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Why did mods ban me a while ago permanently for vegan posting? Anonymous 239213

The subject is self-explanatory. Pretty sure pointing out how morally abject abusing animals is isn't a bannable offence

Anonymous 239218

I noticed a thread was gone, are you the one who made it ? It might be because it was a duplicate, another vegan thread was already up in /b. If you didn't then idk, can you be more specific ?
Also, this kind of question belongs in /meta.

Anonymous 239219

Oh shit a reasonable response. Sorry - I was trying to get myself banned since I posted a bunch of details about myself and wanted my posts gone.

Anonymous 239220

Maybe report the mods and put why you want a post remove. It worked for me want my own post removed. Although I've only did it once.

Anonymous 239221

Sorry I had a stroke

*Maybe report the post and explain to the mods why you want the post remove. It worked for me for when I wanted my own post removed.
Although I've only did it once.

Anonymous 239222

Okay I tried that - fingers crossed!!

Anonymous 239235

OP here - they took it down!! Wow CC mods are legit <3

Anonymous 239250

i know this thread belongs in /meta, but let's be real, vegan thread here is appreciated
idk why nonas here is hateful towards idea of veganism (or if most of them are, just judging from my own encounters)

Anonymous 239262

I've actually seen more vegan posts on here than in other forums - and honestly I've only ever got shit for it once. Something about being the sort of woman who cares about other women (TERF/pinkpill threads) or animals makes you an abject social outcast who ends up on here.

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