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Retarded libfem takes Anonymous 235322

I started thinking about how annoying all the clone egirlish libfem youtube video essayists are, and how their opinions on every topic are just so wrong, and at worst, completely unoriginal. They just repeat the same shit.
for instance
>pickme girls
I think we can all recognize pickme girls exist but every one of these girls has 100 videos analyzing pickme girls, usually diluting the definition of what a pickme is in the process or completely missing the mark. They call women who aren't pickme girls pickmes, they overanalyze behavior to try and frame them as a pickme. In reality most women have internalized misogyny and thats a consequence of the society we live in, that isn't necessarily pickme behavior. Most of this is just pure projection because they are ashamed of how they used to be.
>normalizing classical feminity
Classical femininity is very blatently the basis of which women are oppressed and liking things like makeup, fashion, SHAVING ffs are all consequences of being conditioned to like these things. But they always say
"let women like what they like!!!", because they are just lazy feminists who don't want to actually go against social norms to make things better for women, they just want to preach about it from the safety of their bedroom and in the comfort of normalcy. Talking about accepting unfeminine women doesn't mean jack shit if women are too afraid to actually be unfeminine, the world needs to SEE unfeminine women on a daily basis.
Its the same with their absolutely braindamaged opinions on housewives. They encourage women to make themselves submissive to their husbands and call this giving them their autonomy because reee the evil radfems act like women cant be housewives anymore!!!
>overanalyzing some aspect of internet culture
Pretty self explanatory tbh, its always parotting the obvious but jerking themselves off so they sound intelligent or reusing a topic which had already been done 1k times.

Anonymous 235323

It really is so stupid. Their knowledge about “feminism” all comes from mainstream internet sites, and they’ve never read any feminist theory, and if they have it’s all >2010’s already lib shit. They only talk about retarded internet issues and trends. Not to mention how annoyingly passive they are, putting everyone else’s suffering above women

Anonymous 235331


>Libfems constantly shill his videos
>He's genuinely so much dumber and less persuasive than the people with his opposing views, even when he talks about ideas I'm supposed to already agree with him on

I legitimately HATE video essayists. They just exist to discourage genuinely radical thought and action. And I thought it wasn't gonna get any worse than Destiny.

Anonymous 235332

idk why being female is automatically associated with being ultraliberal on all issues. I don't want uncontrolled 3rd world mass immigration to my country despite being a woman.

Anonymous 235335

I wonder if olivia lurks here

Anonymous 235340

I like and prefer female essayists to males. I just like to have something playing in the background while I draw. But when they say pickme shit, I start to cringe and need to shut it off. My favorite essayist who doesn't do that is Quinn Curio, but she doesn't make a lot of videos.

Anonymous 235345


I feel like this content breeds narcissism. The "I'm smarter than you" type. I end up caught into listening to video essayists even if I don't particurlarly agree (I am curious after all). I like getting to learn about new things. If the essay bleeds more narcissism than it does passion for the topic, it's not particularly pleasant. I prefer listening when I can feel that the person genuinely enjoys talking about a specific subject and sharing its information.

Anonymous 235347

>overanalyzing some aspect of internet culture
Usually what they do is pick some random tiktok trend that 14 year old girls consume and act like it's some big important thing in society. Just wait 6 months and those kids won't even remember this. Trends like "that girl" aren't important or even real, most of these kids just see it on tiktok it doesn't affect their life.

Anonymous 235387

Thank you

Anonymous 235390


what for

Anonymous 235403

I think Bimboism/Bimbocore is the peak of libfem retardation and mental gymnastics

Anonymous 235407

OliSUNvia's takes are so bland. She lives in my city and we're known for being impotent

Anonymous 235408

For saying the truth!!! I'm scared to go out alone because of that and other women who agree with me can't admit the problem of this

Anonymous 235417

men should be himbofied

Anonymous 235451

Anonymous 235461

the pick me girl part is so true. I've spoken to irl normie girls about this and its actually ridiculous. For some reason the definition of a pick-me has shifted to multiple definitions depending on who they feel insecure about.
They don't abide by femininity? They're a pick me because they're a tomboy trying to act like a man to be not-like-other-girls
They abide by femininity more than you do? They're a pick me because they're posing themselves as overly feminine to be cute to guys.
They don't think casual sex with men who don't care about them is cool and liberating? Pick me because men don't like promiscuous women for relationships
They have more casual sex than you do? Clearly a pick me because they are desperate for male attention

To be honest my definition is literally just any girl who intentionally does mean things to other girls to seem cooler to other guys. This includes calling random people pick mes for doing things that doesn't affect other girls. It's a pathetic cycle of "n-no, you're the pick me! I'm not doing things to impress men, I promise!"

Anonymous 235462

What would a bimbofied man look like, any examples? Asking for a friend

Anonymous 235471

I noticed this too. Somehow the word pick-me became such a buzzword it lost its original meaning. It's a bit frustrating to see because some women have started becoming paranoid around this word because it gets thrown around so much without any substantial meaning.

Anonymous 235479

its funny coming from someone like oliSUNvia. The desperate attention seeker to libfem pipeline really is real. She admitted having a fake tumblr mental illness phase and a fake conservative phase to pander to males. Usually these girls realize how embarassingly transparant their pickmeism was so they compensate by pretending to be a feminist, yet choose a brand of feminism that allows them to still appeal to males and be a housewife. They are jokes.

Anonymous 235505

oliSUNvia is a stupid woman. I didn't watch all of her videos, but from what I saw she is a very sheltered and not very bright woman who thinks she is smart only because she got a fance degree. It can be seen through the weird evolution of her views where she jumped from being a conservative to a tumblr girl to libfem. I know a lot of bloggers who changed their views radically but at least they gave a good explanation for why they shifted their views and how they analyzed random issues under different lens.
In case of oliSUNvia, she had her trad phase just because. She genuinely didn't give any arguments on why she thought Peterson or Shapiro where right. All her reasoning was just "well, they are such underdogs!". She is so emotional in her reasoning. And loves to muse over random shit on top of that. She is a vapid, stupid person who jumps from one trend to another and loves to give shallow speeches about minor things.

Anonymous 235509

The dumbest usages I've ever seen for "pickme" were occasions when it was applied to lesbians.
>God, did you hear what she said about transgenders? For a lesbian she's such a pickme.
>She actually defended [anime fanservice]/[vtubers]/[yuri]/[other degenerate lesbian erotica]? P-i-c-k-m-e.
>She's into [schizo nonsense], you'd think a fat dyke wouldn't be so pickme tier.

Anonymous 235601

oliSUNvia being the op pic of this thread kek. her biggest contribution to the culture.

Anonymous 235622

Kronk from the emperor's new groove is a famous example

Anonymous 235632

this thread reminded me of my friend (25) who genuinely believed Donald T. started the pandemic. We were talking about it one night when she dropped that gem and I sat there for a moment trying to play devil's advocate before I opted not to hang out with her again.

Anonymous 235633

Do you guys know any non-libshit (preferably anti capitalist) female YouTubers to watch?

Anonymous 235635


Anonymous 235640

I have been watching kidology. I'm sure I watch more channels hosted by females especially journalists but that's what I can think off the top of my head rn.

Anonymous 235652

Happens all the time
>new slur gets introduced
>people hear the meaning
>twist it to suit their needs
>it now applies to anyone I dont like
The result is a million conversations of "x is y and therefore he/she is evil"


Anonymous 235673



Anonymous 235674

ChadChad is really funny, her channel is more of a comedy one but still

Anonymous 235675

This whole thing is so funny.
It was only an expression to refer to “not like other girls”, but now it just doesn’t make sense.
“You’re a pickme because you reject femininity, look at me doing girly things uwu i’m just a girl in the world”.
C’mon, what actually sounds more appealing to men? A “girly” “silly” woman or a woman who isn’t interested in this? But yeah, you’re a “girl’s girl” for mocking the latter.
I’m actually drawn into those things considered “feminine” and I think it’s nice to criticize the shame and dismissing it receives, but how can you reinforce gender roles and think you’re so revolutionary bc of this?

Anonymous 235714

Didn't someone here say they knew her irl in another thread?

Anonymous 235719

Sometimes I feel bad bc I would probably also make stupid videos as her but about different topics if I wasn't lazy enough to make videos zz

Anonymous 235752

i remember that too

Anonymous 235871

yeah i'll just put a video on in the background that's supposed to be about women's issues and they'll constantly virtue signal about libfem bullshit like not all men, how makeup and sex work is totally fine, trans women etc and it just makes it hard to take anything else they say seriously. granted if they didn't they'd probably get bullied off of youtube for being an evil terf /swerf/ whatever other bullshit

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