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3c bunker thread #8 Anonymous 242699

3c is temporarily down due to technical difficulties, so here is a thread for addicts to gather in the meanwhile.

Anonymous 242701

i also love gaypop songs with cute lyrics. pretty u being one of my favorites

Anonymous 242708


*nervously stands itt

Anonymous 242709


girls let's be strong

Anonymous 242710

>Live-action remakes in the works
>Bambi, Moana, Hercules, Pokémon, One Piece, Your Name, Death Note, Lilo & Stitch, Snow White, The Aristocats, One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, How To Train Your Dragon, Avatar The Last Airbender
this makes me so angry reeeeee

Anonymous 242713

let's keep a good act up

Anonymous 242714

httyd would be cool i love dragons

Anonymous 242715


Anonymous 242717

many of these come off as just money laundering

Anonymous 242718

>the aristocats
these ones truly make me seethe

Anonymous 242719


i cant take it anymore bros

Anonymous 242720


nonas im panicking no one has opened up a group order for the innie tapestry yet

Anonymous 242721


just sage your posts and avoid the idiotic infighting, hopefully we can stay here for the few days it'll take for ccc to unbreak itself if we try to be as unobtrusive as possible

Anonymous 242722

could've at least posted a more tolerable, widely-acceptable gaypop but no. you want us out, don't you? it looks like he has lipedema

Anonymous 242723


goofy ahh website

Anonymous 242724

kek seriously

Anonymous 242725

hierachy is flipped now raccoons are on the top

Anonymous 242726

i dont care what you like

Anonymous 242727

this is serious!!!

Anonymous 242728


Anonymous 242729


Anonymous 242730

would gaypop pinkpantheress work

Anonymous 242731

should i start posting from my jaemin selfie folder instead? would that be more appealing to you?

Anonymous 242732

mamuljju shooped this himself, poor boy

Anonymous 242733

awwwww he's grown so big :3

Anonymous 242734

dont you dare

Anonymous 242735

barbie is a libfem shitshow already

Anonymous 242736

after listening to the zerobitches1flop debut, no

Anonymous 242737

wish i had more kpop friends friends irl, my only kpop friend is a chancel, i love her though

Anonymous 242738

probably not since hivjeans already jacked that style first, it'd just invite endless copying accusations from the plebbit/twitter drones

Anonymous 242739

didn't you get banned

Anonymous 242740


Anonymous 242741

Anonymous 242742

sorry to you girlies but i'd never befriend a gaypop fan irl

Anonymous 242743

i get a little jealous when i see kfans have fun during birthday cafes or little things like that

Anonymous 242744


i miss boys planet captchas. picking out cows and dogs on t-shirts was way more fun than these same motorcycle ones

Anonymous 242745

i'm here

Anonymous 242746

i have a few and they are really sensitive. i wish i knew how to find irl kpop ib friends

Anonymous 242747

i don't have any, just you nonas

Anonymous 242748


Anonymous 242749

well there's only like 30 of us in the whole world so

Anonymous 242750

me too, kek, i wanna hang out with my friends with our pocas and shit and take pics of food with them… sigh… also i was in an endless crosswalk selecting loop trying to solve the captcha for this post kek

Anonymous 242751



Anonymous 242752

i like to slowly condition my kpop friends into my critical ib dwelling shitposting ways, they at least don't complain when i call gaypops fags

Anonymous 242753

please get banned again

Anonymous 242754

these captchas are a pain in the ass but at least we're not in gaypg where you need a phd in runeology just to post among the pedos and furry erps

Anonymous 242755

i miss the exochad i randomly saw when i was in hs ages ago, we only met once in public transport, she saw my exo waterbottle and we had so much fun.. i still remember you, girlie

Anonymous 242756

Anonymous 242757

i tried to have some banter with my closest kpop friend and i think shes genuinely upset with me right now over it. i said chan looked like the how do you do fellow kids meme when it came out and she hasnt spoken to me much since

Anonymous 242758

so anyway tempest keep giving more hints to a summer/pool themed single coming reaaalllll soon, my guess is it'll be a digital single and they'll perform it at their concerts

Anonymous 242759

kino nose

Anonymous 242760

heol that wasn't even that bad, overly sensitive girls

Anonymous 242761

you both need meds for different reasons

Anonymous 242762

Anonymous 242763

Anonymous 242764

maybe the chancel friend was already struggling to look past how walled and strained looking chan has been, and then the imagery of the fellow kids meme pushed her too far in sadness

Anonymous 242765


sits in his lap cowgirl style and rolls a joint on his head

Anonymous 242766


Anonymous 242767

has eric ever gotten widespread attention for his looks because he deserved it here

Anonymous 242768


since last thread was kill i'm posting this again

Anonymous 242770

i need to (censored)

Anonymous 242771

such a (censored)able ass

Anonymous 242772

i miss mmafag i'm sorry, i really do

Anonymous 242774

why did last thread get deleted

Anonymous 242775

she was an animal abuser, why would you miss that?

Anonymous 242776

you can tell izone producers are working with zb1 (complimentary)

Anonymous 242777

apart from that she made me kek a lot with her unhinged paragraphs

Anonymous 242778

don't you have a hamster to feed

Anonymous 242780

i didnt like how mmafag purposely bypassed any filter and forced us all to witness her shirtless battered orc

Anonymous 242781

even if i tried to act like mmafag on purpose for shitposting about some other random celeb or idol, id get tired of that kind of effort in like 2-3 days

Anonymous 242782

i would be malding if i was in kekler

Anonymous 242783

making my pet listen to kpop all day

Anonymous 242784

word kek, that was real mental illness

Anonymous 242786

have some decorum in this lended land

Anonymous 242787

op got banned and her posts were deleted

Anonymous 242789

new kidz on the block is really fun live

Anonymous 242790

that op? hambeanfag

Anonymous 242791


i love this pic

Anonymous 242792


what even is their identity supposed to be now? even compared to the last mv they put out which belongs to the same album cycle it's a completely different sound/style/concept/demographic, it's like nothing sticks so they can't seem to stick to anything either. such a shame because i was very charmed by them when they debuted but they seem like a totally redundant group now

Anonymous 242793

just heard ricky say rizz out loud i need to alog hims

Anonymous 242794

Anonymous 242797



Anonymous 242798

jyp has no good creative direction. even twice feels lost without any consistency or real identity

Anonymous 242799

i just assume the company's getting whatever money they can from itzy before contract renewal time with minimal efforts when that's what it looks like. to put towards their newer things like the american gg

Anonymous 242800

becoming a full time rickyseether, anticipate!

Anonymous 242801

ricky is cool, he has the vibe i like

Anonymous 242802

actually i think this makes sense as an evolution of their concept, it's a mix of the sporty sleek athleticwear that has been the trademark of their outfits for ages with the glitzy blackpink-but-trashier aesthetic that they've had since dalla dalla, only it's developed into a slightly more minimalist high fashion runway look, and the sports theme has been elevated to a more glamorous and dramatic professional boxing idea to match it. it's not original and doesn't look very good imo but i think it's pretty cohesive

Anonymous 242803

that noise jiwoong made…kekomo

Anonymous 242804

there's no way you are over the age of 18

Anonymous 242805

you can view twitter without login again, bless

Anonymous 242806

ricky kind of looks like if bread was cut in half and mirrored on the skinnier side

Anonymous 242807

you're just like me fr…

Anonymous 242808

twitter and its new "features" being introduced and taken away feels like a social experiment

Anonymous 242809

this implies there's intent behind muskrat's incompetence when he's actually barely qualified to run his own twitter account, let alone the entire platform

Anonymous 242810

if we weren't guests here i would risk the alogging ban

Anonymous 242811

it sucks because there's an unsustainable amount of ggs right now but there are a lot of concepts and aesthetics that just arent being done so there's gaps in the market

Anonymous 242813

the innie tapestry of my dreams is slipping away

Anonymous 242814

jiwoong cheating at the memory game kek

Anonymous 242815

it's not fair that 127 look more walled than exo do

Anonymous 242816

all the malding exohags did hexed them, it gave them evil eye

Anonymous 242817

exo are fresh out of dr.kim and dermatologist's clinics though

Anonymous 242818

idk exo look like suju

Anonymous 242819

these fags fujobaiting and fucking in real life won't end well for them but it will be fun to watch

Anonymous 242820

exo mv is mad cringe

Anonymous 242821

it felt very sujulike

Anonymous 242822

she haoed on my bin

Anonymous 242823

dr kim can't fix hoyoung and taeil and yuta and troon even if he spends a month on each

Anonymous 242824

korean botched where they fix all of dr park's mistakes

Anonymous 242825

id watch it

Anonymous 242826

is shanbin a fag?

Anonymous 242827

no just fujobaiting

Anonymous 242828

rizzy is a king

Anonymous 242829

is water wet?

Anonymous 242830

it's about time we got another fujobait group that's fucking with feelings in real life, it's all been fake for too long

Anonymous 242831


no he's a based straight chad who's unfortunately fallen into the grip of the gaychinkussy but he will snap out of it when i rescue him and nurse him back to heterosexuality in my basement

Anonymous 242832

playing the long fujobait game by making your mom think you are gay and effeminate by the age of 8

Anonymous 242833

girl idk i just started watching them 5 minutes ago

Anonymous 242834

if anything he's acting straighter now that he's ever acted in his life

Anonymous 242835

i need to hear that again

Anonymous 242836

skz sexuality analysis morphing into zb1 sexuality analysis

Anonymous 242837

i wish but no

Anonymous 242838

i wish theyd wear romanised name badges i only know the vampire and rizzy

Anonymous 242839

yes, he's a flaming fag who specialized in gay styles of dance and has always been feminine, he's playing a goody two shoes bland college boyfriend persona now though

Anonymous 242840

is there a new zb1 live or something and where are you watching it

Anonymous 242841

stop calling him rizzy.

Anonymous 242842

Anonymous 242843

it's very pointless when the two fags are practically out and the bislut is jiwoong

Anonymous 242844

ricky does have rizz though you gotta admit

Anonymous 242846

i'm going to hex you so hard you will never be able to type those words again

Anonymous 242848

i love catching myself off guard with cute thoughts like this

Anonymous 242849

surprised they aren't doing a live now to distract their loyal fans from jumping over to zb1

Anonymous 242850


i enjoyed in bloom as a song but i didn't like the choreo and i capital h Hated the music video. i don't understand how this section fits in visually or thematically with the rest of the video, unless it's supposed to be some cheap dig about they're so different from the 4th gens with their black outfits and dark mvs, which would be bold considering the rest of in bloom's mv is just corny high teen shit with them dressed like every korean ballad group ever

Anonymous 242851

they are in a videogame, it's as simple as that

Anonymous 242852

Anonymous 242853


Anonymous 242855

ack! a blatantly flat plain box as the background set, im gonna break out in hives

Anonymous 242856

nonas if the innie tapestry sells out before a group order opens idk what ill do. all my hopes and dreams are falling apart

Anonymous 242857

i thought it was cute (although nothing special). i especially liked the pre chorus shots

Anonymous 242859

they have the retro-future digital world visuals running throughout the mv, this is just a change-up of the colour scheme for the last chorus which is very common

Anonymous 242860

basically he has a degree in straight mannerisms so he doesn't end up like woongki

Anonymous 242861

they are different and unique they are unlike the construction music terrorizing the korean music industry

Anonymous 242862

stray kids construction music?

Anonymous 242863

thats true but i care alot

Anonymous 242864

we love industrial hip-hop here you raging normie

Anonymous 242865

i wonder if rizzy can bend spoons with his mind

Anonymous 242866


i miss my mp4s i miss my dst

Anonymous 242867

besides nshitty strayshits and ateez most boy groups of note aren’t doing that noisy sound anymore so they really aren’t that different or unique

Anonymous 242868

points and laughs

Anonymous 242869

>you raging normie
funny coming from someone who can't embed

Anonymous 242871

jiwoong in that shirt omo….

Anonymous 242872

they ae very different between each other but i feel like both ateez and nct make good pots and pans music, skz however…

Anonymous 242873

i need to hornypost freely i cant take this

Anonymous 242874

i feel you

Anonymous 242875

Don't you ever tell yourself that you're not enough
I am certain that you're truly fine
You are a miracle, miracle
You are Youtiful

Anonymous 242876

no one knows ateez in normieland

Anonymous 242877

you make me youicidal

Anonymous 242878

>construction sounds
>pots and pans music
can kpopfags develop some musical literacy jebal i hate these lazy catch-alls for "electronic music i don't like"

Anonymous 242879

sometimes it's fun tp generalize

Anonymous 242880

bangs pots and pans

Anonymous 242882

pretty stage

Anonymous 242883

every song is either pots and pans or a retro 80s synth sound

Anonymous 242885

aw i really like madchew's voice

Anonymous 242886

they're mostly underage and kpop is the only music they listen to

Anonymous 242887


Anonymous 242888

>pots and pans music

Anonymous 242889

sis.. its shitposting innit. no one here is about to break out a thesis on bangchans signature sound

Anonymous 242890

gay chink has a surprisingly deep voice…omo?

Anonymous 242891

rizzy is so refreshing

Anonymous 242892

me too! they should never make him braptalk in bsides from now on

Anonymous 242893

the choreo was nice in full, in their kcon stage they felt disjointed but they finally seemed like a group with that in bloom stage

Anonymous 242894

stop falseflagging moroni, youre not fooling anyone

Anonymous 242895

i want to krill you i want you dieded

Anonymous 242896

can't a girl make a general statement? sorry you're miffed because it applied to you

Anonymous 242897

rip seungeon we miss you

Anonymous 242898


i like him

Anonymous 242899

my family bullies me so much i feel like kourtney kardashian

Anonymous 242900

kek. funny word

Anonymous 242902

>posting early bepler pics
clearly untrue, also your faggot needs jaw surgery to fix whatever is going on on his face

Anonymous 242903

taerae is less boring than expected

Anonymous 242904

what the fuck is that thing

Anonymous 242905

look so awkward, look so ugly like kourtney kardashian

Anonymous 242906

posters that are so terrible that they make others hate the gaypop…

Anonymous 242907


so true mingi

Anonymous 242908

worst poster jinja

Anonymous 242909

don't tell me who i do or don't like, not everything is about your personal tastes freaking narc

Anonymous 242910

scammyrickychanhyunjaehanbinbros we won't take this lying down

Anonymous 242911

REEEEEEEE i think ao3 is down

Anonymous 242912

don't you have some algebra homework or some shit to do underagesis

Anonymous 242913


Anonymous 242914

who is jaehan?

Anonymous 242915


anyway jiwoong sex

Anonymous 242916

scammy and hyunjae posters are great

Anonymous 242919

can i use a clothes iron on a folded poster? i don't like the creases in it

Anonymous 242920


i want to stop converting my clips to webms this isn't fair

Anonymous 242921

btw the jacob scatfag is up there although she seems kind of harmless when she not talking about bottling his farts and letting them age in her basement to enrich the nutty aroma or whatever

Anonymous 242922

he's so good looking, not even in the ido way but the normal conventionally handsome way. the other beplets must look upon him and gnash their teeth that they'll never look like that despite all the ps and gaypop styling in the world

Anonymous 242923

yes but lowest settings

Anonymous 242924

hes going to look even more handsome when hes older

Anonymous 242926

he really was lucky with the features he got, didn't even have much work done at all aside from his teeth

Anonymous 242927

today i
>worked out
>took an everything shower
>did a load of laundry
>plowed through a bunch of work emails
>applied to jobs
>ate a coffee eclair
tell me i'm productive, ccdst

Anonymous 242928


>first raccoon spotted outside this thread
infiltration initiated

Anonymous 242929

good job queen, we're proud of you

Anonymous 242932

hard word, we can talk all we want about culturally relative beauty standards but a face like his will be gorgeous almost everywhere. forward facial projection mogs and i'm so glad he didn't go under the knife to shave down his jaw or cheekbones in his nugu days

Anonymous 242933

i hope some of our threads on 3c wont get sacrificed..

Anonymous 242934


Anonymous 242935

korean korean korean day after day

Anonymous 242936

i only care about acg

Anonymous 242937

fucked up my french toasts, that's what i get for being lazy and using lidl bread instead of real bread

Anonymous 242938

gyoooo he can't stop smiling

Anonymous 242939


shanbin looked so cute and heterosexual in the snippets of the behind the scenes footage they showed today, i hope the twt girlies clipped them. he looks so much better in his normie outfits than in idol styling

Anonymous 242940

i want I.N

Anonymous 242941

he looks so happy, can't imagine how he feels now after all the botched debuts and gay for pay dramas. it's genuinely a heartwarming story, i hope many more good things come his way

Anonymous 242942

height weight shoe size?

Anonymous 242943

new kidz on the block performance kinda mogged

Anonymous 242944


love taerae. love hanbin

Anonymous 242945


salmonchads we made it

Anonymous 242946

178cm 65kg 270mm in gook

Anonymous 242947

181 (i think 179), 65, 270mm

Anonymous 242948

maybe dawn wasting vpns will unironically save this site from spammers

Anonymous 242949

can't wait until he's back from enlistment and stars in artsy bislut films

Anonymous 242950

me and (You).jpg

the mods actually banned me for this exact reason, i'm helping them
pic related it's me and the mods

Anonymous 242951

even his mom accepts him for the way he is… what's your story

Anonymous 242952

she's extremely mentally ill please understand

Anonymous 242953

so how many comeback performances will exo do? i imagine like 3

Anonymous 242955


he must be so happy, glad he had a strong mental and never gave up

Anonymous 242956

if i end up marrying bangchan one day maybe all this pain will be worth it

Anonymous 242957

tfw have a really sexy mingi video and 3c is still down and i posted about it in the old thread first

Anonymous 242958

awww hwarangie says he wants a cat or a dog when he can properly care for one… please be a cat dad please be a cat dad please be a cat dad

Anonymous 242959


>thread 8 already
what did i miss? did someone get in trouble? are we being evicted?

Anonymous 242960

she clearly didn't love him enough to maintain a good epigenetic environment while he was in utero and now he thinks he's a homosexual and she never even tried to gently correct him growing up, i clearly have his best interests at heart. when i give him two beautiful daughters he will come to his senses and give up his childish ways :)

Anonymous 242961

i don't know if someone skipped 7 or what

Anonymous 242962


pic fell off

Anonymous 242963

Anonymous 242964

dawn got banned so her thread was deleted. we just need to behave

Anonymous 242965

we are not pleased with logging into our work computers

Anonymous 242966

at least you are centering those thoughts into doing that to moids and not moids doing it to you now, baby steps

Anonymous 242967

we've had many productive conversations today

Anonymous 242968

we enjoyed both cream soda and in bloom

Anonymous 242970


weird threesome

Anonymous 242971


Anonymous 242972

we want all yaaaa cream sodaaa

Anonymous 242973

Anonymous 242974


please stop bringing up that part of my life, i am better and solidly normal now. shanbin has fixed me and i will fix him in turn :) look at him driving our daughter to kindergarten, isn't he so responsible?

Anonymous 242975

Anonymous 242976

hul forgot jiwoong passed out on stage right after this

Anonymous 242977

oh i didn't do anything yet so why
is it 3pm already
i drank my ice americano
so why is it getting hotter

Anonymous 242978

2c janis being more based than the autiny jani

Anonymous 242979


overdosing on hyukiepies

Anonymous 242980

cant even post hanbin now because nonas will think im the weird nona. is this what oppression feels like

Anonymous 242981

you have to embrace it and not care if people think you are the weird nona

Anonymous 242982

she always posts the same two pics you'll be fine

Anonymous 242983

that's what was going through my mind while watching too kek. poor guy, 10 hours of showcase is ridiculous. the fans that were present were required to stay all those hours too

Anonymous 242984


(wearing fake moustache) cant even post hanbin now because nonas will think im the weird nona. is this what oppression feels like

Anonymous 242985

woob eyesore.png

Anonymous 242986

why are their craniums so big

Anonymous 242987

i hate having to spend so much money on my shitty curly hair

Anonymous 242988

only in bloom

Anonymous 242989

keep reportong dawn until she gets permabanned here

Anonymous 242990

just don't and have kinda fried curly hair like mine

Anonymous 242991

*cream soda

Anonymous 242992

well you see, when it comes to korean genes…

Anonymous 242993

lots of worries in there

Anonymous 242994

is this the new copypasta

Anonymous 242995

>ao3 also having server issues

Anonymous 242996

we got into naver btw we in here

Anonymous 242997


Anonymous 242998

it's hell on earth this week fr, my two homes are broken

Anonymous 242999

>8 threads already
i wonder what do miners think of us lol chatty chatty girls

Anonymous 243000

Anonymous 243001

my bf innie washin…

*washes vegetables itt

Anonymous 243002

"wow looks mentally ill", probably

Anonymous 243003

they think we're autistic losers probably but at the same time they envy us

Anonymous 243004

ty girlie…if any of you EVER need a mod from the stardew cafe (starvall) downloaded i am here <3

Anonymous 243005

kind of happy we are refugees today, we wouldn't have been able to have these peaceful exo and zb1 convos otherwise

Anonymous 243006

hey i'm a really sexy moderately successful autistic shut in miners i need you to know

Anonymous 243007

imagining the most insane scenarios to this

Anonymous 243008

after a few listens i really dont mind cream soda. i am yellen with them

Anonymous 243009


*descales a fish itt

Anonymous 243010

i imagine miners gave up reading these threads though

Anonymous 243011



Anonymous 243012

don't care about exo or zb1

Anonymous 243013

how tf does a limo turn a sharp corner

Anonymous 243014

what's the consensus on exo and zb1 before i listen to each for the first time?

Anonymous 243015

the same way buses do

Anonymous 243016

zb1 and exo releases on 3c would go like this
>nona posts mvs
>20 seconds later 30 nonas reply that it sucks ass

Anonymous 243017

took a nap on my desk and my face has some strange imprints now

Anonymous 243018

both good

Anonymous 243019

heol how does a bus do it

Anonymous 243020

both shit fart doo doo butt

Anonymous 243021

exo - shitty mv, mid song
zb1 - mid mv, good song

Anonymous 243023

both nice songs, both mid mvs

Anonymous 243024


Anonymous 243026

zb1 mv was pretty

Anonymous 243028

zb1 - shitty mv, below mid song
cream soda - thrifty mv, banger

Anonymous 243029

bepler - did not checked because i'm not 13
exo - good

Anonymous 243030


*zones out itt

Anonymous 243031

we liked both

Anonymous 243032

if you’re an adult it’s time to learn proper english grammar sis

Anonymous 243033


my gf

Anonymous 243034


Anonymous 243035

>cream soda
alright. it doesn't sound like it could've only been done by exo which is a bit disappointing. very uninspired sounding sm song except for the last 15 seconds
you can hear how much it wanted to be like wanna one's debut even though melodically it doesn't sound the same kek. it's very safe. i don't like it but i can tell people who are really desperate for refreshing bg songs will. some of these vocals are badly mixed on this

Anonymous 243036

13 year olds seething itt

Anonymous 243038

Anonymous 243039

the shadows make it look like she hasnt showered in a bit

Anonymous 243040

Anonymous 243041

after cho giseok and his team styled all over the majority of other mvs this year sm looks that little bit worse with their videos

Anonymous 243043


let’s have many more happy peaceful times in the future

Anonymous 243044

i want all yaaaaaaa cream sodaaaaa

Anonymous 243045

kai would've elevated the cream soda mv so it didn't look as sleazy and cheap

Anonymous 243046

>13 yos learning about the sm box today

Anonymous 243047

im drowning without innie where is he

Anonymous 243048

if anyone should leave exo it's sehun

Anonymous 243049

yes children learn new things. kek old bat

Anonymous 243050

the nona calling everyone 13, what's her story

Anonymous 243052

sehunnie is exo's glue

Anonymous 243053

he watches porn and probably molka too

Anonymous 243054

i think she's calling bepler girlies 13, so we don't feel personally attacked

Anonymous 243055

just turned 14

Anonymous 243057


Anonymous 243058

beplerfags still malding :/

Anonymous 243059

is it that bad to not wash off sunscreen at night

Anonymous 243060

sehun probably huffs glue

Anonymous 243061


Anonymous 243063



Anonymous 243064

so glad board owner said she will ban zb1 and skz when 3c comes back

Anonymous 243065


cobbie cob

Anonymous 243066

Anonymous 243067

sehun huffs jenkem

Anonymous 243068

dont think it's bad honestly

Anonymous 243069

sm's problem isn't even the box mvs it's how sterile and disjointed this box shots look, even in their good mvs like criminal they have something that completely breaks the narrative the rest of the mv tried to create

Anonymous 243070

innie will come on bubble tonight soon i think

Anonymous 243071

glad that i've known woosan was real from day 1

Anonymous 243072

nona wash your face at night

Anonymous 243073

>her reference of sm box is taemins criminal and not shinee lucifer

Anonymous 243074

thanks for the pointless information as you are the ONLY one here with his bubble

Anonymous 243075

i wash my face with water in the morning and cleanser in the evening if i was out and then water again at night

Anonymous 243076

luv and i, back to zerobase and new kids on the block, like in bloom, hate how their voices are mixed, simple as

Anonymous 243077

girlies here shower twice a week if it's summer and once a month in the winter, they are not washing their face at night

Anonymous 243078

innie only cleanses at night because his skin is dry

Anonymous 243079

difficult mixing when you don't have any capable singers innit.. same problem with all hiv groups and skz

Anonymous 243080

criminal's mv frustrates me like no other

Anonymous 243081

i really hope we dont get moids on 3c when its up again

Anonymous 243082

but jiwoong is so happy so it doesnt matter

Anonymous 243083

you don't get it, my face gets dry if i wash it both morning and night and washing it in the morning only makes my skin glow. i don't really like sleeping with spf on but it's worse if i fully cleanse again

Anonymous 243084

i wonder what was up because it sounds like turbonugu group tier mixing. did they just not get enough salvageable takes from the awful ones

Anonymous 243085

the song was so ass but scammy mightve gotten a more interesting mv than exo did

Anonymous 243086


i wonder if they gave exo to the team that did this

Anonymous 243087


Anonymous 243088

we should go ham on fujoshit and gaypop pics

Anonymous 243089

there is no question about that and it's because scammy is an artist

Anonymous 243090

Anonymous 243091

cream soda mv made them all look like lvms

Anonymous 243092

they really gave them the suju and tvxq special

Anonymous 243093

i looked at it again and yes scammy did get the superior video

Anonymous 243094

>look like

Anonymous 243095

i would prefer out of tune singing over this robotic shit

Anonymous 243096

do you mean girlpop posters? we’re women and we’ll never go away

Anonymous 243097


>Sehun said that he only wears pants when he sleeps, Baekhyun said he only wears underwear while Kyungsoo said that he wears t-shirt and underwear to sleep

Anonymous 243098

scammy demonstrates that goodness truly exists in the world, we dont deserve him

Anonymous 243099

Anonymous 243100

no i mean moids making threads. i dont believe girlpopposters are scrotes

Anonymous 243101

don't start now.

Anonymous 243102


reminder that we are all following kyungsoo on his newly created instagram

Anonymous 243103


rollercoaster ri ri ride

Anonymous 243104

captcha-nim do buses count as cars

Anonymous 243105

so you really are a troll huh

Anonymous 243106

oh based then, i hope the same

Anonymous 243107

we all knew the lsf and nujeans fags were rarded trolls already

Anonymous 243108

scammys genuine concern for the well-being of those lesser than him like feliz makes him an invaluable source of support and comfort

Anonymous 243109

dua lipa unnie

Anonymous 243110

never thought i'd see the day

Anonymous 243112

do nonas wanna see a hairy cob

Anonymous 243113


wahhh we want to try the exocial club cream soda

Anonymous 243115



Anonymous 243116


hairy cob

Anonymous 243117

>NMIXX's Members Are Allegedly Struck By Drones During "K-909" Recording Accident — Stage Catches On Fire, People Faint

Anonymous 243118

this looks so rancid, like it must just immediately curdle inside you. cream and what i assume is a brightly colored carbonated soda is such a diabolical combination

Anonymous 243119

i unironically feel the same, he shows me how i should live on the daily

Anonymous 243120

the drone ripped out a girls hair too, wtf.. hope everyones ok

Anonymous 243121

if that shit counts as hairy my unshaven arms must be gorilla level

Anonymous 243122

Anonymous 243123

>look it up
>its real

>incidents occurred during NMIXX's pre-recording on K-909 this morning…

>a prop stage set caught on fire, people collapsed, and a drone kept getting tangled in Kyujin's hair but Kyujin kept telling NSWER that she was fine:( Lily also got hit by the drone..
>thankfully, no one was reported injured. Before it happened, they mentioned smelling a strong burnt odor, but no serious action was taken by the crew; they just tried to ventilate the area

Anonymous 243124

we take what we can get from kpop, im a hairy girlie too don't worry

Anonymous 243125

kek meanwhile jtbc puts it this way
>The drone used for filming slightly brushed against the artist's hair.

Anonymous 243126

help an autistic sister out: scammyposters are definitely larping, right?

Anonymous 243127

korea has the worst safety regulations

Anonymous 243128

Anonymous 243129

we love him so much it's like we go into shock driven by cute aggression whenever we think and talk about him

Anonymous 243130

apparently someone fainted and the audience wasn't allowed to leave

Anonymous 243131

if someone comes at them theyre just joking and its satirical but also theyre totally sincere

Anonymous 243132

Anonymous 243133

sleeping with sunscreen and all that dirt is a way to get pimples nona. if you have to choose between washing in the morning or night was at night. and change your cleanser and toner because your skin isn't supposed to be dry after washng it

Anonymous 243134

first i thought that meant someone flew a drone onto stage in order to attack them

Anonymous 243135

let's be honest the truth is probably somewhere in the middle since koreaboo definitely has a vested interest in making it sound as dramatic as possible. it was probably startling to watch it happen but i doubt it was the carnage the article makes it sound like it was

Anonymous 243136

remember even if it's a bit there's often a grain of truth or at least pure mental illness behind it

Anonymous 243137

i like when gaypops make animal noises

Anonymous 243138

can't even post san meowing i'm going to cry

Anonymous 243139

Anonymous 243140

not that long ago i wondered if an incident like this will happen one day to an idol by a mentally ill person who tries to use a drone to injure

Anonymous 243141

no crying lazy girl just convert your mp4

Anonymous 243142

pot bop.webm

i will convert my mp4s if we're down for longer than a week and only then

Anonymous 243143


this made me kek when i was backreading

Anonymous 243144

>the audience wasn't allowed to leave
kek why not

Anonymous 243145

key (?) also got hit by a drone during k909. and taemin walked off the stage and fell down into the audience

Anonymous 243146

wow hyunjaecel turning up on bubble acting slimey like 'what was slutty about my tiddy pic i posted on ig? fine ill not post in that tank top anymore. oh you dont want me to stop?' hes so gross

Anonymous 243147

how can i make my own theme here? how can i cope without husbando as my background

Anonymous 243148

energy harvesting

Anonymous 243149

probably wiped their phones and made them sign ndas

Anonymous 243150

lord forgive me i kekked at the last bit, only because of how you worded it, hope everyones ok

Anonymous 243151

i shouldn't kek

Anonymous 243152

he does this all the time between thirst traps and lip filler pics

Anonymous 243153

if i don't date or marry hyunjae in my lifetime i'll combust

Anonymous 243154

hes gross, tell him to shut up

Anonymous 243155

these show producers are really weird. by coming to the filming you are often agreeing to having to stay the whole filming. i have seen them write this down as a condition for participating a few times now

Anonymous 243156

love spotify because i'll get a notification that some niche band i like has a new album after like 7 years

Anonymous 243157

i almost forgot about this kekekekek

Anonymous 243158

just saw that miraculous ladybug is still ongoing? how the fuck kek

Anonymous 243159

what's up with that show and why is the fanbase so intense about it

Anonymous 243160

the people demand i.n solo album

Anonymous 243161


Anonymous 243162

i have to add some word document to a work site and the different fonts, colors, header types and formatting they want are making me hella aggro this looks ugly as fuck

Anonymous 243163

shipping heavy fandoms are always going to get intense

Anonymous 243164

normalfags who make those podcasts (?) on tiktoks while they spout the most braindead normalfag opinions should kill themselves. you've never had a unique thought in your life pls

Anonymous 243165

those podcasts that are literally just moderately attractive normies talking about their lives, is it just aspirational content for teens? what is that content for?

Anonymous 243166

i will start a husbando podcast and we will talk about how amazing he is and he will notice me and we will fall in love and get married. i selected so many slices of motorcycle for this post

Anonymous 243167

i have no idea but i wish they'd stop. your boyfriend bragging about cheating on you is NOT interesting or enriching content

Anonymous 243168


Anonymous 243169

gonna listen to cream soda for the second time and i'll be back with my thoughts

Anonymous 243170

woob with his obedient san pet

Anonymous 243171

>please please do not allow your love for skz blind you to not being financially responsible !!! just found out someone is 4k in debt for skz pcs and i just need us all to look at ourselves and what we’re buying and really reflect on what it means to you bc this is sad

Anonymous 243173

at least collect pics of a hot face geez

Anonymous 243174

>A student parents’ association expressed outrage at the controversial university festival performance of MAMAMOO Hwasa.
>uni students

Anonymous 243175


oh to be rich and afford juyo

Anonymous 243176

actually i am very responsible and sometimes i will even claim stacy or felix then trade it for two innie pcs. i will take advantage of those who dont know his true worth

Anonymous 243177

cardboard drugs

Anonymous 243178

hope he enjoyed the time with his sugar mommy, peace of shit, i hate him

Anonymous 243179

Anonymous 243180

america fuck yeaaahh

Anonymous 243181

i miss ko ko bop

Anonymous 243182

it looks so pretty we really want to taste all their cream sodaaaaa

Anonymous 243183

missing innie

Anonymous 243184

new thread soonish

Anonymous 243185

tried watching a hwaiting (that dive studios thing) video today but it made me feel very uncomfortable for some reason

Anonymous 243186

cob and bi were so fucking

Anonymous 243187

cob and ikon druggie real?

Anonymous 243188

bacon is identical to fuggo suga but somehow he is still hot, that's called magic

Anonymous 243189

hyuk is identical to fuggo hyunjae but somehow he is still hot, that's called magic

Anonymous 243190

nothing good can come out of 10 gyopos in a room

Anonymous 243191

what if gay buttsex happens

Anonymous 243192


three hours into my shift and i've already had to reschedule three meetings, book a conference room, and calm down multiple angry vendors. meanwhile all three of my bosses have fucked off to Europe for the summer and they've cut our sweet intern's hours. love them but burgers need to get a grip so badly

Anonymous 243193

aigoo what the hell happened

Anonymous 243194

im totally not trying to figure out what job this is

Anonymous 243195

hwarang sending a nut video on bubble allahumma ameen

Anonymous 243197

stop eating it raw

Anonymous 243199

how can you say that when he sings like a sexy pixie in ecstasy

Anonymous 243200

i ate raw bacon because a nona on dst said it was healthy and i was sick for days probably the worst time of my entire life

Anonymous 243201

i don't like bacon's voice, it's the same type of voice taeyeon has, boring colourless and ugly

Anonymous 243202

if your stummy can't handle a bit of raw bacon then natural selection will come for you

Anonymous 243203

major tastelets itt, a dst staple

Anonymous 243204


just a regular monday at a startup :(
an executive assistant, which is a nice way of saying i'm everyone's bitch

Anonymous 243205

bacon's voice is fine i just don't like him and i'm not enough of a vocalfag where it saves him form anything i dislike about him

Anonymous 243207

i love bacon because i love vocalsperging but it's usually with women and he is an exception because he's just too good. i think his tone is beautiful and bright, not soulless at all. when i look at him normally i see an empty machine but when he sings i believe in not judging a book by its cover. bless you bacon.

Anonymous 243208


Anonymous 243209

getting drunk on ya cream soda

Anonymous 243210

i love that his committed to his craft and keeps improving over the years. his upper register sounded so full in the live i was amazed

Anonymous 243211

well we do have too many zb1fags and staycels

Anonymous 243212


Anonymous 243213

shoves 5 burgers into his mouth
now that's better

Anonymous 243214

me too i majorly respect that for a gaypop, he sounded crystal clear and relaxed

Anonymous 243216

Anonymous 243217

because roar and ayo were very good kek

Anonymous 243218

Anonymous 243220

im convinced some people just say some random bside mogs the title track just for shits and giggles

Anonymous 243221

roar is a great song and i don't care what anyone here says

Anonymous 243222

exo's throws dart machine hardmogs mama

Anonymous 243223

me with bouncy

Anonymous 243225

ye shocking bounce

Anonymous 243226

hehe getting a cute juyo pc for free…

Anonymous 243227

bouncy goes hard too

Anonymous 243228

sooman is heading to china kek

Anonymous 243229

suddenly remembered this

Anonymous 243230

that beat in the bouncy chorus that sounds like a sledgehammer is coming down on an already broken box of plates makes me so happy

Anonymous 243231

also a vocalfagger here, would love a btob and exo vocal comparison. add day6 minus jae loser while at it too.

Anonymous 243232

heolkek completely forgot about this

Anonymous 243233

finding out people's spotifys was very illuminating and it was pretty funny to see how consistent some of the top artists were alongside their most listened to kpop groups

Anonymous 243234

hwaiting nona

Anonymous 243235

stop it, he needs his tiny waist for work to keep tbz alive

Anonymous 243236


Anonymous 243237

apparently anonymous sudan are attacking ao3, i wonder if they're responsible for ccc's problems too

Anonymous 243238

i doubt it kek, probably a coincidence

Anonymous 243239

doubt we are just a teeny tiny niche ib

Anonymous 243240

the timing is spooky, ngl

Anonymous 243241

girl if he gains 10 lbs/5 kg he'll still have a tiny waist

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