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Unpopular opinion Anonymous 235287

So I see fat girls complain about how they don’t get attention because of their weight. Like actually it’s probably because they’re fat and ugly. Losing weight isn’t gonna all of sudden fix your butter face. I’m fat and I would arguably say I get too much attention at my size because I have a pretty face.

Anonymous 235288

This + plus their fat distribution is pretty bad. Have a friend who’s overweight but most of it goes to hips and breasts, and she has a nice waist still. She also has a super cute face. Guys are always all over her

Anonymous 235301

>they don’t get attention because of their weight

Yeah, I'm never going to believe this because every fat girl I've ever known has had a boyfriend. And alot of friends. However they also had super high socialibility and extreme confidence so I'm pretty sure that overcompensated for anything people might have otherwise passed them for looks-wise.

Anonymous 235305

I don't know. 74% of people in America are fat. If you're fat it should be easy enough to find someone else who is also fat to fat it up with together, or it could literally just be that people are not naturally attracted to ugly-fat people.

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