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How do i get hired abroad Anonymous 237293

I am working in banking since last month and will remain in that company until the end of next year but i would like to get out of europe and look for a job elsewhere. But i read that foreigners are never hired in any countries so the only way to work abroad was to be transferred. Is that true? How can i get a job abroad?

Anonymous 237297

Since i work in the baning sector i was searching for work in hong kong, singapore, taiwan or india but i dont know if they hire foreigners at all.
I just know that one of those places has worker shortages.

Anonymous 237300

These places are extremely sexist and you will get sexually harassed and assaulted at work there

Anonymous 237311

I have been to worse countries.
I just want to leave europe for once.

Anonymous 237314

T'as déjà un fil ici. >>230162
Stop making a new one every month ffs.

Anonymous 237317

Aint me though wtf are you on.

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