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Old People Hate Anonymous 245759

tell stories about how old people inconvenience you. I work in an office and the old man across from me is constantly having to get our IT department to help him open things like word. This is after I refused to help him after answering the same questions multiple times. I hate him and I hope he dies, he shouldn't get to see me or compliment how I look.

Anonymous 245803

i dont hate old people

Anonymous 245823

you'll be old yourself soon

Anonymous 245834

One time an old man touched my hips from behind then smiled at me. I would have hit him, but he was like 90 years old and I didn’t want him to stroke out or something.

Anonymous 245852

Zoomer thread

Anonymous 245871


There's a word in the Japanese dictionary dedicated to all the trouble senile people cause. Anyway, apparently the reason they're so rude is literal brain damage - their prefrontal cortex deteriorates so they can't control themselves.

Anonymous 245890

Very informative, thanks anon

Anonymous 245910

kanji: elderly damage

Anonymous 245917

Their demography is better than demography of any European country if you exclude non-European births, and better than American demography if you exclude non-white births.

Anonymous 245938

Why would you exclude non-white births in America?

Anonymous 245998

There are terrible people everywhere in every group. I knew an old person who excused another old person of bringing bears into his neighborhood with "he's old, let him do what he wants!"

Anonymous 246009


Anonymous 246096


thats so cap junior, also why would you not factor in non-white births in those countries? its almost like they are a part of the demography, most of them pay taxes you idiot.

I don't know why people are so resistant to people of other races, news flash, white people arent being forced to not have kids, they just have issues with themselves.

anyway i want more young people so brexit doesnt happen again.

any old fucker who voted leave should go kill themselves

Anonymous 246369


it wouldn't happen because those people arent senile nor are they reminiscent of the 1960s where women were still marital slaves.

Anonymous 246399

Funny that both you and that study do not mention that Mélenchon, the far-left candidate also did extremely well with the youth. 30% of people aged 24 or less voted for him (source https://amp.france24.com/en/20170424-france-presidential-election-youth-vote-melenchon-le-pen).

Anonymous 246428

I like old women but I hate old men… They're creepy at best and entitled shitheads at worst

Anonymous 246473

why the fuck wont they dieeeeeeeeeeeeeee
millennial life expectency is like 70 boomers get 80
just fucking die already

Anonymous 246532

I hate that they had it better than millenials and zoomers their whole lives and yet they won't stop bitching. And they won't stop using public transport during rush hour, these ones in particular deserve an ass kicking. Especially the two old ladies who were passive aggressive with me and didn't even ask me to get up directly in the bus, and who were like "ugh young people have no respect these days" while I was still recovering from surgery after a cancer scare and going back to my workplace for the first time in weeks and they were very obviously healthier than I was despite their age. If I see these two again I'll throw them under the bus' wheels.

Anonymous 247678

Some old people are rude others are the best. I love grandmas and sometimes and rarely grandads

Anonymous 248452

The situation described has only old people and both of them are being horrible, that doesn't do a good job of supporting your point that all groups are equally bad.

Anonymous 250857

Living in this world has made me realize I never want to go get old, like geriatric old that is. There's no point to living a "healthy" life if the only reward is being put in a nursing home unable to discern reality or even really enjoy life. Technology is also changing rapidly and gets more advanced every year, so why would you ever want to be in a situation where you're so out of touch that you can't interact with anything?

Anonymous 250965

My team at work is 6 people, but two of them, who I would actually get along with (females ~ages 28 and 33), were hired remotely. The people who live near me and that I see on a regular basis (once a month due to our company's current return to office policy) are ~65+ years old.

They are nice, and I have a lot of interest in the things they say and stories they tell, but we have almost nothing in common. The field I work in attracts antisocial types too, so conversation is even more difficult. I just wish I had at least one other person my age around. I wouldn't even care what gender or attitude they had.

Anonymous 251008

I had to teach an older woman who works at a college how to use Google Authenticator. I’m a receptionist

Anonymous 251061

I like this thread because by agreeing with the original poster, it makes me feel equal to my fellow young people who also frequent this website.

Anonymous 252665

No wonder the elderly in that country are often abandoned. They're kind of seen as a bother to society. Old people in Japan also commit suicide the most.

Anonymous 254184

Grandmother died, I'm the only family left living in these parts and I was closest to her so basically I was told to look after the house until it got sold, which I am doing.
The thing is, my Nan left the house in the hands of a scheming narcissist boomer executor who is trying to claim assets and money for herself and she despises I'm in the house. She has neighbours spying on me, she makes me leave the house for days on end for "cleaning" (I'm OCD clean, the entire house is perfectly neat and tidy, I go through a ltr bottle of bleach a week from wiping down everything) and she told me I probably have to move out now the house is going to go on market in the next 6 months, she told me to move to my other house, which of course peak boomer brain, thinking a fucking young student just owns multiple houses.
My parents aren't much help, they are good natured but naive in that typical way boomers are where their understanding of life is based on 1965-1980 firm handshake culture so their advice is just always terrible and then they get pissy when I try to explain "yeah we are living in a completely different millennium from when this advice was useful".
Literally sitting in my car right now because the cleaners are standing around my house rn going "wtf are we even supposed to do here"? Because of this NPD executor.

Anonymous 254191

I work at 911 and had this granny call in telling me she wanted to speak to a rural hospital. Keep in mind we do emergency calls for an entire state not just one town or city. I asked her multiple times if she wanted an ambulance and suggested she get one but she screamed at me to transfer her through to the hospital. Well, the hospital was closed and this enraged her and somehow everything was my fault. For the last two months she has posted on social media, essentially harassed politicians to the point it was escalated. Blaming me relentlessly for her husbands medical condition. All the audio showed I did nothing wrong and that I wasn’t even rude to her but this issue is still ongoing. Plus my employer says they cannot release the audio publicly so by default everyone sides with her and feels bad for her since only her side can be told. Her daughter even got involved writing letters and posting on social media. Her story is heavily exaggerated- despite the fact everything is obviously recorded. Essentially what she’s angry about is after I transferred her through to the hospital no one answered because it was closed. We don’t track this - we take emergency calls and dispatch ambulances. The hours it was closed were also the hours it’s been closed for years not just a random closure. I’m sure when I go into work today I will have another complaint forwarded to me by her or someone she has reached out to complain. I’m genuinely depressed about this because it is so evil and relentless. Obviously I’m not in trouble at work since everything is recorded and was reviewed and I did nothing wrong but it’s still making me upset. Only an old person would feel so entitled to try to get someone fired relentlessly despite being in the wrong and essentially abusing 911. Sigh.

Anonymous 254295

The biggest thing is that all the old bitchy people lived "healthy" lives, not actually healthy lives. My uncle is in his 70s now and he's still just as good as he was when he was in his 50s because he lives an actually healthy life, if you want to age gracefully keep doing things like exercising and keeping a healthy diet, also doing new things so you use your brain more will help stave off mental degeneration. Any time you see an old person with a problem you don't want when you're older odds are that it's something that was easily avoidable but they just refused to get off their asses and do anything.

Anonymous 254296

I am so sick of having to go grocery shopping. Any shopping. Droves of zombified dotards litter the aisles and make it impossible to get anything done in a timely manner. They have no situational awareness, it's like watching a baby waddling around a highway in blissful ignorance. They'll just stop, without warning, in the worst possible places. They don't step to the side, they check behind to make sure they won't get barrelled over if they just stop, they don't even look IN FRONT of them as they walk. In some spaces, several metres wide, old people manage to take up the entire space, drifting from one side to another.
I fantasize sometimes, about just pushing these blithering, unaware, selfish wastes-of-space. Not all of them, just the ones who drift into you because they themselves don't know where their feet are taking them. I imagine it would feel good. I got tired of politely working around their stupid behaviours, and I'm getting tired of saying "excuse me."
There's some gen Xers who are ok, but for the most part I get angry just thinking about old people. Pack in their day, the elderly were respectful, talented, and hardworking. Elders nowadays are incapable of even the most basic tasks, ask for everything, and give nothing.

>be old people
>lived through one of the greatest economic booms in history
>own a house and several assets because of said boom
>little jimmy and baby jane come over regularly to help mawmaw and peepaw out with odd chores
>pay them fucking pennies for this
>tell those ungrateful brats not to expect pay for helping loved ones
>fast-forward to the final years of our lives
>could live out our final years in the family home, pay for a nurse (we have the assets for it)
>decide instead to sell the family home for a huge profit to blackrock or vanguard (who cares, money is money even if it comes from satan himself)
>squander that wealth in 3-4 years on cruise ships and caravan tours
>leave nothing behind for relatives
>old with not a penny left to my name
>expect my children and their children to care for me in my senescence
>expect my children and their children to cry at my funeral
>they probably will because I've gaslit them hard enough

I agree with this; dementia is most likely caused by years of sitting in front of the boomer box each day and a reluctance to actually think about anything. This is why the retard in OP's post asks the same questions each day (I get the same bullshit by retard boomers who don't even try to find the answer themselves, they expect someone to descend from the heavens and spoonfeed them everything - I believe this is endemic of our times and not just a boomer problem, but I digress). With that said, our generation may suffer less mental decline, some studies suggest that games like Minecraft improve certain cognitive tasks that may mitigate/inhibit dementia.

Anonymous 254298

was meant to say they *dont check behind them, boomer moment lolool

Anonymous 254321

You're basically mad at entropy.

Anonymous 262102


I work in a very geriatric locale, part of my job is assisting people who are on government benefits. So that means i get a lot of old people who require assistance with the technology (an app).
Anyone over the age of 70 are just so unwilling to learn even the most basic things.. like how to set a 4 digit passcode to lock your phone.. or even how to turn off the phone screen. Some old people are great with technology and are fine but there are some that just are so retarded. brain is actively dying methinks.
Can't believe they have voting rights.
I'm killing myself before i reach old age pic

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