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Kibbe types Anonymous 243941

What do you guys think of the kibbe body types?
I think I am a soft dramatic. I think the logic behind how people are typed makes a lot of sense. I like how it can explain why some silloettes look better than others on you and I think its a good tool to help accentuate your features. However I HATE how the followers treat kibbe types like zodiac signs or something, dictating your personality to you and the style in which you dress. I HATE the "diva chic" style pushed on my body type, I want to know what lines to use on my body, nothing more. They also use gross hippie jargon like "essence" and "energy". It kinda ruins it for me.

Whats your kibbe type? Do you agree with how you are typed and told to dress?

Anonymous 244352

I'm a theatrical romantic which sounds nice but it's a nightmare to dress casually and without emphasising some sort of curve. Clothes also aren't really made for our body type but when you do find your lines it's very satisfying. I just take the basics from kibbe and colour theory and try to do the best I can. The autism within the community can be a little too much kek but it's helpful overall

Anonymous 244362

I'm entirely romantic, which sucks since apparently the only clothes that look good on that body/face type are either wildly impractical or uncomfortably close-fitting. I wish there was a version of this that'd give fashion advice while also taking into consideration what's comfy/easy to wear

Anonymous 244495

I think im (soft) gamine (?), but the system is ass and so are its followers. Theyre so catty, rude, and anal about insignificant things.
I like what the system was trying to do. I'm probably just too much of an outlier for it to work for me. I also hate that they treat the body types like personality types too.
The only style advice which has actually helped me is realizing that despite being short, I have disproportionately longer legs compared to my torso. This means 99% of style advice doesnt work for me because I look like this guy in the video.
Most gamine style advice is based off audry hepburn, but her style only works on tall people. Also the bright patterns and blocking-up of the body looks really bad on anybody shorter than 5'5" and just makes you look like a child.
I have had to learn to tailor my own clothes because nothing has a good fit, and i have come to terms with the fact that I will only look presentable in the winter when I can fully cover my legs.

Anonymous 245404

>Kibbe type
Romantic I think?

It's a good introductory guideline to fashion sense and knowing what looks good on you but I don't take it too seriously. Fashion is subjective to a degree.

Anonymous 245412

I think soft natural? But I find it hard to evaluate tbh, all I'm really sure of is not romantic or dramatic. And yeah followers are super dogmatic and catty about it for no reason

Anonymous 245414

I think gamine recs look best on me but I'm "too tall" to be one according to kibbe followers

Anonymous 245424

I feel like Kibbe type is a bit hard to determine if your face and body are VERY asymmetrical because one time I tried to do sone test and I usually would land on the classic type or something but I feel like it's not me at all. I listened to one video and it made more sense for me to be soft natural or something. However naturals are supposed to have average to tall height and I'm really short so my stature seems closer to gamine and now that I think of it I guess gamine fits me more in the general vibe but it's so confusing

Anonymous 245432

Chauvinistic garbage

Anonymous 245448

I don't really care about this stuff but your OP pic made me want to buy a girdle !

Anonymous ## Cleanup crew 245460

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