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Anonymous 236354

do you still trust in this world? and the information it gives at a face value?
whenever something seems iffy to you, do you do your own research on the subject matter and come to realize that the info that is being put in display is fake?
and when you do discover that it is all fake, how do you withstand living in a world where everyone believes the lie?
it's a lonely place down there

Anonymous 236374

Would you please use the vent thread instead of doing this shit that clogs the catalog, with all due respect

Anonymous 236604

just take the apathy pill. when someone announces theyre a man/woman hybrid I go "uh huh that's great for you."

Anonymous 236611

Nta but hth does this belong in venting?? Its a genuine question apart from venting what the hell

Anonymous 236615

Op no I don't. I have one friend I've known forever who feels similarly and… I have a mother that can smell bullsit she doesn't believe lies. My dad is the same. If You get on reddit or start really talking to people in the world think you'd be surprised. A LOT of people can smell bullshit but feel trapped underneath it ( capitalism especially) everybody feels serious burn right now with inflation and the cost of living. I don't know how you can not see all th lies honestly. You have to hide your head in the sand pretty deep.

Anonymous 236667

"Truthless world" my ass. Its a scrote theory.

Moids that spew this crap think we should burn the world and rape it… protect their rapeyness and egos for their comfort and "well being".

Moids that think this way are parasites plain and simple. Who the f needs predatory self interested scrotes or cares what they think.

Anonymous 236675

I'm just saying it's scrotey af to believe there is no truth. There absolutely is a truth, whether people can perceive it or not.

Anonymous 236705


I've literally met guys who'll say this. Who'll dislocated their shoulder trying to convince me there is no truth, that truth is unfair to the moid plague.

Anonymous 236710

Does Buddhism say there is no truth? I personally think there is a truth, for example you could argue scientific laws of physics are a truth of this universe but I think what people want are moral truths. I also believe in moral truths. But now I am wondering how different schools of thought go about this question. I know western abrahamic religions have a truth and it is the Bible and its canons but does Buddhism? I think Jainism directly addresses the question and says that there is a truth and that you should always pursue the truth. I dunno I’m bored on break at work.

Anonymous 236715


Not only is information fake, but the world too.

Anonymous 236793

I wasn't really reffering to "there not being a truth".
There is ways to get to it, and the issue comes that, once you reach that, every single person that seems to be against it just flatout don't want to realize it. And when you least realize, they'd already start labelling you as their enemy. They'd rather find justifications for their beliefs instead of really understanding the things as they are.
Maybe it's more related to this things called confirmation bias.

Anonymous 236802

>I also believe in moral truths
>But now I am wondering how different schools of thought go about this question.
If they're all not equal, then they're either all wrong or all of them but one are wrong.
>you should always pursue the truth
That's already debatable. It's a pretty common idea, but not everyone agrees with it.
Imo you need to have faith to take most decisions. Even just to use the scientific models and laws humans have created you need faith. You need a lot more faith to say you know/to define any moral truths, however.

Anonymous 236815

I have faith a massive chunk of the male population shouldn't breed or exist. A ton of the world's problems would be solved if certain queeze-inducing unholy fucks just didnt. That is easy af to know because you know it in your bones. Tbf there isn't even much faith involved it's just a given.

Anonymous 236830

Very valid. But how can you know knowing it in your bones is enough proof that it is the truth?
>inb4 I know it in my bones that knowing in my bones is enough
That's circular logic

Anonymous 236915

>whenever something seems iffy to you, do you do your own research on the subject matter and come to realize that the info that is being put in display is fake?
if it suits my bias and ideas i already hold i unironically don't do any further research. if it doesn't i do

Anonymous 236918

NTA but it is just a self-evident truth

Anonymous 236928

What happens when someone else sees the exact opposite as self-evident truth? Thinking things like that are self-evidently true is just faith again. It doesn't necessarily make you wrong, but not everyone is happy with the idea of using faith to reach "the truth".

Anonymous 236938

When they are powerful people with incel personalities. When they are normal or powerful people who repeatedly rape and/ or abuse children. If they are wealthy financial predators who completely disregard the community and prey on it like parasites. Violent unholy dictators. I mean they know who they are and God knows who they are.

Anonymous 237187

How the fuck is knowing violent pedophiles and rapists are bad circular logic? This just sounds like a fucking moid

Anonymous 237207

>trying to understand reality beyond the superficial and obvious
>this is male behavior!
I'm so sorry nona. I'll go back to acting like a woman! Does anyone else think moids are ugly?
And let's not question what makes something ugly.
That would be acting like a fucking moid.

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