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Anonymous 23576

Do you guys like libraries? I go pretty frequently, my local library system has an awesome selection of manga and I like reading fiction for pleasure on paper a lot more than on a screen.

Anonymous 23591

Is it true that information obtained through paper is better retained in the memory compared to digital information? Or is it just a bunch of unproven noise

Anonymous 23592


I dunno but to me the coziness of holding a yellowed paper book in your hand can't be compared to reading off a screen. For nonfiction when I'm just trying to absorb the information I don't mind either way but for fiction it's gotta be real books for me!

Anonymous 23594


I despise carrying paperback books. They’re unwieldy and always make my hands ache after a while (esp. if they’re new books and wanna slam themselves back shut). I only read on paperback at cafes and stuff bc it’s a fit

Anonymous 23598

I like libraries but I don't go that often because there are normally too many people there for me to tolerate.

Anonymous 23601

just build your own library at your home!

Anonymous 23619

I really should go to the library again but it just seems like i have never time to read.

Anonymous 23637


I like libraries, and if I'm in a city that has a nice old library I will go out of my way to visit it.

Someday I will make my way to the Peabody and the Biltmore estate.

Anonymous 23643

As someone who works at a library - definitely go visit, anons! Many libraries offer more than books; now it's common for them to offer DVDs, CDs, as well as interesting programs you may find of interest. There are often free online music streaming, magazine, and comic services associated with libraries as well, generally accessible if you have a library card.

Anonymous 23648

I have gone to my local library to study, but their seating is rubbish so I don't bother now. Also I've been working up the courage to ask if they have a copy of The Odyssey but I feel too pretentious and self-conscious.

Anonymous 23662

Don't be, most librarians are happy to help you find what you want, that is literally their job.

Or just figure out their filing system and go find the book yourself (I usually do this because I get nervous asking people for help/for the questionable reading choices).

Anonymous 23663

Can't you just use their search engine and find it yourself?

Anonymous 23805

I'm finally moving to a city. I'm going to be living 2.5 miles from the city library, I'm so stoked. There's so many books I want to read.

Anonymous 122748

just seems so sad to me that libraries are filled with thousands of books that will likely never be touched in their lifetimes, you know?

these books are just setpieces, they are just taking up space and building an aesthetic that people like. The average book in a library probably goes years without being touched.

I wish there was a design for libraries that was cozy library aesthetic without the books unironically.

Anonymous 122750

Librarian here. I can tell you that anything that doesn't circulate in 3-5 years typically gets weeded, barring it being the only title on a subject. Most of the books you're seeing actually are being used.

As for bookless libraries, those do exist in communities where ebooks and eaudiobooks dominate. They're more of a communal space.

Anonymous 122753

I live in the town next to a major city and it sucks in terms of the library. My library mostly has the books that appeal to normies while the major city library has almost any obscure book or DVD I want and also a lot of online services. It costs $100 a year for outsiders to join, if I have to pay for a library I'd actually rather just join a university library.

Anonymous 122789

Aren't you just looking for a cafe then? Plenty of cafes still have that cozy lived in atmosphere. Usually aren't filled to the brim with bums and offer a quiet place to study. You only have to buy a cup of coffee/tea to chill for awhile. Honestly I don't think I've ever seen a student at our local libraries. Most of the libraries in my city are lame, only have books that appeal to normies and pretty much are just grounds for the homeless population to congregate. The only other people I see using them are kids/teenagers after they get out of school, usually for their manga/graphic novels and computers. Same with older adults who don't have a regular access to a computer at home. Libraries outside of private/uni are pretty much dead zones for anything outside of the casual. Still doesn't hurt to get a library card to access online features like audiobooks/ebooks and online streaming though.

Anonymous 122910

i love libraries. me and a couple friends are even starting a little book club while they're away for uni so we can stay in touch more
reading the earthsea books first and I'm just waiting on the library to get it (should only be a couple more days I hope)

Anonymous 122926

Not anymore, my local library's selection is too small to be worth the subscription. I pirate my ebooks nowadays anyway.

Anonymous 122955

i want to work in a library but its so bloody hard with the internal hiring process. the jobs are hard to come by and when there is a position available with external hiring, the candidate with more library experience than you gets snatched up quickly. its hard to build experience when the door is slammed in your face. how could you possibly get your foot in the door with limited amount of positions and thousands of candidates?

Anonymous 122958

I just rejoined my local library, for the first time now I actually have to pay cause it used to be free for me as i was a minor and student.
But it's only like 30 bucks a year so I think that's fair enough.

Tbh all I'm gonna check out are YA science fiction books.. I'm tired of pretending I prefer reading Houllebecq or whatever tired incel authors I'm "supposed" to read. Just give me my badly written teen stories pls

Anonymous 123143

I don't like to check out books because I like having my own private library, but libraries are very useful for things like DVDs that you normally would only watch once anyway. The last one I checked out from the library was the new Godzilla vs. Kong movie. My mom loves King Kong. She thinks he's so misunderstood.

Anonymous 123235

I want to like libraries, but I can't. I am pressured by weird silence - I feel myself guilty to, say, breath loud. Just can't relax there.
My tiny school library was pretty chill, though.
Also I don't like to ask for a book - I'd like to look for something interesting on the shelves by myself. But, thankfully, it is only one library like that near me.
Also the content is not very broad.
But at least they are free.
I don't know, I just don't feel comfortable when anybody can hear the sound of your steps echoing and pages turning VERY LOUDLY.
That's why I like book stores more. I also can read there.

Anonymous 123249

My local library doesn't really have a good selection so I just buy books from thrift stores and read at home. They do have book sales occasionally and I should visit those more.

Anonymous 123278

No, they're gross and full of hobos and you-know-whats. Love book stores though

Anonymous 123446

i want to join a library in my town, i always loved libraries and book stores, i love reading in general but like another anon said i prefer having my own collection. the main reason i want to join is simply so i can use my login in for overdrive/online libraries. i want to read at work on my phone without worrying about bringing or accidentally leaving my book.

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