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Why do normalfags rationalize their lifestyle so much? Anonymous 237687

It is one of the most irritating things about NPC culture that I can't get on with. Yes I know it's a coping mechanism. But I hate it nonetheless, every hurt that has come in my life isn't assholes, it's assholes who keep being assholes because they feel committed to the consequences of an action instead of the meaning of behavior. I hate it so much, I feel so angry and alone and I seriously want to hurt them

Anonymous 237692

Wgat's that picture from? It looks super sick, I want to live in there

Anonymous 237768

I'm a low iq retard and can't understand this post but i feel like i agree

Anonymous 237769

resident evil 1

Anonymous 237776


Oh look cc is back up yay!

What lifestyle ? Catering to moids? Slaving to the grind?

I rationalize my lifestyle because the only thing that's been reliable in my life has been INTUITION through journaling. Human beings have screwed everything else up. My journal has consistently fixed every conceivable thing in my life and then some. So I do everything it tells me to for the most part. There's no way in hell I'm giving precedence to moid shits over my intuition and writing after all they've ever done is I introduce some manner of hell into my life or thoroughly ruined this earth.

All I want is writing and creative bliss. Single freedom away from the moid plague. Im guessing normies just want what they just want too. Maybe theyre just more materialistic and work related, but it is what has worked for them. But I'll never fucking get married and you can burn to those words if your a moid. Just in case there are moids here, EAT SHIT PIGFUCKERS. t('>'t)

Anonymous 237881

By rationalising do you mean reflecting on their actions too much? Sorry, I'm stupid

Anonymous 237887

This really is dumb behavior if you're a woman. Women tend to do it way too much, and become shut-ins, neets, or way underperforming from their anxiety. Totally unlike males who shun self-reflection out of complete baffoonery and entitlement to dominate and destroy everything within their grasp out of hatred and malice. When thry are not doing this they are okay. But a ton of males do it covertly and think women don't notice.

Women absolutely need to stop because they'll never be on the levels moids are when they're like that.

Anonymous 238120

Some people are actually happy.

Anonymous 238195


The social acceptance they get feels nice and they aren’t used to getting any pushback

Anonymous 238209

does it though? subconsciously they must know, it's not like people treat themselves and their bodies like shit like the vast majority of first world countries just because

Anonymous 238218

Ayrt, I really think that’s the case. Obviously it’s deeper than ‘just because’ but I was unable to do most normal things like dating men and working until much later in life, and the treatment I got when I was living that kind of lifestyle would’ve entirely negated how shitty I felt doing those things if I didn’t know any better, and I’m not any weaker than the average person. Not working or dating (I’m assuming that’s part of what op was referring to lol) is also just impractical for most people

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