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Pets thread Anonymous 24416

Does anon have any pets? Does she have any CATS? Does she pet them and love them?

Post about your pets. And if you have any pictures to share please share them!

I am also excited to see if there are any guinea pig owners, I miss mine. When I have my life sorted out I wanted to build a guinea pig fort just like this English girl on youtube. The only issue is that their is a social dynamic and some might end up bullied and excluded rather than be a hamtaro friendship club.

Anonymous 24420


I have a doggo that I love very much!! pic related

Also had a hamster but he passed away some time ago ahh I miss my little friend so much

Anonymous 24434


Cute. I'd love to have such a fluffy dog, it's probably so soft.

Here is my crazy cat. She is the most affection hungry feline I've ever known. She does her thing all night and will meow at me in the squeakiest voice she can if I wake up to pee, trying to score some pets. In the morning she is always sitting by my feet waiting for me to wake up and once I do officially wake she runs over to me purring and hyperactively demands attention. If I ever ignore her she claws at me until I give in.

She is also the only cat I've met that snores when she sleeps. She also licks me like a dog would.

She is going to be 15 years old next year. Sorry for the low quality camera.

Anonymous 24438

RIP hamster bro.
I used to have hamsters too…but I found out too late that they only live for 2-3 years so after they died I was like never again. Same with rats, I'd love to have one but their lives are so short I cannot deal with it

Anonymous 24510

Yes she is very soft and fluffy and loves a good tummy rub
Your cat looks very soft and fluffy too tell her she is a good girl

I thought he'd live only for a short while but my boy lived a long (and good) life for a hamster

Anonymous 24532

her boobs are so weird

Anonymous 24538

if she was flat chested it would be the perfect pic imo

Anonymous 24593


Here's my puppy I got last weekend! his name is Toby and he's 8 weeks old. Golden Doodle. he's the sweetest and most lovable creature on earth. I did have a cat but he ran away about a month ago, I still miss him…

Anonymous 24597

Imma steal yo doggo

Anonymous 24598

What an adorable little puppy, thanks for sharing him. He's putting on such a troubled face.

Anonymous 24599

Omg he's beautiful!!

Anonymous 24600

I'm also very sorry your cat ran away ): I hope he's around good people

Anonymous 24608


My kitty died a little over a year ago, and since then I moved into an apartment with a no-pets policy. :( This is the first time IN MY LIFE living without cats and it makes me sad…

Anonymous 27240

My cat wants all sorts of food. She does not beg, she just tries to force it. She loves greek yogurt and all sorts of cheese. She goes crazy over the smell of meat cooking. She wants mashed potatoes and even managed to steal a bit of a poptart and enjoyed it enough to try again.

She lives to eat.

Anonymous 27241

I wish I could be a catgirl with big boobs.

Anonymous 27242

Me too! I hate being flatchested and I love cats, I'd love to be a cute catgirl. Maybe if I learn to have lucid dreams…

Anonymous 27582


My cat coco, he likes to sit at the top of the stairs and follow people to the toilet

Anonymous 27593


i love his SPOTTED BELLY

Anonymous 27600

Beautiful boy

Anonymous 27913

My cat is going crazy. She was having hairballs from time to time. Yesterday I caught her trying to eat hair she had shed, so I quickly grabbed it and pulled it away and she got made and slapped my hand. Later that day I saw her inside her litter box licking the inside wall… she is too pretty to act so disgusting.

I need to bring her to the vet soon as her breath is absolutely rancid and this could be a sign of all sorts of health problems. She's so old and frail I'm afraid my dad would have her put down if it's anything serious.

She's also been kind of stupid her whole life compared to other cats we've had, she has always been 'off'. The other day she was going to hop up on my computer chair but instead managed to get her front claws stuck and got the chair spinning, so she was frantically trying to get unstuck and let out the most concerning cry for help as I rescued her. She got singled out as a bully victim by the others but was the only cat that befriended and cuddled the dog. The dog was nice to her but the cats despised her. She has been the clingiest and most cuddle obsessed cat. I don't want her to die.

Anonymous 28018

>Later that day I saw her inside her litter box licking the inside wall
Is a pretty shitty sign, how old is she, 10+?
If you do take her to the vet, please make sure to describe everything the best as you can to the vets, even if it makes you seem stupid. Details like telling them she's eating litter can tell them to watch for diet deficiencies they can test for

Anonymous 28019

She's about 15 years old. It's becoming clear how much of a granny she is because she has a harder time hopping onto the bed now and doesn't even bother with my desk or bathroom counter. I'm thinking of building her some kind of ramp up onto the bed so she can just walk up.

Okay, I'll tell the vet everything.

Anonymous 28088

>I'm thinking of building her some kind of ramp up onto the bed so she can just walk up.
Is never a bad idea as pets get older, even if it's just putting up a short table/night stand adjacent she can jump up to, then jump to your bed.

Exercise/playing in addition to cuddles is also a good idea to keep her mobile. I have an eighteen year old calico that hates jumping up to furniture, but you'd never know it after watching her chase string drug on the ground near her, even diving under furniture or climbing anywhere to follow it.

Anonymous 28425

The Great Gatsby was an okay book, I guess, but I prefer The Great Catsby.

Anonymous 30826


bumping old thread!
i have a dog! shes my first dog ever, and i was wondering if any of you anons brush your dogs teeth? i heard its something you're supposed to do and apparently the breed i have is "prone" to tooth decay or something. so whats your guys' opinions? do you brush your dogs teeth? whats your favorite brand/stuff in general for dog tooth brushin' needs?

Anonymous 30860


Her name is creature she's an exotic shorthair I have an insta for her it's @creatureloaf

Anonymous 30866

I like your cat, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous 30872

cute baby

Anonymous 30873


i don't brush my dogs teeth bc i'm lazy tbh, she gets them cleaned twice every year at her vet and her teeth are always healthy.
but i did use pic related when i first got her and she seemed ok with it.
whatever you do, do NOT use those brush chew treats like greenies.

Anonymous 31057

Oh, what's wrong with greenies?

Anonymous 31110

NTA but

>At one time there were reports that Greenies are bad for dogs and causing them to have many medical issues. It was suggested that the Greenies were not digesting in the pets intestines and were causing obstructions.

>It was causing pet owners a lot of money for a vet to perform surgery to remove the blockages. Some of the pets were reported to have died after eating the original formula of these dental chews.
>The makers of Greenies had to recall the products so there was less of a chance that pets would come into contact with them. Since the Greenies recall, the makers have developed a new formula to make the chews more digestible.

Anonymous 31120

i get generic dental chews from petsmart for my rats because they're hard enough to pose a challenge and they like slowly nibbling on it

should i be concerned? rats can't throw up

Anonymous 51694


All of the cats in this thread are adorable!

I love my little black darling. She'll be 10 years old in a few months. She's got me through some rough times and sometimes it feels like she's my only friend.

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