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How to deal with orbiters? Anonymous 23818

I have recently found myself as the object of obsession for a harem of orbiters, this is strange to me as they know nothing about me except I am female and play vidya. what should I do? do I let them down gently or should I string them along to inflate my ego? also share orbiter stories.

Anonymous 23819

men need to #givewomenyourmoney in thanks to the emotional labor provided by women and their friendliness!

Anonymous 23822


What good will inflating your ego do? I used to refuse them politely, but people like that don't get the hint, instead of letting them down gently it's best you tell them to fuck off, firmly. If you "string them" you'll most certainly be part of some drama. Is that fine with you?

Anonymous 23823

Yeah, I guess you are right I should probably cut them off but I don't want to be rude about it. after all they have bought me stuff (ingame) and I feel if I told them to fuck off It would make me seem like I was using them.

Anonymous 23824

How do you gals get orbiters lmao? I get friendzoned by any male I interact with and end up becoming an orbiter. Do you have to be real cute?

Anonymous 23826


Yeah, I understand where you're coming from. But remember, they're trying to buy your love and attention. Their intentions aren't really pure. If they get too clingy or start to harass you, then you must give them proper treatment.

Being a friendly regular in chats and being a girl, I guess. I didn't exactly get "orbiters" but somehow I got pretty popular and frequently got "confessions." Usually teen boys. It's silly because I didn't even voice chat or show my face ever. The real question is how does one even get friendzoned?

Anonymous 23828

>how does one get friend zoned
idk it just keeps happening. You have to be cursed I guess.

Anonymous 23829

>somehow I got pretty popular and frequently got "confessions." Usually teen boys. It's silly because I didn't even voice chat or show my face ever.

they must be hyper thirsty or super pure. no in between probably.

Anonymous 23838

Literally just block them?

Anonymous 23842

>It's silly because I didn't even voice chat or show my face ever

They are so gullible and it makes no sense. Once even outright telling one "you know I could just be a hairy greasy fat man behind the screen right?" didn't change anything.

I've had enough orbiters in runescape and they're all so pathetic, as if a crude looking java character with pointy spike boobs and a pigtails is enough to make their hearts feel fuzzy.

Anonymous 23852

Just say you have a boyfriend. That'll put an end to any hopes and ruin your "pure" image.

Anonymous 23875

It's like it's just in their instincts

Anonymous 23876

oops ment to reply to >>23842

Anonymous 23880


I don’t understand the purpose of this thread

Anonymous 23885

op bragging

Anonymous 23888


>They are so gullible and it makes no sense.
Most even think that i'm actually male at first.

people who try to make friends on the internet are usually losers/cant make friends irl due to some sort of circumstance, so even the slightest bit of kindness like being welcoming or saying hello and remembering they exist gets to their head. I feel bad for them and try to help but in the end they destroy themselves with my attention.

Anonymous 23890

that's legitimately really sad

Anonymous 23928

>people who try to make friends on the internet are usually losers/cant make friends irl due to some sort of circumstance

That's a few of us here on CC. But we aren't orbis because we aren't horny teenage boys I guess.

Anonymous 23929

My bf calls me a angel and sucks on my toes

Anonymous 23983

I remember back in high school a few girls would orbit guys and stuff, but never to the degree you see guys orbit. I just hate it in general, I don't like the attention. Just want to chat or hang out, treated like any other human being.

Anonymous 24058


>have orbiter at the moment
>he is really describable as a 'typical' beta orbiter, is a shaggy haired, autist, kind of tubby, bad skin, bad teeth etc
>didn't mind at first, as he is nice enough and wasn't doing anything inappropriate
>recently has been starting to act slightly more unusually
>keeps rubbing my shoulders and saying 'these are cold hehe, so don't wrap them and give them to me'
>has started loudly complimenting me in really strange ways
>the other day loudly shouted 'you have very liplike hair' and chuckled to himself
>on his shoes has taken two legomen who 'look like us' and tied them on his laces
>calls them his 'mutual suicide boots'

not sure what to do

Anonymous 24061

that is so bad i can't tell if this is bait or not. don't let him touch you anymore, tell him to stop and that it's not appropriate. the longer you let someone unstable get away with things like that, the worse they'll behave when you finally have to draw a line in the sand, so the sooner the better.

Anonymous 24062

Recently in uni I got my first beta orbiter. I used to believe that the whole concept was a meme before it happened to me. I tried to avoid him and seenzone him in whatsapp, I think it worked and now even though we're in the same friend group he's acting more casual towards me. Anyone with a beta orbiter has exactly two options:
>avoid them and try to communicate through mannerism that you're not interest
might not ever work for some people depending on how autistic your orbiter is
>tell them "I think you're creepy, I don't want to hang out with you, please leave me alone" or some less insulting variant, but be straightforward.

Now you could try to use your beta orbiters for profit but in my opinion that's despicable and no one should do that to another person, no matter how easy it might be.

Anonymous 24077


>on his shoes has taken two legomen who 'look like us' and tied them on his laces
>calls them his 'mutual suicide boots'

Anonymous 24082

trust me when i tell you. when you deal with orbiter types, its usually ok because youre bored or want a friend or whatever. but over time…. it is really fn not worth it. they will show more and more of their true selves and you'll see why they are the way they are. dont let them suck you into their own drama because if you let them, they will

Anonymous 24084


>on his shoes has taken two legomen who 'look like us' and tied them on his laces
>calls them his 'mutual suicide boots'
he is planning to murder you. block him and never look back.

Anonymous 24111

thats hot, you should fuck him

Anonymous 24236


I tell orbiters to fuck off the second they start getting orbit-y.

If they don't fuck off, I block them, or refuse to see them anymore if it's irl.

This isn't hard, ladies.

Anonymous 24242

give him a BJ, make the boy happy

Anonymous 24257

Not if you're an attention whore, that's why some girls keep it up.

Anonymous 24259


Do you have a pee pee?

Anonymous 24261

Maybe it's my autism, but I stopped blaming others for my lovelessness when I realised how I felt about and treated the few orbiters I had when I was younger.

I couldn't blame guys out of my league or couldn't bring myself to really approach with burgering out for rejecting me. Not without being like the bitches who made middle school hell for me.

Anonymous 24723

I don't have orbiters, but I do have stalkers and people who try to "Track" me online and they screenshot what people say about me.

Best thing to do is to ignore it completely, but for me I can't since its unsettling that people can say anything about you and believe it. yikes.
My advice is deeply honest and true btw, I had real experiences and I'm not being random.

Anonymous 24724



I've had my share of orbiters back when I was younger and was on the internet 95% of my day. Especially being in the gaming community as a female, it's very easy to pick up orbiters.

I, like others, made the mistake of feeling like it was 'too mean' to just be straight up with them. My only advice is to be very direct with them… something like, "I don't want any confusions between us, so I just want you to know that I'm only interested in a friendship right now."

You'd be surprised how many men will choose to cut you from their life right then and there! (good riddance)

Honestly, If I had this mindset/advice when I was younger, I would've avoided so much drama and headaches. Just think of it this way, if you were interested in someone else, wouldn't you want that person to be honest with you if they didn't have any feelings for you back?

Another important note though, men are not completely innocent in this situation either. Men need to stop treating every woman that they come across as a potential girlfriend instead of just a regular person on the internet/in game/job/etc.

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