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What is something you want to buy from another country, but can't find a way? Anonymous 236792

Has anyone here struggled ordering certain imported things online?

I want to buy La Gariguette strawberries from France, and Queen Victoria pineapple …

I also want to buy these Japanese Shaldan rainbow air fresheners but they only ship to the Philippines as far as i can tell.

What solution did you find?

Anonymous 236794


This exact flavor. I had it once in my life and I want to try it again so bad.

Anonymous 236796

I would love to eat a lot of the shitty processed foods that the US has. They have so many more flavors for Monster Energy than what's available here. Once I tried Oreo double stuffed birthday cake and it was so good. For the latter I could ask a friend in the US to ship some but doubt I can do that for drinks. Oh well, maybe it's a good thing that I don't have access to all of that garbage lmao

Anonymous 236803

i learned recently that in japan, diet coke is discontinued and you can only buy coke zero

damn shame

Anonymous 236811

I'll take diet coke over coke zero any day, that's unfortunate

Anonymous 236812

I'm not ;_; I'm in the usa

Anonymous 236813

Anonymous 236820

In that case, I pity you while savouring my 3€ tray of Gariguettes.

Anonymous 236822

not the exact flavor i'm looking for sadly

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