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second puberty Anonymous 236743

any of you had it? I just turned 20 and it's been a year since I started to notice changes. Hips widened a bit but not much, height on the other hand, shot up from 1.58ish to 1.67m in a bit over a year. Always found weird that I was the only petite one in my family, parents aren't short.

How did it go for you? How did it make you feel? I'm really hopeful I still got a few cms, reaaaaally wanted to be at least 1.70m but hasn't gained anything from the past two months. Sucked to lose a few pants but whatever.

Anonymous 236781

Actually this is a real thing, chest, hips and some other second sexual trait grow up until 25~26 years old

Anonymous 236798

I am a late bloomer, still waiting for my hips and breasts to grow to full size

Anonymous 236805


Finally a height-related post that uses real units.

Anonymous 236819

the metric system is completely worthless in terms of real world measurements and when we do finally leave earth, it'll have no bearing on anything. the regular system is more useful because it's based on something you have with you at all times, your own body. the problem that people have with it is they imagine it's based off of some long dead king and everything is standardized. false. a foot is a foot. your foot. it's meant for you to be able to measure things using your own proportions. what relevance does the size of the entire planet have in relation to me? none. what relevance does my own foot have? everything. forget the metric system. everything you do can be more easily expressed using your own proportions.

Anonymous 236823

Your foot is 30.5cm long?

Anonymous 236825

Room temp IQ

Anonymous 236828


The metric system is good for science, bad for everyday life.

Anonymous 236859


>the regular system
Are Americans really this mentally deficient? You (and two third world shitholes nobody gives a fuck about) are the only ones not using the metric system. The metric system IS the regular system you fucking retard.

Anonymous 236863

Regular is relative, calm down.

Anonymous 236868

Yes! The most noticeable change for me was when my hips finally decided to widen at 20. Still short as fuck though, but I've made peace with that. Mostly. I used to be insecure about not having a womanly body as a teenager but it turns out all I had to do was wait until I was an actual grown woman. Here's to hoping my cup size will follow suit!

Anonymous 236871

There are two kinds of country's in this world. Countries that use the metric system, and countries that have successfully had a man walk on the moon.

Anonymous 237216

This is something you can only believe if you grew up already familiar with imperial units. When I'm baking, I use metric cups of flour, a metric teaspoon of vanilla extract, however many milliliters of milk. It's convenient, it's easy, and there is no reason to use the imperial system over the metric system.
>b-but it's easier to use fractions!
It is. But if I'm in a situation that doesn't call for scientific accuracy, then I don't need a unit system with fractions built in because I can just eyeball what 1/3 of a liter looks like. Why would I need an entire system of units built around situations that don't call for accuracy when I can just approximate it with the units I already know?
Plus there's your shitty fahrenheit temperatures. What temperature do you have to worry about the roads being icy? What temperature will your spaghetti start boiling? These are the important temperatures that matter to everyday life, not whatever weird shit fahrenheit is based on.

Anonymous 237217

You know she's a true American because she butchers the English language more than an ESL.

Anonymous 237220

>Grew to way taller than my mom at 5'8 when I was 15
>but unlike her, I was flat chested and most added fat just made me look burley.
>grew another inch and after a significant weight gain my breasts ballooned way the fuck out from 17-19

Anonymous 237224

In my case the change it's happening in my face. When I got my period at 12 years old my face changed completely as if hormones were making my cheeks, nose and jaw super bloated to the point my head seemed to be on a whole different scale than the rest of my body lmao. Now that I've been a couple of years acne free and the bloating has disappeared my face looks like the normal continuation of my child face. If you see a pictures of myself at 15-16 I look completely different than now at 23. I have really grown into my features very gradually the las couple of years. My torso and shoulders look better now too, my silhouette is more defined around that area. Another big change has been my hair, I luckily lost my frizz (probably due to better haircare routines) and it's almost as straight as it was before puberty.
The physical changes from child to teenager were traumatic to me because I no longer felt confident on my body and when I looked in the mirror I really did not feel like myself at all. The clothes marketed to my agegroup that I could afford at that time were too skimpy for my taste so I relied on baggy oversized sport basics. My family would not understand that I was insecure and would criticize me for not looking femenine enough.
I'm so happy to be over puberty. This ''second puberty'' is much softer and I'm feeling a lot more comfortable building my own style.

Anonymous 237245

Dear phone-posting troll:

1. The plural of 'country' is 'countries', not 'country's'

2. NASA has used metric since (at least) the 90s to avoid ships going missing on account of America being the only """developed""" nation to use imperial

1. Your mum
2. https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2007/08jan_metricmoon

Anonymous 237508

How tall is your dad? A friend of mine grew way taller than both parents, like a whole 6"+ taller than them, fucking insane.

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