someone posted the link to the other thread anyway, they can find all the info here

hellocrystalcafe 235247

I get that although I've rarely seen the mean ones here! I think the advantage of discord is that first thanks to verification you can't be too worried about talking to a man or a tranny larping as a woman, and we also only get the nice women here. Still fairly anonymous and yet civilized.

Men can't join the party and mean girls probably don't want to that bad (they wouldnt be able to be mean and stay anyway). Could also be that some of the mean girls here are men and trannies though.

We're free and happy

Find the discord thread (it's in /b/) and you'll get all the info. For the inactive ones, just contact me in discord, I've had inactive members come back often

love you!!! nice art you did there


love you lurkers too tbh, i understand that sometimes you dont need to dance to enjoy the party. IRL we always have th quiet friend after all!

and i'm definitely hearing it for the VC, gaming, movie sessions. I'll need to think it through seriously

Anonymous 235260


>fairly anonymous

Anonymous 235382

I joined it then left after a day cause it felt awkward, like walking into a room full of people who all know each other while you're a stranger.

Anonymous 235386

It feels like that in every discord server where you don't know anyone, just butt-in in the conversations, that's what i do lol

hellocrystalcafe 235405

Among the users yes, you're responsible for the info you let others know.

Anonymous 235463

You're ignoring Discord, and all those people it sells your info to.

Anonymous 235494

happens with any site you use, you can't avoid it unless you never use internet.

hellocrystalcafe 235499

I know. It's just not what I was talking about. Most members already had discord meaning they were already okay with using it.

If you're scared for your data you can become really tech savvy or throw away your computer but that's not on me

I understand your point though

hellocrystalcafe 235500

I understand because I often felt like this before. I hope you'll try again some day. Really just 'dont care', no one will reject you and say "who are you?"

Always so happy to see this group is helping. Thanks for being active. I'll try my best!

Anonymous 235514


>this corpo keeps a log of every chat you have
>oh noes, back to the cave then
Maybe there are alternatives between giving away your privacy and not using a computer.

Anonymous 235516

i literally don't care. I'm not mentally ill or any other special case to be worried about this.

Anonymous 235526

The appeal of Discord is having large, public servers you can join to find random people with similar interests, somewhat like forums in the old days of the Internet. Most services advertised as Discord alternatives are closer to traditional instant messaging services than Discord. Signal etc. are good alternatives to the likes of WhatsApp, but they are not places you'd use to make friends online or find specific communities.
The only alternative I know of that even comes close to Discord in that regard is Telegram, but that too is quite sketchy privacy-wise and less suitable for larger communities. You also have to find public groups that aren't complete cancer, with isn't that easy to begin with. IRC is another honorable mention, but mostly dead nowadays and even harder to integrate yourself into as a newcomer.
I'm usually very schizo when it comes to privacy (Linux user since 10 years, ungoogled Lineage OS phone, no social media and the whole schtick), but Discord is the one thing I begrudgingly have to make an exception for because there simply is no alternative with similar features or even a fraction of the user base.

hellocrystalcafe 235530

Okay, I agree, there's other options out there.
Thanks for mentioning it. Have a nice week end

Anonymous 235636

not enough amazing amphibians

Anonymous 235866

Wish it wasn't so inactive, dunno what changed but everyone is so quiet now and doesn't talk about anything in particular. I guess maybe group activities could change this?

Anonymous 235987

First of all, the server's vibe is generally pleasant, no complaint there.

However, it's really inactive. And I just get this distinct feelings that everyone on there has a hard time bonding over things, bc the interests are so varied.

Oh, and I also think it's lame that the venting channel is the most populated- it feels more like I'm reading someone's diary every time I log in, and you can tell that everyone feels a little awkward/doesn't know what to say when someone posts a new vent.

I also feel like the younger users (teens and very young 20s) kind of dominate the server so it honestly feels very awkward to be a 30+ member to the point where I feel like I'm hanging out with my zoomer cousins.

That's not a complaint really since it's not the server's fault but yeah, it's not a particularly nourishing atmosphere if you 're like, 25+.

thats my review, i do appreciate the women only atmosphere I just wish there were more servers to join/choose from that were like this.

Anonymous 235990

I love hearing about all the weird international things.

Anonymous 235991

What changes would you like to see? Some events? More VCs?
Do you have complaints? You can also say something about me (owner) and the moderation (but never disrespect the other mods please)
Did you make friendships?
I feel like I am making friendships. I want to be braver and friend people though
How do you feel about the level of freedom of speech in the discord?

Anonymous 236338

I've been a part of the server almost since its inception and I really love the general atmosphere, it's one of my favourite discord servers I'm in.
That said, I wish users of the discord posted more often, currently it feels like the number of active posters went down lately so it's the same 10 people when there's like 86 of us! I wouldn't mind stricter inactivity rules and the doors of the discord being open once again.

Anonymous 236345

Honestly I wish the server wouldve been in Element/Riot, since it's pretty similar to Discord but its OSS and doesn't have Tencent behind it. It's so hard to find anonymous communities these days unless you want to be in Discord.

Anonymous 236873

Is the server still accepting new members? I sent an email and haven't gotten a response back :(

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