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Anonymous 236248

of course all scrotes i know want kids
>dont get pregnant
>dont go through childbirth
>dont stay home with them
>can be a parent later in life
easy peasy. i dont want kids, but if having kids for a woman was as easy as it is for a man, i might have given it a little more thought

Anonymous 236256

I would definitely want a child if I was a moid.
Going through pregnancy is abhorrent, painful, incredibly vulnerable and it's fucking ridiculous it's expected of every single woman worldwide through the entire history. I despise the entire class of mammals for viviparity, disgusting coercive reproductive practices (not that they don't exist in other animals but mammals are one of the fucking worst). Fuck mammals, they are literal abominations.

Anonymous 237196

Yeah, I do want children but I don't want to deal with childbirth or having to rely on a scrote while I can't work or even move. It's really convenient for millennial men to decide that adoption is cuckoldry when their input in the whole reproduction process is literally nutting once. And they should neither provide for their wives nor stay at home with the kids because that's also gay and cuckoldry. They don't always voice this but the mask slips every now and then.

My boyfriend actually gave me the kids talk earlier this week. The fact is that while I don't mind living with him, he isn't someone I can trust with my life and the lives of any potential children. He isn't as committed and reliable as I want. It'd take my whole life away and be like a little pet project for him, something to keep him entertained for a couple of hours per day unless he wants to get wasted and play vidya.

I'm not pretty, outgoing, or clever enough to get the type of man I would trust with the sacrifice of my body and ~30 years of my life so I just won't have children.

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