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Does anyone else here just fucking hate sex Anonymous 237181

The way it dominates everything in the nauseating way it does. The way it droves moids to batshit insanity. Does anyone else just want to have fun and never think about sex again because of how revolting moids make it.

Anonymous 237313

I hate sex even though I have some libido. The way men talk about it is so vulgar and soulless. Also how no matter that always seems to be the end go for them, even in a friendship. I cannot have sex with men without feeling useless and like I want to die, even in a relationship.

Anonymous 237323

Oh girl, I do think the same about many man with the soullessness and the way I see them behave but I don’t think that all are like that. In a relationship, you shouldn’t feel that your partner is thinking about you like this. I don’t think that’s very healthy, since you aren’t asexual

Anonymous 237324


I get horned up a few days before my period, but other than that it's crickets. I think it's bc my crazy meds, but I've been on them since I was about 13 and I'm in my 30s now, so no way of knowing for sure. I have sex occasionally with my moid, but it sucks and has to involve creative or sometimes extreme creativity to pique my interest, and even then it's more of a curiosity, a lingering sense of obligation, than jollies. Even when I have that monthly hormonal surge in desire, it's enough to roleplay over discord with other women, not even touching myself lol. I think what little desire I have lives entirely in my brain.

Anonymous 237325

I don't personally like it. I think it's because my first time wasn't ideal. I didn't really want to do it, but I felt pressured by society to do it. I thought I was missing out on something.

It's not just men who go bonkers for bonking; I would've happily went without it if my friends didn't talk about it so frequently. Alas it was drilled into my brain as essential; what my friends didn't cover was filled in by the media's incessant deluge of scanty-clad Gods and Goddesses. They made sex seem so fun, so perfect, so incredible… It's nothing like what they make it seem, but unless you do it, you don't know.

I'm pretty close to ending my relationship because as much as my partner is great, we just aren't compatible libido-wise. It's not fair of me to expect her to just suppress her libido, but at the same time I'm not just going to have sex for the sake of pleasing someone else.

Anonymous 237329


Yeah, it's hyped up so much. You're not an adult until you do it, you're not cool, you're not fun, you're stuck up and there's something wrong with you. Women who don't like sex are never portrayed as intentionally funny or even likable, unless we're talking about Mrs. Crumplebottom.

That feels like a lot for what results to sweaty humping and grunting, queefing and leg cramps, and bad smells.

Anonymous 237340

>Mrs. Crumplebottom
I wish I had even a smidge of her will and determination. Maybe when I'm older I will have the inner-strength to smack young couples over the head with my handbag.

Anonymous 237341

insightful post but okay but anon where do i sign up

Anonymous 237343

Yes, absolutely. It permeates every single fucking thing in media and it's almost inescapable. Also in the most disgusting, moidgaze way possible (even in the works of women but in a lesser way). I just want sex to stop existing. Then no one would be ever raped and forcefully impregnated. No more sexual trauma of someone intruding your very body - a common fantasy of every single fucking moid. Why can't we asexually reproduce or at least fertilise externally without the rape wands (dicks) and without the torture of pregnancy?

Anonymous 237515

Absolutely based thread. I feel the same way. I live a celibate lifestyle personally but I also hate how people warped sex into a sort of entertainment when its only purpose is reproduction. Not to mention also how much evil comes grom sex - abuse, objectification, etc.
IMO I was wondering if to try out making an antisex thread here but this one can be good as well. There are some antisex communities online but some have twisted individuals as well. In short, antisex is a word I learned about that describes philosophy of hating sex and its effect on society. Some say sex should stay a private thing, some would wish it to be completely abolished (for the sake of in vitro reproduction for example).
Sex is one of the reasons I dislike humanity.

Anonymous 237672

Sex is something that should be held sacred. It's not an entitlement. It should be a beautiful thing, but society has cheapened it into a commodity that men are entitled to, and women are punished for.
Men in general can't appreciate cuteness or beauty without their dicks being involved. If you point that out to them, they'll belt out essays to defend themselves that just serve to point out how aware of themselves they are.
> Even when I have that monthly hormonal surge in desire, it's enough to roleplay over discord with other women
I find myself either doing this, or drawing something sensual or romantic (sometimes inspired by these roleplays). It stands out that a lot of my partners are in straight relationships, if not single. So that's really saying something about actual sex.
I'd love to see a thread like this just to read the opinions of other women. Too many anti-sex spaces are populated by porn addicted scrotes who blame women for their problems. I'm on the fence about being anti-sex overall, but I am against it in terms of it being all over media, making it to be casual, and leaving details up to the imagination.

Anonymous 237675

Masturbation exists, why would I need sex? There are few spaces to talk about it in the internet, and unfortunately, many of them are bad, it is either weird religious people talking about how celibacy drives them crazy or kinky asexuals saying How much they like having sex 10 times per day.
The way moids act about sex is disgusting, they look more like animals than people.

Anonymous 238185

sex ruined so many people's lives directly or indirectly. its a sensitive topic that should be given a very different treatment than the one it gets.
i dont hate sex per se but i do hate how its approached, depicted, and what it signifies and its held to.

Anonymous 238241

It's so boring and the knowledge of someone physically inside of you is disgusting.

Anonymous 238294

it's just men that ruin everything

Anonymous 238303

I always found it weird that people likened sex to things like food because to me I could totally go without sex for the rest of my life but would literally (and psychologically) die without food. It feels like a norm created and spread by moids and most women are afraid to admit that being sexless monks would actually be easy af for them, since they assume something must be wrong with them because they don't meet this masculine standard.

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