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Short man energy vs fat girl energy Anonymous 246079

I've noticed that while men hate being called short, that a lot of them having been fighting back with saying "fat girl energy" even if they aren't really fat.

What gives?

Anonymous 246080

Basically came up with a female version for "small dick energy"

Anonymous 246090

Isn't it just another way of whining because you're insecure and looking to inject rage into your veins op??? The behavior screams I don't know how to stop being angry.

Nobody that's happy would care

It just sounds like internalized misogynistic rage at the end of jlthe day no matter how you say it. Scrotes do way worse things than women so how stupid are you to focus your rage at women ??

Anonymous 246097

I think you misread OPs post?

Anonymous 246098

Welp I would have said nearly the same thing anyway tbf

Anonymous 246111

>I can't read

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